Minecraft UHC but crafting recipes are RANDOM.. and overpowered.

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Today I played another Randomizer Minecraft UHC where we added the twist that every crafting recipe was randomized again! This time though we made it so every single craft was BLESSED. Like actually you couldn't get a single thing that was bad, it was a bit overboard. Hope you all enjoy!
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Comments 80
Princess Jimenez
9:00 their too shock of what's happening they burst on the chatbox also xNestorio cleaning the player list😂😂
Sacha LIGNER 2 days ago
This is to op
Diamond Player 1
Diamond Player 1 2 days ago
Too OP if you made it this far
A.K.A.JustDreamCatcher ツ
Too op bro
TheDragons Forever
God, he is so fast
Kyle Philip
Kyle Philip 3 days ago
TOO OP!!!!!
Kerrie Timson
Kerrie Timson 3 days ago
Why is was the text covered
Jay Feather
Jay Feather 5 days ago
Too op
Lakshmi Mahajan
Lakshmi Mahajan 7 days ago
2 op
Abdullahi Osman
Abdullahi Osman 8 days ago
Super Mario Gamer
Too Op
Andy Earl
Andy Earl 11 days ago
127 YK Y iS rIgHt
CRZ DragonYtALT 12 days ago
Too op
Minna Ruusunen
Minna Ruusunen 13 days ago
Too op
Annabelle Montour
Annabelle Montour 13 days ago
Shayne Singh Huttunen
Too op
Ramandeep Dhami
Ramandeep Dhami 14 days ago
Too op
BH t0xic
BH t0xic 14 days ago
To op
Galaxiii 14 days ago
You should make a video where everyone who tries to make any armor (even like leather or something) they get a cursed lucky block, but they don’t know it’s cursed. 😈 Like if u want him to see this.
lucas nguyen
lucas nguyen 15 days ago
lucas nguyen
lucas nguyen 15 days ago
Your really OP Nestor
tyrine reynolds
tyrine reynolds 15 days ago
too op
cooldragonfire7 _lmao
You are literally bionic but 10x better LOL sorry bionic
Eli Spiegelman
Eli Spiegelman 16 days ago
Too op
Jimena P
Jimena P 16 days ago
Erica Springs
Erica Springs 16 days ago
Too Op
Naomi Truong
Naomi Truong 16 days ago
who watching this in 2020 they held about the virus
Naomi Truong
Naomi Truong 16 days ago
if you did you havet held oh my gosh
Erika Yaneth Espinosa
To op
aiko_is_hungry 16 days ago
too op
Danial asyraf
Danial asyraf 17 days ago
Can you play survival with randomized
Angelo Chindamo
Angelo Chindamo 17 days ago
Furnace = 12345678991 Diamonds
Julian Harris
Julian Harris 17 days ago
Reeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Wizard88 18 days ago
Too OP
Kɪʟʟᴇʀシ Playz
Infinite Master
Infinite Master 18 days ago
Too op
Jessnil Paradiang
Jessnil Paradiang 19 days ago
ReaperLeoNid350 19 days ago
Stupid Commercials
Stupid Commercials 19 days ago
Mohd Aidil Bin Alip
defak he sooooooo good
Dylan Santiago Films
too op
Matthew Hehn
Matthew Hehn 21 day ago
Traci Aspel
Traci Aspel 21 day ago
Too op
Pragya Bajracharya
Pragya Bajracharya 22 days ago
4:19 Nestor says ....?
Gamer Boy 1
Gamer Boy 1 22 days ago
To op
Reece Bernhardt
Reece Bernhardt 23 days ago
To op
Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad 23 days ago
"To OP"
-_Sn0wy_ Fl0w3r_-
-_Sn0wy_ Fl0w3r_- 23 days ago
am i the only one hearing PP?
Nicholas Uber
Nicholas Uber 23 days ago
Too op
Evan Craddock
Evan Craddock 23 days ago
too op
MikeyPlayzRoblox 23 days ago
Too OP
joakin frati
joakin frati 23 days ago
Too op
Sania Ullah
Sania Ullah 24 days ago
Skkdmwa eejbhubd, z nx,
KayAyeAre 24 days ago
Nestorio told me to do this... TOO OP!
Baraa Muhieddine
Baraa Muhieddine 24 days ago
I loved it was amazing
Xavi Leon Martin
Xavi Leon Martin 24 days ago
Too op
Abubaker badi
Abubaker badi 25 days ago
Too op
Matthew Chaidez
Matthew Chaidez 25 days ago
Too op
Wolf pack
Wolf pack 26 days ago
Also why the does sharpness get no love.
Wolf pack
Wolf pack 26 days ago
Too op
BVD 26 days ago
This dude on coke talking that fast Jesus Christ
Lorien Stiffler
Lorien Stiffler 26 days ago
"PPIs in 10 minutes, let's get naked 3:45
Johnnie Luna
Johnnie Luna 26 days ago
Too op
K B 26 days ago
Too op
Ryan Kim
Ryan Kim 26 days ago
Ryan Kim
Ryan Kim 26 days ago
You forgot 🍎
Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts 26 days ago
Game Boy
Game Boy 26 days ago
Legend has it he’s still spawning creepers
Coral Nimble
Coral Nimble 26 days ago
ToO oP
Heber Hernandez
Heber Hernandez 27 days ago
To op
Nana Vivana Duong
Nana Vivana Duong 27 days ago
King K-Wale
King K-Wale 27 days ago
too op
King K-Wale
King K-Wale 27 days ago
Im frustrated because because he says pp instead of pvp lol
Baphiwe Mahlanyana
Baphiwe Mahlanyana 27 days ago
Way too op
Casper Isberg
Casper Isberg 28 days ago
Too op
Conversion Van
Conversion Van 28 days ago
Too OP
Lightning2241 Gamer
Dude that’s lit
Jacob drums
Jacob drums 28 days ago
*toooooooooooooooooo op chill bro*
Wanda Eckert
Wanda Eckert 29 days ago
Ntalaeia velasco
Ntalaeia velasco 29 days ago
Too Op
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