Minecraft Dungeons: Official Launch Trailer

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Gear up, because the wait is over! Get Minecraft Dungeons NOW for Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch: www.minecraftdungeons.net
Are you ready to unite, fight, and survive? Rediscover the Minecraft universe as you’ve never seen it before in an all-new action-adventure game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. Explore and battle your way through action-packed, treasure-stuffed, wildly varied levels with up to three friends. Do you have what it takes to explore this beautiful yet dangerous world and defeat the evil Arch-Illager? Learn more about the game here: www.minecraft.net/en-us/about-dungeons
AUDIO DESCRIPTION version is here: ruvid.net/video/video-2Zd6q-8Uuxk.html


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May 26, 2020




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Comments 80
Jeseejesee 2
Jeseejesee 2 Hour ago
Is this like minecraft story mode. Where is like minecraft but a story
Me Hi
Me Hi 5 hours ago
Everyone gansta till that kid pull up with the game on apocalypse mode
EriClash Games
Estou jogando é muito bom!
LORD of youtube iraq
Wow, I'm following you from Iraq
Jet Patto
Jet Patto Day ago
1:15 that sound is so oddly satisfying 🤣🤣😅
Qays Iman ImanMC
EnderKing 2 days ago
Can you add the arch illager? it would make minecraft illagers have a leader.
Maria Laskowska
Maria Laskowska 2 days ago
Cool Trailer
Zackery Rogers
Zackery Rogers 2 days ago
I recommend not playing it
バス野郎 2 days ago
Lau Qi Hung Stories
It's not Minecraft if you can't 'mine' or 'craft'.
Blank of White
Blank of White 3 days ago
This game could be more fun with crafting...
Tony995 3 days ago
It came out just now and there is 4 videos of all bosses (Edit: So with the jungle!)
Naresh Kumar
Naresh Kumar 4 days ago
Can you release this game on mobile
Claudia Durack
Claudia Durack 4 days ago
Man i wonder what people think when there parents don’t allow them to buy Minecraft dungeons must be very sad to process...
Spiderandy 09
Spiderandy 09 4 days ago
0:22 me:wait, isn't stormlander mean't to be unique
razzraziel 4 days ago
what have you done to minecraft? microsoft and its corporate non gamer heads.
Shark Killers
Shark Killers 4 days ago
Please Release Minecraft Dungeons In android And Ios
Chocolate 4 days ago
It would be could if this game is available phones
Fox 5 days ago
Cal McCor
Cal McCor 5 days ago
Guys imagine if this was an update to regular minecraft
Ciarex :3
Ciarex :3 5 days ago
But This isnt from the creator of minecraft?!?!?
Hao weiyu
Hao weiyu 5 days ago
battle about 2000 monsters in dungeons ez!!! battle about 2000 monsters in regular minercraft oh no help!!!!!!!
Xiang Wang
Xiang Wang 5 days ago
When will the Android version be available
blue fox channel
blue fox channel 5 days ago
Plss make for android
gonzalo hiper prvrtido ortnzio .exe777
Lanny Hady
Lanny Hady 6 days ago
hi mojang can u pls release minecradt dungeon on mobile please :( im on mobile so pls gift it free pls :(((
EndyStarBoy647 5 days ago
Hi this is one of the Minecraft fans, we surprised you have to tell you that Minecraft dungeons is not coming to mobile or it's not going to be free so yeah have a nice day :)
Affordable nuggets 45
“From the creators of Minecraft” Figured as much
ALI213 6 days ago
The final full game release of Minecraft Dungeous
Mooper Army
Mooper Army 6 days ago
Minecraft can you make cross play on this game
Brian Quarterman
Brian Quarterman 6 days ago
0:27 I actually have been using 𝐆𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐓.𝐏𝐑𝐎 📌 and i have never had any issue with it
lily denha
lily denha 6 days ago
0:24 Finally!!! I Tried a lot of sites and only this worked for me
ApexRex Productions
question what fonts was used in the thumbnail?
Ryan edmonson
Ryan edmonson 7 days ago
Luciana Santos
Luciana Santos 7 days ago
What is the game
EndyStarBoy647 5 days ago
Figure it out by yourself
Siti Rahma Arifin
When this rilis in android?
JukeBox Plays
JukeBox Plays 7 days ago
0:51 Cave Update should be like this ('til the end of the vid)
The Leader Of The World
I still have one question, is hack&slash or is it auto-attacks like in LeagueOfLegends?
Ayritz Codilla
Ayritz Codilla 7 days ago
Mojang. is the original minecraft dungeons available on phone please answer this.
Anna Maria Giordano
Prendi questo fortunite
El Luisto
El Luisto 8 days ago
For android please
Orc Savage
Orc Savage 8 days ago
I really want to buy this game... It reminds me of Diablo 2 (which my dad owns)
Fun things to do! Fun to see
I’m already on the 2nd last level
Estoy lol
Estoy lol 8 days ago
Leoxys Rush
Leoxys Rush 8 days ago
Common stormlander...
치옹 8 days ago
i love minecraft!!!!
Maxbega 9 days ago
mojang a question when will minecraft dungeons go on mobile?
Krish Shah
Krish Shah 7 days ago
It wont
Henry Tech Tips
Henry Tech Tips 10 days ago
Whelp, MC is officially just LoL now. Fu....
CreeperAnything playz
I love this game I killed the rack illiger
Muca Gamer's
Muca Gamer's 10 days ago
EndyStarBoy647 7 days ago
Heck yeah!!
BumbleBellaBeezy LPS
I played this game on my friends Xbox (or it was PS4 I don’t remember) but this game is so much fun!! I rate it a 10/10 ! ✨✨
Umar Fakhtan
Umar Fakhtan 10 days ago
Imagine Those Mobs Exists in Regular Minecraft
гип тэкс
гип тэкс 10 days ago
Дам Майнкрафт и Майнкрафт данжионс крутая игра
Rager 99
Rager 99 11 days ago
And why don’t you add dropping armor in the game
Flowerfell Sans
Flowerfell Sans 11 days ago
No for PE
Alejandro Gitard
Alejandro Gitard 12 days ago
nightnoob66 nightnoob66
Here a lot of people making it free but I don’t wanna get it for free Because why not?
Kafu Liong
Kafu Liong 12 days ago
Njir ini mobile legent apa minecraft sih
aldren pomarca
aldren pomarca 12 days ago
but is not on play store 😞😞😞
Theo Ng Foong Lee
Theo Ng Foong Lee 10 days ago
Because it's not on mobile dummy
aldren pomarca
aldren pomarca 12 days ago
but is not on play store 😞😞😞
noob54man 12 days ago
i buyid it on my ps4
Guest Zeo Works
Guest Zeo Works 12 days ago
Everyone remember those days with only blocks: Grass, Stone and Air? :)
Kiana Pak
Kiana Pak 12 days ago
Can you play this on Nintendo?
EndyStarBoy647 7 days ago
Najwa Naseem
Najwa Naseem 13 days ago
When is it comming to mobile?
tranthanhtung tran
tranthanhtung tran 13 days ago
Hse ropo chaspoi ki 1356
The Bloody Glock
The Bloody Glock 13 days ago
They should add all that stuff into minecraft
Onys Tv
Onys Tv 13 days ago
1:17great music
OopChannel 13 days ago
i want this for free
EndyStarBoy647 7 days ago
Yeruel DG Villegas
Yeruel DG Villegas 14 days ago
i hope they add some stuff from Minecraft dungeons to Minecraft, like the weapons and armor, and some boss mobs maybe idk
2_908's stuff
2_908's stuff 14 days ago
I swear up and down that minecraft is the best game out there. I play minecraft every day and dont get bored building things. Ever since the adventure update came out, minecraft has been really good. Like even seeing the creators make two other games based off of minecraft makes me really think minecraft is someday going to be the most game played. I have hopes for mojang to become so popular that everyone admires it. I have more to say but I think that is to much lol. P.s minecraft is the best
WiseJufhhdoserblx man
Guess who got this game 1 month after it came out
Younus Hussain
Younus Hussain 14 days ago
You don't even know how annoyed I got when I found out the jungle awakens DLC is paid, I hope they change that later.
EndyStarBoy647 7 days ago
DLC means money...
I can’t think of a username
It’s DLC.
Nhan Tran_The God_
Nhan Tran_The God_ 14 days ago
EndyStarBoy647 7 days ago
Yes now give them your money
SEMO 14 days ago
This game is good but not cracked. I cant play because I have no money
Irfan Alfan BCE
Irfan Alfan BCE 15 days ago
Please Release In Mobile or IOS Please Release In Mobile or IOS Please Release In Mobile or IOS Please Release In Mobile or IOS Please Release In Mobile or IOS Please Release In Mobile or IOS
Sopfia_ 15 days ago
Ну нарешти он вийшов на андроид я така рада
Aarav Gaming channel
Better than hytale Edit: in terms of being created by Minecraft but not hypixel
maureen sechika
maureen sechika 15 days ago
This is basically diablo but it is a friendly family game
Fade 2.0.
Fade 2.0. 15 days ago
Couch co-op with your friends Covid-19: wait that’s illegal
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