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Comments 80
FlamyYT 3 hours ago
Holy shit!?!
FlamyYT 3 hours ago
So thats why hes a good player 2012
FlamyYT 3 hours ago
Whos in 2020
Unshod Ruler
Unshod Ruler 11 days ago
1000 days is coming out in 1-2 weeks luke promised
random jake
random jake 12 days ago
Throw back.
Gunnergaming 54
Gunnergaming 54 14 days ago
Jimmy John Billy Bob
your young voice sounds like a *rad skater dude*
21sDelish 23 days ago
OMG the fricking nostalgia bro!
BRUH GAMER 24 days ago
2020 babyyy
Game.X.Alvin 27 days ago
I watched a video from 7 years ago and this is what crawled up to me... A cringe LTN!
Zombi Month ago
Luke sounds like hes 16.... God he sounds so young
Glauco777 Month ago
Who's in 2020
Paige Bolton
Paige Bolton Month ago
WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT?! He was like xjkdbccuxnd 0:48
The Universal Sphinx
Omg he sounds so different 0-0
Juatin Lois
Juatin Lois Month ago
His voice
Kelsy Nguyen
Kelsy Nguyen Month ago
Here's Luke. Then, comes puberty.
Rosemary Gilmore
Roydal Cubing
Roydal Cubing Month ago
Lol this recommended system is kinda weird
Davi17Oficial Month ago
Slushy da Gamer
Slushy da Gamer Month ago
Luke TheNotable 1 days....... LOL
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar Month ago
Please make Minecraft video on 400 days Hardcore
Wilbur and Wilbur Jr Gaming
Oh yeah of Luke playing some MC!
Gt Mustang boy YT
So old 7 years
PyroMain Month ago
Wait he said he had never played Minecraft before
pRays Swifty
pRays Swifty Month ago
Luke sounds so different
Bitim 2 months ago
Me before the video: Wow! Some content from years ago of minecraft on Luke's channel that I haven't watched! Me literally 5 seconds in the video: WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS VOICE MY GOSH
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid 2 months ago
Let’s be honest this didn’t come up on your recommend
Mr Ram
Mr Ram 2 months ago
I miss playing Minecraft when I was younger
Roisin Tevlin
Roisin Tevlin 2 months ago
2020 and Im suprised this isnt age restricted
Shy boiii
Shy boiii 2 months ago
Duuuuuude. He sounds so young
Frightఌ 2 months ago
Man My man
Man My man 2 months ago
Holy shampoo
ORANGE TING 2 months ago
Why’s this recommended 2020
TheCrazy MouadPlayz
TheCrazy MouadPlayz 2 months ago
Recommended in 2020 the only reason I clicked on this video was because of the title of the video so yeah
DasRedCaldron 2 months ago
Ah yes, Ye olde Thicc Chest
Corey Baldridge
Corey Baldridge 2 months ago
Is this... fetus luke?
critcil apple
critcil apple 2 months ago
TheGameChanger Awesome
Is this made when he was in grade 8?
Jaysen Williams
Jaysen Williams 2 months ago
If Luke could see this now
Rons99 2 months ago
2020? Lol
wallet gaming
wallet gaming 3 months ago
Holy crap he sounds different
Nuclear N8
Nuclear N8 3 months ago
He just finished 500 days
slamiboi Alanazi
slamiboi Alanazi 3 months ago
Kids now and days wtf is an xbox 360 us >-< are childhood
Lachlan Evans
Lachlan Evans 3 months ago
waching in 2019
Anthony 8BP Gaming
Anthony 8BP Gaming 3 months ago
Lachlan Evans Also watching in 2019
Jenni Kelly
Jenni Kelly 3 months ago
2019 anyone
Haylee Haansbergen
Haylee Haansbergen 3 months ago
José Zaidan
José Zaidan 3 months ago
Luke, now u do videos in a way better than before, congratulations for all de quality that you have today! Thanks!
Zoob Games
Zoob Games 3 months ago
2019 any one
TheCrazy MouadPlayz
TheCrazy MouadPlayz 3 months ago
Diamond aumour
CaptainMilitia 3 months ago
Omg it's young boi luke
ToastersDoFly 3 months ago
Luke should play this after seven years
Cole Cursi
Cole Cursi 3 months ago
Minecraft hardcore 100 200 and 300 he has come a long way
Super Stix
Super Stix 3 months ago
cool base
M Maddog
M Maddog 3 months ago
Wtf is his voice. 2019 anyone
Cutie 4 months ago
I have dropped in minecraft for 5:55 min and this is what happened
Charles Rand
Charles Rand 4 months ago
Who else got goosebumps watching this. The world was a different place when this video was made 😔
I Aurraa I
I Aurraa I 4 months ago
I was seeing if there was a 300 days hardcore..
ELITE Archie
ELITE Archie 4 months ago
0:49 is that gandalf
Pyyrr0 4 months ago
Does any1 notice his old vidz he sounds so uninterested
LOGAN SISLER 4 months ago
2019 anyone?
mike fruit
mike fruit 4 months ago
puberty changes his voice so much
Squire You here
Squire You here 4 months ago
Lol Ltn not so energetic
Nextskerty99 4 months ago
Luke: I'm a minecraft *veteran*
Nextskerty99 4 months ago
A legend was born. A notable one.
Gabriel Baez
Gabriel Baez 4 months ago
Randomly recommended but ok
Laudon Bercovitz
Laudon Bercovitz 4 months ago
Nice base
Rekd Okirkus
Rekd Okirkus 4 months ago
2019 has done 200 days hardcore
banana bread boy
banana bread boy 4 months ago
His voice has changed majorly
Joseph 4 months ago
To this day we’ll never know How does it look with all the grass covered ?
Britishaamerican Boy
At first I thought it was made on 2019 ... Until I heard his voice
SWAGIS BAGIS 4 months ago
Well RUvid why now
Anna Davies
Anna Davies 4 months ago
The fps
Yorboi 4 months ago
Anna Davies and? Appreciate greatness
lalia Mcintyre
lalia Mcintyre 4 months ago
It's 2019 and he's still hearting comments. Good Job
szn HVH
szn HVH 4 months ago
Is this 200 days hardcore?
Vs123 Gamer
Vs123 Gamer 5 months ago
So he is a veteran
meeqan aylia
meeqan aylia 5 months ago
Yo I’m watching in 2019
Charles Sims
Charles Sims 5 months ago
Chris __
Chris __ 5 months ago
This guy made an og water elevator
wiremuclark 5 months ago
Josh Connerton
Josh Connerton 5 months ago
Im just here, this in my recommendation section
wiremuclark 5 months ago
Bryan Android
Bryan Android 5 months ago
This thing is recommended from RUvid in 2019
Riordan Patton
Riordan Patton 5 months ago
Why is this on my recommend in 2019?
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