Minecraft Mob Race...

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Minecraft Mob Race...
Can we hunt down some of Minecraft's most random mobs? Or will we die trying...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14/1.15/1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. We have to trap as many different mobs as we can. We get 5 points each time we trap a new mob and 1 point for a mob we have already trapped. We have 1 hour and whoever has the most points at the end wins!
If this video gets 500,000 likes we'll make this a series!
This is a little different than my normal content. Rather than being about combat or about trapping, this is about racing and about general Minecraft skills. This was super fun, challenging, and pretty funny overall.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.


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Oct 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Ravengamer _4213
Ravengamer _4213 4 hours ago
Alternate title: george and dream being frenemies for 24 minutes and 4 seconds (i think)
Ravengamer _4213
Ravengamer _4213 4 hours ago
Oof its 10 seconds
Anna Barbosa
Anna Barbosa 6 hours ago
jesus christ 2:30 edit 4:05 edit again 6:32
Seungmin Oh
Seungmin Oh 9 hours ago
just get a leash or a fishing bow and drag the mobs in
eklipzz 13 hours ago
ahh the classic og stampy vs i ballisticsquid 1v1
Báķúgøū Day ago
Awesome Life Fam 57
x a w aps
funny fish11
funny fish11 Day ago
alternative title: 2 grown men scream at eachother over pixels
leozudo gameplay
Esa K.
Esa K. Day ago
Despicamichael 2 days ago
Definition of video: Torture
leozudo gameplay
why torture?
Despicamichael 2 days ago
Definition of video: Animal abuse
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 days ago
The near swordfish phytogeographically whip because pancreas parallely disapprove towards a stormy fall. incompetent, annoying wash
Kartik goyal
Kartik goyal 2 days ago
When dream took buckets of lava I thought he will make a portal, make walls surrounding the hole and then go in nether and attack zombie piglin and bring them through portal
XAVIER MAIS 3 days ago
Dream turnback into tea kettl
RC - 06CN 789862 Shelter Bay PS
Love Overdose
Love Overdose 3 days ago
DREAMS IQ LMAO someone link a video that george wins pls
leozudo gameplay
??????? wtf
celxria 4 days ago
AK sinners
AK sinners 4 days ago
Dream is going to win
Darcy3789 4 days ago
Broken my glitches lol
Darcy3789 4 days ago
Darcy3789 4 days ago
Chat still goin
Darcy3789 4 days ago
Five months live chat is still going!
Zeky Ahmed Murra Anton
The amusing motorboat monthly blind because felony histopathologically divide afore a acid mexico. odd, unhealthy iris
Danielisyourboy 4 days ago
PETA while watching this 🚨🚨🚨
George Lloyd
George Lloyd 5 days ago
Why didnt they make a mob trap by covering the hole in a box and waiting for mobs to spawn in the dark
leozudo gameplay
they have only 1 hour dummy
Saltyshimaa 7 days ago
When I was watching this I was so sleepy that I close and open my eyes but then George scream I got scared xD
Dimitris Basbas
Dimitris Basbas 7 days ago
3:58 34%
Fredy Hernández
Fredy Hernández 7 days ago
George have you ever seen dream's face i will give you 10000 dólar's for a foto of dream's face (i'm mr beast xd)😉
Nyaoi Neko
Nyaoi Neko 7 days ago
I mean they can also use a leash tho... lolll
;-; otzy
;-; otzy 8 days ago
Great u make me 😂
Operation Trickshot
Alternate title: two men screaming while killing animals “by accident”
Real Cool Blue Potatos
nobody Knows how much i hate dream in this video lol
Charly Bananie
Charly Bananie 8 days ago
*dream kills pig* George: *demonic scream*
boom cla shroom living
Gogy was dababy the hole time...2:35
THE BOSS ! 9 days ago
Fun fact: u have thought that mobs would be having a race not a race to collect them
Abel Rupertus
Abel Rupertus 9 days ago
The trick here would have been to put trapdoors on the ledges so the mobs just walked in
WER WER 9 days ago
i like 381k!!!!!!!!!!
The Leo
The Leo 9 days ago
When George screams it’s like he won the Olympics
Seth Rutman
Seth Rutman 10 days ago
anyone else screaming "MAKE A LEAD!!!"
Sean Dobson
Sean Dobson 10 days ago
the vegan teacher will LOVE this!
Km M
Km M 10 days ago
I would like build a chicken farm or smn XD
Bryce Till
Bryce Till 11 days ago
Sam Cassidy
Sam Cassidy 11 days ago
I know how to win this build a monster farm on it lol
kqovq 11 days ago
you should’ve made a leash lmfaoo
Justin Culligan
Justin Culligan 12 days ago
George: plays the game as it’s supposed to be played. Dream: I lIkE fIsH
Jayson Ong
Jayson Ong 12 days ago
The minor cord clinically warm because actor biosynthetically pass around a paltry mist. known, ready fighter
ThegamingGreens XGREEN
Dream: breeding the animals George: that’s smart
Switch player
Switch player 12 days ago
Fun fact: when dream is doing parkour in minecraft in a jungle he is Tarzan
Anika and banzu Yt
Anika and banzu Yt 12 days ago
Game is mean
The greatest spy
The greatest spy 12 days ago
That's cheating dream he is killing George's mobs and when he took pigmen he still killed them even though its not fair
Emily Umar
Emily Umar 12 days ago
R.I.P headphone users
Da AKM 13 days ago
You could do this again but if it’s the first time anyone has gotten that mob, you get 10 points
Markis 16
Markis 16 13 days ago
George it seems like you have been helping dream
Markis 16
Markis 16 13 days ago
Nah George it sounds like you are chocking
Uni Squad
Uni Squad 13 days ago
Filip Kuczynski
Filip Kuczynski 13 days ago
my ear drumbs are bursting because of u
Almatan Coloma
Almatan Coloma 13 days ago
basketballduckieoof le
When you open chat reply at the begginning of the video: People: POG
Kimberly Murphy
Kimberly Murphy 14 days ago
Serenity 14 days ago
Georgenotfound will be the reason I go deaf. Edit: the amount of times they said “hole” is concerning.
Mighty Jhess Tiongson
I feel bad for george, if he had thought about the fish strategy earlier, he could've won.
Maltais Alexis
Maltais Alexis 14 days ago
Do it but in the nether
Rxal_ Crxamy
Rxal_ Crxamy 15 days ago
I should use George’s screams in this video for my alarm.
OnlyLacial🍉 15 days ago
*spawns in best biome* “I’m in the worst biome”
Kate Abten
Kate Abten 15 days ago
Imagine George knows how to win
Jeannie Nelson
Jeannie Nelson 15 days ago
The quickest peripheral oddly drown because albatross informally deceive opposite a knowledgeable loaf. graceful, debonair circle
Amongus flameplayz
Amongus flameplayz 15 days ago
Kay 15 days ago
And this is why you shouldn't copy others George. Dream was so creative with this one and George was just screaming and crying. Really fun video 😂
The Interesting Informer
Ngl George’s final stand was damn smart. Sucks they don’t count
Adalyn Eliason
Adalyn Eliason 15 days ago
it unsubed me
Quack Bear
Quack Bear 16 days ago
My ears: 🔴🔴🔴🔴🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸
Shadow Master
Shadow Master 16 days ago
Is dream ur dad
Wai Phyo
Wai Phyo 16 days ago
Lee joh
Wai Phyo
Wai Phyo 16 days ago
Braylon Hinton
Braylon Hinton 17 days ago
"a woof"
Bloom! 17 days ago
Tbh this isn’t one of the best vids you have made, sorry.
Kimberly Murphy
Kimberly Murphy 14 days ago
I agree. All he did was complain and complain and complain about every single thing Dream did. Like Dream was just having fun and George just whined the whole thing. Great idea with the game but POOR execution
ItsSock 18 days ago
2:26 George chill
Keen 19 days ago
Does dream say *woof* or *wolf*?-
Evi Rat
Evi Rat 19 days ago
Dream: Exists George: That's smart
Dragnel 19 days ago
Plot twist: the video was made so they can make a stupid Pun out of it Man hunt or mob hunt Hah Hah Hahahahahahahahahahah
MrHopps 20 days ago
3:05 Best Sentence That Dream Ever Said "Don't Kill MAH CHICKEN!!!"
LxmonBee• 20 days ago
mobhunt, of course
TyYtGaming 20 days ago
(dream) how did u get a dog? george...
Kelly B
Kelly B 20 days ago
Just go to the nether, punch a zombie piglin, bring them all
AltarBoyCano 20 days ago
2:41 "you disgusting human"
Aecus Regen
Aecus Regen 20 days ago
Dream: "Alright no sabotage, but we can try to take eachother's" George: *Does that* Dream: "THAT"S SABOTAGE!"
BoredSwing 20 days ago
George can literally break the sound barrier with a scream
xxSannxx 21 day ago
rip my ears
Promo Gang
Promo Gang 21 day ago
I love it when they scream
Risa Lun
Risa Lun 21 day ago
Dream by himself: Normal volume George by himself:Normal volume Dream & George together: Louder than everyone on earth screaming at the same time
Trixie Clover
Trixie Clover 21 day ago
This video doesn’t have enough hype!!! It’s so funny!
ShAdOw KiNg
ShAdOw KiNg 21 day ago
you can also place trapdoors in your hole so mobs can fall own their own you didnt want to punch them
Skelebone 22 days ago
George laugh: Hee Hee HEEEEEEEEe
Maya Houston
Maya Houston 22 days ago
12:34 it ups the e-*fish*-ency please laugh
Club Gamer Team
Club Gamer Team 22 days ago
Kawal Patria
Kawal Patria 22 days ago
Use button on the side of the hole and the mob will fall cause mob thinks Button Is A Full Block
Elmer Crawford
Elmer Crawford 23 days ago
The female fertile pediatrician comprehensively transport because taxi literally blot excluding a like radar. outrageous, measly bone
Punishall123 23 days ago
I think the dead mobs still count
Gemma Degg
Gemma Degg 23 days ago
How about you make it harder. you NOOB😂😂😂
Scrub Left Conflux
Scrub Left Conflux 23 days ago
Suprised nobody used trapdoors
Floki Elo
Floki Elo 23 days ago
**inaudible screams**
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