Minecraft Hardcore Mode Is Scary (S1E1)

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Part 2: ruvid.net/video/video-jH8JD1Ul2po.html


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Jul 27, 2019




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Comments 80
TheAnonymousNopeRope Of M E M E S
Boffy: I'm gonna eat your children Boffy haters: HELLO PETA?!?!?!
Svntnnn 8 hours ago
What Minecraft edition is this?
1997 Dodge Durango
I love how he edits the mining tho like its great for my attention span
Shreyash Singh
Shreyash Singh 2 days ago
I can watch this series as many times as I can. So, I'm back almost after every month.
ItsJeremyYouTube521 MINECRAFT
Try going to spectator mode, then type /gamemode survival.
Layla 3 days ago
this literally made me subscribe “now you can have food as long as you make babies for me to eat”
Boran Karaman
Boran Karaman 4 days ago
I wasn't thinking to watch minecraft in 2020
Hanadi Jeanette
Hanadi Jeanette 5 days ago
i sat down and just played minecraft on my xbox 1 for like 2 to 3 hours lol
RiZe CHOPPA 5 days ago
Boffy : I love killing animals PETA: woah woah W O A H
maia 5 days ago
i've watched all of the series at least seven times and can quote all seven videos accurately without missing a beat. i think i'm addicted
Catherine Bel
Catherine Bel 6 days ago
The editing is EVERYTHING
Spiral 00
Spiral 00 6 days ago
Tip: you theres emerald ores in hills
Unkn0wn_player _
Unkn0wn_player _ 7 days ago
who else noticed the laggy mouse
soki boi
soki boi 8 days ago
Who else is watching because of the quarantine
Charles Navidad
Charles Navidad 8 days ago
Who else noticed the grass blocks are full grass and doesn’t have dirt?
Mincecraft 9 days ago
Boffy:I like to torture cows Joel (Smallishbeans): I like to torture chickens Luke (LukeTheNotable): I just hate lamas Me: I... I like to torture flowers
another ignorant dumb gamer
Just got a big brained idea....... If there's a creeper just pour water and you wont take damage since when they are in water they blow up but dont destroy everything....
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus 10 days ago
i love killing animals
Brian kim
Brian kim 10 days ago
You stupid you were in a extreme hills biome
It’s Dalu
It’s Dalu 11 days ago
Actually a full set of diamond armor is not strong enough to withstand the full damage it can do
Jacob Castoria
Jacob Castoria 12 days ago
Jacob Castoria
Jacob Castoria 12 days ago
GOD and JESUS love you
Revilo Playz
Revilo Playz 13 days ago
For those who dont know: If you have OptiFine you can turn on dynamic lighting so you can just hold torches and it’ll give off light
Emiel Bouckaert
Emiel Bouckaert 14 days ago
Boffy you now upload more amazing
Choco Mint
Choco Mint 14 days ago
Rlcraft be sitting rn
Rokeya Begum
Rokeya Begum 14 days ago
'GeT iN tHe bOaT'
SavageCC_ Conor
SavageCC_ Conor 15 days ago
When I go mining, I don't get diamonds
Koolminer1243 Sub
Koolminer1243 Sub 16 days ago
1:02 Well who’s here in 2020
LissoBone 16 days ago
The torch is an optifine feature.
RELIJ30N 16 days ago
this content really intrigued me,,
Kpop Gamer
Kpop Gamer 17 days ago
“Suspicious stew, would not recommend” Says while literally punching WOOD(get it? 🤣)
Goupiegoupster PhD
Goupiegoupster PhD 19 days ago
I always find eight vein diamonds
Dreaming Artist
Dreaming Artist 21 day ago
your voice sounds like harry from don't hug me im scared and all i can think of is him playing minecraft and i love it
Untrustful Potato
**finds coal** **is excited** **finds emeralds** “Oh boy”
Untrustful Potato
“Suspicious stew, WOOD not recommended” **breaks tree**
Rochelle Marais
Rochelle Marais 21 day ago
The lack of energy is beautiful
cortney imes
cortney imes 21 day ago
idk who this guy is and how i got here but like he sounds super hot
Raflixa 22 days ago
3.23 Optifin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hannah 22 days ago
I'm so glad that I searched up Playing Minecraft Hardcore, and stumbled across your channel. You are very entertaining. 😂
patrlim 22 days ago
This guys voice is so soothing
J G 23 days ago
2:10 why did it briefly look like he had shaders on
J G 11 days ago
soki boi oh lol
soki boi
soki boi 11 days ago
That's a sneak peek into episode 2.
dreaming falls
dreaming falls 23 days ago
Now do this in RLCraft.
A couple of Dummies
4:58 you passed iron 5:10 never mind
trash uwu
trash uwu 24 days ago
Why there is shader on in 2:10 but not in the whole video
Bear’s studio
Bear’s studio 24 days ago
I know I’m late but keep the shaders lol
grognack the destroyer
Why did he switch to that one mod that makes Minecraft look crisps half way through mining the coal
Ben Mac83
Ben Mac83 25 days ago
If you use optioned it makes torches work like that
Ben Mac83
Ben Mac83 25 days ago
Does he use options? If so threats why his torch makes it glow
skitterishspike uwu
1:32 and so the start of pit cows has begun.
The7531 26 days ago
3:14 That my friends Is dynamic lighting from optifine
Angus Anders
Angus Anders 26 days ago
2:10 why does he turn on shaders for one second?
Trista_Equestrian 26 days ago
And thus the cow pit was born
Quake N Bake
Quake N Bake 26 days ago
He's realllllyyy tryna sell the fact that it wasn't faked lmao
Jed Odom
Jed Odom 27 days ago
Did you know that it is mostly your legs that take explosive damage? I know this because of 2b2t ender crystal combat.
Little Monster
Little Monster 27 days ago
OMG ok ya know how if u go on the scaffolding thing in Minecraft and one of the things are "thing" well that "thing" is the mojang sign!!!!!!
Rocio Perez
Rocio Perez 27 days ago
cool skin
Screechi Boi
Screechi Boi 27 days ago
10:01 2 and a half hours?! Those are rookie numbers! I play for 5 or more hours at a time.
Benjamin Williams
Benjamin Williams 28 days ago
PvP boy
AK47 Animations
AK47 Animations 28 days ago
It’s Like Mettaton Playing Minecraft
Wren Brunzell
Wren Brunzell 29 days ago
Boffy: *puts cows in pit against their will and doesn’t feel anything* also Boffy: “I always feel like a bad person whenever i pillage a village”
Adam Elmosy
Adam Elmosy 29 days ago
9:06 pewdiepie flashbacks
Dan Delisi
Dan Delisi Month ago
Boffy:"stone..shovel i guess I'm not gonna use it but it completes the set" . a few seconds later he uses it
Fabel Wings
Fabel Wings Month ago
J Espinola
J Espinola Month ago
I'm getting so many technoblade vibes
Drarry Trasher
Drarry Trasher Month ago
Cool, you play LoL too:0 *finds out he's 14* okay that explains it
yura¿ Month ago
the screech at 5:25 made me wheeze
Strenngth Month ago
You can just open to LAN with cheats allowed then /gamemode survival if you die just to know
Owen J.
Owen J. Month ago
I wish I could play hardcore on my Switch.
nathaniel wisdom
Truest fact when he says this game has a special ability to just totally make you forget how long you've been playing like I will literally play for like 10 hours straight and just be like oh hey it's 8 am all of a sudden
CherryFlurp Month ago
Why he didn't took the gold
Will C
Will C Month ago
2:53 Boffy: “I love murdering animals.” PETA: “Interesting...”
minecraft Month ago
audio quality sucks but hes so funny and nice
*Makes stone shovel* boffy: "Im not gona use it" *10 seconds later* *makes pit with shovel*
P A S T E L Month ago
*shoves cows into hole* *me remembering how my little brother make individual holes in the ground for burrying villagers*
Team Tulip
Team Tulip Month ago
Is it just me, or does he sound a bit like Technoblade?
avian Driza
avian Driza Month ago
“I love murdering animals “ 😭😭
Detective Animate
*if only there wasn’t a shipwreck*
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Month ago
i'm so gruntled to have Boffy in my life
Milk Month ago
His notes whereing his oragasmal skin
Cat Merchant
Cat Merchant Month ago
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