Minecraft logic that makes NO SENSE Pt.12!!!

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Today I am showing you Minecraft logic that really doesn't make any sense FOR SOME REASON!

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May 4, 2021




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EricStrukGaming Month ago
SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!! I am waiting for all the little kids to be like "ItS jUsT a GaMe"
Min Hein Khant
Min Hein Khant 7 hours ago
You want to play minecraft you fucking play
Min Hein Khant
Min Hein Khant 7 hours ago
I never every subscribe you i dont want to see on youtube Get out. a minecaft
Shahlemon 13 days ago
They're not wrong...
Norbert Naszydłowski
It you need a realistic game, go and do something in your live
Surf 16 days ago
its just a game 😂😂
thatsfantastic12 12 hours ago
These all make sense
Gilbert Moncada
Gilbert Moncada 15 hours ago
I hate the fact that pillagers get better stuff than the vilageers
Michael Arsa Adyatma
The last one is maybe a bug the caudron have a steel side that still cause damage when it get hit by falling player
Joaquin Tampos
Joaquin Tampos 22 hours ago
Pilligers raid village so they get lots of Emerald so the captain wants hes people to get some space so the captain buy some materials for the big house they hire villager because the villagers are broke They make a village with the emeralds they get and the pilligers raid them again so they never get anything again This is my story plsss like
Bro just apreciate mojangs work imaginw fixinf that glitch for days
Antonio Hernandez
Wow how are you glitching in Minecraft
JhonPlayz YT
JhonPlayz YT 2 days ago
Because Pillager raid for money 😂
Jakurai Manetay
Jakurai Manetay 2 days ago
Cuz pillagers pillage villagers
Inzanium 3 days ago
Ok so the portal won’t break because it's not intended to be broken, this is a glitch
Elirdril 3 days ago
Most are just glitches :P
eve marie villamor
When he said mansion i was like "doase this guy know what mansion its called" like seriously its called woodland mansion im to afraod to go upstairs since peaple have seen monsters above thats not from Minecraft it scares me everytime those peaple make me afraid to go upstairs so instead i use cheats to summon a dragon and just ran outside
power_sof 190
power_sof 190 4 days ago
Noob Rhythm
Noob Rhythm 5 days ago
On the last one can we go through bedrock?
Pipopu 5 days ago
It doesnt make Any Sense that games have bugs this while video was about bugs and gliches a game cant be perfect just like a human cant be because games are made by humans
MAIN SNIPER 5 days ago
Deep Adam
Deep Adam 6 days ago
This guy takes glitches like its mojang's fault lmao
Jean Serra
Jean Serra 6 days ago
Didn’t grain already do this
the grim
the grim 6 days ago
You can break the end portal frame without mushrooms just break the frame
Sage Becker
Sage Becker 6 days ago
It makes sense that the pillagers get an entire mansion. They pillage
the legend
the legend 6 days ago
You do realize its a game right?
The Diamond
The Diamond 6 days ago
Now I know how stupid tiktokers can get
Sam Sheahan
Sam Sheahan 6 days ago
Pillagers probably have bigger house than villagers because they raid so many people and can afford and the villagers houses are so small because there the targets of these raids and don't have the materials to upgrade their houses
Sakura no-Hana
Sakura no-Hana 7 days ago
The condron makes sense becuase it’s steel and you would break your brones
Z-type 0
Z-type 0 7 days ago
The end portal can't be brocken anymore
Dedev 7 days ago
If you in a boat and fall is still rak damage in bedrock edition
SKYLARK MIST 7 days ago
They are more developed civilization than villagers because they work on manipulation of magic or what so ever
Sam Gordon
Sam Gordon 8 days ago
Minecraft makes no sense yet we all still love it.
red hyperspeeder and scp 2521
Omg this guy is driving me crazy JUST SHUT UP
Alfie Woodcock
Alfie Woodcock 8 days ago
In bedrock you can teleport through glass
Ryan L
Ryan L 8 days ago
Bro some things are glitches
Blobbey4 8 days ago
Oreodroid 8 days ago
That is why if we kill a pillager the achievement says MONSTER HUNTER
amar bayasgalan
amar bayasgalan 8 days ago
That enderman part was absolutely 0% sense
ZepDeJollyMiner 8 days ago
Interive 8 days ago
Tycoon Gamer
Tycoon Gamer 8 days ago
we all love villagers the villagers who - run away while pushing into minecart - play with doors - forgot their job and found other one while travelling in boat to the trading hall
D128 8 days ago
It easy it bacause the villan is always rich
Midnight moon
Midnight moon 8 days ago
Me smart 😁 u could kill all the pillarges in creative any get a villager spawn egg and then The villagers have a mansion
RanePlayz A person that does multiple stuff
Actually for the ender pearly u dont need ladders
Couldron is considered as a 1block no gap even u fill water on it still considered as 1 full block
Ghed Cacay
Ghed Cacay 8 days ago
All i hear: A bla bla blah blah bla blublubbul
J Aguilar
J Aguilar 8 days ago
This makes zero sense to when you go to the nether in place a bed down you can go to sleep but there’s monsters near you even when you’re not in the nether and monsters are around you can’t go to bed zero cents
Cassie O.
Cassie O. 8 days ago
I think the pearl was just a glitch bruh
LONE WOLF 9 days ago
aee you really a Minecraft player or just some lost fortnite kid got to Minecraft
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez 9 days ago
Half of these are glitches
Animation Duck
Animation Duck 9 days ago
Water couldron (im bad at english) is an different block. It does'nt count as a water block.
saiduzzaman sanzim
That last one could be used for a secret base if you wanted to
Jesse White
Jesse White 9 days ago
This logic is called glitches
•Rick• •Games•
Imagine questioning about a block game where you need to survive against zombies, skeletons and green shit that explodes
ChiHiro 10 days ago
It's still make sense it's up to them, village is needed to hunt for food for diamonds emeralds even if you can mine in a cave they maked village so some things like interesting things or stuff and they can steal things🤣 sometimes it's kinda rare to find village's and sometimes you randomly just saw because village's feature generate randomly and number of buildings making up a village can vary, as well as the building structure. So you could find a village with no blacksmiths or one with several💯 l. 1️⃣
beargreen1 11 days ago
Everyone: Minecraft logic who? Minecraft: uh... I can Explain
ImGoldCypress 12 days ago
I hate villagers
HaidyBug Roblox
HaidyBug Roblox 12 days ago
So people are deaf but he captions won't work I am sorry deaf people you have my blessing 🙏❤I hope you'll be okay and everyone else
Shahlemon 13 days ago
This guy is just running out of ideas at this point t
Pytho 13 days ago
lol literally all of these videos are copied from that one grian video
kerry evans
kerry evans 14 days ago
I love pillagers 😭😭😭 and don't kill my favorite evil mob I'm so sad why
Brasky 14 days ago
"We all love villagers" Me whose had 7 different villagers kept in my basement over the course of 1 game: *I dont think so*
Cooper 15 days ago
Guys who use female Minecraft skins are destined to be alone
IamAced 15 days ago
Another logic: Flint & steel + gunpowder = no boom
Scarlet •^
Scarlet •^ 15 days ago
If u use Minecraft Physics it will all make sense.. Cauldrons with water are Full Blocks that's why Enderman's can stand on it and We can't land on it
Hallowed Mimic
Hallowed Mimic 16 days ago
Wrong YOU guys hate the pillagers
DemonicMuffin 16 days ago
Ill tell you how this makes sense Its a video game
Laura Palacios
Laura Palacios 16 days ago
This wierd
Memes for life
Memes for life 16 days ago
This is literally makes no sense I think it is funny and confusing
Aaron Campbell
Aaron Campbell 16 days ago
Jesus man, it’s a game. Leave it alone your just annoying
kao_khung gamer
kao_khung gamer 16 days ago
That's game
Callie Barnett
Callie Barnett 16 days ago
I love every boy but monetary and sero
monokrisXD 16 days ago
Yes I love villager and I love laff like sockfor1's friend
Jibril Mohammed
Jibril Mohammed 17 days ago
0:22, he's trying to kill us bedrock players
Luis Adrian Mendoza
TurtleGaming 17 days ago
Idk about the villager part they are literally called villager "village"r
Tzabarpho (Old)
Tzabarpho (Old) 17 days ago
Bruh the pillagers are just rich lol They also have cool expensive suits and weapons xd
Zacharias H
Zacharias H 17 days ago
Minecraft logic dosent need to make sense
CJ 17 days ago
Him asking the 3rd nonsense Craftsman: *Sorry, we dont do that here.*
Katy yandere
Katy yandere 17 days ago
You can break the portal in the middle in ender portal but it still works
marky quindoza
marky quindoza 17 days ago
Villager ones makes sense to me,imagine the villagers being farmers and stuff having a big mansion just does not make sense
Farhat Isyraf
Farhat Isyraf 17 days ago
Who say we love villager?
V Lv
V Lv 17 days ago
The second one is like if you cut egg in half you can still eat it
MASTER PUNK 17 days ago
Benny Javier ✓
Benny Javier ✓ 17 days ago
Bc it's a villager it lives in a village
SunnyCup 17 days ago
Bro this game is cube
Lisa Hansen
Lisa Hansen 17 days ago
If it's Minecraft logic it has to make sense
SOVIET UNION 17 days ago
It’s because illager empire
Nickname: Ellie Real name: Jemry Puno
I was just like "×_× Im ded"
Mr LOBBY 17 days ago
I mean dude you cant expect real life physics in a fucking block game its literally a block game
Meme Royal
Meme Royal 17 days ago
It’s Minecraft it has no physics you can make a powerful guard by making a T with iron blocks and put a pumpkin on top
Mr. sad
Mr. sad 17 days ago
Cauldron: *I'm built different*
Davian Nelson
Davian Nelson 17 days ago
The pillager's mansion is from the unspeakable if you see it... run video
PiplupPlayz 17 days ago
We don't like villagers
Sans ation
Sans ation 18 days ago
Welp i still dont like this anybody else here who is agreeing
Frosty 2121
Frosty 2121 18 days ago
Damn it’s almost like it’s a game
Bad Karma
Bad Karma 18 days ago
*unless.. Pillagers were villagers..*
Alex V
Alex V 18 days ago
Stop complaint against the wall idk
Galaxy_XYZ 18 days ago
Well I mean, villagers get through with harder work, but pillagers would steal from them and pillage other places as well. Also, with the boat, when you fall it's your legs and also your body taking in the impact. When you're in the boat it's the boat that's absorbing the kinetic energy
spidernoe ジ
spidernoe ジ 18 days ago
Stop snitching
mcyt funny moments
mcyt funny moments 18 days ago
You lost me at the boats think about this l.. If you jumped of a mountain onto a boat you would die If you were inside the boat you may be injured but not die. In minecraft that is also how it works
Oblivion Games
Oblivion Games 18 days ago
Dude I know you are not talking about things that don’t make sense blocks float for gods sake and not alone everything is blocky which still looks cool in my opinion
OMG! 😂 #shorts
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