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Today in Minecraft we play a CRAZY map that keeps EXPLODING!
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Nov 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Priti Patel
Priti Patel 11 days ago
Plasma Ice
Plasma Ice 15 days ago
Fighter 2012
Fighter 2012 15 days ago
13:22 SIGILS UR HACKING look in chat
YEET SQUAD #2 15 days ago
Ssendee mcundee is a dumby
Coolestjohn 4000
Coolestjohn 4000 16 days ago
Aljen Drake Lopez
Aljen Drake Lopez 17 days ago
He finally called the money stealers villagers
Abdel Kareem Ktashat
ssundee, play ark again
SKH 11
SKH 11 19 days ago
I like how sundee puts bots before the names of sigils and biffles in the description, ha got em foot
Yale Robinson
Yale Robinson 21 day ago
foopo 23 days ago
jut so yopu know if you hide your lower half the take less boomboom damage
Jai Reddy
Jai Reddy 27 days ago
polarbear 1003
polarbear 1003 28 days ago
If you blow up in water playing mincraft you dont take damage
Luqmaan Adam
Luqmaan Adam 28 days ago
7:33 toothless sound
Taariq Soeker
Taariq Soeker 29 days ago
lol ahhhhhh
sinann n
sinann n Month ago
What about red stone!
Pulilan - Gloria Santiago
the glass???? 2:53
Kevin Truong
Kevin Truong Month ago
biffle smelss
Jordannij Month ago
Video idea: something like this but in UHC
Colin Shelton
Colin Shelton Month ago
Monster Month ago
Who wants derp sunddee back
Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez Month ago
I’m subscribed
Brawl Boss
Brawl Boss Month ago
Why did you not do the red stone and iron block recipe
Micah Adams
Micah Adams Month ago
I betthat y’all foot hart from that.
Jeff Bone
Jeff Bone Month ago
Biffle smells like a cheese curet
Skyler Duckworth
when you literally blow up the like like button: 911 we need help for some reason my son blew up his tablet to follow directions
Chris Monaghan
Chris Monaghan 2 months ago
Use water to not take damage
Team Eagles
Team Eagles 2 months ago
Make A Shield U Bots Or Use Water Buckets
Noel Incavo
Noel Incavo 2 months ago
I cannot believe like do they have a mod or something like I don't have no idea
Linda Nolan
Linda Nolan 2 months ago
Biffle smells!
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 2 months ago
I exploded the like button and now my phone is broken. Thanks a lot, ssundee.
Tkohg Treat
Tkohg Treat 2 months ago
Tatertot 1441
Tatertot 1441 2 months ago
Just get a bucket of water and you are immune
1k subs whit no vids Plz
At 6:14 he had 12 iron and he could do the iron deexploed
fennekin 6272
fennekin 6272 2 months ago
hi youtube
Matt Hann
Matt Hann 2 months ago
Always like SSundee video s
11:18 biffile got launced
ricta slicta
ricta slicta 2 months ago
If a creeper exploded what would happen. PPPGPPRPPPSPSKKPSPPSKKSKSPSPSKSKSPS
CoolFox & FanDog
CoolFox & FanDog 2 months ago
That wasn't glass it was grass
Gloria Guerra
Gloria Guerra 3 months ago
He almost said ritual
Dog 0
Dog 0 3 months ago
I don’t have dynamite or a grenade
Voltrxz 3 months ago
nice vid ssundee
MagicPlayer1234 3 months ago
SSundee: explode that like button Me: goes to the weapon shop Gun keeper: so what's the nuke for? Me: To explode the like button!
Silvia Singh
Silvia Singh 3 months ago
biffle smells
Leo Dumas
Leo Dumas 3 months ago
Biffle smells in the comments
Troy Miller
Troy Miller 3 months ago
QUESTION!!! are the pyromaniacs
リゼっち 3 months ago
They didnt use water
Xai Hang
Xai Hang 4 months ago
I sub every time
Developer 0_0
Developer 0_0 4 months ago
Ssundee: i love rituals
Gopi Poudel
Gopi Poudel 4 months ago
I love you too baby girl you got
Popped Carr
Popped Carr 4 months ago
Faina Melvin
Faina Melvin 4 months ago
Water prevents explosive damage
Denise Acerra
Denise Acerra 5 months ago
I love your videos I've been watching them for 2 months.
Luka Galactica
Luka Galactica 5 months ago
My mom never shuts up and I'm triggered ABOUT DATT
PinkLlamabro 6 months ago
Try playing this with VeinMiner.
Dwayne Venzon
Dwayne Venzon 6 months ago
So if you punch somebody it counts as mining they look like Saitma
Amber Cullip-cross
Amber Cullip-cross 6 months ago
YeEt yEeT
Nomad Wolf
Nomad Wolf 6 months ago
Biffle smells
Smart kitten
Smart kitten 6 months ago
what animal is my dog? lol
Gimmie Kebaitsheletse
fam lit
Udbhav Kedilaya
Udbhav Kedilaya 6 months ago
0:07 boom blastic
saritha Addagudi
saritha Addagudi 6 months ago
Teleporting mod
王建平 6 months ago
ima dislike evrey vid on biffles channel
Deergirl Playz
Deergirl Playz 7 months ago
Ssundee pleasssseeee do murder run 🥺😔✌🏻
Tenya Cervantes
Tenya Cervantes 7 months ago
The dolphins name is flippy the foot. If agree HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON. | | V
Luke Pieterse
Luke Pieterse 7 months ago
Cranier looks like Barney
Luke Pieterse
Luke Pieterse 7 months ago
I made it xsplode
Isaac Shaffer
Isaac Shaffer 7 months ago
I actually explode it with my fist
CallMeMrSanta 7 months ago
Guys go look at Jeromesf's video he stole ssundees thumbnail for this video
Nurin Afiqah
Nurin Afiqah 7 months ago
Did anyone else see the blocks turn into creepers for 0.1sec? 👇🏼
Nurin Afiqah
Nurin Afiqah 7 months ago
I don’t think I’ve ever seen SSundee not smile
The cat is a gacha gamer
Well ya don’t need tnt!
son_gokuplayzYT 7 months ago
I hit the like button on my old phone then tied it to a BIG BANG firecracker and lit it. So there you go.💥
Artistic Tutorials
Artistic Tutorials 7 months ago
Killer Queen has touched this video
Cosmix Comix
Cosmix Comix 7 months ago
2:18 "Look at my boots." -"Are they made for walkin'?" "No they're my Walmart braynd sneakurs." *I bloody lost it.*
T Perm
T Perm 7 months ago
Sigils sounds like Fin from Adventure Time 13:35
T Perm
T Perm 7 months ago
And Ssundee sounds like a demented dog
RyZe_kita 7 months ago
lalala bbno$: did I reallly just forget that melody y2k: yes the end ;)
Phoney Hat
Phoney Hat 7 months ago
Who else remembers when he said "Let's get to 18 likes"
Elex the master Gamer
Ferret Bomber
Ferret Bomber 7 months ago
Killer Queen has already touched this block!
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