Minecraft... but everything is GIANT!

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Minecraft... but everything is GIANT! w/ 09sharkboy
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Talon Hatcher
Utku Sola
Utku Sola 17 days ago
Grayson King
Grayson King 18 days ago
I realized when you crouch and mine something shakes
Ultimate Powers
Ultimate Powers 21 day ago
How did you get that ??
Ira Zipper
Ira Zipper 25 days ago
I always watch your videos 😉.love lia
Landon's Hockey Fun
You are cool shark I think you’re awesome😎😀
Cat Lover
Cat Lover 27 days ago
The ladder spead reminds me of one of my nightmares when I was little. I'm 13
Karen Gelderblom
Shark what is the mod
Tin man games
Tin man games Month ago
do a hide and seek with 1\4098
MacKenzei Blackwell
Wait maybe the smaller you are the bigger your hitbox is?
Joshua Mudd
Joshua Mudd 2 months ago
RaddieB YR
RaddieB YR 2 months ago
Hey Shark! Survive in a minecraft world in half size, then double size
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 2 months ago
or r u just... small?
Zachariah Bush
Zachariah Bush 3 months ago
You should do everything you want to record!!!
mia coonie
mia coonie 4 months ago
so big
Imakitty Elsa
Imakitty Elsa 4 months ago
And when u were mining blocks in first person, it hurt my eyes
Imakitty Elsa
Imakitty Elsa 4 months ago
Ur like ant man 😸
Redlining Channel
Redlining Channel 4 months ago
:)I love all of your vids.
Robyn Twisleton-Ward
Does shark actually look at our comments???
Robyn Twisleton-Ward
Hello shark i have been watching u for 6 years(since i was 2)!
Robyn Twisleton-Ward
Can someone please comment on my typing,because I am only 8 (nearly 9)
Robyn Twisleton-Ward
Who loves Unspeakable then like If you like 09sharkboy better then comment
Gãcha Kāt
Gãcha Kāt 5 months ago
Roses are red, Bears live in caves, Dis comment make no sense I put plastic in microwaves
Thegtheman coolboy321
I'm know this mod chisel me mod
Peace T
Peace T 5 months ago
#ant man
MLGdabGamer 5 months ago
What mod is this?
Turbo turbo
Turbo turbo 5 months ago
i have a challenge for shark; jump off a house as using the 1/256 size
Epic Games OFICIAL
Epic Games OFICIAL 6 months ago
What if u put one dimond armor as being small
ItsPsychoGames 6 months ago
Play hide and seek with unspekable and moose with the mod. Rygyrocky did
Tanya Newbauer
Tanya Newbauer 6 months ago
Carla Craciunescu
Carla Craciunescu 6 months ago
🦈🦈🦈 17:55 or 17:57
the masters gaming and vlog
Shark what mods do u use
quizey 7 months ago
Plz troll ur friends with this addon also antman
angie westbeld
angie westbeld 7 months ago
If you do this again go to creative and get really op stuff and see what you can do
Tom Page
Tom Page 7 months ago
Hi if anyone sees this comment pls sub to me I’ll sub to you pls
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon 7 months ago
Do giant battles
33Mollie AJ Player
33Mollie AJ Player 7 months ago
Cedric C
Cedric C 7 months ago
i disliked the video because of the title it says everything is giant or his smallee
Ethan Donohoe
Ethan Donohoe 7 months ago
Be 1 out of 100000000000000000000 biggest
GarryLion YT
GarryLion YT 7 months ago
these people love shark 👇🏽
JP Waite
JP Waite 7 months ago
plz do hide n seek with these with unspeakable and moosecraft!
Jeffrey Thayer
Jeffrey Thayer 7 months ago
Keyaler Adams
Keyaler Adams 7 months ago
Awww so small AAAAHHH SO BIG awwwww so small AHHHH SO BIG
What if you use 1/256
Sandroy6y7 prñtñ Gallegos08
Sub to me plzzz 😭😢
Sandroy6y7 prñtñ Gallegos08
Im such a fannn i love shark
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson 7 months ago
you should make one video where you can change your size
Patience Rees
Patience Rees 7 months ago
what is the mod
coolguy 360yt
coolguy 360yt 7 months ago
Anybody know what the mod is called I kind of want it
Player One
Player One 7 months ago
shark you can do the video 500 small players vs big shark
Jacob yacono
Jacob yacono 7 months ago
Do a battle with unspeakable
Mystery Boy and girl
Shark I am going to Canada for spring break!!!!! I might see you I am going to Niagara Falls
BellaBeanOMG 7 months ago
Shark... what is it called?
boommodern &classic
boommodern &classic 7 months ago
You may be small but your hit box is the same
D D 7 months ago
D D 7 months ago
Kevontae Johnson
Kevontae Johnson 7 months ago
Whats the matter with short people!!!😒😒🤔
Olivia and Noah
Olivia and Noah 7 months ago
09sharkboy was slain by chicken
vedant_la_légende 7 months ago
Play Minecraft series is a giant 32
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 7 months ago
Oh god
wil thedon
wil thedon 7 months ago
im a fan
wil thedon
wil thedon 7 months ago
in part to pleas
wil thedon
wil thedon 7 months ago
with the 16 move
Ender Watcher's
Ender Watcher's 7 months ago
If the chicken is big image the ender dragon
Ian Benedict Cansino
Troll with that mod you choose either jamie or any one
mis conductor
mis conductor 7 months ago
Shark¡!!!!!! Can you play hide and seek with this mod please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PineappleGamez 7 months ago
What is the name of the mod
minecraft rules
minecraft rules 7 months ago
Omg what mod is this
Jpa750pro ice
Jpa750pro ice 7 months ago
Hi you should prank jammy with a cat that I will be fun
Swimruner 12
Swimruner 12 7 months ago
Panda Crafter
Panda Crafter 7 months ago
Make a survival series with this plz!
Fitzroy Smith
Fitzroy Smith 7 months ago
Hide and seek small 😁
Panda Crafter
Panda Crafter 7 months ago
Bridgette Ortiz
Bridgette Ortiz 7 months ago
The hacker that gave you trouble gave my kids trouble p@ gave my kids trouble they were on one of my VIP server and they were chopping down trees until the hacker appeared the kid hacker so I don't exactly know why he was on one of my VIP servers log on to one of my VIP servers
Squad Genius
Squad Genius 7 months ago
Shark I hope you get 2 thousand likes AND IF YOU DO GET 2 thousand likes I will give you 2 THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A BEER OR A TOY
Janelle Wells
Janelle Wells 7 months ago
do a battle using this mod against moose or unpeakable
logan white
logan white 7 months ago
Can I get a shoutout I never got a shoutout
Gacha Fox Girl
Gacha Fox Girl 7 months ago
Cana you tell us exactly what mod this is? Pls
Daemon MiddleStraw1
Daemon MiddleStraw1 7 months ago
Do a survival series with this
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