Minecraft If You JUMP = LOSE A HEART!

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Jan 25, 2020




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Comments 382
Chellisha Au Yeung
U have food
Wyatt Johnson
Wyatt Johnson 5 days ago
Zack deadd
peachy 7 days ago
Just pull of the space key bro
Savage Alex
Savage Alex 12 days ago
Zach knew u can jump cause they planned it ahead cause if they didn’t Zach would know Dylan has the ability to do thT
Kimberly King
Kimberly King 12 days ago
Just dig
Cindy McCoy
Cindy McCoy 13 days ago
Dylan:If we put our three minds togethet, we can work this out. Me:Technically, theres only two minds in this vid.😑😑😑
Marty Hodgkiss-Rogers
Gud joce
HYPER WOLF 19 days ago
I love that your guys vids are always entertaining and fun ^^
Siri Feldmann
Siri Feldmann 21 day ago
"we're all in this together" *cue we're all in this togethre song*
PaulCakeFake 22 days ago
1 like = 1 heal half heart for poke.
Dayanara Hernandez
Dayanara Hernandez 23 days ago
Poke what is 3663 ÷373737=
Roy Wazza
Roy Wazza 24 days ago
Poke:help me! Me:how!?
eldar siljak
eldar siljak 25 days ago
why are u always on yellow?
eldar siljak
eldar siljak 25 days ago
why are u always on yellow?
Khairiey Zainurin
Khairiey Zainurin 25 days ago
What's? 200 hundred iq i just think of it.
MayumiFuko Creepy Gaming
Zack: IM FINE im Fine im fine *Yes that's me at school*
Trenton Walmsley
Trenton Walmsley 25 days ago
My girlfriend trolled me with this and she lives with me and my best friend and his girlfriend and I love my girlfriend and we are youtubers and we would love to be friends with you on discord my discord is TopredTrenton#4478 so please add me
Ryan BMGO 25 days ago
Poke us should play horror map in minecraft like everyone minecraft players
-MimitubeKawaii- 25 days ago
This is trippy OwO
SBot Studios
SBot Studios 26 days ago
This is how many times Poke jumped
Rara Kaur
Rara Kaur 26 days ago
Poke it said you were deathbanned
Gamer Dragon23
Gamer Dragon23 26 days ago
Why in the world did u mine dirt with a pic!!(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Leafy Hannah
Leafy Hannah 26 days ago
My brother : Why is he making so much crafting tables?! Me: because he needs to craft and the others he lost it :| Brother: Oof
Alvin Torrecampo
Alvin Torrecampo 26 days ago
I wanna play with you guys cause you guys are so funny to play it :D
Alvin Torrecampo
Alvin Torrecampo 26 days ago
I wanna play with you guys cause you guys are so funny to play it :D
Darrel Leaf
Darrel Leaf 26 days ago
Like and sub everyone I did
AzPlayz TV
AzPlayz TV 26 days ago
Pls do the challange Minecraft but the world is falling apart
Rose Bernal
Rose Bernal 26 days ago
jump lost heart and sharing health
DanishFilmz 26 days ago
2:47 *its pain to see Zack destroying grass with pickaxe*
Jacqueline Rivera-Castillo
Guys did you notice in the beginning that when poke jumped he got scared hahahahahahahaha hahahah!!!!!!!!!😜😉🙂😝😪
CHAN YIU YING 2D06 26 days ago
bad for Paul
chiojack168 26 days ago
Use stairs every like equals every stair you will use
Evadoris Arano
Evadoris Arano 26 days ago
Poke/Zack:can u “slab” me up😁😅 ME:ok “slaps my cousin”
Ultimate Youtuber
Ultimate Youtuber 26 days ago
Can you please let me in your Minecraft server? My username is Professional127
benoit verdon dit montmarquette
I love your vid (Btw m'y name in roblox is licorne201121)
MidnightAppleJuice 27 days ago
Rachel Cheung
Rachel Cheung 27 days ago
molly wolly
molly wolly 27 days ago
Tip : keep your hands away from the spacebar :)
justin goodman
justin goodman 27 days ago
When you use slabs just break them and collect them then you can’t run out
maizie lockwood
maizie lockwood 27 days ago
get back to roblox
Avalah Hill
Avalah Hill 27 days ago
I commented something
mille playz
mille playz 27 days ago
I sub like and turned on notifications pls
Anouk Koenes
Anouk Koenes 27 days ago
Yo this one is Hype! Love it!
Sana Bolouri
Sana Bolouri 27 days ago
If I played this challenge I would jump all I want and not die! :D You know how? ….. I don't have a life. ;-; REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Payton Hoffman
Payton Hoffman 27 days ago
Erick Lopez
Erick Lopez 27 days ago
Do a part 2
Beth Williams1217
Beth Williams1217 27 days ago
Mr.piggames 27 days ago
Poke did u know sloths love sweet potato’s?
Diya Kamesh
Diya Kamesh 27 days ago
Lol Zack got exploded by a creeper
ThePhantomPig 791
ThePhantomPig 791 27 days ago
You should have gotten golden apples
KATELYNN TONG 27 days ago
I'm early
maheen abbas
maheen abbas 27 days ago
off the topic im very upset rn..... I wish I could die
hello pubg life
hello pubg life 27 days ago
That guy is annoying always talking plz tell him to stop
Joeaiden Carrillo
Joeaiden Carrillo 27 days ago
Zack: I have 300 IQ Zack: MINES dirt with pickaxe
Caidi Brown
Caidi Brown 27 days ago
I know what happened When you went to get the iron you were on a slab so you when forward so you landed which means you kinda jumped
Jhoan Ignacio
Jhoan Ignacio 27 days ago
Love your vids lol
Gareth Dela Cruz
Gareth Dela Cruz 27 days ago
i try to minecraft "minecraft but you cant walk i think i am spawning in the tree
Gordon Bartrem
Gordon Bartrem 27 days ago
Plz give me a shout out plz
rodan 27 days ago
Minecraft but lava rises
ARKA STYLISH 27 days ago
Dylan: None of us are allowed to jump Poke and Paul : *Jumped* Me: They didnt follow Dylan what he said
dish blood123
dish blood123 24 days ago
dish blood123
dish blood123 26 days ago
ARKA STYLISH 26 days ago
@dish blood123 me???
dish blood123
dish blood123 27 days ago
If you play roblox tell me and we can play together.
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