Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

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Published on


May 15, 2019




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Comments 17 809
Legend 11 minutes ago
7:07 marry me ?
What'sUpGamers 2 hours ago
12:40 hey dumbass, that's called communism and it doesn't work
Sabrina Genesis
Sabrina Genesis 4 hours ago
I love how positive this was. I think that in order to become rich from nothing you really need to be calculated with the money you do have, as well as open to taking risks time and time again despite failing over and over. It's rough to take those risks and continue to do so even when you feel like none of them are working, but if you keep knocking on doors long enough one is bound to open. You've gotta have a certain grit.
Martin Charles
Martin Charles 8 hours ago
I really like Tim’s thoughts.
Brenden Scott
Brenden Scott 9 hours ago
The bald guy has no self esteem, hes a snowflake who's jelous of everyone else.
ShakeyMakeup 19 hours ago
wow graham seems like a stand up guy!
Maiky Ultra
Maiky Ultra 21 hour ago
I really enjoyed Tim's perspective
DiegoMSGG Day ago
El Barto was here
Danilo Cangco
I'm totally moved.. 😱😱😱
ionezgb Day ago
There is no self-made millionaire or self-made billionaire. We live in a society and in order to meet our requirements we need to cooperate with other human beings in that society. No man or woman can work that much more than some minimum wage worker to earn 1000 or even more times more. In order to become rich you don't need to work hard or work smart, you need to get a lot of other people to work hard and work smart for you.
Andrew R
Andrew R Day ago
Both the minimum wage workers are cuter than the millionaire girl. Especially tierra. I'll never get why girls turn themselves into Guinea pigs when they get rich
Evan Lyall
Evan Lyall Day ago
This bald dude is very unlikable.
Justin Rohrer
The sad thing is, millionaires are people who never went college. And people who finished college end up working minimum wage and barely even live, it took them 4 years to figure out a college degree is useless.
Sarah_ woods
Sarah_ woods Day ago
You can see why Tim is only minimum wage in some ways
gamergash 360
“Well, I’ll die a D cup” I love that
Ant Day ago
One things for sure from the comments. People sure do like rich folk. Tim's the only one worth listening to.
Karstyn McDaniel
Yeah I still don't trust rich people. And saying anyone can become rich is SOO naïve. My family has had millions of dollars of medical bills this yeah thanks to cancer. Favorite person: bald guy Least favorite: yellow jacket guy
random block
random block Day ago
How is no one talking bout my man Tim, keep on going mate
Nehei Roberts
Incels vs chads
Koudesu Day ago
If you're here wasting time you're probably not going to be rich.
CoolDrify Day ago
"If you walk into a $5 million Beverly hills house not speaking english... they're probably not gonna give you the hookup".... well..... yeah thats kinda how it works, that has nothing to with institutional barriers.
Jonathan Kerin
It's not about how much money you make, it's all about how you make your money.
Zach Lilly
Zach Lilly Day ago
The minimum wage older guy is the perfect example of feeling bad for yourself and making excuses for having no success.
VHBC Day ago
Nope. When the guy in the brown jacket claimed he went to open houses every Sunday, I think he misses the story behind. The girl's father who was working two jobs has a family to feed, he cannot have a week where he doesn't earn a single dollar, whereas the guy in brown jacket has the time (a form of privilege) to build up a business despite not earning money
This video inspired me a lot. what a helpful.
Connor Woodfield
That bald guy is annoying.
Edgar Garcia
Edgar Garcia Day ago
Dude those people that are min wage workers have such a depressive mindset find THE CONNECTIONS...pitty only gets you so far but perseverance makes diamonds
Rachel Romero
Rachel Romero 2 days ago
I'm happy for Brett and Graham and it think they mean well, but Tim definitely has a point. The world isn't as simple as they paint it. For every Brett theres too many failed entrepreneurs to count to prove it.
Xavier 2 days ago
Tim could easily increase his income by becoming a college lecturer because he’s spewing the same dogma.
Bboy. Tony
Bboy. Tony 2 days ago
Damn, the poor people think so low of themselves, thank god I don't have they're mindsets.
Mape 2 days ago
Tim has all the features and intelligence of someone who could be financially successful, however it is also clear that fear and a pessimistic outlook has and probably always will hold him back.
Bboy. Tony
Bboy. Tony 2 days ago
AllEgEd PAncAkE2
AllEgEd PAncAkE2 2 days ago
Who else clicked for Graham?
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson 2 days ago
Anyone who would want to take money from millionaires is just purely lazy and unwilling to share
Emmanuel Baiden
Emmanuel Baiden 2 days ago
jubilee you guys have to read this comment...i think this is one of the best youtube channel because it teaches a lot...all these people in this video actually are great...even though Christianna seems a little bit spoilt ,she loves humanity...thank you for coming up with these videos...honestly i don't know people dislike these videos...hahaha
Ty Mcquay
Ty Mcquay 2 days ago
Graham definitely pushed his nose up on the window too much when he was a kid
Sebastian G.
Sebastian G. 2 days ago
Graham gives horrible advice. For every him there's a hundred people failing. Some people can't afford to fail.
Sebastian G.
Sebastian G. 2 days ago
"If they work hard enough" what does that even mean???
Sebastian G.
Sebastian G. 2 days ago
Some people have anxiety. How are they gonna be meeting 60 new people a week??
Peach Cat
Peach Cat 2 days ago
These millionaires are obviously not millionaires for their smarts :/ It’s mommy daddy money
brianf147 2 days ago
I can see why Tim is a minimum wage worker
Grant Sellman
Grant Sellman 2 days ago
Bro in black is 6’13
Joey The Misfit
Joey The Misfit 2 days ago
My father works his ass off every day.. why isn't he rich?
jaybrook07 2 days ago
Graham's channel is great
Polo 2 days ago
I could tell Graham was the millionaire and the girl wasn't just by looking at them in the thumbnail
Mathew Clephas
Mathew Clephas 2 days ago
Take risks when you’re younger
HAHAHAHAHA31323 2 days ago
Is it me or is Tim a bit salty?
W S 2 days ago
i would've bought the lambo... and i guess that's why i'm still poor =(
Torian Cromar
Torian Cromar 2 days ago
Graham - "I can teach you about Credit Card churning" lol
Liyah Cowan
Liyah Cowan 2 days ago
"getting further away from how broke I was bc I'm scared of that happening ever again so I try to stay away from that"...my mentality every day 🙏to getting rich
jinw4672 2 days ago
For every one of these millionaires there are probably thousands if not millions of people who tried and worked just as hard as them, but somehow luck was not on their side. To say everyone worked as hard as you guys should all be millionaires then you are just fooling yourselves to feel ok to be lucky.
Dario Hall
Dario Hall 2 days ago
I have a lot of similar views as the bald dude. I make money, I'm not rich I'm just a cook. I wanna travel and move. Bright side- no matter where you move people gotta eat. There will always be a restaurant no matter how small the town. I'm a Hispanic country kid from Texas, tryna see Oregon. I wanna see snow, live by the coast and I love gloomy weather!
iSkyze_ Candy
iSkyze_ Candy 2 days ago
this girl cam with flex with her OFF WHITE
vv 2 days ago
I wish more people were like tim. so so humble, doing such important work for little in return (at least monetarily), very intelligent and empathetic. most self-made millionaires seem to have the mindset that selling a product and accumulating wealth is their purpose and what fulfills them, choosing to ignore how much the world is crumbling around them. I wish we could reframe social justice as a more valuable and rewarding thing to dedicate your life to than choosing a career based on how rich it’ll make you. I do think that we are all obligated to help those in need, but our culture glorifies selfishness and doesn’t adequately support the few that are working to make a difference, hence tim earning minimum wage despite his commitment to standing up against some of the most prevalent and urgent issues
T Mac
T Mac 3 days ago
Bold dude is the reason trump is president today...thanks man
J P 3 days ago
I keep skipping this video until I learned about Graham... This will be interesting.
MrAwsomeshot 3 days ago
"I'll die a D-cup" get it gurl
oogwe 2007
oogwe 2007 3 days ago
Did anyone hear that @ 8:22 ?
taehyung's wig in hwarang
Old money VS new money
David Rojas
David Rojas 3 days ago
God damn can’t stand that millionaire in the brown jacket. Honestly Tim is the only reasonable person there. The other minimum wage workers are relatable tho.
Monday Blues
Monday Blues 3 days ago
Whatever Tim says doesn't make any sense and it sounds like a load of crap. That really shows how poor people are different from the rich, the rich don't think so indepth, they have a goal and they thrive to achieve it while poor people tries to make sense of everything to feel validated. The rich makes use of things while the poor sees the flaw in everything.
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