Minecraft, But If You Think Any Item, You Get It...

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Minecraft, But If You Think Any item, You Get It...
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Apr 18, 2021




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Comments 100
Painful 25 days ago
You have a very smart, non-bald brain.
Renzo Abetong
Renzo Abetong 17 days ago
Hello mr painful im yoUr faN
thatei bawitlung
thatei bawitlung 17 days ago
tubbi child
tubbi child 20 days ago
SkiddlyBopp 22 days ago
@UwU where’s my sub
starlink132 22 days ago
Not true
Alisha ?
Alisha ? 3 minutes ago
Brain is good
Esmeralda Llongo
Esmeralda Llongo 9 minutes ago
Say to the brain give me something that looked the same as the iron for black
Kenny Nitzh
Kenny Nitzh 9 minutes ago
Drizzy Booker
Drizzy Booker 11 minutes ago
herobrine from one of the last veidos
Tom Gaming
Tom Gaming Hour ago
it's panful
Eva Micali
Eva Micali Hour ago
It’s herobrine
Enkhuulen Ganzorig
The brain is painful
JB A DALISAY 2 hours ago
Its bald painful
Melissa Sengsourino
Yes bran
Waseem Elias
Waseem Elias 2 hours ago
Him What items to get me Can’t you ask for OP items
jessie le
jessie le 2 hours ago
hi guys
Jake Robinson
Jake Robinson 2 hours ago
Brain sounds like hero Brian
Powell Meade
Powell Meade 2 hours ago
i hate you
Diana Niles
Diana Niles 3 hours ago
that's the smartest brain ever
Drew D
Drew D 3 hours ago
Amazing. Ly dumb
Ash !
Ash ! 3 hours ago
Why does he explain it in the intro if he explains it after the intro to like whats the point.
Brody_on_tiktok 4 hours ago
He sounds like herobrine
Kranthi Kumar
Kranthi Kumar 4 hours ago
bruh painfull is brain
nathan goss
nathan goss 4 hours ago
The adventurous beat feasibly stare because flower namely coil up a abrupt processing. icy, healthy north korea
Jamshed Patuck
Jamshed Patuck 5 hours ago
Bryan is cool
Michael Franco Patag
Is it your dad
DRAGON_GAMER 2.0 7 hours ago
I think the brain is painful
Aries Shen
Aries Shen 7 hours ago
I gacha life
I gacha life 7 hours ago
max 7 hours ago
brain sound like ant
Maggie Arielle
Maggie Arielle 8 hours ago
BRo I SAW the stroong hold in the water
L.t Smith
L.t Smith 9 hours ago
Did not like this vid very much
mr john
mr john 10 hours ago
Is painful the brain
kennobe gabriel
kennobe gabriel 10 hours ago
its painful
diaby mariama
diaby mariama 10 hours ago
i love this is love you
Jade Madeline Flora
Jade Madeline Flora 10 hours ago
the person is painful
Dayana Viveros
Dayana Viveros 10 hours ago
"Think any item"
Rebecca Baker
Rebecca Baker 10 hours ago
The brain Sounds like Your dad
Luke Tallroth
Luke Tallroth 11 hours ago
Good job brain.
Layla Calderon
Layla Calderon 11 hours ago
You are a noob
MrMemeMason 11 hours ago
CaptainSparkles is the brain
Joe Poker
Joe Poker 12 hours ago
is it meep
Clara McFadden
Clara McFadden 12 hours ago
Like I don’t mean to be rude but this brain is kind a dumb.
Petroleumed 12 hours ago
How do you use code V43Z-SUKF-6XQS for Lunar Cosmeticss? Really great video btw, keep it up! (:
Oliverplayz 12 hours ago
It said teleported to painful in the video
colton wilcher
colton wilcher 13 hours ago
His Hero Bran
NathanOmega Gaming
NathanOmega Gaming 13 hours ago
The brain is painful when you get teleported to so called “brain” it says telaported to painful
BJ Morgan
BJ Morgan 13 hours ago
I love you
Yee T
Yee T 13 hours ago
Jesus. Loves. U
Aubrey Christman
Aubrey Christman 13 hours ago
Brain has a brain
GenericChannel 14 hours ago
i thought that the fortune bit would give u frost walker
Falcon gaming
Falcon gaming 14 hours ago
HE IS 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 IQ
Xd_Risse 14 hours ago
this is actually original and this is sick I luv ur vids
Thy Nguyen
Thy Nguyen 14 hours ago
It is the voice of heir of herobrine
AmongUsGuy 14 hours ago
Brain is good
Yupin Martin
Yupin Martin 14 hours ago
At five minutes he missed diamonds
Maximus Decius Meridius
Caleb Kriebel
Caleb Kriebel 15 hours ago
Brain is smart
Angel Lara- Ramirez
Angel Lara- Ramirez 15 hours ago
Idk if I’m right but is the brain biconic
Cathi Egelston
Cathi Egelston 15 hours ago
Brain looks very nice in the boots
Catherine Delpont
Catherine Delpont 15 hours ago
Steve Leising
Steve Leising 15 hours ago
We love you brain!
Jar Jer
Jar Jer 16 hours ago
You should put in your next video that your goal is 1k likes, OF COURSE your gonna get more than FIVE!
Carter Hingtgen
Carter Hingtgen 16 hours ago
BRAIN SMART BRAIN NOT GOOD PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET BRAIN
Air Drxpz
Air Drxpz 16 hours ago
you are the best brane to brane
Carter Hingtgen
Carter Hingtgen 16 hours ago
brain is a little werid
Mrs. Troll
Mrs. Troll 16 hours ago
good brain
the poke crusher 11
the poke crusher 11 16 hours ago
The brain is painful
Cairn Mcnabb
Cairn Mcnabb 16 hours ago
Arham0 16 hours ago
i like brain
IrishTuffer 17 hours ago
I feel like the brain is just the admin
Clelia Hayes
Clelia Hayes 17 hours ago
meme idk
meme idk 17 hours ago
Nestorio:um brain your getting in my brain Me:what u have 2 brains??????
Robert Olteanu
Robert Olteanu 17 hours ago
Brain is BEST brain
Blueberry The Light Fury
“Brain I’d like you to give me, 16 of the teleportation balls, that would be *very* appreciated brain.” - xNestorio 2021
Mendoza SOFIA
Mendoza SOFIA 17 hours ago
its painful
Radek Mróz
Radek Mróz 17 hours ago
You are really helpfull brain!
Stella Fields
Stella Fields 17 hours ago
Brain is asawm
VloggingWarrior Warner
It’s painful
Souhail abbad
Souhail abbad 18 hours ago
evrey time is says "You wee teleported to "Painful"
Joesph Baccari
Joesph Baccari 18 hours ago
DfffffdfxPlease don’t worry it is me you’re stupid at night your secret admire
Laura Peacock
Laura Peacock 18 hours ago
its painful
Jim DeLong
Jim DeLong 18 hours ago
Mmm yes it is brainful the brain
Connor Jacobs
Connor Jacobs 18 hours ago
This is... not what I expected. I expected some weird monitor thingy connected to his brain, not a floating, independent brain that you can actually talk to.
Cole plays
Cole plays 18 hours ago
the voice is ur friend
Richard Galante
Richard Galante 19 hours ago
He wanted 5k likes ok!
Yo Mama Obama And Doody Cheese
Voice is painful
Oliver Todd
Oliver Todd 19 hours ago
Sheila Jeffcoat
Sheila Jeffcoat 19 hours ago
the brain is a perso named painful
Sheila Jeffcoat
Sheila Jeffcoat 19 hours ago
brian is very smart abd he is NOT BALD
Didier Roodakkers
Didier Roodakkers 19 hours ago
Joor vrend
•Cherrii Mikii• •ᴗ•
Brain is cute
Sadie Superstar
Sadie Superstar 20 hours ago
brain:brain found book nesrorio:why do you sound like that brain:i like to change my voice
Eliot Block
Eliot Block 20 hours ago
Zane Baseball
Zane Baseball 20 hours ago
english 20 hours ago
I just checked and I’m subscribed. Thanks for warning me, just unsubscribed.
Kamil Mainville
Kamil Mainville 20 hours ago
is cool
MR. 1000
MR. 1000 20 hours ago
when brain gave him so mamy diamonds i expected you to craft him an iron helmet
Barlow Kimball
Barlow Kimball 20 hours ago
Barlow Kimball
Barlow Kimball 20 hours ago
Brain is herobrine
Mahendra Karunaratne
BrAin is smarter than you
seth1040 seth1040
seth1040 seth1040 20 hours ago
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