Minecraft 1.15.2 Combat Test Snapshot 5 : Saturation Nerfed & Crazy Coyote Time

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Minecraft 1.15.2 The Bees & Bugs Update Videos ► ruvid.net/group/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk
Minecraft combat is going to change! Probably in 1.16 with 1.15.2 around the corner. This update changes food and regeneration, weapons and damage and introduces coyote time.
Minecraft 1.15.2 Pre-Release 1 Farmable Bee Nests & Generation Changes!
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0:26 Jeb's Thread
1:09 Server Download Link
1:30 Changes To Weapon Damage Values
3:13 Natural Healing, Saturation & Food Changes
5:43 Other Changes
7:58 Coyote Time
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 2 255
xisumavoid Month ago
This is what happens when I play Modded Minecraft... ruvid.net/video/video-maEah6k3rfA.html
Enderman_of_D00M 11 days ago
reducing weapon damage doesn't fix the issue with PvE armor. Armor is still trash against mobs, which most people fight rather than players
leo the lazar
leo the lazar 19 days ago
Hi please may I join hermitcraft it would really make my day if ok message me on messanger. Messanger name:leo Redfearn
TYFONAS JACKAL 24 days ago
Fwhip should join hermicraft
Foki Iván
Foki Iván 26 days ago
Hey Xisuma! I just tested out the 1.15 Vanilla Tweaks resource packs, but one of my favourite ones the transparent shield doesn't work. :( Please fix it or tell me what is the problem, because the game without the transparent shield is really hard!
Volk Trololo
Volk Trololo Month ago
Maybe HermitRLCraft?
Redheshan Ravichandran
i want power to activate on bows when they are fully charged
Im not gonna lie I don’t want the nether update I wish I could stop it☹️
Our Tube
Our Tube 9 days ago
Someone else probably commented this already The wording of ‘hunger no longer affects sprinting’ does not mean ‘sprinting no longer affects hunger’ see? there’s a difference. I could be wrong but when I read the reddit article Jeb said, and I’m paraphrasing here ‘hunger doesn’t affect sprinting’ So, in conclusion, sprinting is not stopped when you go beyond 3 haunches anymore. *butt* it still lowers your hunger more than walking. P.S. Please correct me if I’m wrong :-)
broccolidood 10 days ago
"coyote time" is a term used in platformers where you can still jump after walking off a platform to account for reaction time. I think they should out an angle limit on it
Rigel 13 days ago
if you look at late game pvp atleast this just makes it even more tedious. when both players had the same armors and weapons with perfect enchants and potions or golden apples it would already be a battle of whose armor breaks first or in fact who has more replacements with them. so a different kind of rework would've been needed in my opinion, buffing simple armor without enchants relative to their enchanted counterparts and maybe even increasing some damages instead of just lowering all damage wich also applys to all mobs and unarmored players.
NickelPincher 14 days ago
k i'll be real why the fuck do people care so much about pvp current combat system is fine.
E 14 days ago
I honestly can't believe how stupid are Minecraft's current developers...
E 14 days ago
They're basically digging a grave for the moment on which Hytale releases and buries Minecraft deep underground
Fwble _
Fwble _ 15 days ago
So axes are useless as weapons now which removes the choice of power vs speed... great feature
TechnoGuz GD
TechnoGuz GD 15 days ago
Conga time
Level 5 Partisan
Level 5 Partisan 15 days ago
these are so ass backwards lol. coyote time? just make baby zombie hitboxes bigger. weapons nerf? just buff armor.
Not Drew
Not Drew 15 days ago
I’m sorry, but I couldn’t stop laughing at “hunger honch”
Zennith The Folf
Zennith The Folf 15 days ago
I hope they aren't sticking to nerfing all the weapons into the ground, including food. Why not just make armor stronger? It's not that strong by itself. Sure it makes a difference, and it should, just buff the armor. Maybe tweak the effect of Protection as to not make it op? I just don't feel like healing/combat should be any harder than it already is. But I'm not an expert.
Dreroyce 15 days ago
All this because people complained about 1.9 .
Dovahkiev 15 days ago
Here's a good fix to all of this: Roll back to 1.8 combat and regeneration. No need for complication
gemmS 15 days ago
i hope this things dont get into the game
Ziyx — Thomas Fox
Saturation still exists... It is just no longer linked to regeneration
Aura Boom
Aura Boom 15 days ago
Decreasing weapon damage will affect killing mobs as well, so it takes long to kill anything, with or without armour, which makes this change useless.
Pegglez 15 days ago
Horrible changes. Why change something so critical to the game when everyone is fine with it? Everything showcased in this video is horrible. I'm honestly not going to update.
K s h F i 3 d
K s h F i 3 d 16 days ago
7:30 - If they don't fix it, players who are smart enough will create a slow falling throwable potion annd throw it on oponents, so they can't really reach them anymore, TOO OP, needs fix definitely..
Lele 16 days ago
wtf worst update
Lele 16 days ago
and really, backtrack?
Joey Woey
Joey Woey 16 days ago
The farther you fall, the more crit damage should be done!!
ADankPancake 16 days ago
This is not good
Atmos Quake
Atmos Quake 16 days ago
Thinking to myself, boy you sound familiar. Oh right, I came to you via your second channel where you were playing Slay
yamipumpkin 16 days ago
This is so bad lol
DiabloMinero 16 days ago
Combat test: everything is crappier
LegoOverkill Animation
This kind of knockback happens all the time on pocket edition pvp servers
levoi 16 days ago
Who is quitting minecraft when this is in?
Natsai J.G
Natsai J.G 16 days ago
What Jeb meant with the change in saturation is that now saturation only delays the period of full hunger before the player starts losing hunger points. Golden carrots are still pretty op in that they restore a lot of saturation, meaning that the player would eat less golden carrots than they would cooked mutton because golden carrots restore more saturation than cooked mutton.
Claude Davis
Claude Davis 16 days ago
Worst balancing update I’ve ever seen.
Callan Caustic
Callan Caustic 16 days ago
So you're telling me a sharp blade of solid stone is equal to a pointy stick
Connor Schultz
Connor Schultz 2 days ago
You could also say a pionty rock is equal to a covered cut and sharpened blade of wood....
TUC - Kaan Karaayan
Possibilities of using other tools as weapons is reduced. I liked the mechanics that axes and shoes had before but this ruins alot now since axes are useless. I think "reach" was a better nerf. Because it added a new thing and didn't break the consistency.
TUC - Kaan Karaayan
Stone tools , Iron tools and Trident became more useless. I hate this
COCONUT GUN 16 days ago
So Jeb's solution to natural regen just makes Saturation completely useless Not sure how to feel about that. On the one hand, they sure like to keep it hidden so casual players never knew it existed anyway, but on the other hand I always found it kinda nice that the best foods weren't always the ones that restore tons of hunger. And it was kinda appropriate that the overall best food was a Golden one, even without it supplying any potion effects like the G'Apple and Notch Apple do
Kyojin 16 days ago
Who gave Jeb shrooms again
Jimothy j
Jimothy j 16 days ago
Holy shit these are some bad decisions. PVP armor feels too weak? Ok, let's affect the entire playerbase and PVE combat by nerfing weapons! That'll make people happy! They already nerfed the shit out of combat and now they want to make it so that even the most endgame player still feels threatened by a zombie. Unbelievable. They also removed the risk/reward of sprinting draining your hunger, making it basically mandatory to sprint everywhere. No one will ever walk again. Exploration will feel more boring. It seems mojang is trying to make their game less exciting for some bizarre reason.
Connor Schultz
Connor Schultz 2 days ago
It has been said before these snapshots are being made without regard PVE, I believe jeb commented on that around the first one, PVE will be adjusted before it enters the main game
hypertion 16 days ago
what about bow?
kunghugge 16 days ago
It looks like jeb does not know about the cryatalpvp meta
Cristalack 16 days ago
Mojang stop messing with combat. Please.
H u g o H e p w o r t h
Rip axes.
Mario583 17 days ago
Coyote Time? More like KillAura Time.
Sockmother 17 days ago
they have no idea what they’re doing in terms of combat. At least the nether update looks cool
Connor Schultz
Connor Schultz 2 days ago
*nethrite is stronger then Diamond* *all tool sets are nerfed* ...I wonder
Guy 17 days ago
no one asked for this
Jammie Dodger
Jammie Dodger 17 days ago
The tool change is bad
Backwards Cloud
Backwards Cloud 17 days ago
Honestly ever since they introduced pillagers I’ve been wanting to not play future versions of the game. I mean come on, I gotta worry about normal mobs at night but then these crossbow guys can just spawn right next to my house at any time of day? I just want to build in piece, but no, I gotta accidentally start a raid and risk the lives of everything in the immediate area because these guys wouldn’t go away. Then in the next update it seems like days are going by quicker (I have no idea if they are but it sure feels like it), and crops are growing slower because this game really wants me to use these stupid bees. Then after that they want me to completely throw any new farming issues I had away because all food works the exact same! Bye bye, saturation, it’s not like I was putting a lot of effort into making higher quality food or anything. And now I can suddenly make my completely invincible set of armour even better for absolutely no reason? Wow! That’s something I want to do! New things are cool, yes, but when these new things *constantly* attack my prior knowledge of game mechanics for the sake of being new? It really isn’t fun to me. Not in the slightest.
Connor Schultz
Connor Schultz 2 days ago
@Backwards Cloud this is a game rule to remove the pilger raiding partys in 1.15.2 just set it to false.
potcactus 16 days ago
@Backwards Cloud They are *not* removing saturation, just reminding you. It's a decision made by only one man, Jeb, in his test snapshots. The entire Mojang team probably haven't seriously discussed about removing it. Even then, this entire test thingy is subject to change. And it *is* unfair sometimes, but I believe you can always work around Minecraft and its dangers. Put your villagers in a roofed, enclosed, well lit (above 8; patrols only spawn at night under light level 8) and relatively tight space. Or put them separately in enclosed rooms that are accessible by iron or piston door. Alternatively, spawn tons of iron golems and nametag them.
Backwards Cloud
Backwards Cloud 16 days ago
potcactus I assumed days went by quicker from experience in playing on a 1.15 server where we would have to sleep what felt like every 5 minutes. I also assumed crops grew slower since it took many more days in the worlds I played in to grow crops. Many. Sure, these new updates are giving me a hard time, but it’s not “challenging”. The pillagers are easy to kill, but they spawn INSIDE of my villager area, which isn’t “challenging”, it’s *unfair.* The game prepared me for a decade to put the extra effort in to getting better food options like cows and pigs, only to then completely ruin it by removing saturation. It makes everything food-related I had ever done pointless. That isn’t “challenging”, it’s wasted time and effort at the fault of the game. It’s *unfair.* That’s why I don’t enjoy these updates. Because being cheated by the game isn’t fun.
potcactus 16 days ago
Half of the things you say aren't true. Days last the same time and crops grow the same time as before. Keep in mind that everything you see in this video isn't implemented yet. It's in a test version that you can't even download from the launcher. These are for listening to the community and hear feedback. If a majority of the community doesn't like a feature Jeb experimented upon then he will remove or change it. And many, many people dislike this update, not just you. Minecraft was always meant to be challenging. If you don't like it, play peaceful.
BloodTroller 17 days ago
It is confirmed... JEB MADE KILL AURA
Daniel Bryant
Daniel Bryant 17 days ago
Actually sick and tired of the whiny minority that are killing Minecraft 1.9 - Ok people didnt understant how to pvp so they complain till they killed pvp entirely and made it braindead - peoples only point was that spam clicking was all that was to it, no you know nothing about pvp if you think that, you can click at 2 cps and still beat anyone, its just because your bad deal with it. 1.9 - great content and new mechanic update for survival - actually makes the skeletons and creepers somewhat of a threat for the first hour or so of playing, loved the end changes but the enderdragon is still way to weak, you dont need armour or weapons to kill it, and if you do want to use a bow / snowballs then you dont even need an enchanted bow or enchanted iron armour. 1.12.2 - added a lot of weird stuff up till this point, not sure which version totoms got introduced but come on, the only way to die if you have a brain is being glitched out, usually while bridging in the end before elytra but that to can still be circumvented if you use water buckets and are patient Snapshots - Added a coyote mode because people cant even hit mobs, if you cant even hit a mob running in a straight line towards you then there is something wrong, baby zombies can be a pain but there easily killed just by pillaring up two blocks or using a bow or healing potions. - This is nothing but an aimbot for people who cant play the game at a basic level Elytra is terrible for pvp - Totoms are terrible for pvp - Coyote mode will kill pvp if it works against players, and im sorry but if you cant kill the dragon because its to hard then just dont bother, the dragon has been known for years to be a joke of a boss and even after the updates with dragons breath its still stupidly easy, the elder guardiens die in two bow shots and the wither is the only thing barely challenging and thats only if you wear no armour and use ice to move around while shooting.
SteveGamesFTW 17 days ago
Since Jeb has gone crazy, he might as well re-introduce spam hitting pvp...
Sparks 17 days ago
That coyote time thing is going to give hacked clients SO much more room when it comes to killaura and server owners SO much more headache when it comes to defeating hackers, if it gets implemented as is
Patrick Knowlton
Patrick Knowlton 17 days ago
So they narfed over the combat system once before and it was awful. Now they're doing it again. Sigh.
Sparks 17 days ago
"Fights are too dragged out" >makes weapons do less damage to drag them out even longer
Luke Buchanan
Luke Buchanan 17 days ago
Anticheat: I can detect killaura Coyote time: I'm abouta end this man's whole career
Patrick Kali
Patrick Kali 17 days ago
Honestly, I don't think the changes are reasonable at all. if the armor is weak, then why don't they buff the armor? Also, with the 1.9 combat system, it's already almost impossible to kill someone with good healing as it is. They should just add another protection level.
Denzel Zhao
Denzel Zhao 17 days ago
Unpopular Opinion: The PvE nerf is good, Minecraft is actually a really easy game.
Creeper 17 days ago
Ooh I HATE upwards knockback, especially when I'm playing Bed Wars😡
Freya 17 days ago
Great, pve is even more annoying on top of the attack cooldown.
daphne edwards
daphne edwards 17 days ago
if an axe is just as powerful as a sword what’s the point of using it now?? this is terrible i hope they change it
_Nadiki_ 17 days ago
Literally all of this is a step in the wrong direction.
Cebula 18 days ago
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