Minecraft WITH CRAZY Jet Packs! (different powers)

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๐Ÿคช These are some amazing jet packs!
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Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 100
Ahmad Gaming
Ahmad Gaming 7 hours ago
If you pause it exactly at 13:37 you will see a face
belga tolentino
belga tolentino 3 days ago
Mohammad Moey
Mohammad Moey 4 days ago
Hi noob
The shadow of a kitten !
All of the jetpacks had the hover................. shadow is so soft....
Carmie Hinze
Carmie Hinze 21 day ago
I wish that I could ride the jet pack ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Mueez Akbar
Mueez Akbar 2 days ago
me too
Min Games
Min Games 24 days ago
3:15 with captions
Maxwell Eckard
Maxwell Eckard 25 days ago
Kraner has his own ad
02-Ahmad Sharkawi
02-Ahmad Sharkawi 26 days ago
Jester Fullon
Jester Fullon 26 days ago
Amazing jetpack
Kercy Herman
Kercy Herman 27 days ago
I like and my name kayon
Kevin Chapman
Kevin Chapman 27 days ago
dont touch the flour with jetpacks
Aryan 27 days ago
Pls send skyblock
Andres polhamus
Andres polhamus 28 days ago
add The dark jetpak
Joanne Benjamin - Hart
I hit the like button
Your amazing and best
Dhan Barona
Dhan Barona Month ago
Maria Afrin
Maria Afrin Month ago
Please make more
Brian Avrette
Brian Avrette Month ago
I love your vids your better than jelly and slogo
Khoobsurat 2 months ago
Haha Cramer I paused the video and then pushed the like button
Joanna Sutriasa
Joanna Sutriasa 2 months ago
I SAW the gnome
Janne Meisland
Janne Meisland 2 months ago
Janne Meisland
Janne Meisland 2 months ago
Ave Kaplan
Ave Kaplan 2 months ago
Mozila Kozil
Mozila Kozil 2 months ago
With hover mode u can make a vid where u cant be in ground...but then u need a shulker box with jet pack
Tiktok queen Garima
Tiktok queen Garima 2 months ago
There is no safety gear now ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ 9:21
sean franks
sean franks 2 months ago
Try to get dimes with the jetpack with jelly and Josh
caiden boy123
caiden boy123 2 months ago
I hit the like button I good at this
Caren Stratton
Caren Stratton 3 months ago
When I watch the trailer said his brown spot look like the ground
RG 3 months ago
I wonder if people remember that Republicans freed the slaves and the Democrats wanted the slaves ?!
Karen Sexsmith
Karen Sexsmith 3 months ago
I dare you to battle the ender Dragon with jelly and slogo using jet packs tear 5
Familien Winther
Familien Winther 3 months ago
Det er mumbo jumbo der har laved den!
Bregette Pascua
Bregette Pascua 3 months ago
I was looking at the jet packs fuel the whole time hello there
Ourania katifori
Ourania katifori 3 months ago
General Kenobi!
Andrew Burton jr.
Andrew Burton jr. 3 months ago
i did it
jason saino
jason saino 3 months ago
I hit the light bugs in one millisecond
Rich Boi
Rich Boi 3 months ago
Rich Boi
Rich Boi 3 months ago
Hi I am new
Adam Hossam
Adam Hossam 3 months ago
Ady 1108
Ady 1108 3 months ago
is so cool
Ady 1108
Ady 1108 3 months ago
gairho sombelon
gairho sombelon 3 months ago
zion Gray
zion Gray 3 months ago
Sic. Bra
minecrafthomie7 3 months ago
I did it in the first time
Alex Bogushevskiy
Alex Bogushevskiy 3 months ago
Amy Hartman
Amy Hartman 3 months ago
Amy Hartman
Amy Hartman 3 months ago
Amy Hartman
Amy Hartman 3 months ago
Kimberly Bowers
Kimberly Bowers 3 months ago
I just paused my video to press the like button
liya Olyn
liya Olyn 3 months ago
Amare Gil
Amare Gil 3 months ago
It was easy ๐Ÿ˜
BM SKEL-ETON 3 months ago
Hey do you do mods my blood I like an sudscride
Ella Cashman
Ella Cashman 3 months ago
Videos of you and Preston
Magic Builder 2012
Magic Builder 2012 3 months ago
tier 5 is like crainer because color of skin
rsthe gamer
rsthe gamer 3 months ago
This is a a old video
Tina Wood
Tina Wood 3 months ago
Cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž
tielar jones
tielar jones 3 months ago
Quit youtube
Mavgirl 75
Mavgirl 75 3 months ago
U quit yt
kavehplayz YouTube and roblox and more
Flying like batin
Little Ana And her dreams
Crainer there was some copper ore in your vid while we watch this at 5:33
Arlene Obalde
Arlene Obalde 3 months ago
Booo edit edit!!
Jj S
Jj S 3 months ago
I like all your videos I'm a fan :D
Syed Mohammad Essa Ali
You are doing a challenge to be a good time to be a good friend the
Michael McCain
Michael McCain 3 months ago
Eugenia Gutierrez
Eugenia Gutierrez 3 months ago
U should try to go to space or heaven
KevinGamer 3 months ago
Did you see the the little guy at 13:35
jiji jiji
jiji jiji 3 months ago
ูจ ู†ุถุฎู‡ุตู†ู†ูŠุฒุดู†ู‚ุชุจุชุจุชุจุนูŠุชูŠุฎู‚ู‚ ู‚ู†ู‚ู†ู‚ุฎู‚ู†ู‚ุฎู‚ุฎู‚ุฎุจู‚ุซ ุฒุจู†ุจุจู†ู†ู‚ูŠู…ูŠู†ุจู†ู‚ู‡ู‡ุซู‡ุซุซู‡ู…ู…
Cazmite 3 months ago
I pressed the like button 10 times So I pressed it 1 time again
Emma Ashley
Emma Ashley 3 months ago
Hahhahah i did it craner
Emma Ashley
Emma Ashley 3 months ago
Hahahhaha i did it
King dj Jay
King dj Jay 3 months ago
JetJet SonofJason
JetJet SonofJason 3 months ago
Omg he said my name jet
Lilly Davis
Lilly Davis 3 months ago
Rebecca Dobrev
Rebecca Dobrev 3 months ago
fredysoto1979 3 months ago
Hey MRcrainer pleasssss Lets do a vรญdeo with s
BlueWarrior_Gaming 3 months ago
Me:get a hammer Me:Aims for like button Dad:why did you throw the hammer Me:Crainer said to aim for like button
VIP Boy 3 months ago
A A 3 months ago
I like your channel screen is really cool and is really contest
Kabo Kwape
Kabo Kwape 3 months ago
koukou booboobaby
koukou booboobaby 3 months ago
crainer i already hit the like button are you dumb
Safa Yasin
Safa Yasin 3 months ago
Crainer 1. Like
Safa Yasin
Safa Yasin 3 months ago
Majeb. Crainer 100000
Mackenzie biggest fan
Ops I Just unlike cause I have my eyes closed
cristian benavides
cristian benavides 4 months ago
luther Shawky
luther Shawky 4 months ago
Badassuga 4 months ago
Justin Root
Justin Root 5 months ago
Tamra Whitehead
Tamra Whitehead 7 months ago
Umm the like doesnโ€™t have a jetpack
jacker m rekt
jacker m rekt 7 months ago
Gago ka gusto ko si slogo red team ako! ๐Ÿ’ฏ%
Johnij Lambong
Johnij Lambong 7 months ago
Totally love your video bruuh
TuAn smith
TuAn smith 7 months ago
I hit the like botten soooooooooooo hard dat my tadb brook
Joanna Matthias
Joanna Matthias 7 months ago
The fuel went down so fast!!!
clive2tone 8 months ago
did anyone see the modded ore in the cave?!?
lupe aguilar
lupe aguilar 8 months ago
Symptomzers 8 months ago
270500th view lol
Icy 8 months ago
5:34 am I supposed to see that orange ore
Icy 8 months ago
13:35 anyone else see that
Charles Godwin
Charles Godwin 8 months ago
I love the vid
Neas Jean
Neas Jean 8 months ago
Hi Kathyana I am really like to be in life with you oh my God I really like you Iโ€™m a good boyโ€™s house to tell you I really like your videos Iโ€™m a big fan of Flagyl man jelly and you oh Iโ€™m really like you guys
Pat Garvey
Pat Garvey 8 months ago
Crainer you my favourite youtuber I use code crainer in the footnote itum shop plz shaw,t me out plz my name is Liam
Pat Garvey
Pat Garvey 8 months ago
Sorry of spelling mestck
MALIK BALLARD 8 months ago
14:21 wholey cwweap
mars attacks
mars attacks 8 months ago
did you see the gnome when jelly went whooooo
Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Sanchez 8 months ago
โ€œThats a demonic ritual I seen them before.โ€ ssundee will be proud
Truetoself Williams
Truetoself Williams 4 months ago
Yo what on earth
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