Minecraft... but everything is GIANT!

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Minecraft... but everything is GIANT! w/ 09sharkboy
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 316
Tanya Newbauer
Tanya Newbauer 5 days ago
MasterChange 6 days ago
Do the small and giant vids
Carla Craciunescu
🦈🦈🦈 17:55 or 17:57
stephany playz gacha life
Shark what mods do u use
quizey parker
quizey parker 15 days ago
Plz troll ur friends with this addon also antman
angie westbeld
angie westbeld 16 days ago
If you do this again go to creative and get really op stuff and see what you can do
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon 22 days ago
Do giant battles
33mollie ajplayer
33mollie ajplayer 23 days ago
Cedric C
Cedric C 24 days ago
i disliked the video because of the title it says everything is giant or his smallee
Ethan Donohoe
Ethan Donohoe 25 days ago
Be 1 out of 100000000000000000000 biggest
superminesmasher YT
these people love shark 👇🏽
JP Waite
JP Waite 25 days ago
plz do hide n seek with these with unspeakable and moosecraft!
Jeffrey Thayer
Jeffrey Thayer 26 days ago
Keyaler Adams
Keyaler Adams 26 days ago
Awww so small AAAAHHH SO BIG awwwww so small AHHHH SO BIG
What if you use 1/256
Sandroy6y7 prñtñ Gallegos08
Sub to me plzzz 😭😢
Sandroy6y7 prñtñ Gallegos08
Im such a fannn i love shark
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson 27 days ago
you should make one video where you can change your size
Patience Rees
Patience Rees 27 days ago
what is the mod
coolguy 360yt
coolguy 360yt 27 days ago
Anybody know what the mod is called I kind of want it
Player One
Player One 27 days ago
shark you can do the video 500 small players vs big shark
Jacob yacono
Jacob yacono 28 days ago
Do a battle with unspeakable
Mystery Boy and girl
Shark I am going to Canada for spring break!!!!! I might see you I am going to Niagara Falls
BellaOMG 28 days ago
Shark... what is it called?
yup flashdrew64
yup flashdrew64 28 days ago
You may be small but your hit box is the same
D D 28 days ago
D D 28 days ago
Kevontae Johnson
Kevontae Johnson 28 days ago
Whats the matter with short people!!!😒😒🤔
Olivia and Noah
Olivia and Noah 28 days ago
09sharkboy was slain by chicken
Vedant_la_ légende
Play Minecraft series is a giant 32
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 28 days ago
Oh god
wil thedon
wil thedon 28 days ago
im a fan
wil thedon
wil thedon 28 days ago
in part to pleas
wil thedon
wil thedon 28 days ago
with the 16 move
Ender Watcher's
Ender Watcher's 28 days ago
If the chicken is big image the ender dragon
Ian Benedict Cansino
Troll with that mod you choose either jamie or any one
mis conductor
mis conductor 28 days ago
Shark¡!!!!!! Can you play hide and seek with this mod please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheGoldenPineapple 29 days ago
What is the name of the mod
minecraft rules
minecraft rules 29 days ago
Omg what mod is this
Josue Pasillas
Josue Pasillas 29 days ago
Hi you should prank jammy with a cat that I will be fun
Swimruner 12
Swimruner 12 29 days ago
Panda Crafter
Panda Crafter 29 days ago
Make a survival series with this plz!
Fitzroy Smith
Fitzroy Smith 29 days ago
Hide and seek small 😁
Panda Crafter
Panda Crafter 29 days ago
Bridgette Ortiz
Bridgette Ortiz 29 days ago
The hacker that gave you trouble gave my kids trouble p@ gave my kids trouble they were on one of my VIP server and they were chopping down trees until the hacker appeared the kid hacker so I don't exactly know why he was on one of my VIP servers log on to one of my VIP servers
Vincent Wilkinson
Vincent Wilkinson 29 days ago
Shark I hope you get 2 thousand likes AND IF YOU DO GET 2 thousand likes I will give you 2 THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A BEER OR A TOY
Janelle Wells
Janelle Wells 29 days ago
do a battle using this mod against moose or unpeakable
logan white
logan white 29 days ago
Can I get a shoutout I never got a shoutout
GachaFox Girl
GachaFox Girl 29 days ago
Cana you tell us exactly what mod this is? Pls
William M. ShakeSphere
Do a survival series with this
ADRIANE David 29 days ago
Do hide and seek with the squad as a tiny player
Dove Playz
Dove Playz 29 days ago
Shark I have a challenge I challenge you to beat the ender dragon with 1/64
rob risek
rob risek 29 days ago
go look at the ender dragon
Mason Cronkite
Mason Cronkite 29 days ago
Can You Do A Seires Of This!
William Dongo
William Dongo 29 days ago
sub to shark
Bella from twilight
Mom:I have no daughter Me: BISH THEN WHO AM I A COOKIE
Christina Hale
Christina Hale 29 days ago
Shark,you should make a Minecraft survival series as a small Minecraft player ( I'm aware I'm late) I feel like shark is about to say he gonna do that
Angela Poole
Angela Poole 29 days ago
Nicolette Leung
Nicolette Leung 29 days ago
This is like being antman
Joe 376
Joe 376 29 days ago
its my birthday
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