Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money? | Middle Ground

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Published on


May 15, 2019




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Comments 100
Cara The Buddhist
Beautiful. I love that you're bringing people together who would otherwise probably never meet. Great points from both sides.
Makayla Brown
Makayla Brown 2 hours ago
Why am I just seeing this
kayliee c
kayliee c 6 hours ago
when she said "I'll die a d cup", she a real one for that
Mock Gem
Mock Gem 6 hours ago
There are several conditions for someone to become rich self made rich..like hard work skill level right place right time etc Say if there are 5 conditions, rare conditions to be met but there millions who have 3/5 but thousands who got 4/5 and maybe only a few hundred who got 5/5
Erik 7 hours ago
That commie tho xd
J VND 8 hours ago
I see healthy, able-bodied young people on both sides. Try and have a disability, such as 15 epileptic seizures per day and no family to support you- you can do whatever you want, have every skill under the sun and still live below poverty line for the rest of your life.
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor 10 hours ago
Funny how all the millionaires don't have real jobs.
Garrett Nasim
Garrett Nasim 8 hours ago
Bruh what
DOOGTY 15 hours ago
lmao grahm has a youtube channel
Itu 17 hours ago
I dont get why most people think people are being rich just for a lambo ,like 😂😂
Trent 21 hour ago
Tim is annoying
BoomerMan69 23 hours ago
Honestly (not trying to be sexist) that the men that are millions are smart as hell they gave away everything to get everything
Cqmel Day ago
Tim is just spitting fax.
tyson clarke
tyson clarke Day ago
"what about if the risk doesn't pay off?" How would you ever know that unless you gave up? You wouldn't.
Ashab Alamgir
Apart from tiera the other two were full of excuses. No wonder so many people don't succeed. They relied heavily on stereotypes
Wow Day ago
that bald man is really frustrating
Im just here for Graham lol
Dorian Preister
Tim is 45 still making minimum wage.. dude I was making more than minimum wage at age 16 working in a kitchen
victor Rhone
victor Rhone 2 days ago
Lazy people will always have less.
Angelia Stone-Tolcher
Do self made millionaire vs people who were like born into the wealth
Itu 17 hours ago
If they were born rich and dont even flex thats fine, because can everyone choose to whom they be born? No!, If their parents work hard to let the son enjoy his life its good
Alex Crowell
Alex Crowell 2 days ago
Brett towers over the other millionaires😂
Alex Jameyson
Alex Jameyson 2 days ago
Giving to the less fortunate by means of education is by far the best for of charity. That’s why graham is the man
Roman Nalivka
Roman Nalivka 2 days ago
What's the chance of trying a version of this for elementary school kids. I am a therapist at an elementary school and have been trying to find videos like these to show them. So far, there seems to be a swear word slipped in (which is appropriate for these videos) or the topics may be a bit heavy for elementary school. With the division over the last 4 or 8 years, I have been pushing more discussion and getting kids to debate topics in an appropriate manner instead of just yelling and name calling.
Misha Gupta
Misha Gupta 2 days ago
wtf is this?? obviously 'anyone can become rich if they work hard enough' is false a huge huge factor of success is luck if graham hadn't chanced upon that real estate dude who helped him out, he may not have gotten where he is. someone else somewhere in the world is working just as hard or harder than graham and may not have the same luck. People really underestimate the role of luck in our lives. It feels nicer to believe that we make our own path and that our actions determine our future, but a lot of things depend on being at the right place at the right time. i wish tim was more forceful when making his argument but oh well
Itu 17 hours ago
He put Himself there, Your money wont go nowhere but you wont get anywhere if u dont catch it
Sean Dooley
Sean Dooley Day ago
Chanced upon? He put himself in the situations to be “chanced upon”.
ELIOmaréchal 2 days ago
Tim is cool
Courteney Campbell
Graham and tierra were just vibing with each other
Jay Kim
Jay Kim 3 days ago
I love Graham! Can we be friends?? Seems very humble and grounded.
miss sugah
miss sugah 3 days ago
Ugggghhh Tim annoyed me. He always wanted to talk. Yikes!!!!!
cerodio pascoal
cerodio pascoal 3 days ago
Why cardi b is on the video?!
Linton FOR
Linton FOR 3 days ago
"anyone can become rich if they work hard enough" id say you've got pretty much no chance if born into slavery
Itu 17 hours ago
Did u born into slavery?
Linton FOR
Linton FOR 18 hours ago
@John Tremblay thats colonel obvious to you sergeant, and you're write, all the more reason they did not earn their millions
John Tremblay
Thanks captain obvious. Probably much harder if you have no arms, legs, vision, and deaf too.
Linton FOR
Linton FOR 3 days ago
"i feel iv worked for everything iv earned" i worked hard for my genes
Malfoy 3 days ago
did tim just come to preach? orrrr?
E L L Y 3 days ago
If I die I die a D cup , miss ilysm 🤍✋😖
Joe Logan
Joe Logan 3 days ago
Bitter is so ugly
I hate You
I hate You 3 days ago
I can’t believe you got cardi b on your show
Anna Booher
Anna Booher 3 days ago
You HAVE to take a risk. You may fail at many many risks but you’ve gotta take the risk. Just keep on hitting it and don’t get defeated, try other avenues. And hey if you can’t speak English learn English and then jump into it
Athena Gilbert-McDaniels
Can’t hear it volumes too low
Nature Love
Nature Love 4 days ago
We need a Resource Based Economy Like The Venus Project
Raymond Calitri
Raymond Calitri 4 days ago
Did dude just say "spending money is not fulfilling"? 11:17 bro try having money first
A.J. Bready
A.J. Bready 4 days ago
This was one of the rare episodes where I actually liked everyone. Everyone in this was really polite and there wasn't any arguing or anger between such a different two days.
Ryan 4 days ago
Could be retitled: "lazy entitled democrats who want socialism vs smart, hard working entrepreneurs who built something.
Francbouz 4 days ago
Damn these millionaires are spotting hella truth in their responses.
Zachary Wilbur
Zachary Wilbur 4 days ago
Everyone has the ability to succeed, not everyone has the ability to be rich. I do believe that any person in America can be successful and end up supporting themselves, but the idea that anyone can be rich is absurd. When you make $8.50 an hour and have bills to pay, there’s no way out. This is America, and if you’re poor and don’t become rich through a miracle you’re judged.
Kate Newberry
@PaperMaker69!! I understand you were trying to be encouraging, and I’m really not trying to harp on you. You were demonstrating that technically there is a way out of every situation. However, the situations you described are extreme. Why should Americans have to drive 2 hours everyday simply so they can make money to afford to eat? Possible? Yes, technically. Realistic? No.
PaperMaker69!! 2 days ago
@Zachary Wilbur i just know alot of people that drive a hour and a half to two hours one way to get to work everyday... i know people that drive three to four hours to get to homa louisianna to work on oil rigs every month. I have family that travel all around america to build refineries "welders". People may get stuck in bad spots and cant find away out just have to try is all im saying. Local union halls, paper mills, refineries, oil rigs, auto manufacturing plants there is so many things that someone can do it may take a lot of trying to get on but if you never know or put in a application it will never happen. Im in small town vicksburg mississippi and doing good and so or most of my peers it really all depends on your situation. If you are struggling pay check to pay check i know people that literally fly from jackson missisippi to all over the world to go to work. Im not trying to sound harsh or rude just trying to encourage anyone reading this i had never heard of a paper mill till some one told me i never knew of tug boat workers till a friend told me i did not know of auto manufacturing plants if you dont know you cant escape the cycle best of luck and i hope this is encouraging to at least one person that reads it.
PaperMaker69!! 2 days ago
@Zachary Wilbur no problem.
Zachary Wilbur
Zachary Wilbur 2 days ago
Not accusing you of racism or anything like that, just showing why I think that idea is flawed
Zachary Wilbur
Zachary Wilbur 2 days ago
@PaperMaker69!! thats a rather condescending statement. You’re essentially saying to all people who are struggling that they’re just not motivated enough, and it’s their fault. This is also the same ideological tool used by whites and Europeans to exploit the worlds peoples. People who are doing well and successful ask, “hmm why am I in the top/richest group? All the other people must be just less motivated or inferior.” It’s a sentiment that helps maintain the status quo and prevent progress.
Helene Grey
Helene Grey 4 days ago
The rich stay rich by investing wisely and heavily while the poor don't make any investment and they use up their savings by spending like the rich. Be Wise!!!
Maksie0 4 days ago
@Lucy james You're only lying.
Lucy james
Lucy james 4 days ago
@Maksie0 yeah he has been account manager for years now. SO? I'm only helping!
Grayson Jaxon
Grayson Jaxon 4 days ago
@Peyton madeline I totally agree . That way one can make a lot of profit off stock market
Maksie0 4 days ago
@Lucy james You just happen to have the phone number of someone you said you read about in a newspaper? 🤔
Lincoln Addison
Lincoln Addison 4 days ago
@Maksie0 You don't just spoil the name of a good man like that. You really don't know what you're saying keep shut!
Severinsen 4 days ago
Queue all the US American a that don't understand basic economy, thinking they're a millionaire in the making, not understanding how the American Dream has always been national propaganda to keep them in their seats. If you don't see corporate actions as wealth being unfairly taken an hoarded, you'll never fight back. If you think fair distribution is wrong, if you think unions and taxes are bad, If you think restrictions are holding you back when in reality they'll never affect you negatively, if you don't view yourself as a consumer and a commodity for the major corporations, then you'll give them more room to take and take until there's no more. It's a miracle that they successfully lobbied so hard into the core of a country, that the population is on the side of the wolf in sheep's clothing. That's why it's hard to feel sad for the poverty stricken demography of the US population anymore. They don't even see their own enemy, yet they think other people are idiots. Pathetic.
Thomas Dawson
Thomas Dawson 3 days ago
Your comment implies a lack of understanding in basic economic theory. There aren't a limited amount of gold coins circulating in the economy, any competent person or corporation knows that the best way to "hoard" (or make returns on) money is to invest it. I.e. make it available for use by other people, whether that be start-ups or larger companies. Those companies can then build their infrastructure or workforce, become more efficient, and generate more value. Value that is then shared with the investors.
Orbit Mercury
Orbit Mercury 4 days ago
Graham looks like Tom Cruise
that 1grrl
that 1grrl 5 days ago
I won’t say that a lack of connections can be someone’s downfall when it comes to not being able to become rich. It’s moreso the accessibility that people have. The environment you live in plays a big role in what you have access to, and unfortunately, your level of success. As a person of color, that is an example I live with daily.
How To Fix Anything
I hear what that social worker guy is saying, but that's not how business works. If you fail you keep trying and trying, most individuals allow fear to drive them towards just settling and working for someone else because.. ohh I might not make it. I understand it's really a lot of hard work, and it starts with consistent action and educating yourself to improve.
Your landscaping father is just a lawn mower. He obviously had no business sense. So he’s a worker. That’s fine. He’s just not a business man prob didn’t invest enough into advertising or equipment.
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis 6 days ago
The harder you work the luckier you are.
Evangeline Rose
Evangeline Rose 6 days ago
Tim is a comrade for sure
C 6 days ago
It's so interesting to see the difference in mindset between the workers and the millionaires. If you notice, the millionaires see barriers and feel like they can do it regardless of their circumstance. And of course , they work hard. While the others, saw the barriers that might get in the way and didn't think it was possible. And that lady's and gents, is the difference between the wealthy and the poor.
Maksie0 5 days ago
@C Thank you, comrade
C 5 days ago
@Maksie0 okay, keep waiting on the system to change 👍 goodluck to you
Maksie0 5 days ago
@C "Blaming" the system is just step one. Step two is changing it. So that people can't hoard grotesque amounts of wealth during a major health crisis anymore, as a great example.
C 5 days ago
@Maksie0 to each their own. But if all you will ever do is play the victim and blame the system for everything instead of learning the system and learning how to use it to your advantage and not educating yourself by reading books on what the rich are doing then yes, you are right. It will be impossible. The pandemic was the worse time for the US but the best time for investors and best time to make money. Because all stocks were cheap when the economy crashed and houses were cheap. They have now raised in value and the people that invested when the pandemic started , made millions now. But of course if you don’t know the system then you wouldn’t know.
Maksie0 5 days ago
@C The reason the rich get richer is because they're already rich. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that making money is a hell of a lot easier when you already have it.
Anonymous Baros
Anonymous Baros 6 days ago
The phrase that anyone can become rich if they work hard enough is actually hyperbole. Anyone includes everyone. So those with mental disabilities that can't work for it can never achieve. And those with terminal illness with a ultra short lifespan.
Charlie Sanders
Charlie Sanders 6 days ago
It was interesting how the millionaires shared examples of how they overcame adversity while the others simply complained about it and made excuses. Really shows you the different mentalities.
David Stewart
David Stewart 6 days ago
All great questions. There's not a person in this panel that cannot be a millionaire
Bohlale Okesokun
Bohlale Okesokun 6 days ago
Tierra is so b eautiful! and Christianna's milliuinnaire status at 24 is really inspiring
iamthinking2202 _
I’m not saying the millionaires didn’t work hard, just that working as hard or even harder than them won’t necessarily make you a millionaire.
Nature Love
Nature Love 4 days ago
facts everyone cant be the chief.
John Marques Ventura
You have to work harder on the right thing.
Watermelon Sugar
Watermelon Sugar 6 days ago
In my opinion its not about working hard... Its about working smart.
Calliphoney 6 days ago
Agreed, there's a luck factor involved along with hardwork
YellnitroY 6 days ago
Marcelo Ahumada
Marcelo Ahumada 7 days ago
0.23 looks like a wannabe cardi b
L A 7 days ago
Let's be real y'all, Tierra can't be single. People don't just leave gems out on the street.
Jean Paul Matta
Jean Paul Matta 7 days ago
A video young millionaire vs old millionaire
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 7 days ago
Becoming a millionaire is relatively easy now , just get a good degree and start your own business, the easiest business to start is a real-estate business start small and keep progressing into a agency. You can also invest in stocks ext. it’s really fking easy to become rich the only reason they are minimum wage is because they are to lazy to pursue a 5 year course in university all you need to become rich is 50$ invest in stocks and your good 50$ can turn into 1million $ in less than a year
Alice mark
Alice mark 8 days ago
If you want to be successful have the mindset of the rich, spend less and invest more,. Don't give up your dreams, I pray whoever likes and reads this will be successful!
king bush
king bush 8 days ago
She's a productive and trustworthy broker
king bush
king bush 8 days ago
No doubts, her trading last week was boom boom!!
wilson Adams
wilson Adams 8 days ago
her methods works like magic I think she deserves a honour
wilson Adams
wilson Adams 8 days ago
I keep on earning $7000 every single week with her new strategy
Linda poplin
Linda poplin 8 days ago
I have already contacted her and she attends to me nicely
Donovan Bryant
Donovan Bryant 8 days ago
Bruh graham hit it and I felt it. It's the chase of getting the thing u want. Once you get the thing the alure goes away.
TeKnoVKNG23 8 days ago
There's a bit of a difference though, being a millionaire isn't necessarily rich. There are all kinds of millionaires you'd never even know because they don't flaunt their money, drive used cars, and live well within their means. This dude in the gray shirt will probably be minimum wage/low income forever because he has an excuse for everything and a reason for why he can't do something. I would love to see Graham and Tierra do an episode or two together though, very refreshing and genuine people.
Ruben Young
Ruben Young 8 days ago
That bald dude is trolling
Emily McCarthy
Emily McCarthy 8 days ago
When the millionaire's said they made millions by working hard and not having friends or a social life. Im actually kind of sad for them. Shows you can't have everything.
Stázka 6 days ago
Exectlly. Pll want to be millionaires, but they dunno what these pll sacerfieced. Being a millionaire without social life and genuine relationships Is not a meaningful life for me. I am surprised so many ppl wanna be like them, there ar other values then money... Nothing against these millionares, but I doubt they ar happier then ppl living simple live in a healthy environment and cummunity.
Billy Bob Jamal
Billy Bob Jamal 8 days ago
Life choices: Actress, SJW, Target employee. Vs. Entrepreneurs
Agata Szpyrka
Agata Szpyrka 8 days ago
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones 8 days ago
I strive to be Graham.
Spiritual Gazi
Spiritual Gazi 9 days ago
The salary in my country is about 200$ per month Anyone can teach me how i can make it?
Vjeran Svjetlonosa
Go work in some better economy and come back. With bmw
Will S
Will S 9 days ago
If you go into a 5 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion , and you live in the United’s states . Maybe you should try and learn a little of the countries primary language
Ven0m0th 9 days ago
Honestly I don’t understand why schools don’t teach proper investing and saving in high school. It’s definitely hard to make a wage off minimum wage but if kids have the opportunity to do mutual fund investments etc. they could benefit for their future. Ofc school never teaches anything essential
Awedio Music
Awedio Music 9 days ago
86% of US millionaires are self-made. The average millionaire takes 32 years to reach a net worth of $1M. 78% of US millionaires came from middle or working class backgrounds.
Taymoor Jahangiri
aww, poor millionaires, they feel judged for their income level
Taymoor Jahangiri
@NCR Ranger does it matter?
NCR Ranger
NCR Ranger 9 days ago
They are judged for their income level
TheLeah2344 9 days ago
I started a small business and I want to make six figures one day. Right now I’m currently working a full time job while working on my business. Also I really like the black girl in the green sweater.
hoochiemoochie 9 days ago
That guy Tim is a destructive force in our world. A Marxist in the truest sense. And look at how he even admits he doesn’t like the idea of charity. Exactly, he wants the government to force others at the end of the gun to give over their money. Easy rule: whenever anyone uses the word “justice” flippantly after other words like “economic” or “environmental” then you can bet they are a Marxist. Also he used the word “utopia”... I mean he couldn’t make it any clearer that he is a radical Marxist.
Maksie0 8 days ago
Because charity doesn't work to meaningfully redistribute wealth to where it's needed. If Tim is a destructive force, I hope he helps us destroy capitalism.
Carneil May
Carneil May 9 days ago
Their mind set of minimum wage and millionaire are completely differently
Luiz 8 days ago
An organic personality if u mean
Luiz 8 days ago
Yes the millionaires personalities look like its just them being rich, but in contrast the poorer seem that they have a more authentic personality
Manishka Manamperi
That Tim guy is a typical example of how a narrow mindset can hold you back so much in life. Like cmon dude, he is like a that stereotypical millennial which boomers use to insult us Millennials
Maksie0 9 days ago
So we should be caring about what boomers think now?
joe g
joe g 9 days ago
I’m new here and this was refreshing to watch. Gonna five in further. I’m never a person who is committed to one opinion or another and love to hear both sides of everything
Ray - Aka Some Guy
5:06 This shouldn't even be a question it's a factual no, capitalism runs on there being losers, losers that live in the country but also the global south the west is exploiting
ExodusOfJudea 4 days ago
@Ray - Aka Some Guy I mean Capitalism has worked for Africa in many ways, the Problem is that there was, 1) Quite a few Brutal dictators in these African Countries, after they got independence. and a lot of these dictators like most dictators, didn't understand economics and thought they could rob their people blind and would get confused when they didn't see their economy growing.
Ray - Aka Some Guy
@ExodusOfJudea Can't really say that just doing capitalism has worked for African countries over the past 70 years
ExodusOfJudea 6 days ago
@Ray - Aka Some Guy not everyone can become a Millionaire in any economic system. But Under Capitalism more people reap the rewards and more people make their way up in the world.
Ray - Aka Some Guy
@ExodusOfJudea This is not quite what i was getting at, I'm just responding to the stance in the video. It is a simple fact that not everyone can be a millionaire in capitalism (and I mean a meaningful millionaire, so not a society that is hyper inflated)
ExodusOfJudea 6 days ago
Capitalism isn't a zero sum game where if someone is succeeding in it someone else has to fail thats just not true; with the rise of Capitalism living standards have risen for everyone even in really poor countries. Look at China; even with their semi Capitalist system they have risen living standards for everyone drastically. I mean the Global South is a very large area and you can't really lump it all together and go "Yeah, all that's being exploited by those evil Western Capitalists." For example in fact, Africa is being exploited more so by China and India than it is or has ever been by the West. Also people don't seem to realise that the exporting of Industry to Asia and the third world has really helped the third world like it has made the countries richer and more influential than they would have ever been without the West exporting its industry over to them and in the grand scheme of things has changed their countries for the better by most metrics from what I can see.
ITS JOJO 9 days ago
Women won’t even look a broke guys way but men will take a broke female and build her up
CMJ - 9 days ago
This isn’t true all the time but for the most part definitely true💯
Eli Cramton
Eli Cramton 9 days ago
Brett is like 6’9” jesus
Elie Fahazavana
Elie Fahazavana 9 days ago
I truly do believe becoming rich is a mindset. Bret’s quite about belief, level of action, and results is so so true. One of the best quotes a friend told me was that money may not buy you happiness but it will give you peace of mind. (Money does buy you happiness up to $75k/year btw)
DumpsterDolphin 10 days ago
This bald guy saving the world.
Cha Bella
Cha Bella 10 days ago
Tiarra might be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen..
666 10 days ago
y’all gotta refuse to be poor, work hard, stay strong and chase that paper💯
Maksie0 9 days ago
just don't be poor bro
NICO VENTURI 10 days ago
I love it how they got the Cardi B of millionaires, not going to lie being a millionare takes hard work
Tearex 11 days ago
I come in to this video Well I'm gonna die a d-cup Me: I love this already
Raénique Primus
Raénique Primus 11 days ago
Graham looking at Tiara everytime he's talking like.🥺
ThePatUltra 11 days ago
I am cracking up at the responses on this one, they're all over the place. The one that I see that will forever hold here is the optimistic "you gotta work hard to be rich" and its pessimist polar opposite alternate of "nobody that's rich today ever worked hard". Let me tell you guys. You're wrong. ALL OF YOU. How much money you take in (rich/poor) is ONLY RELATED TO HOW MUCH VALUE YOU CREATE FOR OTHER PEOPLE IN YOUR MARKETPLACE. PERIOD. It has nothing to do with how hard you "work". It has nothing to do with "luck". It's (goodideathatpeoplewanttopayfor+makehappen)x(quantity)=richesforyou. What I'm getting at is, the rich are rich because they mapped out a good plan for themselves that was within their means that provided repeatable value for the common man that they could charge money for. Does that mean they did it all on their own? Hell no, of course not. Once you reach a certain volume, which all rich people do eventually, you hire help. Hired help isn't there because you're "flexing" or "lazy"; it's because to do a decent job you hire specialists, and no businessman out there is good at absolutely everything. I, for example, am half-way decent at cutting grass, so-so in the kitchen, and absolutely abysmal at woodworking. Conversely, I'm good at auto-sales, auto-repair, video editing, accounting, and law. So, I'm opening a car broker/import business in the spring so I can afford to hire a remodeling firm for the house and cut my own grass so I can afford to eat out. You hire what you can't do. It's just how we are. Find ways to make money with your strengths, that's all it is.
Enzo Gorlami
Enzo Gorlami 11 days ago
Tim is just a loser
Spoon 12 days ago
I don’t need to live with nice things. I’ll take a millionaire life over a minimum wage life but I think I just don’t have the effort and patience
David Brock
David Brock 12 days ago
Retitle: three Marxists vs three Millionaires
Dayton Wintle
Dayton Wintle 12 days ago
All it takes is $100 a month for about 30 years in a good retirement fund to become a millionaire. The average car payment in america is $500... That alone in a good retirement fund for 25-30 years is about 5 million dollars.... So yes, anybody can become rich
Plantxvibe 12 days ago
one thing i learned from this is . they payed the rich ppl more money to come to this show than middle wage ppl
OREO 12 days ago
08:32 wtf Am I the only one hearing that????
Elya 777
Elya 777 12 days ago
Amazing conversation!
Emily 13 days ago
Some people can’t take the risks in the first place. At that point it’s not a matter of hard work. It’s a matter of being capable of taking the risk in the first place. If you can barely maintain basic necessities, or you need to survive, then you’re not going to be taking risks which are expensive and dangerous. You reach a point where you can’t care solely about money like these people could. Even if you work your ass off, there’s much more nuance to it, and risk-taking for money comes with a lot of deep sacrifices. For some, those sacrifices can be life threatening and inhibit basic survival.
william joyner
william joyner 13 days ago
I wish some of the convos weren’t cut off like the working for what you got discussion and the snap convo those seemed very interesting
Slick Rick Johnson
Slick Rick Johnson 13 days ago
Meanwhile me stuck in college with wanting to be in the business admin entrepreneurship and I'm just like ...hmm..kinda regret this decision on college.
Cal Young
Cal Young 13 days ago
Equal opportunities not equal outcomes.
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