Minecraft UHC but there are a lot of HOLES...

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Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 2 324
leeroy kakuza
leeroy kakuza 2 hours ago
Sadly i have trypophobia i dont like holes at all '-'
Milkis 6 hours ago
Sit back Get some snacks Get some water Get some *_CANOLA OIL_*
CaptainDan 1
CaptainDan 1 6 hours ago
With a person with Trypophobia this is the most intense UHC
LB Seaton
LB Seaton 7 hours ago
Minecraft but my trypophiphobia acts up
MCxDRIFTY 7 hours ago
"Holy crap guise theres so many holes!!!" There's two...
BStar 06
BStar 06 7 hours ago
Minecraft UCH in RLCraft (:
xmantnt 555
xmantnt 555 11 hours ago
The thumbnail triggers my trypophobia
Martin Pelaitay
Martin Pelaitay 11 hours ago
Hey, Im sorry for my Ignorance, But what does UHC Means?
- N o o d e l N u g g e t -
Oh there’s some gold! Pro seeds to mine the iron without correcting what he had said qwp
Shereena Lorenzo
Shereena Lorenzo 13 hours ago
**trypophobia entered the chat**
Max Schuster
Max Schuster 20 hours ago
RUvid:"how many cuts do you want to do?" He:" *Y E S* "
Azzure Gamer
Azzure Gamer 21 hour ago
*The Thumbnail reminds me of Trypophobia..*
Acgaming 84
Acgaming 84 22 hours ago
When I saw the thumbnail my trypophobia started to kick in
deadeyes Day ago
2:13 you tell us 80% of people arent subscribed but how do you expect us to when you kill minecraft horses
D4nny Day ago
What texture pack does he use?
minisoxsnake Day ago
I love 🕳
Vintagebebe Day ago
"we're also going to make some feathers" 6:06
R M Day ago
I kept thinking of hoes instead of holes.
cly Day ago
Change the thumbnail, seeing this without wanting to can cause people like me to have a panic attack
Nathan Munger
Nathan Munger 2 days ago
1:41 I want a gf too, TapL...
JackconReecetV 2 days ago
Speaking of holes, theres one in my memory, whats a UHC world?
Karina Singleton
Karina Singleton 2 days ago
Holy crust
zamalek 2 days ago
I never like this type of content. That was amazing.
Righteous&Meed IDK
You’re a hole
Killer Panda
Killer Panda 2 days ago
As I’m watching this I just gotta notification that sleepy made a video uhc but every other chunk is missing idk if it was recent but if so he is copying you
Hakaishin 2 days ago
Minecraft but it's trypophobia
Dash Tait
Dash Tait 2 days ago
UHC but you have a one block reach (like dreams video)
Ezclappoggers 2 days ago
So. Many. Fucking. Jump-cuts.
The legend Tamim
The legend Tamim 2 days ago
my paper when i keep stabing it
Empty Soda Can
Empty Soda Can 3 days ago
Tryphobia warning maybe?
J-Nasty 3 days ago
there are so many holes! thats what she said
grooviestglobe4 3 days ago
this triggers my nonexistent trypophobia
Landon 3 days ago
The title is trippy
The Thing Red
The Thing Red 3 days ago
*never look seach Tryphobia on Google*
Ben_Lanham 3 days ago
Why is he using an iron sword. I’m sure there is a reason does anyone know?
ragnorock cookie
ragnorock cookie 3 days ago
UwU I want my own hole too
SlavicSoup 3 days ago
Reminds me after playing modded mc with nukes.
Gacha Mochi
Gacha Mochi 3 days ago
*TROBOPHOBIA WARNING*(sorry if i spelled it wrong)
JustANewGuy 4 days ago
R.I.P people who saw the thumbnail with tripophobia
Smug Memes
Smug Memes 4 days ago
If TapL was to get married to a Minecraft item he would married a enchantment table while cheating on it with an anvil as well
GoreGummi 4 days ago
I need a playthrough on this
Daniël Voronkov
Daniël Voronkov 4 days ago
Minecraft UHC: no ore’s
Nik Iko
Nik Iko 4 days ago
How did he know I drink canola oil?
Meyvikk 4 days ago
Minecraft² with added giant holes
EJ DeeJees
EJ DeeJees 4 days ago
buff bear
buff bear 4 days ago
lol wtf that is not a 100 radius hole, thats like 250 radius
haxhxm 5 days ago
Just ZiRo
Just ZiRo 5 days ago
People with Trypophobia, I HIGHLY recommend not looking at the thumbnail or in general watching the video. Watch with your own risk, have fun!
Pun Onn
Pun Onn 5 days ago
Trypophobia is a fear. However, normally its a digust for holes, not fear. Like so people won't get misinformed.
Justin Cameron
Justin Cameron 5 days ago
9:15 he didn't take the diamond sword, scrub
TheModernViking 5 days ago
Minecraft UHC but it triggers Trypophobia
A Doggo
A Doggo 5 days ago
Kavukamari 5 days ago
you sound a bit like Bob Burgers from Bob's Burgers so i like to imagine it's Bob playing minecraft
Neloka 5 days ago
When do you plan playing with the real PVP mechanics instead of this childish PVP system?
OppositeReality 5 days ago
Hole is still a hole, you know.
Blue Gameron
Blue Gameron 5 days ago
I just finished the movie Holes. And now this
Yago Gancedo Osorio
Kardo Pedosk
Kardo Pedosk 5 days ago
what is uhc i dont know explain pls
Aidan Ocean
Aidan Ocean 5 days ago
Snoop Dogs
Snoop Dogs 5 days ago
Wre finnaly cutt- MINING trees
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