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We are playing build battle but building the opposite!
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In this 1.12.2 Build Battle Opposite Challenge Mini-Game:
Today we are playing build battle! The challenge is we must come up with a differently interpretation of the build!
Intro by: ruvid.net/u-calzone442
Song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records:
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Apr 3, 2019




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Comments 80
Ellie Parkes
Ellie Parkes 2 hours ago
Rose gameswithkelly
Im 9:29 if u read the people text somone said "this trash" to pat :P
IFockFrugs 5 days ago
when it said waterfall, i immediately thought "viagra falls"....
Radekcasen Porson
pat if i wos thar il aet you legrdare
Nicole Taylor
Nicole Taylor 6 days ago
Pat:it’s a world ballon isnt it me:it’s a globe
Ktgamming 8 days ago
For water fall you should have done lavafall
Daniel D
Daniel D 9 days ago
The Game Gallery
The Game Gallery 9 days ago
Who thought that their phone rand out of power when pat closed out of the game lol
Farzona Sidikova
Farzona Sidikova 12 days ago
I thought this was a shoe
rebecca6666. ps I have magluilo
2:40 pat thinks the moon is made out of cheese
Carrie DeYoung
Carrie DeYoung 17 days ago
LOL he is so funny
Chloe Whittle
Chloe Whittle 19 days ago
The peach colour is in the natural concrete
The Random Charger
The Random Charger 19 days ago
Low key mid key high key the builds that they build are terrible especially jens
CatRobotizPlayz z
CatRobotizPlayz z 20 days ago
Man Why Are You Both Not Improved LIKE SO SO Not Improved In Build Battle
Yale Even
Yale Even 21 day ago
I live in Israel I live in Israel
Kristy Popularmmos biggest fan i love u guys
Jen next build battle u need to do 3D instead of pixel
dihaz Kid Pro
dihaz Kid Pro 22 days ago
wait i think moon oppisite is sun not moon lol oh i also think world oppisite is NETHER the waterfall i think the oppisite is LAVEFALL YEAHHHHHHHHH
Danicel Cruz
Danicel Cruz 23 days ago
Maria Theresa Calimon
i have a tip is to not use jewels pls my ocd is crying
Uwiehdhdbfjdisnd Hehehehsbsbbebebebe
lmao big hard one
A K M 26 days ago
25:55 Pat: See you next time Jen: Hey gu... Pat: Ha Ha Ha Hey Guys in sarcastic voice Me: #LOL
sonicfan 2012
sonicfan 2012 26 days ago
Pat the opposite of a moon is a Sun!
Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor 26 days ago
... she had a poop in her handShe didn’t put legendary she is lying
Nagender G
Nagender G 27 days ago
It is sun for the opistit of moon!
Ilias Batsalias
Ilias Batsalias 27 days ago
Μουνι 😏😏😏
Electro 28 days ago
For waterfall he should of made a lavarise
izzy vlogs
izzy vlogs 28 days ago
Plz play adopt me again
Kathy Yunkyoung Riley
u couldve done a sun for the moon
crackhead channel
crackhead channel 29 days ago
What's wrong with girl meets world
Chicken Gaming
Chicken Gaming Month ago
"There isn't an opposite of moon is there?" I honestly thought that would be the easiest one. A butt?? Just do the sun! XD
Ducky DD
Ducky DD Month ago
Pat: Hope you guys have an amazing day, and we'll see u guys next time! Jen: Hey guys! Pat: ... Jen: Oh. Pat: Really? Me: XD
Ducky DD
Ducky DD Month ago
Whenever a RUvidr goes somewhere, they get fans, supposed fans, clueless ones, and haters
XxmodzxX BTW
XxmodzxX BTW Month ago
No one... Literally no one...
Nayab Imran
Nayab Imran Month ago
Opposite of moon is sun what are you doing building a butt
Nicolas Roman
Nicolas Roman Month ago
No one: Absolute no one: Pat and Jen: “THAT MOON THIC THOUGH”
Nkatt 22 days ago
aran ranj and the earth doe PAT: ITS SO THICCC AND JOOCY
aran ranj
aran ranj 29 days ago
Petar Manojlovic
What is this verson?
leonardo rivas
leonardo rivas Month ago
Thays Boldi
Rubia Khatun
Rubia Khatun Month ago
For the moon I would build a cheese because people think the moon is made of cheese
Samantha haufle
Samantha haufle Month ago
Anyone else though he was making jen an was gonna be sweet about it on the world one 🤣🤣
Kylee hick11
Kylee hick11 Month ago
U should've did a toilet
Nyla Bansee
Nyla Bansee Month ago
All of a sunden Pat gos bank robed Me: ohh its all the gold, diamonds, and emeralds
Money Cash
Money Cash Month ago
Who’s watching this after there divorce 😭
Emma Valek
Emma Valek Month ago
For world pat should have made Jen because she’s his world
Baby saturn
Baby saturn Month ago
I loved the start with thanos and the bald the guy
Brian Moise
Brian Moise Month ago
I have an idea for the world one. You can make the earth pixelated on the ground flat then put a slight that says #flatearthers and shoutout to you if you believe the earth is round
Mel Ubaldo
Mel Ubaldo Month ago
After the first round someone said I think it's the pro vs noob vid lol
Mel Ubaldo
Mel Ubaldo Month ago
No one Not a single soul Someone in the chat: kiss me 1:16
Joanna Huang
Joanna Huang Month ago
moons opisite is sun
Chris Smichdt
Chris Smichdt Month ago
Pat:oh is that my dad Jen:no it cant be Pat:dad are you playing with us
fashunfemme81 Month ago
Sorry pat but I just want to tell you that you are the worst at builder that I have met
fashunfemme81 Month ago
The opposite of moon is sun ☀️
Scott Perkins
Scott Perkins Month ago
Pat: is this yours Jen: umm no it’s mine
Gareth Walker
Gareth Walker Month ago
If I was doing this challenge for world I would do a man on top of Earth because of the song that goes like I'm on top of the world Ai
Nicole jie Almerol
Anyone 2020? Missing their relationship rn
N Gggg
N Gggg Month ago
The opposite of moon is the sun
Lebroneyz Glitched
2:32 Pat:There's not that many interpretation of moon Me:the sun. Because the sun is day the moon is night
Annette Finlayson
Who else is watching this in 2020 plz say me in this comment
Jay Khera
Jay Khera Month ago
1:56 F like if you see what I’m talking about
Kawaii Jessica B
Who else saw the guy that said - kids me, to Pat in the chat? Like if u saw
Raleighs world
Raleighs world Month ago
amari pennerman
amari pennerman Month ago
stop doing the seem thing dimand and enmeald and gold
dark games
dark games Month ago
To get better don't use iron emerald or diamond or gold
Zachary Thomas
Zachary Thomas Month ago
For the world one they could have done a whole new world
Kayla Gordon
Kayla Gordon Month ago
Challenge Ideas: -Use Only Wool -Use Only Gems -Use Only Ore -Turn Theme Into House
Kayla Gordon
Kayla Gordon Month ago
Pat: I'm gonna do Cory from Boy Meets World Me: Cory... is the name of the father of Riley from Girl Meets World Still me: Hmmm... is it the same Cory...
Seth de Best
Seth de Best Month ago
dude it says there name in front of the screen
Sydd Alfonso Delen
Sydd Alfonso Delen 2 months ago
1:16 someone said kiss me on pat at the text
Andre Andrew
Andre Andrew 2 months ago
I was expecting someone building *ZA WARUDO* on the world. But no.
Aaron Elks
Aaron Elks 2 months ago
On moon you could of done the sun
Jake Parker
Jake Parker 2 months ago
Pat: Oh! Is that like an earth hot air balloon? Me: slaps face and says “IT’S A GLOBE!”
Kenzie Holloway
Kenzie Holloway 14 days ago
I know right
RyanhyDrake 18 days ago
@i chew butterflies thats it i was to lazy to add function at the end
i chew butterflies
i chew butterflies 18 days ago
@RyanhyDrake Yes and?
RyanhyDrake 28 days ago
Andre Andrew did you read it right? Use your common sense and he said me before he said slaps face
Samantha haufle
Samantha haufle Month ago
Leslie Goodman
Leslie Goodman 2 months ago
I can’t believe you drew Cory from boy meets world but it would be better if you added Tapanga
Gab Gomez
Gab Gomez 2 months ago
Im sorry pat but you and jen is bad at building
Enrico Job Clemente
Enrico Job Clemente 2 months ago
The oposite of moon is sun lol
the green tomato
the green tomato 2 months ago
On the waterfall one why didn't he do a lava fall
Ing Toh
Ing Toh 2 months ago
Do more build battles together
Challenger wars
Challenger wars 2 months ago
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis 2 months ago
I love Minecraft
Taskina Sadika
Taskina Sadika 2 months ago
Your vedios are the best make a vedio to Know a thing for a answer for making a arena
Taskina Sadika
Taskina Sadika 2 months ago
If you choose world jen you must build a earth or a grass tree ground and some house to make it or some humans or flags and countries in build battle so you must follow this comment in my opinion but I don't know how to make a arena of Building to make something of building Can you and jen tell Me in a comment so I can understand
Frida Frias
Frida Frias 2 months ago
Pat the opposite of moon is sun
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