Miley Cyrus ft. Noah Cyrus Perform “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” | Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions

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Miley Cyrus, along with Noah Cyrus, performs “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions. More at www.mtv.com/shows/emabjy/mtv-unplugged
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Oct 16, 2020




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Comments 100
Kristina W
Kristina W 4 hours ago
This family's talent is undeniable.
Taran Gamble
Taran Gamble 4 hours ago
Noah has a voice of an Angel
VlK 2307
VlK 2307 4 hours ago
Hey Olivia 🙄
Linnéa Lejon
Linnéa Lejon 4 hours ago
Noah looks like Cher. And also they sound amazing, but we knew that already didn’t we.
Maira Lunieres
Maira Lunieres 4 hours ago
ok i’m crying
SantosZox 4 hours ago
Why is this miley ft Noah? It is a Noah song.. should say Noah ft Miley.
Matty Green
Matty Green 4 hours ago
i just noticed the weed plants in the back lmao
Sonia Antonio
Sonia Antonio 4 hours ago
What a beautiful song!!!!!love it🤗
juju bone
juju bone 4 hours ago
MARJORIE Rodrigues
MARJORIE Rodrigues 4 hours ago
Eu sou do Brasil
addicash 4 hours ago
Omggggg Miley ruining the song 🤦‍♂️
Isabelle Monteith
Isabelle Monteith 4 hours ago
Nice work 🙌❤️
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson 4 hours ago
Grew up with Miley, but Love Noah ❤️
Jasmin 4 hours ago
I didn't know I needed this!
Lal Tlanhlui
Lal Tlanhlui 5 hours ago
The way miley look noah😭😭😭
Hannah Magnusson
Hannah Magnusson 5 hours ago
need this on spotify NOW!!!!
IdolEyes84 5 hours ago
Noah's voice is beautiful...Miley's harms are gorgeous. They are like clones, they match and complement each other, like they are mirror image twins.
It’s Niyah Mone’t
Noah reminds me of Cher with the long black hair and the pale white skin.
Elyzabeth Franco gutierrez
Muy bueno, me gusta mucho, por favor pongan a dimash también
IdolEyes84 5 hours ago
Hannah Montana is real...
Josie Bae2
Josie Bae2 5 hours ago
I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus Yeah, they talk about the rivers running dry How pretty soon there won't be any water left to turn to wine Like a drunkard at the wedding Blindly raising Armageddon So, I'ma get high And I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus (Jesus) Yeah, Joseph lost his job to a machine And Bary lost her mind to lines of code You can't see And if the angels are the air I'm gonna burn this whole thing down Well, I'm gonna burn one down right now I got so high that I saw Jesus (oh, yeah) He said it's all gonna be okay (all gonna be) You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus And sometimes, it hurts too much to look Like Moses said, the burning bush I tried to turn away, but I could see And he said, "Fathers, don't forsake your sons There's so much kingdom left to come Just let it fill your lungs before you leave" And I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it's all gonna be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus I got so high that I saw Jesus I got so high that I saw Jesus
sara_pal 5 hours ago
AMAZING! Better than I imagined. So beautiful!
Keke W
Keke W 5 hours ago
Stream the end of everything by Noah Cyrus❤️
Smi Ley
Smi Ley 5 hours ago
This gave me chills 😭😍👼
Jean Flores
Jean Flores 5 hours ago
evelin ✨🤗🌼
evelin ✨🤗🌼 5 hours ago
They’re so beautiful and they sound so beautiful 😔💛
Frank Valencia
Frank Valencia 5 hours ago
Noah is so cute!!..beautiful voice!
Ale Correa
Ale Correa 5 hours ago
I waited so long for this.
Kyla Fuentes
Kyla Fuentes 5 hours ago
Harold Keil
Harold Keil 5 hours ago
Omg more of this please! You two sound so perfect together 😍
Katyfoo 5 hours ago
I wanna talk to the 2.3k people who disliked this.
tina uskokovic
tina uskokovic 5 hours ago
So beautiful
tina uskokovic
tina uskokovic 5 hours ago
I just cry
Stephanie D
Stephanie D 5 hours ago
Awe I’ve been wanting to hear them sing together for ever 💙💚
Jeff R
Jeff R 5 hours ago
Can this please be made available on iTunes? Love Noah’s original but this duet takes it to a new level
Chloe Mathijsen Greenwood
I thought this song couldn't get any better... I was very wrong.
Karina Martinez
Karina Martinez 5 hours ago
Soy la única que sintió a Noah insegura? Se que ella admira mucho a su hermana pero no debería sentirse menos, ambas son talentosas y cada una tiene lo suyo
Prativa Dass
Prativa Dass 6 hours ago
The same way when Miley and Billy Ray perform together, he let's her shine, Miley is doing the same with Noah
Humectanian HA
Humectanian HA 6 hours ago
Religion misappropriation?
G R 4 hours ago
Yall wanna be a victim so bad. No shut up.
Humectanian HA
Humectanian HA 6 hours ago
Which jesus? White, black or the koreaan??
Janelle Marie
Janelle Marie 6 hours ago
they sounds so similar but yet so different. literally so beautiful
Gugu H
Gugu H 6 hours ago
JAV X.X.X LOVE 6 hours ago
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
Julia Vignola
Julia Vignola 6 hours ago
they are perfect together, i love them so much ♥
Maria Schultheis
Maria Schultheis 6 hours ago
Noah changes keys soooo effortlessly it's amazing
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 6 hours ago
Miley makes me believe I'm a lesbian... as a gay guy.
Nenne Taipodia
Nenne Taipodia 6 hours ago
Omg her sister is soooooooo beautiful miley was same like her beautiful in hannah Montana but now she just changed to total rocking girl :(
Tess Mikel
Tess Mikel 6 hours ago
Sorry but worst song ever lol
GosiaAga Malin
GosiaAga Malin 6 hours ago
I love it 😍
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 6 hours ago
Que hermanas tan hermosas💙💙 pero admito que Noah es demaciado talentosa y más hermosa 😫💙💙😫💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😫😫😫
Amy Ziegler
Amy Ziegler 6 hours ago
loooove Noah! and Miley is in such a good space musically right now.
j p
j p 6 hours ago
Noah is a cross between Cher and Morticia Addams I LOVE HER.
Laikyn Lee
Laikyn Lee 6 hours ago
Bruno Naletto
Bruno Naletto 6 hours ago
There's really no comparison, they have both really different voices, miley has a more gritty/raspy voice, she'd be a nice rock n' roll singer, Noah has a cleaner tone, she's more suited to a more pop style. They're both greatly talented, though
Jojo Bee
Jojo Bee 6 hours ago
Miley Cyrus ft. Cher
Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond 6 hours ago
Are they sisters???
maylee209 6 hours ago
Put it on Deezer pleeeeaaaase :'(
Damanpreet Kaur
Damanpreet Kaur 7 hours ago
The cutest performance ever!
Nas Lamido
Nas Lamido 7 hours ago
U just can't help but love Miley, she's the true definition of dramatic.. from her make up to her hair and act ...she gives life to everything.. lol
Veronica Engelson
Veronica Engelson 7 hours ago
Uhhhm, CHILLS! Their voices are so beautiful together - and apart! Loved this so so much🧡
Julia Julia
Julia Julia 7 hours ago
Jesus stop with this fake pandemic. I know that virus exist but it's not dangerous like media said.
Holly Aguero
Holly Aguero 7 hours ago
And...when you got up there to see him he prob said stop getting high! I love this though!!
Dee Nora
Dee Nora 7 hours ago
Ugh those nails. And noah's voice is miley cyrus voice during disney. So weird.
ASM 7 hours ago
I’m not a Christian but I cried listening to this. Sounds like Noah smoked DMT right before she wrote this. They just really captured the beauty of that experience in this song because a lot of people claim to see God/religious things in intense trips like that.
Xiomy Iraheta
Xiomy Iraheta 7 hours ago
Que hermanas tan hermosas💙💙 pero admito que Noah es demaciado talentosa y más hermosa 😫💙💙😫💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😫😫😫
Lenz Arellano
Lenz Arellano 7 hours ago
So happy that they finally collab!!! CYRUS FAM fan, FOREVER...
Leonardo Ximenes
Leonardo Ximenes 7 hours ago
que perfeição meu pai😭❤️❤️❤️
Zaxy 7 hours ago
I love it they both amazing together
Sabrina Anderson
Sabrina Anderson 7 hours ago
Wish they didn't lip-synch this
Girl From Oz
Girl From Oz 7 hours ago
Oh my God 😍
Priyanshi Rana
Priyanshi Rana 7 hours ago
U both and all world is heart of Jesus
Laura Šmid
Laura Šmid 7 hours ago
Noah's voice....wow...just wow
Priyanshi Rana
Priyanshi Rana 7 hours ago
Thankz for my master thank you
Emily.m. Lane
Emily.m. Lane 7 hours ago
Goosebumps! They’re amazing.
Carolina Sousa
Carolina Sousa 7 hours ago
this is my favourite video ever, their voices just work so well together and the song!!!!!! love it
Méryl Besson
Méryl Besson 7 hours ago
Miley looks more and more like Debbie and Noah like Cher !
Luan 7 hours ago
Google User
Google User 8 hours ago
Its disgusting when this witch blasphmes the name of Jesus lord almighty.
Muskan Sharma
Muskan Sharma 8 hours ago
Beautiful girls🥰
Edhy Apolinário
Edhy Apolinário 8 hours ago
james trade
james trade 8 hours ago
Nothing but hoooowwoooowwww 😭😭😭😭😭🙂 i love u both
Kye Grant
Kye Grant 8 hours ago
zu Mae
zu Mae 8 hours ago
Love them both and love the song💕
Josua Josua
Josua Josua 8 hours ago
Cass 8 hours ago
I used to think they never looked like each other but they really do. This was amazing
Brandy Barnes
Brandy Barnes 8 hours ago
Bryan Pates
Bryan Pates 8 hours ago
Okay then but wait you saw Jesus?
Yvette Brown-Johnson
Wow! They sound so beautiful together.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 8 hours ago
I'm glad they're closer now and I hope they get closer as a family overall love them
Arly Sanchez
Arly Sanchez 8 hours ago
I needed this.. this is beautiful honestly 🤍🤍
blindsphinx 8 hours ago
Noah is a great songwriter. Love her album! Wouldn't listen to Miley at all but she has nice voice.
Stefan K.
Stefan K. 8 hours ago
talented girls
Raven'z Phoenix
Raven'z Phoenix 8 hours ago
Miley is one of kind artist True to herself and a beautiful soul 🧡😭✨
Kirsty Jane
Kirsty Jane 8 hours ago
This is legendary
Kris Cameron
Kris Cameron 8 hours ago
Can this be on apple music
August Elihle
August Elihle 9 hours ago
They look the same and sound the same Wow😳twins
Georgina Zamora
Georgina Zamora 9 hours ago
This is so beautiful
Cintia Kokany
Cintia Kokany 9 hours ago
This is amazingly beautiful...i love this song...and I love both voices Noah is already good but don't forget she is still so young in few years gonna be more good than now...but it is a perfect duett ❤️
quielrick remedio
quielrick remedio 9 hours ago
john cena theme song
ripper klaus
ripper klaus 9 hours ago
Noah is great but miley's voice is so powerful in depth. this sort of music suits her
Elizabeth Gannaway
Elizabeth Gannaway 9 hours ago
Their voices are so different but really compliment each other 😍
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