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This Mod adds in Lucky Blocks based on My Little Pony!
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In this 1.8.9 Super OP Lucky Block Mod Showcase:
This Minecraft Mod adds in lots of items based on My Little Pony! It is super OP and has weapons with huge amounts of damage, some even infinite!
Intro by: ruvid.net/u-calzone442
Song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records:
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Mar 27, 2019




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Bits to Pieces
Jordan Luong
Jordan Luong 12 hours ago
Yes she did
Ckrayzon Kayl Cuizon
Bro Im dying rn im so confused 19:30
Astro Boyz
Astro Boyz 4 days ago
Astro Boyz
Astro Boyz 4 days ago
Astro Boyz
Astro Boyz 4 days ago
Astro Boyz
Astro Boyz 4 days ago
Anita Zohn
Anita Zohn 5 days ago
supa ovrpowered? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zian carl Cando
Zian carl Cando 6 days ago
The infinity damage Ken kill in crate tive
Warior.gamer Dreemurr
Is it me or the rainbow sword looks like the Terraprisma (the summoning weapon) from Terraria?
Tanya King
Tanya King 6 days ago
pat won the fake race!!!!!
Cameron Fuller
Cameron Fuller 7 days ago
omg hi pat and Jen your 1 of my FAV youtubers!!!!!
Ayay Lanuza
Ayay Lanuza 7 days ago
Dominika Guz
Dominika Guz 12 days ago
In this theres mlp things and now on tv im wathing my little pony film
justincone777 13 days ago
Anyone else keep thinking that the rainbow sword is similar looking like the Terraprisma from terraria
Canzon Diziy
Canzon Diziy 15 days ago
Can u stop the spoilers in the beginning
Zack Winkler
Zack Winkler 16 days ago
Me: mlp(Most Leagued Player) Pat: mlp(My little pony)
Rahmamaula Nur Azizah
I love you pat and jen
Candy's Channel
Candy's Channel 17 days ago
I miss this 😢 :')
The King Of Mobile Players.
Me too kid..
pray reh
pray reh 23 days ago
Selim Nalti
Selim Nalti 23 days ago
It is annoying that they can't pronounce the German languaged stuff for example weinachts appfel means Christmas apple and is pronounced wineachts appfall
Nebula Vex
Nebula Vex 24 days ago
Pat has flight and never notceses
HELLO THER 25 days ago
19:31 ummmmmm
Kai Brennan
Kai Brennan 25 days ago
she did say that he could use them each round
Jia Wei Ye
Jia Wei Ye 25 days ago
Bruh it’s a ripoff of the windigo mod the creator should sue. Tsk tsk
EdgyYetiBoi 25 days ago
they are hitting each other back and forth like beyblades
Akie Boy Gaming
Akie Boy Gaming 26 days ago
Pat: I gave it all I had guys! Me: then why did you let jen make you wear emrald armor YOU WERE GONNA WIN
Aidan Cole
Aidan Cole 29 days ago
0:07 thats how you give dynamite to someone I LISTEN THE RULES I KNOW HOW TO PLAY am I the only one that listens to the rules and trades
Corey Beal
Corey Beal Month ago
Jen kinda used some things to make her unlucky blocks luckier
IamNot LunaPlayz
Pat: ok i ONLY have bare boots Me: see’s that he literally has rainbow boots
Aiden ingenito
Aiden ingenito Month ago
Click her and you will laugh 19:30
Ayden Russell
Ayden Russell Month ago
masked penguin
masked penguin Month ago
Me seeing bear boots Me:😅😅😅 YOU HAVE BEAR FIST?
johanne janaban
johanne janaban Month ago
jen:give me dynamike pat:haha dynamike go boom
Pelyang Jurme
Pelyang Jurme Month ago
I love my little pony mod
PandaMaCE Month ago
5:40 First block
fw92_game_tips Month ago
Ride me. Ummm
CharlieThor Morgan
the apples jen got are the german word for christmas so they are christmas apple
The Spectral Ghost
I laughed so hard when Jen said "Mystic Pacman" LOL!!!
Miguel Angelo Wong
Terraprisma in thumbnail?
Evan McNamara
Evan McNamara Month ago
@Miguel Angelo Wong yep
Miguel Angelo Wong
From terraria?
Evan McNamara
Evan McNamara Month ago
That’s exactly what I thought
Adventurous Kid
Adventurous Kid Month ago
Who are you (not pat and Jen, YOU) #confused23
Derek Loughlin
Derek Loughlin Month ago
Derek Loughlin
Derek Loughlin Month ago
Mike-Schleiden Ruffin
19:29 w-what?
Nova uy
Nova uy Month ago
And kress means awesome
Nova uy
Nova uy Month ago
weihnachts is Christmas if you don’t know
Xx Pumpkin xX
Xx Pumpkin xX Month ago
Their house is on fire xD
沈才琳 Month ago
Jen you said each one each round shut up jen
Allie Marshall
Allie Marshall Month ago
hi edit :thanks for all the likes(not)
Ma Leka
Ma Leka Month ago
the weinachtens appel is german weinachtsens means chistmas in german
KittenLoverOMG Cats
Who else got a lil triggered when he got the third sword but didn’t realize it was better than the others, well at least I think he didn’t realize I haven’t watched it completely
Caitlin Mai
Caitlin Mai Month ago
Jen: “Give it to me” No one: Pat: 💥🧨 14:57
Angelina Francis
Pat should have crotch shotted jen
Entity 303
Entity 303 Month ago
Entity 303
Entity 303 Month ago
Sorry I will be pausing a lot maybe
Entity 303
Entity 303 Month ago
Entity 303
Entity 303 Month ago
Logan Renois
Logan Renois Month ago
Don’t worry Jen I still watch sponge bob and I’m a teenager
PluralGamer Month ago
Pat did GIVE the dynamite to Jen... In her face... lol
Glenda Sandy
Glenda Sandy 2 months ago
Btw did you know pat had the flite effect in minecraft
Landon Neeley
Landon Neeley 2 months ago
not jen
Rayyan Hyder
Rayyan Hyder 2 months ago
D Leach
D Leach 2 months ago
Hold up, isnt that a Terraria weapon in the thumbnail?
Nobody lol
Nobody lol 2 months ago
That sword in the thumbnail is literally the terraprisma
Nina_ playz
Nina_ playz 2 months ago
Uhhhh no pat no pat jen did not say u could use all 4! Of those
DAVIDE MU 2 months ago
Pat noob die jen pat not kill jen
DAVIDE MU 2 months ago
Jen win pat lose
Bobby Rathore
Bobby Rathore 2 months ago
SHE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roblox UltraDan
Roblox UltraDan 2 months ago
how did pat or jen didnt know it WAS GERMAN
Carlos hi sans
Carlos hi sans 2 months ago
did sombody els hear the nois when jen tok on the chestplate
Kendra Leiva
Kendra Leiva 2 months ago
Pat:do wanna ride me? Me:👁👄👁
Aksel Taul Bjerre
Aksel Taul Bjerre 2 months ago
qhwue ehw hewqe wv asgq gw gw qggw h!???????
Aksel Taul Bjerre
Aksel Taul Bjerre 2 months ago
Aksel Taul Bjerre
Aksel Taul Bjerre 2 months ago
asw w
Serene Khalifa
Serene Khalifa 2 months ago
Did you notice every single peace of armer is one of the little ponies
Bella 2 months ago
Hava Preye
Hava Preye 2 months ago
Thats what you think
soobin oppa
soobin oppa 3 months ago
Pat: do you wanna ride me Me: SO UM ANYWAYS-
Lying Filly2368
Lying Filly2368 3 months ago
Alissa Abila
Alissa Abila 3 months ago
19:29 when you get the words of sex with your wife
Ravshan 3 months ago
I “love” the fact that Jen only has two of the same weapons but uses it three freaking TIMES
Ravshan 3 months ago
But when she gets beacons she uses it MULTIPLE FREAKIN TIMES
Sheryl Aviles
Sheryl Aviles 3 months ago
He keeps doing this like he forgot unbreakable doesn't even break
Plague Knight
Plague Knight 3 months ago
8:20 that sword that pat got looks like the tarraprisma from terraria right?
Heather Kellogg
Heather Kellogg 3 months ago
it is t
Ralph Busby
Ralph Busby 3 months ago
When they said i think we should both get naked that killed me
Sebastian Broman
Sebastian Broman 3 months ago
The Apples are called christmas apples but in german
mineLost 3 months ago
Remember when they were doing a water lucky block and it started raining and pat said omg 😂
Aqua Onion
Aqua Onion 3 months ago
Wow. And i thought the original MLP mythical creatures mod was op ㅇㄱㅇ
Zato 649
Zato 649 3 months ago
The apples name was german probably for christmas
yrn manifleming
yrn manifleming 3 months ago
pat:oh im so good at lucky block cloud:yep jen:nope i am
Eondon YapLoh
Eondon YapLoh 3 months ago
Anyone realized that Pat had rainbow boots?
Macc OBrien
Macc OBrien 3 months ago
did he really not notice that fire was coming off of him wow
Liam Krystof Alcazaren
John Christian Jorolan
Thus anyone realize that the rainbow sword almost looked like the terraprisma frim terraria
Enderman305 Games
Enderman305 Games 3 months ago
Lol Jen: your going to torture me and eat my legs. Pat: do I look like I would do that? Jen: yes Pat: don't answer that question.
Karim Samra
Karim Samra 3 months ago
Weihnachts Apple is Christmas Apple ITS Just germany
Dominik Puner
Dominik Puner 3 months ago
This is so funny to whatch as a person that understands german xD
god lol
god lol 3 months ago
Turn on captions: 9:11
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