Minecraft Hardcore - S4E59 - "Building the ENDER KINGS KEEP" • Highlights

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Edited by PlatinumRyan!
Profile Pic was drawn by Glamist!
Version of Minecraft = 1.14.4
Resource Pack = default with DokuCraft sky (read instructions below)
Instructions :: Make sure to have Optifine installed or the sky won't work. Download a DokuCraft pack from their official website dokucraft.co.uk/
Open the zip folder and delete everything except the "sky" folder inside of the "optifine" folder
Outro Music - "We are wired" by Kubbi from his album "Circuithead" - Check his stuff out here!
Intro Music - "Quasi Motion" by Kevin MacLeod


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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 565
Billy bombas
Billy bombas 4 days ago
Who else appreciates Ryan’s editing?
tesa stick
tesa stick 7 days ago
seed ?
Domino52o 12 days ago
That king ender man looks like a tweaker with the crystals as eyes, lol.
team 13 Mitchell
team 13 Mitchell 15 days ago
should make a dragon cave and fill it with gold and put ender dragon egg in the centre
Alex Tuck
Alex Tuck 21 day ago
Ok I hate that the donations don't show as much anymore. I really liked that
Anakin Kenobi
Anakin Kenobi 22 days ago
We almost have more episodes than season 2!
Nagato P.
Nagato P. 22 days ago
Poor doge... He had a family. :'(
Julian Baker
Julian Baker 23 days ago
Not to be rude but I’m glad you died in your 5 year world because then I probably would have never heard of you
Josh Allen
Josh Allen 26 days ago
What a gay proposal
Re-Act1on 28 days ago
oh you're not dead yet
Lil' Ansell
Lil' Ansell 29 days ago
You should give the end kind a cape or a helmet of some sort, and he should hold a giant staff or Excalibur type thing. For those who have seen aqua man I'm kinda thinking of king atlan
Eumarise 29 days ago
I download every game ad to help you get money cause I can't donate any but then I uninstall the game because the period doesn't matter
Michochay Month ago
and get the invisible item frames resource pack. you could have anvil torches look like normal torches with holders, and the ender dragon head on the ship would look right, just slightly smaller.
Michochay Month ago
one alien who happens to be from an asteroid exactly like the main end island, and who also happens to rule it and goes by the name of "Ender King" is going to come to our planet and see this, and will teleport earth outside the galaxy i just know it.
sycipsgd Month ago
Josh Fenn
Josh Fenn Month ago
doge :/
Destiny Hill
Destiny Hill Month ago
All hail bunny king!
ChemistryQuiz *
ChemistryQuiz * Month ago
why phil always got hiccups
Toad Month ago
Is it bad that I could tell that this was edited by someone else only 30 seconds in?
Dennis Dubinchik
Yo he should’ve made the head at the end of the ship in a ghost block
RuhtraSelim Month ago
20:06 cut too soon
Dillan Agarwalla
Nitro boosters should get same access to the discord as twitch subs
- -
- - Month ago
doggo animation was terrible. pure cringe, don't do this anymore please, it doesn't fit your vids
Jet Starfish
Jet Starfish Month ago
28:23 made it into a vid lol
Magic Month ago
Am I tripping or was that a dogelore edit
LowercaseTriangle John Johnson
Rohit Sriram
Rohit Sriram Month ago
Phil where dat chat dono messages at?? I preferred it when youbused to display them more often 😩😩😩😩
Rohit Sriram
Rohit Sriram Month ago
Phil where dat chat do I messages I preferred it when you used to display them more often😩😩
Cj Pulver
Cj Pulver Month ago
My Minecraft loading screen said Ph1ilza had a a good run hahahaha😂😂😂
xEl DrxgoX
xEl DrxgoX Month ago
This is how many times Philza said f**k through all his streams | | |
Eeli _
Eeli _ Month ago
2b when?
Cloudy Month ago
Give the ender king a tail that comes from the back of the chair and raps around into the water
Penguin Dood
Penguin Dood Month ago
Laturn Month ago
I swear if he dies before he completes all the lore and other deities like the Blaze Empress and he doesn't reveal what the story and lore would have been, I am gonna be driven mad. I love lore and stories such as these and if it remains incomplete I will no joke be haunted by it.
ItzPyrex Month ago
I just died in my world a few hours ago, dat shit hurded ):
Ami Month ago
*Ender King wipes out entire race* So basically About half of Naruto's plot
Eon 123
Eon 123 Month ago
I finally beat the ender dragon in hardcore and got a elytra after to fall from the ship before putting it on
Danny DeCheeto
Danny DeCheeto Month ago
Mmmmm November?
Lucas H2PRO
Lucas H2PRO Month ago
Sou Brasileiro e gostei muito do seu canal 😀 Da pra colocar legenda br não mando muito bem em Ingles
Demon Expo
Demon Expo Month ago
Christian Hurm
Christian Hurm Month ago
For one of the planets you should make the basic sky block
luvx got no Qlout
Use wooden slabs for the torch holding thing that you showed
Gius Month ago
In this episode: British boy conquers a realm, banishes the local inhabitants and then fabricates proofs to claim it was an "accident" caused by their "evil king"
Clayton Henderson
IT WAS STILL NOV wow we r really far behind! Lol awesome stuff m8, keep it up.
Manny Donelly
Manny Donelly Month ago
Ur editor is a G btw the doge part was great
Marlow Masich
Marlow Masich Month ago
"I know no-nut November is on" that hurts fix the uploads
iXPhazeri Month ago
Boss Romos
Boss Romos Month ago
Phil, you should put a really big plug on the island. Like a bath tub or a sink full of water
Spicy Month ago
25:48 That little round lake tho
Steven Gonzalez
Steven Gonzalez Month ago
Wish he put a crown for the king just sitting in the water
dazyx Month ago
"Thats the *fece* of an ender king"
charlie cottrill
Have him holding a wooden staff with like a purple stone on it
Mr.Milks Month ago
Not sure if u know but we living In November of 2019
Tae Cho
Tae Cho Month ago
Hey phil. Put some saplings and put sting on them to stop them from growing as mini trees
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Month ago
Damn. The white king Enderman Rules over all the black peasant Endermen. What you tryna say Phil?
Aztekc Month ago
Pepehands this man fired a dog :(
Meister R
Meister R Month ago
Hey phil, i got a request.. can you survive hardcore + by elwono? I find it quite challenging (e.g. zombie can break blocks) :)
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Month ago
15:00 hey add timestamps so I can skip the gay reddit lore I really don't care about it thanks.
Mail Month ago
Your probably not gonna see this but if you put obsidian behind a slab you can use that for the enderkings eyes
The Meme Shoppe
The Meme Shoppe Month ago
PHILL the sunflowers were all facing towards the wall that the fish swim and stay at. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?
PAN iOS Month ago
ypu could make the ender kings arm fell off and like the arm is in the oceon somewhere because he lost hes arm doing that crazy thing
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