Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles

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Jul 17, 2019





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Comments 65 643
Garbage Bag
Garbage Bag 56 minutes ago
Hi pls sub to my trash channel
What Is A Jovi?
What Is A Jovi? 57 minutes ago
james looks so happy im- :")
Jaroslav Kolar
Jaroslav Kolar 57 minutes ago
U have destroied your chanel
Los Kevinos Tranos
Los Kevinos Tranos 57 minutes ago
Tell Felix that he forgot Joergen in a dirt hole while he was saving Sven please gamers like this so he can see this!
Dj Azumi
Dj Azumi 57 minutes ago
is that a gay?!?!?!
Paki4 Нарезки
Paki4 Нарезки 57 minutes ago
Привет!Я тут начал делать нарезки со стримов ютуберов буду рад если подпишешся на меня
Daddy af
Daddy af 57 minutes ago
Aman Messinezis
Aman Messinezis 57 minutes ago
a ha ha
LeMonteur, Désanuseur
LeMonteur, Désanuseur 57 minutes ago
Silent Rebel
Silent Rebel 57 minutes ago
We did it epic gamers, Pewds is #1 Trending on All of RUvid!
Òvér _ Mâÿd
Òvér _ Mâÿd 57 minutes ago
This video hurts me because of pewd,sorry
lunah 57 minutes ago
I got that feeling Pewds just played for the meme with him XD
Persona Blader
Persona Blader 57 minutes ago
Karim gamer
Karim gamer 58 minutes ago
Filex be like : why are you gay ??
Daniel Carrillo
Daniel Carrillo 58 minutes ago
Wow where tf lazarbeam at
Toby 58 minutes ago
This is so wholesome
Gacha Powerberries
Gacha Powerberries 58 minutes ago
I like pewdiepie but not james Charles
10 000 Subcribers without Video
Naruto:SASUKE !!!! Sasuke:NARUTO!!!! And there is Pewdiepie And James Charles Read my name
Fluffycrazyboo 58 minutes ago
Never thought this day would come 😁😂
thomas gonzalez
thomas gonzalez 58 minutes ago
Omg I actually really enjoyed that jajajajaajajaj
IbraheemGaming AndMore
IbraheemGaming AndMore 58 minutes ago
*Pewds and James Charles team in Minecraft* *Wait, Thats Illegal
Amber 58 minutes ago
Okay im sorry, i was Very upset about this video but i finally watched it because i love pewds and im not upset anymore. Sorry for pouting lmao I’m an adult
Fish 58 minutes ago
First on trending!
SER Zeleman
SER Zeleman 58 minutes ago
he is gonna delete is channel at 1 milion for regal lessons thats a joke
G S 58 minutes ago
This video connects all the Bros and sisters
THICCBoi Andy 58 minutes ago
Is it me or this is wholesome for some reason
Zack kelvin
Zack kelvin 58 minutes ago
yessss finally
BHADgirlRIRI 58 minutes ago
James:IM A PRO GAMER, I GOT A DIAMOND SWORD Pewdiepie:plays minecraft for 10 years
yousef_ plays
yousef_ plays 58 minutes ago
Your still my favorite Number 1 you tuber don’t worry about tsirse
Ariana's Moonlight
Ariana's Moonlight 58 minutes ago
james : sisters pewds : bros *APPARENTLY* *IM* *A* *SISTER* *AND* *A* *BRO*
Resxool 59 minutes ago
wait, james got virginity? I'd frick her
Patricia Phillips
Patricia Phillips 59 minutes ago
The collab you didn’t know you needed
Luck Von BonBon
Luck Von BonBon 59 minutes ago
I’m so proud of you Felix. #1 on trending baby!
Takumi Takahashi
Takumi Takahashi 59 minutes ago
The singing by the way
Michelle 59 minutes ago
wait I kinda love this....
Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh 59 minutes ago
hha kdog
hha kdog 59 minutes ago
4:12 Felix: Are you the baby? James: im the baby Felix : eww
Just an ordinary person
Pewds fell into the same trap where dan tdm did on mc mondays
alisson :D
alisson :D 59 minutes ago
James Charles is a true epic gaymer *SISTER FISTERS*!
Itzz Kxty
Itzz Kxty 59 minutes ago
Hi sisters😴 Hi Gamers 🥳
Been did It
Been did It 59 minutes ago
This is literally gay
LILY FOXGURL 59 minutes ago
my question of the day.... WHY?
Vouxz 59 minutes ago
Erin Wozniak
Erin Wozniak Hour ago
DerpEverything. Appropriate name
Grace Ansin
Grace Ansin Hour ago
This is funny m
Danielle Blessie
"Did u fall into the trap? That's such a noob mistake" lol
SlimeBow22 TwitchTv
Pewd's and James are like bro and sister
Been did It
Been did It 59 minutes ago
This is literally gay
Dancing Cossack
This is his 3900th video.
kangapoo Hour ago
Boxer 951
Boxer 951 Hour ago
Damn she's cute
Kaliandra Flora
Kaliandra Flora 58 minutes ago
Ummmm, he is actually a dude
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