Millie Bobby Brown Apparently Faked Skincare Demo

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Did Millie Bobby Brown fake a tutorial for her new skincare line? That's what many fans are asking after the teen actress posted a RUvid video of her seemingly showing people how she uses products from her new line, Florence by Mills. The "Stranger Things" star, 15, tells viewers in the video that she is "applying now" and washing off certain cleansers. However, viewers pointed out that her makeup stays intact during the shoot and it doesn't appear any product is actually applied to her face.

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Sep 13, 2019




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Comments 80
Brianna Cam
Brianna Cam 3 days ago
Why is she trying to be British?
Captain Burning Blaze
Next on exposing edition
Ignaasfkdjd Gid
Ignaasfkdjd Gid 5 days ago
I don’t speak English very well, I don’t understand so much, it’s fake or no?
Its_Candie rosie
Its_Candie rosie 9 days ago
I hate the girl who pretended she got something so cool anyways that is nothing is out
Beatrice Guinto
Beatrice Guinto 9 days ago
Ceulemans Alessandro
guys its just a kid ok
Ariya Patel
Ariya Patel 17 days ago
she didn’t fake it omg
Stranger Things
Stranger Things 18 days ago
Guys Millie’s face wash is invisible it doesn’t foam up I know that because I bought it I bought a bunch of it because it is so good of a product
Destiny Headley
Destiny Headley 20 days ago
it was nothing in that bottle lmao
Zoey Martinez
Zoey Martinez 20 days ago
And that’s why no one respects her products at stores. She deserves it lolol
Millie Bobby Brown Central
Zoey Martinez I have all her products. Almost all her fans have it
Hazel Fountain
Hazel Fountain 21 day ago
Why can't people just b happy for others like wth
Oomph Dooph
Oomph Dooph 3 days ago
Hazel Fountain because she LiEdDdD
allarowndemmahipe hipe
Friends dont lie
Georgia S
Georgia S 24 days ago
LiVe ThE lOndOn LoOk
Bangtan Subliminals
Even if it was supposed to be real or not it could be good just so you could know how to use it
Sansy 26 days ago
Is this really news? Do people actually care about this🤦🏼‍♀️
Sansy 19 days ago
cartier nah it was in my recommendation clicked it by mistake bud😂
cartier 23 days ago
u must care if u come back to the video from 2019
its Deja's World
its Deja's World 26 days ago
WHO👏🏽CARES👏🏽IN👏🏽SIDE👏🏽EDITION👏🏽LIKE👏🏽TF👏🏽 What’s next.....Is the rock really the rock?
Alexei fan
Alexei fan 26 days ago
I have it it’s real it’s invisible Millie would never
Jayelah Mei Lee
Jayelah Mei Lee 27 days ago
if you put some cream on and your making a video you wouldent pause it millie bobby brown learn more
una lawler
una lawler 27 days ago
Leave her alone
RiceLeaf 29 days ago
leave Millie alone
lana 29 days ago
who cares ?? you guys made it such a big deal 😒
grace apa
grace apa Month ago
shed never do that ik that cause im a rlly big fan of millie :(
LeonBeats Month ago
the cringe of her video...
Cute Panda
Cute Panda Month ago
WOW SO STRANGE for a StRanGer tHings StaR
MAFIXAR Month ago
nice acting XD
It’s Tyler Wang
But we have to admit, she’s an actor, influencer, aaaand released her own skincare line only at age 15, that’s pretty impressive
Console Ninja
Console Ninja Month ago
Emily Dalley
Emily Dalley Month ago
Wait Is she eleven or idk Nancy
Ava Flores
Ava Flores Month ago
she act,s older than she is
Mia Loves Millie
I love her so much 💖💖💞💞
Brooklyn Cornell
omg it was prob a troll vid Millie is known for pranks
Makayla Month ago
Lego head
Stranger Thingw
Stranger Thingw Month ago
You really have to put in on the news 🤣
Peachz Nisha
Peachz Nisha Month ago
i hate her so much :(
ClipZ Dark
ClipZ Dark Month ago
Hmmm when eleven said friends don't lie to Mike Mike be like WHOS LYING NOW
ASHLEY YEO Month ago
the video she made honestly was me in the toilet pretending I was a you tuber
Iman Binte Salman
Shes from tik tok
Iman Binte Salman
Wait thats millie omg
LGC Official
LGC Official Month ago
Why call out someone when you font even know if it’s true or not also I have this product and it’s not very bubbly
Oof Month ago
Sofia Zepeda
Sofia Zepeda Month ago
it literally looks fake as hell.
Sapphire Reclus
Sapphire Reclus Month ago
Her face wash doesn’t have bubbles lol😭😭😭
Simply True
Simply True Month ago
HER FACE WHASH does not have suds
Kaiya Hovsepian
Kaiya Hovsepian Month ago
Tbh the face wash doesn’t even make suds it just kinda sits there
HE_IS_OJ Month ago
This actually made inside edition it's not that big of a deal wtf
mojejasmin Month ago
0:44 - You can see how Milly is pressing the bottle. Seems like air is being applied to her face. Perfect product
mojejasmin Month ago
Well if you listened to the reporter, your comment would be different
kayla Month ago
girl bc she uses it
cassandraシ Month ago
Why would she faked it
Kiley Barton
Kiley Barton Month ago
Stop hating on millie !! You wouldn't expose your own worker so stopp
•Strawberri Gacha•
Everybody is so sensitive. Maybe she’s doing something after and doesn’t want to redo her makeup. But her skincare is the only skincare brand that animal free and Vegan =3=
Sub to me Pls
Sub to me Pls Month ago
Scammer gets scammed
Why y'all had to put this up 🙄
Kalea Mayberry
Kalea Mayberry Month ago
Of corse always gotta say sum about kids she is a kid leave her tf alone
Manon APO
Manon APO Month ago
This is ridiculous! She's just a kid. Leave her be and let her live her own life for goodness sake?
Bbysumi Subba
Bbysumi Subba Month ago
I mean she is an actress 😂
Ava Coates
Ava Coates Month ago
I use her face wash and it doesn’t sud. Why the hate?
Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson Month ago
Ya cause y’all have your own skincare line at 15
Samuel Solano
Samuel Solano Month ago
This dude doesn’t even look like she’s 15 I thought she was like 28 or something
Jøker the Great
Samuel Solano oh lol
Magi_ Playz
Magi_ Playz Month ago
Okay I hate inside edition now leave Millie alone
Elizabeth • 40 years ago
She is only 15 people
aalyra The goddd
I just don’t understand why everyone so mad like Ik she did something wrong but this is a 15 year old girl😭
Chris Perez Lopez
Ella Month ago
It's not even that big of a deal now though because she did a real video using the products on her florence by mills youtube channel
Indah Kardiyasa
Indah Kardiyasa Month ago
Who cares it's a skin care routine dont come at her for it shes still young it's okay and it's just a skin care routine I know u want to follow how she does it but just look at the bottle and see how she applies the cream thingy on her place it's not like somebody's gonna die that's what thought abt that video she made
Neighborhood Kids
Guys no! I have the face wash and it is clear and you can’t see it. I promise. I am not saying this to be nice to her, I am acually saying it
Maame Newton
Maame Newton Month ago
fRiEnDs dOn'T liE. sorry i had to
DatRandomGirl Month ago
She aint rly our friend tho
Pe Je
Pe Je Month ago
Gacha Besties
Gacha Besties Month ago
I mean like look at the bottle when she *squeezed* it
Rasha &alzain
Rasha &alzain Month ago
I love millie❤️🖤💜
ally Month ago
her products have ruined my skin
Sweet lady
Sweet lady Month ago
The product is white but when applied on face becames clear trust me i have it
Joanna Deskur
Joanna Deskur Month ago
since when is inside edition anna oop
Valentina Merrick
poor girl, she is so sweet and clearly did not mean to upset anyone
Matilda ava
Matilda ava Month ago
Who loves stranger things? I loveeeeeeeee stranger things I’m number one fan
peachy sweetener
wow faking her English accent and now her skincare routine
peachy sweetener
Feathered Canine dang i mean she fakes her English accents in her acting movies 🙄
Feathered Canine
• p e a c h y • She grew up in england dumbass she’s not faking her accent
DJ darville
DJ darville Month ago
Why do we get so mad for such stupid things like that,if a normal person were to do the exact same thing no one would care.
Edgy American
Edgy American Month ago
Anything becomes news these days
Aesthetics Vibe
Aesthetics Vibe Month ago
No comment
Alex Valencia
Alex Valencia Month ago
Me and my
salama alshamsi
salama alshamsi Month ago
I don’t care if Millie faked her skin routine. I still her fan and don’t talk about her. You don’t know want will happen if a fan watched this video
Xxcomment 2 months ago
I kinda cringed 😬 Sorry 😐
Lily Duke!
Lily Duke! 2 months ago
Lots of people do this
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