Minecraft 5 EASY Early Game Farms Every World Should Have!

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Whats up doers, These are 5 simple early game farms every world should have!
I have another 2 farm videos coming early next week:
1 is extending these farms and the other contains another 5 farms every early/mid game world should have!!
With the farms you can easily get a jump start into mid game!
I did not include the fish farm for a reason!
This video includes:
Chicken farm
Cow Farm/Leather farm
Wool farm (you can dye your sheep for desired color)
Sugarcane Farm / Bamboo Farm
Crop Farm

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Jan 12, 2020




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Comments 80
Johan Johansson
Johan Johansson 3 months ago
Great vid :) Just as a tip a "cheaper" way of doing the early game crop farm is using trapdoors with water behind them instead of dispensers, the redstone opens the trapdoors using a lever and flushes the crop down. Saves a lot of fighting mobs for string and also the iron for waterbuckets ;)
Adam_ Oof
Adam_ Oof 9 hours ago
or pistons
Aydin Ward
Aydin Ward 2 days ago
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Connor Geddon
Connor Geddon 3 days ago
But you need quartz so I don’t think it matters if you’ve made it to the neather
Trevo 10 days ago
I work for the fbi. Come with me sir I have a few questions.
Phoenix D
Phoenix D 18 days ago
@maxdecphoenix Offhand, I would put the observer over the pumpkin's's space and have the pumpkin pushed into a stream from one side. But yeah, complications and you certainly need at least one piston per pumpkin. If you allocate two pistons per pumpkin you could try breaking a whole line at once, then pulling down the dirt below the fruit to let a stream in to wash them into a hopper. But this sort of thing is why I haven't gotten into automatic farming... too much resources for limited gain.
Jacky Damons
Jacky Damons 16 minutes ago
jake pip
jake pip 2 hours ago
the way you say lava bothers me lol. you say LaHva most people say laWva
yunidere 18 hours ago
If your chicken egg dispenser is not repeating, it might be because your redstone comparator did not register the default state of the dispenser as empty. To reset, simple ensure that your dispenser is clear of eggs, pick up and place down the comparator again in the same direction as the video, then insert the eggs into the hopper that is linked to the dispenser. It should be working now. Just remember: Do not manually add eggs into the dispenser yourself.
Famijoku Day ago
The hopper minecart and rails have to be covered by blocks, otherwise a chicken or other 1 block tall mobs can stop the cart
James Phillips
Do any farms work on ps4? Survival?
xix taurum
xix taurum Day ago
this shit doesn't work on java edition fam, next time put it in the title.
HXNR ! Day ago
I really enjoyed this video and it gave me more ideas for farms but he also did extra work for most of not all of the farms bit it was still helpful
KILLERMOON CZ 2 days ago
Never heard someone say "to stop you're crops to get out"
gabriel L
gabriel L 2 days ago
23:20 , if you want to be able to see what is happening, you can replace all the dirt with glass. I did that with my semi-auto far that I created. much different than this and more expensive. Thanks for creating a simple version so i dont use so many hoppers
Lexi Bailey
Lexi Bailey 12 hours ago
I can't get the dispensers to work? Am I doing something wrong?
feefo adams
feefo adams 3 days ago
thw wool farm was hella helpful man
Stuff Things
Stuff Things 3 days ago
Mr. Smith?
Peach Flavored Apple Sauce
Clearoi 3 days ago
Matthew Cramner
Matthew Cramner 4 days ago
loler 1234767
loler 1234767 5 days ago
I'm the 700dreth comment also great build man
Ayman 24
Ayman 24 5 days ago
Chapman: **sees wandering trader** "what are you doing?!" **grabs diamond sword** Any other player: "LEADS!"
Mapiz z utara
Mapiz z utara 5 days ago
Are you hidong tiga atau dua
Randem RANDUM 6 days ago
This helps specially the chicken farm and the cow farm the rest is also interesting but the xp farm from the cows just seem very nice to me since i accidentally broke my mob spawner and im sort of tired on farming xp in the nether
Claudia Beck
Claudia Beck 6 days ago
You can use the water for the sugar cane/Bamboo to colect the items
Boy_08 8 days ago
Christopher Cain
Christopher Cain 9 days ago
Zero tick cactus farm plus bamboo farm equals cactus’s cooking XP farm
Dandan Clee
Dandan Clee 9 days ago
Cool creator i hit the subcribe and like =)
Brandon 10 days ago
your bamboo/sugar cane farm is so extra.
Mini Soda
Mini Soda 10 days ago
F in chat for the traveling merchant you know he was done when he went for the diamond sword lmao
Crystal Alexander
Crystal Alexander 11 days ago
Thank you so much but you need more observance great video
Grant Toye
Grant Toye 12 days ago
Will you get feathers from a lava operated chicken farm?
Bubbles140896 12 days ago
Do these work for bedrock
Elijah Tusa
Elijah Tusa 12 days ago
I had to change the number for the dislike button cause of the bad number
Ethan Oxborough
Ethan Oxborough 12 days ago
You cant even put 2 cows in a hole now
rlfletcher 12 days ago
I built the chicken farmer the way its shown but I'm not getting any cooked chicken. I wonder what I did wrong
LegatoC 12 days ago
dude you sound just like my optometrist it's insane
Tessax x
Tessax x 12 days ago
I really like this video ! But my question is, does the sugar cane farm work on the ps4 too? I have one and it stopped working with the latest update
NOTVONgamer 12 days ago
why is it that he cant spell "Wool"?
Chapman 12 days ago
Because I used to edit these at 3am and shit happens, is that alright?
Andy H
Andy H 12 days ago
"Best early game farms to build" proceeds to take out 5 items required I have never heard of.
Nik Riggs
Nik Riggs 13 days ago
I’m loving this. Going to have a go tonite.
Herkus Bilius
Herkus Bilius 13 days ago
This is so helpful thanks
Maddy Lowdermilk
Maddy Lowdermilk 13 days ago
Kevin Raum
Kevin Raum 13 days ago
These guides really need to cover how to control the direction of where a block faces when placed.
GoofBall 13 days ago
This is so brilliant and I was so shook it worked 😂
GoofBall 13 days ago
This is so brilliant and I was so shook it worked 😂
Baxter Ayling
Baxter Ayling 13 days ago
the cow one don't work
RaiZdOe 14 days ago
Why do my eggs disapear when I throw them ? they are not in my dispenser nor my chests... ?_?
Angel Thresh
Angel Thresh 14 days ago
My cows won't make a baby no matter how much wheat I give them, and my dispenser won't fire the eggs. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Wrath Oranos
Wrath Oranos 14 days ago
For many, a farm that requires nether resources (i.e. comparator), is not "early game", no matter how simple the build.
luke dorrington
luke dorrington 14 days ago
If you swap the hopper for a hopper minecart in chicken farm the cooked chickens all get collected and not burnt up the minecart collects faster than the hopper
Jaeden R C
Jaeden R C 15 days ago
Don’t think the cow one works on PS4, tried it and got to the point my new borns immediately slingshot out the cluster
KingCat Playz
KingCat Playz 15 days ago
or you could just use a lead that you brutally kill the trader and lamas for
DeddyPlayer 15 days ago
early game
Daniel Muncinger
Daniel Muncinger 16 days ago
Why my dispenser doesn't dispensing eggs?
Daniel Muncinger
Daniel Muncinger 16 days ago
No, sorry. It's okay
Spinjitzu Studio's
Spinjitzu Studio's 16 days ago
Finally a tutorial that let us see a farm that works for real
Brian King
Brian King 16 days ago
My sugar cane farm is not collecting the crops. I followed your instructions exactly. Is this patched or something?
HGGundamreviews 16 days ago
It should be noted that crops grow faster if you alternate what is growing next to them. So say, Carrots down one row with potatoes down the next row with wheat down the next row and so on.
Ethan Degeyter
Ethan Degeyter 16 days ago
I respect you for not showing when you killed the wandering villager and lama thingys lol
Ethan Degeyter
Ethan Degeyter 15 days ago
Lol that’s a good reason not to show it XD
Chapman 16 days ago
I punched a cat in one of my older videos and the crowd went CRAZY lol They were screaming off his head from outside the colosseum... Iv learned my lesson!
Jake Huang
Jake Huang 16 days ago
wandering trader comes in *Astronomia plays Chapman takes out diamond sword *pans shot of Ghanian coffin dancers
Kameron Frischenmeyer
Does this work on bedrock
Noah Cousar
Noah Cousar 18 days ago
Stating that you must crouch to get the hoppers to connect to the chests and dispenser makes all the difference..I couldn't figure out what I did wrong until I noticed that tiny little pipe that comes out of the hopper when you install in crouched. I couldn't get it right standing. Hope that helps anyone that couldn't figure this out.. I'm still learning as I go.
Sandra Kiss
Sandra Kiss 18 days ago
I got called out by my friends for killing wandering traders all the time, ofc when I was building a spawner farm he appeared yet again, blocking my building paths nonstop... so I went ಠ_ಠ and grabbed my bow and arrows it's an absolute mood haha
Claude 16 days ago
My world in early game have a lot of wandering traders xD they gave me alot of leather and ropes😂
Martin Cichos
Martin Cichos 18 days ago
lol when i made this the trader also came with his 2 llamas
Glen Boonzaier
Glen Boonzaier 18 days ago
How can you call that chicken cooker an early game item. It requires a trip to the Nether to get Quartz for the comparator?
Pedro Zayas
Pedro Zayas 18 days ago
Do these work in bedrock?
Chris McDonald
Chris McDonald 18 days ago
Only problem i see is i can not open the chest with a block on top of it.........
V S 19 days ago
I have copied the chicken cooker but my dispenser doesn't click, it has eggs in it but the redstone circuit is constantly lit, there is no click. If I remove the comparator and replace it, it clicks once. I have copied the exact structure and redstone circuit from this vid and the only difference is mine doesn't work. Any ideas? FYI I have checked all the circuit and made sure the comparator, repeater and dispenser are all round the correct way and the egg passage works ie I throw eggs in and the go to the dispenser,
Eddie Arcega
Eddie Arcega 19 days ago
boys n girls... I bring to you Auschwitz!
Ellie Simpson
Ellie Simpson 19 days ago
‘Whool’ farm? Quality spelling
Matthew Davidson
Matthew Davidson 19 days ago
That traveling Llama dude's photo bomb was epic!
Aqua 47 Flawless
Aqua 47 Flawless 20 days ago
20 minutes and only one cooked chicken
Hezri Izmir
Hezri Izmir 20 days ago
Stop mocking this guy his voice sounded innocent WhOol WeEd
Congevity Music
Congevity Music 20 days ago
Do all of these work in console version?
Shane McGough
Shane McGough 20 days ago
Unless Mojang made some changes I haven't heard about, cramming those animals into one tiny space wreaks havoc on a server. I wouldn't do this is anything other than in single player.
GalaxiaGirl Productions
Used to wreak havoc on servers, they updated it so that now if there’s too many one of them will die, making it so there is less.
Natthapong Phuchuensri
Minecraft totally a horror game lol
sir mafa
sir mafa 21 day ago
Does this works on Minecraft pe????
Element Fury Fire
I play minecraft on my phone and the chicken one makes my game lag so bad.
Dark Shadow Plays
You can get ♾ subscribers in one second
Shadow Kin
Shadow Kin 21 day ago
He called the cow a he
Ionut Loghin
Ionut Loghin 21 day ago
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Leooo 21 day ago
My chicken farm always give me raw food
solrac 21 day ago
The firing system isn’t working for me
Roland Danielsen
Roland Danielsen 22 days ago
baller memes
baller memes 22 days ago
Top 5 beginner farms number 1 requires nether quartz
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