Minecraft WITH CRAZY Jet Packs! (different powers)

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🤪 These are some amazing jet packs!
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Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 514
TuAn smith
TuAn smith 6 days ago
I hit the like botten soooooooooooo hard dat my tadb brook
Joanna Matthias
Joanna Matthias 6 days ago
The fuel went down so fast!!!
clive2tone 23 days ago
did anyone see the modded ore in the cave?!?
lupe aguilar
lupe aguilar 24 days ago
Symptom - Matic
Symptom - Matic 25 days ago
270500th view lol
林凱昊 25 days ago
5:34 am I supposed to see that orange ore
林凱昊 25 days ago
13:35 anyone else see that
Vo Bao
Vo Bao 25 days ago
That @Thermal expantion mod
Charles Godwin
Charles Godwin 25 days ago
I love the vid
Neas Jean
Neas Jean 26 days ago
Hi Kathyana I am really like to be in life with you oh my God I really like you I’m a good boy’s house to tell you I really like your videos I’m a big fan of Flagyl man jelly and you oh I’m really like you guys
Pat Garvey
Pat Garvey 26 days ago
Crainer you my favourite youtuber I use code crainer in the footnote itum shop plz shaw,t me out plz my name is Liam
Pat Garvey
Pat Garvey 26 days ago
Sorry of spelling mestck
MALIK BALLARD 27 days ago
14:21 wholey cwweap
mars attacks
mars attacks 27 days ago
did you see the gnome when jelly went whooooo
Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Sanchez 27 days ago
“Thats a demonic ritual I seen them before.” ssundee will be proud
eg 2.0
eg 2.0 27 days ago
4:08 with English captions on
Bauer Signe
Bauer Signe 12 days ago
Guneet Kaur
Guneet Kaur 27 days ago
our you you better than jelly
Samson Belihu
Samson Belihu 27 days ago
You mean let jet or fly to the eglo
Wish Dragon
Wish Dragon 27 days ago
Crainer I write you a Josh and Jelly a poem
Wish Dragon
Wish Dragon 27 days ago
Hope u like it
Wish Dragon
Wish Dragon 27 days ago
Crainer is a pen and Josh is a highlighter Crainer drew the world and Josh made it brighter and there’s Jelly as well
Connor Sitz
Connor Sitz 27 days ago
What mods
Ya YEET 27 days ago
I dosent move
Victor Oyewole
Victor Oyewole 27 days ago
Who saw the elf
zekeplayz 27 days ago
I hit the like button only ogs can too
Glenda Abejo
Glenda Abejo 27 days ago
Me: can you play five nights at freddy again Crainer:ok
Nada Alsir
Nada Alsir 27 days ago
10:48 the fakest laugh ever 😂😂😂😂
Pranav Shetty
Pranav Shetty 28 days ago
Jelly is trolling you...don't read the lecturn dig below and find tnt
ThatMyst3ryXDKid 28 days ago
What is his outro music Ive been searching forever
Majestic Sprhunt
Majestic Sprhunt 28 days ago
i'm so good i hit the like button twice
Hiladrio Gonzalez
Hiladrio Gonzalez 28 days ago
PLay crazy craft
Corey844 28 days ago
Ahhh I remember from sky factory
Noelito Balilo
Noelito Balilo 28 days ago
👍 I like
Jahv on Controller
Jahv on Controller 28 days ago
No hate but I rather watching slogo anf jelly bcuz Crainer begs for likes every video
Aedan Hill
Aedan Hill 28 days ago
What’s the point of disliking If you don’t like the content DONT WATCH IT
Kyra Troendle
Kyra Troendle 28 days ago
The first one also had However
Kahs Vlogs
Kahs Vlogs 28 days ago
I did it
MinionJ Yeet
MinionJ Yeet 28 days ago
Marc Robinson
Marc Robinson 28 days ago
I hit it
Marc Robinson
Marc Robinson 28 days ago
If you hit the like button click The like this comment
Ai Haibara
Ai Haibara 28 days ago
OG viewers Did you miss Hello crazy family
vinkennest 27
vinkennest 27 28 days ago
ok i got gnomed
Conner Colonno
Conner Colonno 28 days ago
Bruh why don’t u play with SSUNDEE anymore
Mcbutt Nuggets
Mcbutt Nuggets 28 days ago
You are a bot
Solar X
Solar X 28 days ago
Crainer hasn't uploaded fortnite in a while
Gaddiel Valencia
Gaddiel Valencia 28 days ago
Can i get a shotout and i like the vid and i subed a month a go
Jacen Louis Carampil
Charmeleon games
Charmeleon games 28 days ago
Guys you should do a challenge where your strength randomly changes between 1-30 and your health boost also does and regeneration
TheMLGRogue76 28 days ago
Dang I got g-nomed
Fran da Pan
Fran da Pan 28 days ago
Anyone else think the creepers were spawned in
Mr_Drop _Dead_bass
Mr_Drop _Dead_bass 28 days ago
Anyone else realised that in the intro the jet pack sound effect was the Fortnite one as well
I did it
Rhino Slim
Rhino Slim 28 days ago
Rhino Slim
Rhino Slim 28 days ago
emeraldgamer norsk
emeraldgamer norsk 28 days ago
Oops the like button flew upside down and I hit it but I still hit the like button right?
Emilio Duarte
Emilio Duarte 28 days ago
I did it
Seliene Hacker
Seliene Hacker 28 days ago
Koira69 28 days ago
14:20 HoLy 💩
Ben Cole
Ben Cole 28 days ago
Play Crazy Craft with Ssundee again
Rh Playz
Rh Playz 28 days ago
Slogoman: Ohh great no fall damage Me: You fell from 3 blocks!!!
bashie 28 days ago
I, I use to watch you before 500k. I’m honestly so surprised he has 5.4 million? What? Damn dude, I’m glad he’s been doing well.
Ahmed Tolba
Ahmed Tolba 28 days ago
Rainer looks like ninja
Woomy The Derpy Squid
13:35 i got gnomed
MineVerse Gaming
MineVerse Gaming 28 days ago
I miss old crainer
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