minecraft smps be like

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the fact this is so accurate scares me.

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May 8, 2021




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McYum Month ago
if you are not subscribed then just look at yourself in the mirror and reflect on your life choices.
jo Jones
jo Jones 5 hours ago
No u xd
BC Day ago
Ive been here since 2nd vid
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall 2 days ago
Not to be rude but the fact that he liked his own comment is just sad
GamerBrayz 5 days ago
Why would i not be subbed?
ShadowGamingEEE 5 days ago
I do that everyday
Diogo 22 minutes ago
For a minute there I thought Fitz was in the video
TheRealDefaultBrudda 29 minutes ago
Tell me the song please 1:12
Victor Cubuk
Victor Cubuk Hour ago
funny how i literrally am te guy in the video and how our smp turned out the same way
PikaSpeeder 3 hours ago
Soooo true
LittleBigPlatinum 8 hours ago
1:53 is that mr poopybutthole saying ooh wee?
Leila DR
Leila DR 11 hours ago
Sigma client is a rat
Tertaco 14 hours ago
y sigma...
Sky Master0yt
Sky Master0yt 16 hours ago
Mikołaj Przepiórka
2:28 the guy when *TAKE MY WHOLE STACK*
Light Animations
Light Animations 20 hours ago
IDuckysI 21 hour ago
*blackmails* "Alright, now we got some resources."
Koaoqa 23 hours ago
Is it just me or I read the title saying : simps then
Oskar van der Plas
2:19 bro so dam relatable
꧁༺ʏɨռɢ ʏǟռɢ༻꧂
Ajthebold is the part with the dead dog
The titles was supposed have an "i" in SMP
Some guy who likes Ducks
the thumbnail is too accurate
Idontknow Day ago
my friends record is like a week then someone out tnt under my house and hooked it up to a button
gaig1950 gaig1950
bro can i have a x ray website im trying to find dimands
Pavan Mv
Pavan Mv Day ago
It do be like that tho
MrScar Day ago
McYum hmm change the y and the c
2XP Day ago
“whats up dude” that matched up with the music making it look like it was a music video
Sarah Landers
When he was in prison did they make a 1 to 1 replica of pandoras vault
so i dont watch any smps (other than hermitcraft) so idk if this accurate
Jumpman Day ago
This is basically kids trying to recreate the dream smp with worlds instead of servers and the people with perms spawn in op items cuz “it’s too boring”
Colin Radziewicz
what was the song called in the video?
Grass Day ago
i was on an smp where everyone but my team had admin and would use spectator to find my teams bases
YoshiGPLS 2 days ago
he had a elytra before the end was released
james clark
james clark 2 days ago
0:19 my brother said this all the time, last time i saw him he was wearing orange and white, i think he was playing for a carrot or a marshmello though he has a big manison with more people in orange in white
infinity Boy
infinity Boy 2 days ago
Thats loud owwww my ears
Lanz Elle
Lanz Elle 2 days ago
I miss the heavy voice
Foxyboi123 2 days ago
blawo 2 days ago
oi 2 days ago
K S 2 days ago
Noah Gassler
Noah Gassler 2 days ago
damn Itachi be out here simping a bit huh
hagapa2 3 days ago
0:48 how did you get an elytra already
skylar lol
skylar lol 3 days ago
he kinda sounds like fitz
SWR 3 days ago
Woooooow mincraft is sooooooo creative
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 3 days ago
Speedrunnimg of building then exploded then his dog died then called fatass then speedrunning To be be ultimate guy ever
William McCrary
William McCrary 3 days ago
0:40 what a deal 😂
Hassan Hawili
Hassan Hawili 3 days ago
5000 rules? Bruh what does that smp think it is i made 10000000000000000000000000000 rules for my smp
Ernest Poon
Ernest Poon 3 days ago
McYum: I have a females discord. The guy who has all the elyitras: TAKE MY WHOLE STOCK
meatballmustard 3 days ago
all of the dislike are from smp owners
DogePlays 3 days ago
3:00 why was this so sad I almost cried?
sehar poonia
sehar poonia 4 days ago
f for antiratca
ShaedTheMoron 4 days ago
Ryuu Midorya
Ryuu Midorya 4 days ago
my mind: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH THIS IS A LITERAL KNOCKOFF OF THE DREAM SMP, THE PRISON IS THE EXACT SAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my hands: its all good, imma like the video my other personality: I. HATE. THIS me: this is so cool
Enzo 0203
Enzo 0203 4 days ago
Ngl the owner deserved to get hacked He killed dog
Stoeney 4 days ago
I misread the title and I thought it said “minecraft simps be like”
577 foo
577 foo 4 days ago
You should watch AJthebold
C. Pingue
C. Pingue 4 days ago
anime girls: everyone in the smp sad pepe: this guy trying to just play casually
PraxorFTW 4 days ago
This is just like mine ngl
Papafrog Productions
Am i the only one who read the title as "minecraft simps be like" and i have to admit, i was really curious to know what minecraft simp was like.
just squall vidar
My smp is just a non stop war no peace or anything i got robbed 5 times lol and my house got destroyed 3 times
Homie Nuke Mark
Homie Nuke Mark 4 days ago
What does SMP stand for I never heard of it
The God Codm
The God Codm 4 days ago
2:09 he is a simp
Trap_King879 4 days ago
Does smp mean simp?
BaconFvvr 4 days ago
I Thought The Tittle Was "minecraft simps be like" I was like: WHAT THE FUCK?
IFP Minecraft
IFP Minecraft 5 days ago
Why is the Earth in all your thumbnails
Taboushy91 5 days ago
Max Setki
Max Setki 5 days ago
U actually used cheats?
yurah 4 days ago
why did I just expect someone to comment this
World Tech
World Tech 5 days ago
When you get an add: only 1010101% can beat minecraft1!1!1,1!1!11!1,1!1,1!1,1!1,1!1,1!
ClickBaitMeGames __
hello McCum
oskar cool
oskar cool 5 days ago
1:57 ₗₑₜₛ 𝓰ₒ ᵦᵣₒ
Sean Studios √
Sean Studios √ 5 days ago
In my friend's realms they literally enter creative, they force everyone to sleep ingame until the morning, if u don't sleep, they kick you
Loki Rox720
Loki Rox720 5 days ago
this is the dream smp
NG SquealzPXJ
NG SquealzPXJ 5 days ago
Tbh u cant find a smp with less then a 1000 rules
Brodie DeRousse
Brodie DeRousse 5 days ago
What’s the song at 1:01?
Kiza 5 days ago
"Save and Quit to Title" lol
Nanja nsns
Nanja nsns 5 days ago
Even better IS FREE
Badass BobY
Badass BobY 5 days ago
I read the title as 'minecraft simps be like'
Commensalism 5 days ago
"killed ur dog fatass" r u d e b u s t e r i n t e n s i f i e s
Dalila Williams
Dalila Williams 5 days ago
I’ll tell everyone you watch anime
Yuu 5 days ago
Thats my house
Charmaine Peters
Charmaine Peters 5 days ago
I love mcyum
D Minus
D Minus 5 days ago
The truth is its for clicklbait
Oozi 5 days ago
Lol, that itachi skin
Call of duty master
Don’t tell no one I see anime
SteamBun 6 days ago
16 Hours pathetic >=)
ProTricks 6 days ago
Ryox. 6 days ago
The thumbnail: Ajthebold: And i took that personally
Levi Coffeerman
Levi Coffeerman 6 days ago
SMPs are literally comparable with The film john wick
Ben Callinan
Ben Callinan 6 days ago
whats the name of the server?
Mohammad Hammash
Mohammad Hammash 6 days ago
replace the y and c in his name
Mane Bucer
Mane Bucer 6 days ago
The female fertile dashboard basically flower because love conservatively rhyme mid a needless toad. noisy, lyrical jogging
Dimokratis nt
Dimokratis nt 6 days ago
is mudShack your friend?
Ieatfood 6 days ago
I think you missed the one guy who goes like GIVE ME OP GIVE ME OP
LookItsYoshi 6 days ago
@McYum how do u record desktop audio on mac?
CutlasSaber 6 days ago
Totally5545proa 6 days ago
you guys must be real 10k rules total
Tarik SAFAH 6 days ago
0:10. discord mods be like:
GalaxyGameer 6 days ago
Not a bad server actually! I ac---- DUDE what the duck are you doing?-- WHAT THE FUC----
put anginamo
put anginamo 6 days ago
1:30 *soviet anthem plays*
Fadma Wasmi
Fadma Wasmi 6 days ago
Arredondo Hernan
Arredondo Hernan 7 days ago
Omg it's fake he had 13 diamonds not 12 because he made an axe a pickaxe and pants
Robert 7 days ago
I hate my sister
Yuichimjin 7 days ago
I was so sleepy, I thought it said “Minecraft simps be like.”
Jxst Chaos
Jxst Chaos 3 days ago
i’m not even tired and i thought it said that
LOLN00B 7 days ago
simp= super intens minecraft player
鬼Truth 7 days ago
AJTHEBOLD In a Nutshell:
A Year Later ...
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minecraft parkour be like
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