Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs GOD: MEDIEVAL FORTIFIED House Build Challenge in Minecraft / Animation

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➜Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs GOD Animation
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➜Download houses: billionblocks.com
➜Download the Texture pack: billionblocks.com
Called "Faithfull" at the texture pack menu.

➜Download My Shader pack: billionblocks.com
▼More House Tutorials▼
Credit goes to andyisyoda for the pro house inspiration:
#minecraft #NoobVsPro #noob #pro #hacker #animation #real #life
WiederDude present a funny minecraft Machinima Noob vs Pro challenge.
This video is made for a wide range of audiences,(for general audience) for everyone who likes Minecraft, for all ages, especially for people who are over the age 13 since it shows difficult building process of different houses.The silly act of the "noob" character is made with the purpose to entertain and represent the character of a funny Minecraft player, who has lower building skills, and not to aim towards younger audiences under the age 13. The video is not made to target a younger audience under age 13. Targeted ads are used, as well as normal ads. RUvid may also collect your data, whilst watching the video. If you're under the age of 13, please ask for your parent's permission and contact RUvid or FTC for further information about videos that are "not made for kids" before watching the video. Please read the RUvid policies under "not made for kids". Thank you.




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Comments 80
WiederDude 3 months ago
*Yo* *Guys!* Thank you for YOUR *love and support* ! *Smash* the *LIKE* button under the video and *ENJOY* ! :) Download and Upload Houses: billionblocks.com
Monkeypunkey 11 days ago
I can't find these houses on billionblocks are they uploaded?
Anita Malinga
Anita Malinga 27 days ago
WiederDude I just am going to say you make the best house,s and mansion's of them all
Maria elena Marin
Maria elena Marin
Usman Hadi
Usman Hadi Month ago
deivide Eufrasio
deivide Eufrasio 4 hours ago
Olha eu sou gringo kkkkkk rs haha
Demon Kane Glenn Jacobs
Noob is not an noob hes almost an pro builder
Manak Soni
Manak Soni 3 days ago
Hat's off you man
Efraim Mejia J.
Efraim Mejia J. 5 days ago
Thank you so much for the videos.It's very funny and Is very que satisfactory for me 😊👍🏻💖
Camila Brandão
Camila Brandão 6 days ago
Resumindo: Geral pego a idéia do Noob!
gamer boy
gamer boy 10 days ago
wow get this * you see the noob and then you see the pro and gods house dont you notice that the noob is better than the pro and god because the pro and god had to copie and add to the noobs idea first of all so they couldnt come up with the idea if the noob didnt think of it* Bet you never thought that XD
gamer boy
gamer boy 10 days ago
Wow Im not even on here im not even as good as the noob im ashamed of myself :(
Mario12345 S12345
Mario12345 S12345 11 days ago
Zha Lina
Zha Lina 11 days ago
First time I watched this video I saw noob and I was like why did the god changed the way he looks😂
kyle Dove
kyle Dove 12 days ago
He tells me to hit subscribe but if I’m already subbed I unsubscribe lol
nina zaina
nina zaina 15 days ago
Di sini kok aku sendiri orang indonesia
Николай Сергеев
I am facking русский
Bindu Mahato
Bindu Mahato 17 days ago
Wieder dude is the best
Ewa Plotka
Ewa Plotka 18 days ago
I love Minecraft 😎😎😎😎😘😘😘😘😍😍😍🐅🐅🐅
kenjie dacallos
kenjie dacallos 18 days ago
i dont like teasing noobs!!!
kenjie dacallos
kenjie dacallos 18 days ago
stop making funning noob!!!! stop teasung him!!!!!
Bartolomé Molloy
Bartolomé Molloy 19 days ago
WiederDude is ma dude
Jovani Hernandez
Jovani Hernandez 20 days ago
why you never used furniture
Vincent Lim
Vincent Lim 20 days ago
Rama Dhani
Rama Dhani 21 day ago
Maki NAKAJIMA 23 days ago
建築うますぎだと思う人⬇️. ⬇️
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith 24 days ago
I will say noob but is noob a little girl?
everything about all
Just like a old palace
everything about all
Noob built very simple
Aman saksena
Aman saksena 27 days ago
Making these houses in Minecraft takes lots of afford.. Heads off Bro 😎😌😌
2りょう 29 days ago
Jesus Xeneize
Jesus Xeneize Month ago
Christian pujol
Christian pujol Month ago
Aliyah De Paz
Aliyah De Paz Month ago
when noobs build better than you ._.
Andyisyoda made a house just like the first one a few years back.
Dũng Nguyễn Mạnh
noob,pro,god no build house noob house no,pro house no,god house yes
Lauren Bishop
Lauren Bishop Month ago
Can you comment the material's for pro house
Павел Юров
Я русский
Leigha Wood
Leigha Wood Month ago
Can u do like a candy shop, burger shop, ice cream shop, or even dounut?
christopher chavarria
Wieder dude noob vs pro vs hacker vs god
Charlotte Prout
Charlotte Prout Month ago
Noob: me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Pro: realy realy good😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Hacker:just hacked the system 😁😁😁😁😁 God: google picture 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Saif Mohammed
Saif Mohammed Month ago
god music is amazing tell the name please
Bohim Squad
Bohim Squad Month ago
Pro ist dhebeas
كرار كرار
ههههههههه ☝☝
김선영 Month ago
초보가 아예 금손인가봐요????
Sofie Kubíčková
Andie Frazier
Andie Frazier Month ago
I couldn't even build the Pro one because it was going so fast! ):(
Bella PBT Squad
Bella PBT Squad Month ago
Wow noob pretty cool house 🏡😎
selena alsaleh
selena alsaleh 2 months ago
Perseck kapuccieno
Perseck kapuccieno 2 months ago
Ты очень хорошо строеш!
matt smith
matt smith 2 months ago
Any one else realize the pros house in the thumbnail was someone else’s
Dawin Kühne
Dawin Kühne 2 months ago
Dad ist cool
SM Tamim
SM Tamim 2 months ago
Nicolas Czernicki
Nicolas Czernicki 2 months ago
you make me want to built great houses in minecraft :>
Titash Adhikary
Titash Adhikary 2 months ago
Don't worry widerdude (August) your whole concept is good
Josephplays PH
Josephplays PH 2 months ago
Noob:40/100 Pro:61/100 God83/100 Wiederdude:infinity
Lord WrathYT
Lord WrathYT 2 months ago
cardrawingalban 13
cardrawingalban 13 2 months ago
Il think the noob is a f***ing pro
ƝᎯႸ 2 months ago
No pus wow :b
Aylin Tuna
Aylin Tuna 3 months ago
Aylin Tuna
Aylin Tuna 3 months ago
NooB kok kamu Bisakalah sama PoR😎
Juliasih Situmorang
Juliasih Situmorang 3 months ago
Pro help me 2
Juliasih Situmorang
Juliasih Situmorang 3 months ago
God mana pro
Марат Мырзабек
Ishani Le Roux
Ishani Le Roux 3 months ago
I feel like gods builds are too blocky
Jeremy Jay #
Jeremy Jay # 3 months ago
Love your Vids, there are amazing❤👍🏽⭐
pankaj patra
pankaj patra 3 months ago
Well I am better than the pro but not like the God
Carlos Gonçalves
Carlos Gonçalves 3 months ago
Very good
Anton Frey
Anton Frey 3 months ago
What is the seed from this world???
аа оо
аа оо 3 months ago
9:37 что за музыка?
Usman Man
Usman Man 3 months ago
Keren ysng noob dari pada pero vs GoD
Diaconu Rodica
Diaconu Rodica 3 months ago
Pourvoi tu ne parle pa
handaya alfan
handaya alfan 3 months ago
noob 💯 pro 200 god 0
G a i k o !
G a i k o ! 3 months ago
ouch noob is better than me😒😒🙄🙄
DUNIA SHEN 3 months ago
God is good then pro and noon
Maria Britez
Maria Britez 3 months ago
Dale like si conoces el canal d fernanfloo, y de juegagerman
Arra Wither
Arra Wither 3 months ago
I love you good and proo and noob
semin smirnov
semin smirnov 3 months ago
у скрымника списали и переделали
Verdict 3 months ago
I guess I am a noob in minecraft
EyFingerWeg 3 months ago
It´s like Tv but better, thank you for the daily evening relaxation
Julia 3 months ago
eu so o seu fa
Julia 3 months ago
eu adorei o noob
Blue Phantom
Blue Phantom 3 months ago
If the noob can build better than what am i called? A BOT?
Bert Casinillo
Bert Casinillo 3 months ago
Who can find letter n mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmm
Jezz Grace
Jezz Grace 3 months ago
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