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Meme Lucky Block Vs Doritos Lucky Block!
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In this 1.8.9 Memes Lucky Block Vs Dorito Lucky Block Modded Mini-Game:
We are doing a tournament to find the best Lucky Block! Today it is the Memes Lucky Block Vs the Doritos Lucky Block. Which Lucky Block will win this challenge?
Intro by: ruvid.net/u-calzone442
Intro song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records:
Follow Spag Heddy:
Thumbnail Art by: twitter.com/Lazy_Slav
Royalty Free Music by audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music


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Jul 17, 2019

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Comments 7 188
Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen 16 hours ago
Lol came back after like 4 years realized how cringy you guys were like bruh
Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen 16 hours ago
Also this is the first vid I’ve watched of you guys since 2015
Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen 16 hours ago
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Jen: I LIKE WEAPONS
Tala Ashour
Tala Ashour 2 days ago
Why in the memes lucky block doesn’t have sanic
Tala Ashour
Tala Ashour 2 days ago
You are my favorite RUvidr ever
Sayoma Rai
Sayoma Rai 2 days ago
The first to write you
Sayoma Rai
Sayoma Rai 2 days ago
Sayoma Rai
Sayoma Rai 2 days ago
Judy Wartgow
Judy Wartgow 2 days ago
watch you vid every day im a noob
Laura Kirchner
Laura Kirchner 2 days ago
I haven't watched you in 3 years
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato 3 days ago
Oliver Stewart
Oliver Stewart 3 days ago
hi there I’m a enderman I’m extremely tall I should practicing baskity-ball
Abdul Saleem
Abdul Saleem 3 days ago
Did you hear? Dan's gonna have a baby
GachaCrazyWolf 3 days ago
The Furius Poop 5:44 Has been released
DisabledGay 3 days ago
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhhh laaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggg!!!
shalini agarwal
shalini agarwal 5 days ago
I love you guys
Jack Power
Jack Power 6 days ago
I was jerking messed of
Flying Corgiz
Flying Corgiz 6 days ago
Lol Jen forgot you can trade tnt for a weapon
Micro X Lekoz麦克
At 10:00 Jen: Like my *Bleep* inventory is that Bad word or insoide the game im so confuse...
·Wønder·ツ 4 days ago
She said lile my entire inventory
·Wønder·ツ 4 days ago
No lol
JungClaire 8 days ago
I know everyone else got the laggy thing on their screen and doesn't have the audio matching up
JustForAMinute 8 days ago
The set of armour is 28 emeralds nor 29
Owen Humphries
Owen Humphries 9 days ago
Apple will not succeed
Kevin Oyesile
Kevin Oyesile 9 days ago
That awkward silence from Jen when Pat said "oh my girlfriend spawned in." 10:00 feels bad man.
lone wolf 66
lone wolf 66 9 days ago
No she just used it a lot faster then how u were
gamer Mani
gamer Mani 9 days ago
Do a undertale one
Fun Club
Fun Club 10 days ago
Nomar Alvarado
Nomar Alvarado 10 days ago
I heard eminem in there
TripleYeet 11 days ago
13:06 had me dying
ImOmar69 12 days ago
As long as he keeps that intro, I’m happy🤷‍♂️☺️😂
Angel Rabino
Angel Rabino 12 days ago
i notice the freezing
Jenny Shmit
Jenny Shmit 12 days ago
Plz get better quality..
Maya Stutzman
Maya Stutzman 12 days ago
They need to react to what does the fox say 😂 like so Pat can see
Itz_pastel wolfie!
Itz_pastel wolfie! 13 days ago
Yes,beautiful memes JOIN DE ARMY
The Void
The Void 13 days ago
Open that lucky block yyyyyeeeessssss
The Void
The Void 13 days ago
Asena Drawz
Asena Drawz 14 days ago
Dang Jen got to use the bomb most of the rounds but Pat stopped using his sword
zoe lewis
zoe lewis 15 days ago
10:00-10:3 what?
A•n•g•e•l C•h•a•n
Pats and Jens memes 5:33
Mr Enderman
Mr Enderman 15 days ago
JEN SAID A BAD WORD (F*** you) she said
ChaseLieksGames 16 days ago
Christen Shoemaker
Christen Shoemaker 16 days ago
At 10:00 what is that sound!!!! XD
Ugandan Kermit
Ugandan Kermit 17 days ago
What happened to the intro
Aggiegamer3 17 days ago
4:12 to skip the trades
neelu baghel
neelu baghel 17 days ago
I love you guys I can't be sad
Taz DeLucenay
Taz DeLucenay 18 days ago
Luv ur vidz lolololol
Caleb Jordan
Caleb Jordan 18 days ago
5:30 OMG When it worked I freaked out a bit! STRATEGY!!! Put a Meme Lucky Block on a Cobblestone=Life platform to make it luckier! [Strategy] Edit: And then when he got a poop bucket I lost it... Double Edit: And then when he opened one after Jen cursed it with Doritos a slime engulfed the whole thing! Triple Edit: OK now a Magma Cube just ate the platform STOP CURSING THE PLATFORM WITH YOUR DORITOS JEN ITS MESSIN UP PAT'S MAOJANG!!
Caleb Jordan
Caleb Jordan 18 days ago
I loved when they did one lucky block and fought a boss!....... This is honestly better! In a way it shows what lucky blocks are better for what you want!
Coco nut
Coco nut 18 days ago
Jen I saw you in Rome with Thea.
Eduardo Zablan
Eduardo Zablan 18 days ago
Cobble is life
Deraz Life
Deraz Life 18 days ago
I thought the reason for the freezing is bc of my trash phone lmao
Sanitxy 18 days ago
Jen only won because she used the same weapon 4 rounds
Noah Crawford
Noah Crawford 18 days ago
Why is the audio not matching with what's happening on the screen
Michael Ramponi
Michael Ramponi 18 days ago
I like the new thumnile
Rita Early
Rita Early 19 days ago
I'm not a big fan of your videos you dummys!
KTReview Productions
it was really awkward and sad when pat said oh my girlfriend spawned in. and jen was silent for a second. :(
R. V.C
R. V.C 19 days ago
17:44 Two of the villagers that you trade to where give each other death glares
Subscribe for a free cookie no joke no scam
Rip Grant Thompson Spread the message of this tragedy throughout the RUvid community 😭😭
Dragon Fury 666
Dragon Fury 666 19 days ago
I’m literally eating Doritos watching this
PG TheSadFish
PG TheSadFish 19 days ago
;) wow
pat is always showing off of killing jen using and apple or anything so jen always wins but i still support u pat
Gage Singh
Gage Singh 20 days ago
That was a unfair figth
dariuz rhycel carino
you are the best both of you
i am best girl i am best
Pat can you hide and seek in craner and thea ´s house please with craner and thea 😉
William Richard Tube
Slash Jakester
Slash Jakester 20 days ago
Why did you fight with apple
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 20 days ago
Diden't he have 2 emralds?
Bradley Lewis
Bradley Lewis 20 days ago
Get rid of your editor, the videos are freezing, the audio doesn't line up and the cuts are cutting out bits that shouldn't be
SAVAGE PRO GAMER 20 days ago
I love you intro
YRN-Mike 20 days ago
jen realistically lost
Hernandez Rodriguez Axel David
10:01 thit she just say poop?
Miky Kinareng
Miky Kinareng 20 days ago
I like the intro Pat I hope y'all have a great time
ROBLOX GAMER 2.0 20 days ago
Whenever she laughs it sounds like a moan lol
Farhaan Khan
Farhaan Khan 20 days ago
this was recorded on my birthday
Connor does Fortnite
It starts at 4:12
xxErrorYT 21 day ago
Intro Starts Me Wondering... ...How Is Pat So Good At Kicking Herobrine's Butt?
Trevor Cook
Trevor Cook 21 day ago
The unknown
The unknown 21 day ago
The thumbnail this past week they NAILED it!
The unknown
The unknown 21 day ago
Freezing 100
He stole the sytche
Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor 21 day ago
Alice Rousseau
Alice Rousseau 21 day ago
That chest opening with the un-synced noise is so annoying
Kail Yuri
Kail Yuri 21 day ago
If I was in there Minecraft world I would eat Jen with the Doritos set😂😂😂😂
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