Minecraft UHC but literally every drop is RANDOM...

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Minecraft UHC but literally every drop is RANDOM...
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 100
KaaiPlaysPiano 3 days ago
better title: "UHC but its OP"
William Aydelotte
legominifig 101
legominifig 101 13 days ago
I thought this was a TapL video
Frankie Kelly
Frankie Kelly 19 days ago
JEREMY HUI 19 days ago
4:44 did he just say mine these pigys?
PianoPanda 19 days ago
Half this video is Skeppy saying “ohyoursodoneforyourSOOOOOOdonefor!!”
Edward Hooper
Edward Hooper 20 days ago
He had 14 golden apples 3:01
Aidan Freienmuth
Aidan Freienmuth 20 days ago
Border: shrinks onto Skeppy's tower Skeppy: **Confused screaming**
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming Month ago
Skeppy:let’s mine these piggies
Rylin Walton
Rylin Walton Month ago
Skeppy: let me mine these piggy’s Me: O_o... mine the pigs? WaT?
Gracially Feliciano
12:06 I dare you to play this on full volume with earbuds
gameyboi Month ago
yo you could have just smelt the diamonds , then get levels, plus diamonds
Crazy Dance moves
Let me mine these piggies
Kin Agency
Kin Agency 2 months ago
This is how you know skeppy NEVER listens 1:50
Dunce Dog
Dunce Dog 2 months ago
12:05 I am at a loss of words...
Egor Chernyshov
Egor Chernyshov 2 months ago
That mydoeza move tho
Aldrin Arungay
Aldrin Arungay 2 months ago
*It literally hurts my brain when he enchant his armor and his sword.* *You know why?* *He didn't use his bookshelfs. What is wrong with skeppy?!* Edit : at 9:16 wth skeppy *USE UR BRAIN. LITERALLY TRIGGERED USE THE GOLD BLOCKS TO MAKE A GOD APPLE WTH*
Atartis 2 months ago
i love the fact where skeppy screams everytime he gets a kill
Emma Jane
Emma Jane 3 months ago
i did not like and i fell of a skyscarerp i would not risk it
святой сашынг - holy sashingg.
You have 22 blocks of gold and 49 apples y not to make 2 god apples?!?!?!?!?! And other gold blocks do gold apples
Kacy Liu
Kacy Liu 3 months ago
i’m like so late lmao but i think this was uploaded on his bday lol
WolfieGaming2822 3 months ago
Why is every number I see is *14* ??
Eli Lackey
Eli Lackey 3 months ago
Subscrube ir lose your vocal cords and be like mega
K322 Game
K322 Game 3 months ago
Skeppy:we dont do teaming Skeppy in the begin of the video: do someone want to team. Braincels gone
waterbottle thewaterbottle
Ah easily just should of peral to the top of the tower and won
Sincerly Bacon
Sincerly Bacon 3 months ago
Guadalupe Panameño
Guadalupe Panameño 3 months ago
2:58 14 golden apples
Ace PvP
Ace PvP 3 months ago
Is Skeppy becoming TapL?
WitherRose 22
WitherRose 22 3 months ago
Me after seeing that 99% of the comments are about mining pigs And playing minecraft with friends right after Imma mine this cow, Can you mine that chicken? I just broke a zombie ... The chat after 1 second ... HAS LEFT THE GAME Also me- what did I say?
Wee Jin Wee Jin
Wee Jin Wee Jin 3 months ago
12:22 that is how my friends react when i land a bottle flip.
quackay_ 3 months ago
Him (skep): *gets knock back on a sword and sharpness on another* Me: NOW GET AN ANVIL AND COMBINE UwU
Merhelia 3 months ago
Skeppy: *Performs a mass slaughter of pigs* Technoblade in the distance: “So this says a lot about our society”
greezybac0n 3 months ago
You can smelt diamond ore to get diamonds.
Fried Rice
Fried Rice 4 months ago
Legit thought I was watching kiingtong from the thumbnail
Hai Hai
Hai Hai 4 months ago
6:56 u sure u don’t do teaming then why are u teamed with Mega?
Sinquay Rucker
Sinquay Rucker 4 months ago
0:07 he was listening to ksi
1van0 _
1van0 _ 4 months ago
꧁Dabi Todoroki꧂
꧁Dabi Todoroki꧂ 4 months ago
Cool kids don’t look at explosions
Clownsie 4 months ago
Thumbnail: Me: *MY BRAIN*
Solowe 。
Solowe 。 4 months ago
Skeppy: team plz? *asking megapvp* Also skeppy: wE DoNt Do TeAmiNg
House Moose
House Moose 4 months ago
3:00 14 golden apples
Julius Verkerk
Julius Verkerk 4 months ago
skeppy:WE DONT DO TEAMING skeppy teaming with mega
Volt 4 months ago
What’s the texture pack
bonnie benz
bonnie benz 5 months ago
That slowmo killed my ears
23mhannan 123
23mhannan 123 5 months ago
U could smelt the diamond ores.
Ryan Chung
Ryan Chung 5 months ago
Me yelling at skeppy to use the bookshelves with the enchant table.
Laila Parsons
Laila Parsons 5 months ago
I played UHC once as soon as pvp was on i died, How it happened? Some guy asked to team and i was like yh sure so we started mining and getting good items *as soon as pvp turned on he killed me* RIP
Marco Barbosa
Marco Barbosa 5 months ago
UHC but there are 5 hunters
Ella Woolsey
Ella Woolsey 5 months ago
I have a video Idea. UHC but it's normal...
Hawx 5 months ago
How do you play a randomizer uhc and not get sharp 3 and prot 2..... Literally just mine the mob spawners
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf 5 months ago
The whole time he was trying to get people off the towers he had a knockback sword
Hudson Day
Hudson Day 5 months ago
literally so whiney
F.B.I. 5 months ago
11:10 14 golden apples
Blobdod 5 months ago
Look at my name
Aaron Lammey
Aaron Lammey 5 months ago
12:21 Rip headphone users. Also that sounded like a dying bird.
Randetoz 5 months ago
Juanita Sanchez
Juanita Sanchez 5 months ago
Skeppy:let's enchant my sword! Enchants*:kickback Logic:30 bookshelf in inventory
Cache Allred
Cache Allred 5 months ago
hi mad im dad
Robloxian RBLX
Robloxian RBLX 5 months ago
This is where he got scared so hard 14:25
SammySoupIsYum 5 months ago
WE DONT DO TEAMING... like 1 minute ago he said, HEH MAGA WANNA TEAM WITH MEH
Minecraft cat Gaming
Skeppy: let me mine this piggy Me:?
stech 5 months ago
Skeppy: “I’m gonna light this Friday the culture, I just like the explosions Also skeppy: “it’s nothing personal” Me: *what*
Kevin14 5 months ago
12:22 Skeppy u sounded like Hay-Hay from Moana
アセラNyx 5 months ago
Ok can we talk about the thumbnail tho Why he/she(probably skeppy) mining bedrock 🤔😆
DK_LenterYT 5 months ago
Mr Minecraft cheesecake
Julie Cimilluca
Julie Cimilluca 5 months ago
My favorite words ever "where am I dieing from"
Nye T
Nye T 5 months ago
Who here thinks skeppy should win more
Salman Ramdani
Salman Ramdani 5 months ago
All of this UHC videos are actually just training for the inevitable TechnoBlade fight
Chicken 5 months ago
10:32 Skeppy: omg I SUCK AT MINECRAFT Also skeppy: *Falls and takes water out of inventory and survives*
Cokey Blokes
Cokey Blokes 6 months ago
“WE DONT DO TEAMING” *proceeds to team with Mega*
Cokey Blokes
Cokey Blokes 6 months ago
Lemme mine these piggies-Skeppy 2020
ETHAN AQUINO 6 months ago
oh nu i hiv 2 coal no lussseeeee and nu diiiiiiieee
Shane Morris
Shane Morris 6 months ago
those mlgs tho
TBNR frags
TBNR frags 6 months ago
TBNR frags
TBNR frags 6 months ago
God mlg water bucket
[Glitch] 6 months ago
I just wanna 8:48 I just wanna 8:48 it's muffin time, I just wanna 8:48
Dany's Videos
Dany's Videos 6 months ago
12:04 now that's a pro gamer move
Beanie Myboi
Beanie Myboi 6 months ago
“lemme mine these piggies”
EinfachNurArty 6 months ago
12:21 at 0.25x Speed was Earrape
DEAN GONZALEZ 7 months ago
Skeppy say lots MINE piggyws me you can’t mine piggwys
DR. DORITOS 7 months ago
Take a shot every time he contradicts a previous statement
QuiverXD 7 months ago
no one: literally no one: skeppy: crafted 26 blocks of gold to gold to craft normal golden apple...
moomoo L
moomoo L 7 months ago
Im sorry its late but Happy Birthday!
Hannes Tsengov
Hannes Tsengov 7 months ago
Skeppy: XP bottles ... where are you ?! Skeppy 20 sec ago: (Runs past a ton of XP bottles)
MLG Tasty nuggets
MLG Tasty nuggets 7 months ago
Skeppy: nO tEaMIng Also skeppy: tEaMIng with megapvp
Артур Арутюнянц
"I Just like seeing explosions. Nothing personal"
This_Is_Connor123 7 months ago
2:13 that’s what she said
splashyfy 7 months ago
I cant read and was lucky in the Intro because i couldnt read it
Katie Wojcik
Katie Wojcik 7 months ago
you have this idea from sockfor1
oofoof 7 months ago
Whyyyyy you so dumb you had ebder peqrls
Deron Begay
Deron Begay 7 months ago
Skeppy says to fight him and everyone runs from him and when you get to 7:09 he pearls away lolol
BarBeats 7 months ago
and of course the video had to be 14 mins
lavathrower gameing
lavathrower gameing 7 months ago
Let me mine these piggys
kianmehr souri
kianmehr souri 7 months ago
his reaction time was 0.000001 sec BRAVO
joshua nelson
joshua nelson 8 months ago
wut is your textorpack?
TanjiroKen 8 months ago
I wanna try the thing you say "like or die tomorrow" but I just don't want to not like your vid cause it's like my duty xD
Anny Penilla
Anny Penilla 8 months ago
Skeppy pulled a TechnoBlade
Kujaku_PP 8 months ago
CRACKED BURGER 8 months ago
You can smelt the daimond right
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