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A clip from Steve-O's Wild Ride! Episode 25 with Mike Tyson
Watch the full episode! - ruvid.net/video/video-V0Dy4LX06Cc.html

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Oct 12, 2020




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Comments 100
Diego Sanabria
Diego Sanabria 11 days ago
If Mike Tyson like it, I like it too!
Shawn Pearey
Shawn Pearey 12 days ago
Mikes ‘Tom Sawyer’ getting in the way...
Brandon Voltz
Brandon Voltz 15 days ago
Fuck the paul brother fake fighters
bobiey76ify 15 days ago
Everyone is high.
Happy Sendings
Happy Sendings 16 days ago
I thought Logan Paul was fighting Floyd not Jake wtf
vdVeen meubels&interieur Veen
That white dude?? Doesnt sound racist at all You got a problem with white people Mike?
M W 19 days ago
Idgaf about anything after mike Tyson says someone looks good in the mitts I’m all in on him lmfao
Dhlomo Lephoma
Dhlomo Lephoma 19 days ago
Mike is high asf 🤣
Dominic Cabrera
Dominic Cabrera 20 days ago
Steve-O is one of the most humble humans alive
GearsNTools 20 days ago
I'll fight Jake Paul !!
Tommy Lee flo
Tommy Lee flo 20 days ago
What about the real boxers who are not RUvid celebs?,,why not they get a shot?
J Greenseed
J Greenseed 22 days ago
Mike high AF
DonCramon 22 days ago
Either wear it covering the mouth and nose or don't wear it at all. On the chin is just stupid.
Jonah Marquis
Jonah Marquis 22 days ago
My asshole puckered when Steve-O called Tyson Don King. He must not know their history.
Mick Leigh
Mick Leigh 22 days ago
Why don’t these “men” have a Brow Ridge?
Rj Blitz
Rj Blitz 22 days ago
Steve sounds like a cat in a blender
David Phillips
David Phillips 22 days ago
Is a lamp bought to be put under a basket or under a bed? Is it not to be set on a lamp stand? For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.
Throwback Channel
Throwback Channel 23 days ago
I bet Mike Tyson can beat Jake Paul’s ass in a boxing match. He will bite his ear off.
ZHIBO so cal LA
ZHIBO so cal LA 23 days ago
Mike looks soooo faded
Adnan Zukanovic
Adnan Zukanovic 23 days ago
Mike high asf right here
Ole Son
Ole Son 23 days ago
They have done so much cocaine together
GenixSapphire 23 days ago
steve you need to lay off the cigarettes my dude
The Jon Paul Show
The Jon Paul Show 23 days ago
Facts fighting takes heart and BALLS
The Boxer
The Boxer 24 days ago
In regards to the boxing match-exhibition between Floyd Mayweather versus a RUvidr, I am repulsed and frustrated by this travesty. The WORST part is that this ridiculous sparring session will be supported by a PPV platform and several non-knowledgeable "boxing pundits" who are paying top $ to make this crap possible. I really despise these types of events, It diminishes boxing in all its dimensions. Last but not least, a note to boxing commentators, these stunts using buffoonery and horseplay damage boxing in its entirety. You being part of this are RESPONSIBLE. BOXING OPINION will NOT be commenting at all about this or any similar absurdities. Thank you for listening!
Shaun Hensley
Shaun Hensley 24 days ago
this is something people avoid their whole life 😂
flipnotrab 24 days ago
King Kong balls at that. Paul “boys” will be hurting soon enough.
annelies Rosseel
annelies Rosseel 24 days ago
Jake only fought deji, gib & Nate there nobody
Hatuk Hill
Hatuk Hill 25 days ago
Mike was like "fuck Don King"! Lol
Christopher Robinson
Not balls Tyson. Some only care who everyone thinks of them. Then there is people don’t give a fuck what people think, gotta have that approval from people who really don’t matter to your life but they put their fans and nay says before them. That to me is a broken man.
David Platania
David Platania 26 days ago
We’re just gonna ignore mikes pp stuck to his leg?😂 0:24
Matt King
Matt King 26 days ago
Tyson is stoned af
Max G
Max G 26 days ago
I just learned that Jake Paul had balllths
minisla 26 days ago
Mike had a couple too many 😂
Melon Lord
Melon Lord 26 days ago
Mentality is 90% of fighting the other 10% is the training. Jake trains well and is really fit but lacks the mentality. Which is why he sucks and cause h le only fights poeple who are weaker then him which builds overconfidence
Carlos Marquez
Carlos Marquez 28 days ago
It thakes ballths...
James 29 days ago
No homo but look at mike at 1:28 oh my god
NARUTO VS SASUKE 29 days ago
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Jandro 29 days ago
Can't believe Tyson respects Jake Paul. Mike doesn't realize he hasn't fought any trained fighter? Takes balls to fight someone who is dedicated to their craft, not someone who doesn't care at all about it.
Alex Emery
Alex Emery Month ago
Mike you’re awesome. Love your spirit and insights.
C. A.
C. A. Month ago
Never knew Steve-O got his owned a Podcast channel. Subscribed immediately!
Claudio Pischedda
Tyson is stoned
Blurry Face
Blurry Face Month ago
Mike Was A better Option For Black Panthers dad role..
KING S.L.Y Month ago
What happened to stevo voice?
MrRizLa Month ago
Mike is high asf 🤣🤣
Nico1977 Month ago
He's of his face 😂
Dutch Pureza
Dutch Pureza Month ago
If myke tyson is still on hes on his strength like then maybe jake paul is dead
J w
J w Month ago
MIke tyson definitely some brain damage
Luis Francisco
Luis Francisco Month ago
Is mike high?
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar Month ago
You know when mike tyson says Jake paul has skill. That jake paul has skill
M Month ago
Damn, Steve O interviewing the legendary Mike Tyson, awesome and respect.
PRAM S Month ago
Unmotivated crackhead 140lb dole mcgregor with the flu beats a perfectly conditioned jake paul 8 days a week.
Nick Kaiel
Nick Kaiel Month ago
Tyson is being so nice. Jake Paul is absolute GARBAGE
JBI Tile
JBI Tile Month ago
I dont know about the balls thing cause really its about the money. Anyone that has trained for least a year in boxing and they offer him millions to fight in front of big crowd anyone would jump on that deal. Its about money. Balls is when someone never trained before but they tell him ill give you a million bucks if you fight this guy in.a crowd thats balls
Alejandro S
Alejandro S Month ago
Jake vs Tyson let’s see if jake could take it
Michael Salmon
Michael Salmon Month ago
Why does everyone always have somthing about to say about a white or black man...... what about a yellow man for a change 😂😂😂😂
Took a while for my brains to register Steve O. 😂 Didn't recognise him at all. He looks and sounds like an old man now...damn.
Dis Real Ignant
Dis Real Ignant Month ago
You can tell dat dementia is setting in on Mike
PUKESno1 Month ago
Tyson been smokin that hooch lol
Vhanshika Varma
Vhanshika Varma Month ago
They are speaking while High!!!
Chris Month ago
Mike is right, it does take balls, guts, nerve, or whatever you want to call it. That's everyone bashing Nate Robinson needs to consider doing what he did, and get in the ring. I don't care for Jake Paul's opinions, and his attitude, but the guy trained,and took what he was doing seriously. Training matters in combat sports. I think Nate could be a decent fighter if he took a year and trained. Nate is an explosive natural athlete so his ceiling is pretty high. He was also giving up 25lbs. Of muscle, and 5 inch height advantage. Weight is a huge advantage. It's awesome that Mike Tyson, one of the greatest heavyweights takes a second to let people know how much nerve it takes to get in the ring. He is right.
Kit d Man
Kit d Man Month ago
Now why would he mention don king in front of mike? Smh
Gaxah Month ago
*You already know that when Mike says he likes Jake Paul, Mike haven’t seen his RUvid videos yet*
TenToezDowN Movement
Much love fellas #TenToezDowN #Movement #respect
MadeInSI Month ago
"That Takth Ballth" 💀 Facts
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Month ago
Mike said "more than that they got ballz" when I was a young chap I tried Golden Gloves and that shit was the hardest sport I have EVER tried. Much respect Mike.
Tommy Ealey
Tommy Ealey Month ago
Anyone notice how big Tyson’s dong is when he grabs it and moves it? Lol.
Samuel Quinn
Samuel Quinn Month ago
You're lucky you never got bitch slapped from tyson for mentioning him and Don King in the same sentence.
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson Month ago
Dam mike play with your private area then try to cover it with the pillow 🙄 lol
Dan 1371
Dan 1371 Month ago
Did anyone else notice Mike getting chubbed up and how he was incognito rubbing it.
Daltira Month ago
It doesn’t take balls if you aren’t scared.
hazelle oropesa
hazelle oropesa Month ago
It's rip for Jake if he challenges mike
Rey Reyes
Rey Reyes Month ago
It takes bothz
3hr1stoph3r 3
3hr1stoph3r 3 Month ago
The got balls lmfao
Eric S
Eric S Month ago
Mike doesn't even wanna hear Don Kings name
Richard Inskip
Richard Inskip Month ago
This should be a animation series.. that would be mad.
Brendan Doyle
Brendan Doyle Month ago
Go home Mike your stoned 😂
Dawsun Month ago
When you pp gets stuck to your leg 1:29
Dawsun 21 day ago
@Roland Leies lol I thought this comment was gonna blow up 😅
Roland Leies
Roland Leies 21 day ago
Hahaha I'm dying
Dawsun Month ago
That is one massive “schlong” at 1:29
Enigmatiq Month ago
I feel like they're only hyping him up so we get to see him get his ass kicked lol
Jose Jonhson
Jose Jonhson Month ago
Mike didn't like that don king comment, watch out Steve O
Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly Month ago
I m definitely mike tyson. Mike good to see you turn your life around. God Bless sir
David Jackson
David Jackson Month ago
Mike Tyson should stop fighting cause if you listen to him he sounds like he's had a few.
Christopher Osterndorff
I love how everyone forgot that Logan toke a video of a man that had hung himself and then he laughed at him 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻
Javier Melendez
Javier Melendez Month ago
Bro steevos is okd asf now ive grown up to see him
Clitus McClitus
Clitus McClitus Month ago
Mike Tyson always seems to make shit positive. I love him.
Josh Gee
Josh Gee Month ago
"this is crazthee"
Eprince Palma
Eprince Palma Month ago
Someone who dont no these 2 thinks there drunk
Thomas Oshaughnessy
Damn called mike Tyson don king.. how offensive 😂😂😂
David Barr
David Barr Month ago
Iron Mike is awesome. Huge amount of respect for that guy. He's one of the very few athlete/celeb that I'd like to meet.
Bich Month ago
Why isnt nobody talking about the D? 🙃
Kim-Kay Diaz
Kim-Kay Diaz Month ago
That’s steve o what happen to his voice
Vince Styles
Vince Styles Month ago
Jake Paul is now fighting Mayweather lol this is serious
Cast Films
Cast Films Month ago
Jake paul is good until he fights someone who actually knows how to box
slimjimmy Month ago
People should have watched this before they paid for that Tyson fight. I'm hoping UFC challenges Jake Paul. Logan is about to fight Mayweather.
sLaughter Month ago
Wtf is wrong wit mikes voice sounds like rocky balboa "yeah that means theyll be no oxygen for him neither"
Kevin Breese
Kevin Breese Month ago
Didn't come here to see Tyson's junk or him fondling it, but hey... shit happens.
Bhos68 Month ago
Could you imagine what it would sound like having Steve-O, Mike Tyson and Gilbert Gottfried all in the same room?
Shiloh Ray
Shiloh Ray Month ago
Mike Tyson looks so uncomfortable in that small space
Mister Opinion
Mister Opinion Month ago
They don't have balls mike lol. They fight celebs, other nobody's. These tubers don't fight real professionals who will really paralise them. Its play acting, for entertainment and money. Jakes no boxer, ksi is no boxer!!! keep them out the sport, they making boxing look bad.
Gage Merrell
Gage Merrell Month ago
Jake Paul vs Mime Tyson anyone? Hahahaha
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