Minecraft: SONIC LUCKY BLOCK BEDWARS! - Modded Mini-Game

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Time to fight it out with Lucky Blocks in Bedwars!
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In this 1.8.9 Minecraft Sonic Lucky Block Bedwars Modded Mini-Game:
We need to defend out bed at all costs because if you die with it gone you lose! We can open Sonic lucky blocks to gain, items, weapons, and blocks in the challenge!
Intro by: ruvid.net/u-calzone442
Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records:
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Royalty Free Music by audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music


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Jul 15, 2019




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Comments 7 952
XxKalixXC 10 hours ago
Round starts at 3:43 your welcome its free Next 9:43 And 15:11
Lani Nguyen
Lani Nguyen 2 days ago
The block does not kill you the glock does
Cathy Funkhouser
Cathy Funkhouser 3 days ago
Last fun fact Sonic's real name is ogilvie marouce
Cathy Funkhouser
Cathy Funkhouser 3 days ago
Another fun fact silver used to be someone else a long time ago
Cathy Funkhouser
Cathy Funkhouser 3 days ago
Fun fact Shadows real name is Balder
Geoman Lite
Geoman Lite 4 days ago
Guys stop talking bout the og fam It’s time to move on
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant 5 days ago
Can we play with you
EatAeGGrOll 5 days ago
Should have shown Jen ur bed protection
Joemar Cabahug
Joemar Cabahug 5 days ago
I Love you guoys!!!!
shujing yen
shujing yen 5 days ago
4:51 if you look at the background you can see Jen flying to the middle
Fatcatcrocker 5 days ago
F-777 sonic blaster Who knows that song if so please like
Hailsone777 6 days ago
Sheindanshein Ayman
Did tails die
Darius James
Darius James 6 days ago
2020 any one
Chigusa N
Chigusa N 7 days ago
Hi pat and Jen
Meme Princess
Meme Princess 7 days ago
I thought he said the diamonds generate *whores* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
eva mustafa
eva mustafa 8 days ago
guys do u pick roblox or minecraft? roblox like minecraft comment
Gardenia Fuimaono
genORATOr | | | | ¥
Gardenia Fuimaono
Use Meh as a like button for poppularMMOS | | | | |
Maria Aasen
Maria Aasen 10 days ago
Can u invite ssundee to one of ur vids
Maria Aasen
Maria Aasen 10 days ago
I love ur vids
Real J
Real J 10 days ago
Stop being mean to your wife pat
NF Vexy
NF Vexy 11 days ago
2020 anyone? t:
Lyka Acuña
Lyka Acuña 12 days ago
Wish I can meet you guys but I'm in philipines ❤️😔❤️😔❤️😔❤️
Midnight Wolf
Midnight Wolf 13 days ago
I dont have a tail XD
Mel Mitchell
Mel Mitchell 13 days ago
I Love you
Anjela Parkinson
Anjela Parkinson 13 days ago
the start of round 1 is 3.42 your welcome
Yudelka Viloria
Yudelka Viloria 13 days ago
Jen You suck
*Jane* _Mrs.Cloud_
*Jane* _Mrs.Cloud_ 14 days ago
*_hi_* I want a fwend
Rolando Sanic
Rolando Sanic 15 days ago
Am selling the end of the vidio of 1 like 20:00
Ebtihaj Alkhayat
Ebtihaj Alkhayat 15 days ago
Brooke Loscomb
Brooke Loscomb 17 days ago
Enchanting table: Please subscribe Pat: Good enchanting table
Rhenton Jaskolski
Rhenton Jaskolski 17 days ago
i mean jen
Rhenton Jaskolski
Rhenton Jaskolski 17 days ago
Kai_ Da potato707
Kai_ Da potato707 17 days ago
To be honest l miss the old thumbnails......
Koala Swimmer
Koala Swimmer 18 days ago
Did they actually get divorced??? I feel like after you break up it’s weird to see the person again 😂 pat and jen are my childhood tho 🤪
pchimento 18 days ago
maimona hadjiazis
maimona hadjiazis 18 days ago
i see jen in 17:35
Potato games and more
Pat make a defense out of wool around your bed and get in the defense and when Jen comes to break your bed you kill her :3
James Doyle
James Doyle 19 days ago
3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43 3:43
Hobbygeddon: Noobz at Play
When it starts 3:43 (No need for like ;)
Anna Ho
Anna Ho 19 days ago
No one go to the middle
Rick Laurent
Rick Laurent 19 days ago
{\_/} ( ·-·) />🍰 Wanna slice of cake? Its free!
ethan haoyu zhang
ethan haoyu zhang 19 days ago
1 like for getting them to use the enchantment table
LPS 9 tails
LPS 9 tails 19 days ago
Jon Gabriel Manuel
Jon Gabriel Manuel 19 days ago
Tractor Dave
Tractor Dave 20 days ago
Have you made one with cranes.
Brendan Leane
Brendan Leane 20 days ago
Im glad pat did the rules so jen doesn’t say over openis
Ciara the Unicorn
Ciara the Unicorn 20 days ago
3:44 first round
TheGamingBoss 21 day ago
My fav series
Carl and Sharon Halvorson
Not really 🤣
Anita Chiumia
Anita Chiumia 21 day ago
Epic vid
Jeremiah Barnett
Jeremiah Barnett 21 day ago
Sarosh Britto
Sarosh Britto 21 day ago
13:09 Oh, I'm Robotnik Dr Eggman: Am I a joke to you?
kyle cullen
kyle cullen 21 day ago
jen are you aphmau there voice and name is the same
vicki anderson
vicki anderson 21 day ago
I'm evilgrub
Baby Yoshi
Baby Yoshi 22 days ago
Sonic is my favorite game series so I watched this 20 times.
Zander Leslie
Zander Leslie 22 days ago
Nugget 22 days ago
xd Red by US
xd Red by US 22 days ago
I never knew that pat got 300-400 fps
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