Minecraft, But The Floor Is Lava...

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Minecraft, But The Floor Is Lava... This was INSANE! Me, Wilbur Soot, Ninja & GeorgeNotFound had a hilarious time with this Minecraft Mod.
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Edited by Tommy + @TalentLacking
@Wilbur Soot @GeorgeNotFound @Ninja
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This is a custom coded 1.16 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game while the entire world is lava. This is a custom coded mod. This was super intense, and insanely funny and fun.
The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever with New Funny Mods makes Minecraft 1.16.4 even funnier & hilarious! It is lots of fun and laughs :)
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my good friends playing the NEW FUNNIEST MINECRAFT MOD EVER!!! POG CHAMP!!!


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Apr 16, 2021




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Comments 98
CREEP CREEPsicle 2 hours ago
The ordinary life in the background there yum
Bree Rogowski
Bree Rogowski 4 hours ago
Tommy can you do a stream with ninja in real life
•Rae•Wolf :3
•Rae•Wolf :3 4 hours ago
Jesse Black
Jesse Black 4 hours ago
when did ninja get so FUNNY
Floopie Gloopie
Floopie Gloopie 4 hours ago
Idk why but I’m simpin’ for Tommy 😂😅
Ashley nicolli
Ashley nicolli 5 hours ago
8:29 cursed .
Luca adamik
Luca adamik 6 hours ago
bro how did you installed the mode?
Chloë 7 hours ago
Pls ninja change ur user
Mooie Namm
Mooie Namm 7 hours ago
when wilbur fell at the and i started laughing so hard
faithful artz
faithful artz 7 hours ago
17:49 George looks so upset that Wilbur proposed 😭☠️
Meme Man
Meme Man 7 hours ago
I love this video so fucking much
PortalBucket 536
PortalBucket 536 9 hours ago
Ninja is actually pretty funny
Dev and Ishan Xbox Gamers Pros
Yu-Gi-Oh Yay
_bi glitch_
_bi glitch_ 10 hours ago
Tbh i thought the reason why ninja wanted to divorce gogy Was bc well-- remember when gogy kissed dream on fundys vid when they where gonna get married. Lol but oki👌
Marie ashley Fuentesfina
Poor Wilbur 😔👌
Marie ashley Fuentesfina
I love that George is worried about ninja 👁️👄👁️
Julie_ErrorxX 11 hours ago
um Tommy since your dream and geogenotfound's friend, so do you know the answer to if dream and geogenotfound are offical
Marie ashley Fuentesfina
Best global Best friends everrrrrrr
Yasmin Ravelli
Yasmin Ravelli 16 hours ago
This made my day after my cat died 😭
midnight flare
midnight flare 17 hours ago
George thinking like the white thing that comes out when you do you know
Brodi Martinez
Brodi Martinez 18 hours ago
anyone realize george is wearing tommy’s signature type shirt??? no just me? okay-
Marvin Marquez
Marvin Marquez 19 hours ago
i do that thing with with the toes and my mouth
Amira Mendoza
Amira Mendoza 20 hours ago
Why is no one talking about how Tommy and Wilbur said hey at the same time. 16:25
Mushrooms baby
Mushrooms baby 20 hours ago
the end 🤣🤣🤣
Nellie Vasquez
Nellie Vasquez 21 hour ago
The glamorous susan terminally permit because car beautifully curve out a plausible bibliography. satisfying, envious trick
JJ Games
JJ Games 22 hours ago
I have no idea what I just watched
Tabby V12
Tabby V12 22 hours ago
MUMMM CAN I GO IN LAVA? Mom: yes Tommy mind: you won’t suppose to say that Oh.
Anime Lord
Anime Lord 23 hours ago
Crypticious 23 hours ago
i wanna take a minute to notice that tommy says that you can unsub anytime. true character.
Joshua Delaney
Joshua Delaney 23 hours ago
Starting to hate the fact realizing the video ended because of some fake ass marriage RP gone wrong.
They could of just put the snow in the bucket abd waited for it to melt
panche Day ago
DarkGamerJT Day ago
WOW is a great game
nils sellin
nils sellin Day ago
hahahaahhaahah the end
S Yeomans
S Yeomans Day ago
Everyone's poverty Tommy:trying to become a better speedrunner then dream Wilbur:just there for veiws (LOL) Ninja:never stops talking about the divorce papers Goerge:trying to kill ninja Dream:whats this about ninja and goerge
jeanette edwards
Loganplayz 2
Loganplayz 2 Day ago
I can't fucking breathe
phyboo_ Day ago
i just love ninja man 8:30
Gaming Spire
Gaming Spire Day ago
Why did Tommy not credit dm Dokuro for some music?
Mousie Day ago
1:18 I fucking died what was Ninja even trying to craft
VTT Eclipse
VTT Eclipse Day ago
Phil pick me up I’m scared
Hau Hoang
Hau Hoang Day ago
Why does he swear a lot?
Cairo !
Cairo ! Day ago
Dreke 1
Dreke 1 Day ago
Can someone join my mc prison server? ip: pls i have no friends
a lazyman
a lazyman Day ago
Something wrong without philza
Prevxx Day ago
Hart Lapierre
to many swears in this vid for an 8 year old
Yaretzi Reyes
Eva Dela Vega
What is a toes on our mouth hahahahahha
Eva Dela Vega
What is a toes on our mouth hahahahahha
Elijah Diaz
Elijah Diaz Day ago
can i join the dream smp
Eva Dela Vega
Hahhaha lol ko konichiwa
Eva Dela Vega
Uh i think u dont need to tell dream a bout ir-
Alan Barajas
Alan Barajas Day ago
21:27 creative mode
Alan Barajas
Alan Barajas Day ago
Thea Galicia
Thea Galicia Day ago
6:56 Ninja: I Promise, I Would- *Just Dissolves*
Alan Barajas
Alan Barajas Day ago
Michael Morey
Just that past part XD (poor wilber) like if you agree
Ayanbadin Day ago
Anyone else noticed that George is wearing Tommyinnit's shirt?
* - * r e d * - *
I just fell bad for george
saline ros
saline ros Day ago
AFT4R H0URS 2 days ago
Someone took "The floor is lava" To seriously
Ninja Wizard
Ninja Wizard 2 days ago
Me: American Are these supposed to be insults🤣
Lil Taco
Lil Taco 2 days ago
Nxtriley 2 days ago
3:38 Wilbur just gave his email
hanab09 2 days ago
Dream child 101
Dream child 101 2 days ago
Duz that mean george cheated on dream?
FaeLily 2 days ago
Ok ok ok for a second I thought ninja was trans and I was happy and it turns out he isn't 😥
Emerson Kallos
Emerson Kallos 2 days ago
Ninja is just- yes.
tauf450 2 days ago
DO NOT EVER MARRİE NİNJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Apple
Alex Apple 2 days ago
14:56 is so funny
Kike Games
Kike Games 2 days ago
Andrea Pimienta
Andrea Pimienta 2 days ago
23:16 lmao got wrecked
Mama Świnka
Mama Świnka 2 days ago
22:13 that's racist
Aaliyah Laurice Bañas
Did i see george wear a tommyinit merch-
Zahra Suhaimi
Zahra Suhaimi 2 days ago
Christian Bayley
Christian Bayley 2 days ago
Tommy: I got all of my funniest friends together 2:27 👁 👄 👁
Scarlett Galo
Scarlett Galo 2 days ago
ninja is very funNY is he in other vids
LMAO BG 2 days ago
Amanda Cavazos
Amanda Cavazos 2 days ago
He'll tommyinnit get subscribers
ePiC tHInGs
ePiC tHInGs 2 days ago
i wonder why the "i got my funniest friends here" changes every video...
Yukii 2 days ago
Tommyinit once said: ohh George
Hanah Villapaña
Hanah Villapaña 2 days ago
Is no one gonna call out the fact that everyone was concerned about ninja getting angry near the end and leaving the server and everyone was worried for him, that moment was wholesome and sweet of them to do
Student Leon LIU
Student Leon LIU 2 days ago
Ninja thinks : Awkward...
Amciu Zawadzka
Amciu Zawadzka 2 days ago
This T-shirt Georga 😂❤️
Gavin Lapuz
Gavin Lapuz 2 days ago
George: IM GONNA DIE IM GONNA DIE *passes by tommy* Tommy: oh hey george
Euan Andrei Ocampo
Ninja: "F#CK" one second later Also Ninja: "i guess will stay married"
DragonX 2 days ago
russell wilson
russell wilson 2 days ago
Everyone screaming about divorce Tommy: I wonder what there talking about up there
callmebymyname ._.
Plot twist Ninja likes tommy more than wil and gogy
SugarPlz.X 2 days ago
T-Tommy are your b...b-b-linds open 🖐🏻
Team Genovea
Team Genovea 2 days ago
Why are you some times always angry for dream
Austin V. TV
Austin V. TV 2 days ago
8:03 I got goose bumps when Wilbur called tommy kid
Eevee 3 days ago
Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that George is wearing a Tommyinnit shirt
Coochie_man The_whore
sub to tripolar
Coochie_man The_whore
tommy sucks
Chwiken wekken
Chwiken wekken 3 days ago
Angel Rose
Angel Rose 3 days ago
I was watching aesthetic stuff and then theres tommy in my recommended....
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