Minecraft, BUT The SKY IS A BLACK HOLE! (don't get sucked up!)

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πŸ€” Can we avoid the sky?
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 100
Doggo Month ago
At 1:55 yeah it is true Crainer
Chef Dee
Chef Dee 2 months ago
Sofija 080301
Sofija 080301 2 months ago
After 6 months theres only 892 comments... How!?
I laughed so hard at 6:33
Dan Quinn YT
Dan Quinn YT 3 months ago
elaine gan
elaine gan 3 months ago
rest in peace ronald 2020 -2020 died from the VOID
Arthur Rocha Matta
Arthur Rocha Matta 3 months ago
● πŸƒπŸ’¨
DaPiggieMaster 3 months ago
oyeyemi kolawole
oyeyemi kolawole 4 months ago
Did anyone notice Crainer is in level 38
Ziedel & Wendzie Ais
Poor barnald
Alex Qw
Alex Qw 5 months ago
i miss barnold :C he is in a better place now ;C
Gogo Guliyev
Gogo Guliyev 5 months ago
MGab’s World
MGab’s World 5 months ago
I not happy for banold 😒
TheSpence Kids
TheSpence Kids 7 months ago
Really ok
Sandra Chang
Sandra Chang 8 months ago
Quick to blonards death (do if u hate chickens) 12:00
Kenzzie world
Kenzzie world 8 months ago
Laurai Hinata
Laurai Hinata 8 months ago
All: no barnold!! Jelly: I don’t want to live anymore
Amanda Robinson
Amanda Robinson 8 months ago
Help me reach 12k subs before 2021 Challenge
R.I.P. barnold 2020-2020
Mr. Ree
Mr. Ree 8 months ago
R. I. P barnold😭😭😭😭😭 im legit crying rn
Symptomzers 8 months ago
455954th view lol
Michele Carvalho
Michele Carvalho 8 months ago
:( Barnold the chicken died
Savanna Sobczyk
Savanna Sobczyk 8 months ago
rip barnold
NedexTheGamer 8 months ago
RIP Barnold
Ashish Shatish
Ashish Shatish 8 months ago
Jelly is a world biggest noob ever
Tyrece DoesStuff
Tyrece DoesStuff 8 months ago
Rip barnel
Yessirrr R
Yessirrr R 8 months ago
Rip Barnold the chicken... Press F to pay respect... πŸ“
Fnaf lover Jackson
Fnaf lover Jackson 8 months ago
You rule
d pat
d pat 8 months ago
1 like=1 new chicken
HAIKAL GAMING 8 months ago
Rip= barnold 2020-2020
Slamz 8 months ago
There was so much I found
Slamz 8 months ago
Crainer I found diamonds in your vanilla island by spectating and going down and just found diamonds
Collin Jan Anthony
Collin Jan Anthony 8 months ago
r.i.p. barnold
Griffin Bultena
Griffin Bultena 8 months ago
Join ssundees crazy craft If someone invites you
Estelle Oudelet
Estelle Oudelet 8 months ago
Michael Boy
Michael Boy 8 months ago
I just missed the time when crainer always play with ssundee
LlamaLord 8 months ago
No like button jokes 0/10 wouldn't recommend
Armando Gotelli
Armando Gotelli 8 months ago
Barnold’s death was 100000000000000 times sadder than Billie eilish songs
Carlos Arguelles
Carlos Arguelles 8 months ago
RIP Barnold 2020-2020
The Flabby Plays
The Flabby Plays 8 months ago
I was so sad when he died (barnold)
Abdullah Essak
Abdullah Essak 8 months ago
It's my birthday πŸŽ‚
Jairo Lucerna
Jairo Lucerna 8 months ago
10:37 RIP BARNOLD πŸ™πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜¦ Saddest part.....
Jo Manfred
Jo Manfred 8 months ago
I thought his name was Bonald not barnold
Scott Chaplin
Scott Chaplin 8 months ago
n0000000000000000000000000000000000000 Barnold
momtoclxa 8 months ago
RIP Barnold the cave chicken who didnt want to live any more just like Jelly when he died
Daylen Njuguna
Daylen Njuguna 8 months ago
Rip barnold
Joshua Royzner
Joshua Royzner 8 months ago
R.I.P for Barnold
pj dollar
pj dollar 8 months ago
rip barnold
puggygod 12
puggygod 12 8 months ago
Legendposs Cardona
Legendposs Cardona 8 months ago
BARNOLD!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
Ahmed khan BaloCha
Ahmed khan BaloCha 8 months ago
Make this blue if you think they should play a Random drop uhc
Benjamin Kennedy
Benjamin Kennedy 8 months ago
RIP for barnold
Scoopidy Poop
Scoopidy Poop 8 months ago
Please play with ssundee again
Ozone Fever
Ozone Fever 8 months ago
The void is not particles. Its just like a black block
Browny Network
Browny Network 8 months ago
Rip Barnold the chicken I cried
HARI BHAT 8 months ago
Very funny but sad movement
HARI BHAT 8 months ago
R I P Barnald the chick short but funny
Something Gecko
Something Gecko 8 months ago
THE TITLE is black Hole but this isnt a black hole
Supreme Warrior
Supreme Warrior 8 months ago
Rip Barnard
Supreme Warrior
Supreme Warrior 8 months ago
I meant barnold
Linda Rodriguez
Linda Rodriguez 8 months ago
BBBAAARRRNNNOOOLLLDDD!!!!!Why did you have to die?!?!?!?!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😒😫😫😫😫
Alexey Ermolov
Alexey Ermolov 8 months ago
One like is one rip for the chicken
Mohsen Ziko
Mohsen Ziko 8 months ago
I thought jelly was a creeper
The Flabby Plays
The Flabby Plays 8 months ago
:( rip barnold
Greg Tucker
Greg Tucker 8 months ago
I'm unsubscribing from crainer channel Because you cussed
Ali Almubayed
Ali Almubayed 8 months ago
Rip bonald
Krispcode 8 months ago
Hi I’m from 2022 and Crainer u have 8 mil subs congrats
Patricia Gurne
Patricia Gurne 8 months ago
1 like= 1 more life for Barnold the Chicken. :((
Nate Stuff
Nate Stuff 8 months ago
This was made on my birthday :)
Kevin Chapman
Kevin Chapman 8 months ago
Leave a like for Barnald
aawinlwin 8 months ago
the diamond pineapple
The pig on the thumbnail of the video is so cute
CDM ? 8 months ago
rip barnold
Parod0xFN 8 months ago
Bro play crazy craft with ssundee
5000 8 months ago
The chickens real name is chicky chick hit πŸ‘‡ button if u agree
Darryl Job
Darryl Job 8 months ago
I am really getting bored of these vids
ScorpionKing 3334
ScorpionKing 3334 8 months ago
Yea what did happen to Crainer and Ssundee
ScorpionKing 3334
ScorpionKing 3334 8 months ago
meg bob
meg bob 8 months ago
Bar old u are missed by me 😭
Ahmed Al Arbash
Ahmed Al Arbash 8 months ago
youssef roblox
youssef roblox 8 months ago
10:45 barnold was a good chicken 😳😭
Thabo Moeketsane
Thabo Moeketsane 4 months ago
I miss barnold I will never forget him
DFLT_ember 8 months ago
R.I.P Barnold 2020-2020 final words: bwak bwak bkaaagh We will miss him 😭 😩
Matthew Walsh
Matthew Walsh 8 months ago
Make more pigstown videos
Parham Neghabi
Parham Neghabi 8 months ago
miss ssundee :(
Bread Stuff
Bread Stuff 8 months ago
Rest in piece Barnold
Juan Carlos Manuel
Juan Carlos Manuel 8 months ago
Ok boomer
ritvik g
ritvik g 8 months ago
1 like =10 barold
Madelyn Ryder
Madelyn Ryder 8 months ago
I love that chicken
Chloe army
Chloe army 8 months ago
Hahahahah its cute when josh and the others are very careful for BANOLD hahahahahah am i the only one whos imagining them as parents ahahahha
Domen Ε kafar
Domen Ε kafar 8 months ago
Catherine Manuel
Catherine Manuel 8 months ago
We love you Barnold, rest in peace
Pug Playz
Pug Playz 8 months ago
1 like=1 prayer for Barnold
Imtinokdang Imtinokdang
CI P 8 months ago
10:45 The saddest moment in youtube ever πŸ˜–
christopher herrera
christopher herrera 8 months ago
R .I P barnold best chick in mincraft Like for barnold pls
Kumi 8 months ago
Play golf with friends with Ssundee, Slogo, And Jelly please!
Kumi 8 months ago
When i was about to pee then Crainer said "THE VOID IS DESCENDING!!" i was like looking up at the ceiling and stuff
olympiakos 8 months ago
Rip banlont 😭
saif minecraft gaming
*_RIP bonald 2020-2020_*
AJ 8 months ago
0:00 Pause...When you're about to sneeze ... This is not an hate comment
Doughny 8 months ago
Was the pig at the start jelly
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