Minecraft Bedwars but I used CREATIVE MODE for 30 seconds...

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Minecraft Bedwars but I got CREATIVE MODE for 30 seconds...
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Jan 8, 2020




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666 666 666 666
PJ Palomar
PJ Palomar 30 minutes ago
Bruh I'm already a bed
yesim youjk
yesim youjk 2 hours ago
Bionic: let’s do self destruction
Dash The Monkey
Dash The Monkey 7 hours ago
Should’ve gotten netherite
Oyeniran Racheal
Oyeniran Racheal 7 hours ago
you won gogoogog
Oyeniran Racheal
Oyeniran Racheal 8 hours ago
i lose at bedwars so i hate bedwars lol
Premananda Bisoyi
Premananda Bisoyi 9 hours ago
Ur right portion of ur nose was looking kind a red
Noel Karlsson
Noel Karlsson 16 hours ago
Graser try to troll graser in bed wors
Alexa Fajardo
Alexa Fajardo 19 hours ago
Cailin Ng
Cailin Ng 21 hour ago
Youssef Kassem
Bionic why did you not get diamonds or netherite are you stupid
Jhaymart Jaramillo
Bernard Perez
i use axe for breaking shield and block shields
Jesus Martinez
why didint you /give dimonds
Amanda Mann
Amanda Mann 2 days ago
george Khs
george Khs 3 days ago
Nettherite things man! 😒😒😒
Masarrath Parveen
Pause at 11:44 to see bonc's face very raged
Che Moreno
Che Moreno 3 days ago
I love bionic do you have a merch
TheSteven HD
TheSteven HD 4 days ago
Jennifer Glaze
Jennifer Glaze 5 days ago
Wow you do show me scuffed bed wars I like your videos you are actually my favorite RUvid or
Rosanna Ramos
Rosanna Ramos 5 days ago
Sk1by Minecraft
Sk1by Minecraft 5 days ago
imagine bedwars allow bedrock :o
Thirdy Tasis
Thirdy Tasis 5 days ago
0:21 hahaha "WELL COME BACK"
Ayu Mautini
Ayu Mautini 6 days ago
Bionic play with aphmau and aron aphmau is get at playing bed war ok ok bionic ok ok
Dzulijana Ivcheska
Congratulations we win in gameeeee
Amin omer alabase
Ok cool
bilal pakistan gamer
you changed from bed too a human hahhahaha
Worped Meathead
Worped Meathead 6 days ago
The voice crack 😁😂😁😂😂😂😃😋😂😋
Danell Tan
Danell Tan 6 days ago
i really have no diea why but i just immideatly clicked the like button cause i want to support him
Sang Tran
Sang Tran 6 days ago
Minecraft bedwars but I get creative mode for 1 minute
shagufta yasmeen
shagufta yasmeen 7 days ago
Preston playz
Jeann Michael Tampus
aļļ fílipįnó
Melanie Wales
Melanie Wales 7 days ago
You said a bad word
Jelord Layson
Jelord Layson 8 days ago
Dylan drei Villar
And you have 76 likes lol
Dylan drei Villar
Why u have 2.4k un likes
Dylan drei Villar
Hep mtryegsn
Loida Azul
Loida Azul 8 days ago
gong gang ging gang
Taiven Hutson
Taiven Hutson 8 days ago
Shayaan Khalid
Shayaan Khalid 9 days ago
Saad Banting
Saad Banting 9 days ago
imagine getting heart from bionic
Venkat Pagilla
Venkat Pagilla 10 days ago
Jennifer Depano
Jennifer Depano 10 days ago
Having a knockback stick is dabes cuz the stick has no durability
Jason Skayrak
Jason Skayrak 11 days ago
Bionic: “types” “UR BED in chat: UIR NED NED?
arya anup
arya anup 11 days ago
that was so sick
Purpur Gamer
Purpur Gamer 12 days ago
Woah how did he change from a bed back to a cyborg? I thought he was a bed forever
One for Something
One for Something 14 days ago
Tinti Mpofu
Tinti Mpofu 14 days ago
I am a bed haha
Drista Cheese
Drista Cheese 14 days ago
The intro just killed me💀
Mico Macarat
Mico Macarat 15 days ago
How if you make a nether portal😀
Joem Wangkay
Joem Wangkay 15 days ago
but you can use tnt :-: 4:59
Renzo Gamer World Electric
is cool
Lawrence Moore
Lawrence Moore 15 days ago
Bionic should get piston to move the bedrock
Takiya Terry
Takiya Terry 15 days ago
He should have got ender pearls
jalila8512 16 days ago
dud wen u got daimond make daimond block stopid well not stopid but i call you stopid
Sedat Kuş
Sedat Kuş 16 days ago
Bionic:Helf me Me: :l what the h**l dued
CHAI ZHEN SUO Moe 17 days ago
U finale cut ur hair
Thomas Gaming
Thomas Gaming 17 days ago
if younget it
Thomas Gaming
Thomas Gaming 17 days ago
hi bednick
Rene Panilaga
Rene Panilaga 17 days ago
u are cheting
Ratna Vasanthi
Ratna Vasanthi 18 days ago
Me always see ur videos i saw even the sword sworr
Izcool future
Izcool future 18 days ago
my fafruit uhc is bionic
Adam Shamsedine
Adam Shamsedine 19 days ago
Your a pro bionic
Pixuxuco Brasil
Pixuxuco Brasil 19 days ago
Minecraft but you trade and there is a dice that you roll to see if you trade normally,be op and give NETHERITE or BEDROCK idk or if you s c a m
Mika Foo Junn Yi
Mika Foo Junn Yi 19 days ago
yay bedonic
lanky cube gaming
lanky cube gaming 20 days ago
Craft a diamond axe
Gunjan Taneja
Gunjan Taneja 20 days ago
Njo psl
Dylan drei Villar
Dylan drei Villar 20 days ago
Azulu Zozo
Azulu Zozo 21 day ago
Your dumb bionic you dis not have levels
Liam Sun
Liam Sun 22 days ago
hi my name is Liam sun hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith 22 days ago
Sub to me bionic
Renz Christian Cudal
Hahahhahaha you are cheater hahaha
a51aN 0w3n
a51aN 0w3n 23 days ago
Why did you get obsidian and end stone when you got bedrock,and also place obsidian under the bed so will could not break your bed cause on his POV he had an iron pickaxe
At the end he said sky wars is berwars not skywars
Mr Meow
Mr Meow 24 days ago
I want to se real bionic aka bio bed
light legend
light legend 25 days ago
enemys was like it was that this moment that he knew he fuck up
Nhien Hao
Nhien Hao 26 days ago
Dream is best player
Brian Y-1
Brian Y-1 26 days ago
Why don't you pick a fire aspect enchanted book?
Rosa Castellon
Rosa Castellon 26 days ago
Anthony C
Anthony C 27 days ago
You are my favorite RUvidr
Zack 1000
Zack 1000 27 days ago
ishan singh
ishan singh 27 days ago
Ana Paula R
Ana Paula R 27 days ago
Minigonsoinsunsuhsmsjsn smsnsnsnns
Remi fanai
Remi fanai 28 days ago
Gg bro u are pro
Roland Aaron Seprado
Hey everyone welcom bauk
Cute Leapord Gaming
Pls sub to me I have only 7 sub's pls sub
hisame34 29 days ago
JUST SUB TO HIM NOW I SAID NOW!!!!and sub to me pls if you sub to this guy sub to me ?
WOLF GAMER Month ago
U was handsom
AKQ D Month ago
Isaac Jequinto
Isaac Jequinto Month ago
Voice crack
ian manito
ian manito Month ago
For 20 seconds lok
ian manito
ian manito Month ago
Do everyone cheat not you
Chill Vibes
Chill Vibes Month ago
Do c for 10000
Mia cute
Mia cute Month ago
Wtf your a cheater
Hamad Abdulla Humood Al Khalifa
Can you make a lot of bad words
Nkomko GG
Nkomko GG Month ago
Do do do do doodododo do do dododododododododododododododododododododododododo
muffin bucket
muffin bucket Month ago
Next time make a video wiut elytra
Dealer Po
Dealer Po Month ago
gg dude
Randy Alibo
Randy Alibo Month ago
why did you cut your long hair its was cool!
Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh Month ago
grape used /give
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