Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

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Published on


May 15, 2019




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Comments 60
Kaiden Holt
Kaiden Holt 7 hours ago
lol when the question I am not afraid to spoil myself question came up I knew for a fact gram wouldn’t come forward and what do you know he didn’t this is how you know I watch way to much gram and other financial RUvidrs
Arjit Singh
Arjit Singh 8 hours ago
How tall is Brett?
Jordan Pierre
Jordan Pierre 10 hours ago
Damn it was kinda sad to see both Grahm and that other guy admit that they haven't had friends in a while.
LUPE TALKS 13 hours ago
20cent coffee ☕️
Regina Baker
Regina Baker 13 hours ago
I have found this common ground quite an interesting topic.
Flis Finance
Flis Finance 14 hours ago
Love all of the insights!!! This is great
Abdul M
Abdul M 15 hours ago
Graham the goat
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 16 hours ago
I only watched this because Graham Stephan was in it
Palism 22 hours ago
Where’s the pewdiepie reaction on this
Nathaniel Wilbourne
7:08 I hate when ppl use the language excuse. I’m a white dude from southern Virginia and the class that graduated the same time as me before I moved to Oxford, NC had 5 ppl. I picked up Spanish, Portuguese and French in my off time without school and made a point to practice all the time. You can learn English to succeed in America if I picked up those 4 and can speak comfortably in 2 to this day without practice
Unripe Tomato
"i bought a $4000 hairless cat" lmaoooo im dying
Maçarico Day ago
Sweet girl and awkward guy really do be vibin
Joaquin Rodriguez
White Collar vs Blue Collar Jobs!!!!!
Derek McKenzie
FDR said once that Freedom in it's truest sense can never be given. It must be always be achieved... What 2 of the 3 minimum wage workers were truly seeking was freedom. They just didn't know it. @11:50
Bunchie xx
Bunchie xx Day ago
When Tim said he was an activist, I was thinking "oh, you're unemployed"
Obojangles93 Day ago
"I would work a part time minimum wage job and save up--" Here we see the privilege. They think you can save money working a part time job. That's how out of touch they are. Surprised more people aren't comment on this line.
Courtney Taylor
Everyone can build wealth but not everyone will become rich
Justin Zlotky
They are all pretty much the same. Just Americans getting on with the life and income they have created for themselves
Ryan Kumar
Ryan Kumar Day ago
Bald guy is a woke SJW
PewDiePies Dingleberries
Dude grant is small asf
Human Person
Human Person Day ago
Next time billionaires vs millionaires vs minimum wage.
4words work. smarter. not. harder.
VoyTech Movie
This is interesting.
youtube name
youtube name 2 days ago
Tierra got million dollar skin though. Her skin glossy
mundi saab
mundi saab 2 days ago
Make capitalists vs socialists.
Fleur Durham
Fleur Durham 2 days ago
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Edwin Van der sar
Edwin Van der sar 5 hours ago
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Я не знаю как говорить по-русски
Just in case people don't realise. This comment and most of the responses are bots. Most likely leads to a scam.
Felix .C. Olofsson
A real stand up guy when it comes to trading. Nothing but profits for a year and some months now.
Adolph Abendroth
Adolph Abendroth 2 days ago
I appreciate the recommendation. It’s of great help trust me.
Edwin Van der sar
Yoon Young Hello.......it’s quite easy. Get in touch with Payden but I must tell you, it comes with a 25% commission for his services which is fair if you ask me. Considering the value you’re getting.
Kenny Shrimpton
Kenny Shrimpton 2 days ago
I completely agree with Graham on the part where he said the chase of the thing is much better than the actually feeling of having said material/product, I've always found myself almost having a rush/being driven when it comes to saving money or working in order to be able to buy a certain thing and then kinda not feeling the same once I've bought or about to buy it, idk its kinda like I get second thoughts and think of all the other things I could do whether it be continue saving for something else or buying something else, im not a millionaire but I could definitely relate to that feeling of fulfilment in working for a specific thing in mind and then not feeling the same once we've achieved it, its like a "now what next" kinda feeling
Kyndle Toles
Kyndle Toles 2 days ago
tierra gives me such good vibes
Craig Schultz
Craig Schultz 2 days ago
It's little more than the law of "Supply and Demand", the demand for low skilled low educated staff is very low due to the supply in that if one leaves, they can easily be replaced or replaced by a machine. People in roles that command higher salaries are more in demand due to the scarcity of potential applicants. One can ALWAYS step up one's game, the question is whether one is motivated or, just whining. Beyond that, Tim's rather racist as he thinks that are no people of Hispanic heritage that have $5,000,000.00 houses. Along the same lines as activist claiming teaching Math, Science, Biology or English is racist because some races evidently must not be intelligent enough to be able to master them.
Dashaun.f 2 days ago
Tim needs to take a chill pill and be told that he can become a millionaire someday too
emceewilliams 2 days ago
Trying to start a RUvid channel is a big risk, Tim? Did you read about this "risk" in your book of excuses?
Cory Conley
Cory Conley 2 days ago
Tim honestly is the worst..
Eric B
Eric B 2 days ago
The one commie guy really bothers me
Rahmeek Brunner
Rahmeek Brunner 2 days ago
I think if you earned your money you are a millionaire you dont owe anybody a thing. 2 millionaires busted their behinds to get rich. One didn't even go to college both worked minimum wage jobs. They were both poor. How can you say they had the resources when they didnt. Oh is it because they're white? Lol please if you ever lived upstate New York you would know some of these white people dont even live in the projects they live in trailer parks and sometimes dont have running power or hot water. They have to pay for oil just to run the heat in their homes.
Joey Danahy
Joey Danahy 2 days ago
Oh no way, that’s Graham Stephan! Love his channel.
Joseph Lennon
Joseph Lennon 2 days ago
Can we please represent this accurately. Target pays quite a bit higher than minimum wage. Almost double.
Division for group security Republic Intelligence
There is a reason Tim is like 30 and still works minimum wage. He’s to afraid to do anything except keep his job. He always thinks everything will always fail
louis george
louis george 3 days ago
Graham at the end "oo yeah! And I will tell you about credit card cherning!" 😂😂😂
naadde 3 days ago
Guys like Tim should move away from America and find some marxist country to live in.
louis george
louis george 3 days ago
When u click just cause it has Graham in 😂
Bashara Lionel
Bashara Lionel 3 days ago
It's so visible to see the difference in mindsets that got each group to where they are. The millionaires have a I believe in myself, I want and I can have it is possible mindset while the minimum wage workers simply do not believe it is possible. because they have so many things against them or for whatever other reason Like the frugal millionaire said it is all about mindset.
Keaton Campbell
Keaton Campbell 3 days ago
Big words don’t make you sound smart Tim
Akuana Animation.
I learn 3 things from this videos. 1. There are people that makes excuses, and see wealth as a mountain to claim over. 2. There are people that see wealth as a thing they can achieve if they want it enough, and actually achieve that wealth. 3. We need both people for the economy to work, so learn from both and use the view both side has to achieve your own wealth.
Denis Ho
Denis Ho 3 days ago
the bald guy is just a hater
T. D.
T. D. 3 days ago
I see a lot of myself in Graham/Brett and I aspire to become as successful as they are.
Steven Brown
Steven Brown 3 days ago
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Marcous James
Marcous James 3 days ago
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Philip Walker
Philip Walker 3 days ago
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Johnson White
Johnson White 3 days ago
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Johnson White
Johnson White 3 days ago
i've been able to make roughly $47k in this past few months of trading with BlinksTrader, he's the best i've seen so far
Oliver Harry
Oliver Harry 3 days ago
heard many good recommendations about Blinkstrader profitable strategies by some brokers in a seminar and other platforms, i think his the real deal for people to talk good about him, i will give him a trial and see how it goes then
Chris MacKay
Chris MacKay 3 days ago
Lol Beatriz and Tim are so jaded and will never become successful because they blame everyone but themselves for their failures.
MJ Lee
MJ Lee 3 days ago
The bald guys vision at the end doesn’t make sense but it’s nice. Time is limited so money is kind of a shortcut
Slick Purp
Slick Purp 3 days ago
Everyone can lose, Everyone can't win.
Chemist 3 days ago
Honestly, I wish they asked what is the purpose of your existence / life on Earth? Graham doesn't seem to have any purpose or end goal, I feel sad that this is what a lot of people admire - just a money-making machine.
zoloft dependant
zoloft dependant 3 days ago
disagree, i'm sure he has plenty of end goals, money is simply the best means of achieving them with money you get both freedom and security - what is seemingly exclusive
Chemist 3 days ago
Graham and Brett have a problem that is the product of our capitalist society. They have enough money but yet they're still afraid of not having enough... This is a deep psychological issue. Graham even said that he doesn't actually want anything except to make more money.
Lord Lucifer
Lord Lucifer 3 days ago
Tim is the kind of person who thinks all the rich people sell their soul to the Satan
اسماء امان
He is really cheap and u know who am talking about
Katarina Ilic
Katarina Ilic 4 days ago
I don't think anyone can become rich. There are too many people in the world with disabilities and rare untreatable diseases that cannot work at all, so they are definitely the ones that can't change anything with the correct mindset. Also, there are mental health issues, like schizophrenia, too, so, many many people really need to rely either on government, or if they are lucky, they can rely on nurturing people around them.
Barry 4 days ago
The utopian dream is always talking about a society with no money but even in the most primative societies there is a system of trade of goods. I don't understand a society without money or how it is in line in any capacity with the human spirit which wants to create and innovate.
Tasman Broadway
Tasman Broadway 4 days ago
tim is more of a cheapskate than my mum
Harsit Baral
Harsit Baral 4 days ago
Tim probably has a hammer and sickle tattooed on his butt
Luka 4 days ago
there will always be poor and rich no matter how much social engineering we do.
Kris Smiley
Kris Smiley 4 days ago
Tim looks like a bald version of poker player david negranyu
Kris Smiley
Kris Smiley 4 days ago
The black chick has the same mentality as a few strippers I dated in the past
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