Mike Tyson Doesn't Work Out Anymore: Here's Why - Joe Rogan

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Gee Smith
Gee Smith День назад
Toe rogan is a fucking dickhead trying to get a reaction out of mike. Who the fuck does he think he is. Because toe was never in the same class as mike. Trying to compear himself to mike. Get out of here with that bullshit talk
Nicholas Pappas
Nicholas Pappas 2 дня назад
joes is pushing a beer at a recovering alcoholic saying "you remember you were the party dude!"
MrShadow6292 3 дня назад
Mike Tyson was the best because he was a smart & intelligent man, I look at at comedians to be the same, quick minds, Mike listened to his mentors so very humble, much respect for this man.
Clear Apple
Clear Apple 3 дня назад
Dude looks like a budget fusey Tube
R H 4 дня назад
Mr Tyson, this is the second video I’ve watched about you expressing your thoughts. I grew up watching what your body can do, and I’m excited to see what you can do with your mind. Two very great human beings who both accomplished a lot mentally and physically having a conversation. Good shit man.
Gonzalo Vazquez Avila
Gonzalo Vazquez Avila 4 дня назад
2:11 I love how humble and transparent he is now. If Mike wanted to forget about the guy he was and become a new person, I feel like he might've accomplished that already
Shane G
Shane G 4 дня назад
What Mike Tyson did for boxing is what Elvis did for rock and roll only one brilliant man
johnny blaime
johnny blaime 4 дня назад
Top interview..Thanks
Micheal Hebert
Micheal Hebert 5 дней назад
if anyone curious about mikes face tattoo. its 666. over one eye connect the dots people bam wake the fuk up. he married a trannie robin sacrificed his daughter and its all just a game lol there clips of him throwing the baphomet horns tounge sticking out. same as jordan does moching the masses. tha fuk outa here. rogan one too folks. sry the truth hurts
afa 6 дней назад
Mike Tyson legend an great man he has become
Chris Gatsby
Chris Gatsby 6 дней назад
dam I love mike
Marshawn Hughes
Marshawn Hughes 6 дней назад
This is the closest thing to enlightenment we'll achieve.
Kip Hackman
Kip Hackman 6 дней назад
Joe was about to do his voice and then bailed realizing how bad an idea it was LOL
Matt Montrose
Matt Montrose 7 дней назад
"In order to arrive at the next chapter in life, you have to forget the chapter that came before, and focus on the chapter ahead of you." That's real.
Jim Roberts
Jim Roberts 7 дней назад
GOOD ON YOU MIKE TYSON...lots of ways to be a champion
jeff wright
jeff wright 7 дней назад
Yeah I had 8 inch dick now I’m getting older it’s smaller damn let’s move on
Ross Wilson
Ross Wilson 7 дней назад
Quiet sad how the baddest man on the planet is now saddest mad on the planet
mudshark jones
mudshark jones 7 дней назад
what are you talking about? he is more content than he's ever been.
Nejka Reiki master
Nejka Reiki master 8 дней назад
I JUST LOVE THE NEW MIKE!😍Inside this huge man still sleeps a roaring lion..let him sleep..peace Mike❤
Woke 8 дней назад
Bernard Hopkins dad talking lol , he looks like him with the beard !
Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez 8 дней назад
Bless you mike
daniel mai
daniel mai 8 дней назад
It's quite admirable. And I get what he is trying to say, that part of him that was the past brought out the worst in him. So he is trying to learn to bring out the good parts of him now. Very humble guy, very touching video.
franklin hayward
franklin hayward 8 дней назад
I love Mike Tyson man 💪🏿
xzysyndrome 8 дней назад
The only person to ever truly beat Mike Tyson: Mike Tyson.
COGS's CORNER 8 дней назад
fuckin zombie man, fuckin zombie llolololololololo
jesse castillo
jesse castillo 8 дней назад
Can anyone name 1 great boxer Tyson has knocked out or beat for that matter? Not taking anything away from the guy but every great he stepped in the ring against he lost to, like it or not.
RedPillorBluePill 8 дней назад
i guarantee this would have been a much different converstaion if Mike was in his 20's. He'd have knocked joe's block right off for disrespecting him like that
Aperture0 8 дней назад
Joe trying to unleash the beast! Lmao
Ben Adams
Ben Adams 8 дней назад
Even today he could mop the floor with Rogan, no training, cold, on a warmed up Rogan.
Dorphus James Jackson
Dorphus James Jackson 8 дней назад
Awesome interview!
Chillaxative13 9 дней назад
This video is part of the reason that I stopped working out. I didn't realize how much importance I placed on my looks since I worked out every day. I'm glad I don't anymore. I dance to music for exercise now!
QuickHDTutorials 9 дней назад
Mike Tyson should go back in the ring now and fight KSI
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 9 дней назад
Much respect to Tyson....... The Growth in those with a troubled past is a beautiful thing to watch. Stay strong Mike💯
Snake_XIX 9 дней назад
It's like Tyson views it as a dark part of his life where he was forced to do it and now just wants to forget about it, but Joe just keeps bringing it up again and again lol
Xay901🤩 9 дней назад
Joe sounds like a hormone monster
Star Energy
Star Energy 9 дней назад
I broke my wrist.... My wrist is broken..... Carpal.
asdf asdf
asdf asdf 10 дней назад
He should be a mentor and train other boxers, I think he would be happier to do that and still stay in what he loves doing...boxing
Dragon Fish
Dragon Fish 10 дней назад
He still runs- cardio folks!
TheLogicBeast 10 дней назад
Just one last match up Mike. You and Don King.
Charles Ndung'u
Charles Ndung'u 10 дней назад
This man found himself! It's so hard to refuse your ego to control you. Legend.
Glen DeKoker
Glen DeKoker 10 дней назад
How tall is Joe?
Mark Cool
Mark Cool 10 дней назад
Mike tyson will always be the best hard hit boxer that can do no wrong from me only boxer winner to me
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez 10 дней назад
Juil 10 дней назад
"I stay away from working out so my ego doesn't go out of control." * Joe Rogan spends 3 minutes inflating his ego.
Jeremiah Castillo
Jeremiah Castillo 10 дней назад
He's still the heavywieght Champion for me. Whenever i see him in tv or youtube, mag, newspaper i still see the belt on his waist.
VisionPoet 10 дней назад
Mike is hella insightful.
Militantreturns 10 дней назад
Mike. Is old. Now , it doesnt matter anymore to him
YO YO 10 дней назад
Shame that joe is absolutely dreadful at interviews, such a shame. Could listen to mike tyson all day, just not with this Very annoying fool interviewing him
YOSHI X RIOT 10 дней назад
That was deep when he said "I am that guy that gave me the platform to forget about that guy"
jamie 10 дней назад
Yo hit the bag? Not no more I hit the cocaine lol
NecumNaTo 11 дней назад
Tyson probably just recently realized a cold truth - he is closer to death than to the birth, possibly has brain damage, his organs are giving up, his body is getting fragile, too much drugs etc. He wish he could be healthier and less braindead to stay longer with his kids. Sad.
Makers Will
Makers Will 11 дней назад
wonder if joe will ever grow up aswell
Peter Frestadius
Peter Frestadius 11 дней назад
Leave him alone......please
Daniel Sabogal
Daniel Sabogal 11 дней назад
What an imbecil.. Tyson is trying to get over it and He is just tempting him on purpose! Is a bad persone.
Tirau Hall 2015 May 26 Public Meeting
Joe has a IQ 30 above
Kazuki Yaoita
Kazuki Yaoita 11 дней назад
this guy ith a legend!
ThyReturner 11 дней назад
Iron Mike! He's finally walking the meek path. Meaning he's humble and STRONG, but does not need to abuse his MIGHT 💪 in order to feed the vanity of his ego. He's like a retired master whose given up on his old ways. His meekness is even more befitting in humanizing his greatness with his love of pigeons. 🐦 Man is more than just a mere BEAST! 👹
Rob Kukoc
Rob Kukoc 11 дней назад
Extreme winners??? Joe Rogan hasn’t won anything! You’re a sell out...you should’ve tried to win that interview with the guy who created twitter.
Kenney 11 дней назад
I was 8 years old when Mike Tyson knocked out Mike Sphinx. That was the first time I ever heard of him. In his life he has gone from a gang banger to world champion to a devoted father who has put the past behind him. He is a continuous source of inspiration. Not perfect, but a real man with incredible inner strength and resolve.
Phil Swiss
Phil Swiss 11 дней назад
Mike comes across as insightful and wise here, not taking Rogans bait. Respect, like this side of the man.
R Cruz
R Cruz 11 дней назад
What kind of interview is this? Why is joe exploiting details if mikes life he seems to be uncomfortable with?
Rod Loucks
Rod Loucks 11 дней назад
Mike's like Lennie Small, full of love just don't piss him off
Samson Tesfagabr
Samson Tesfagabr 11 дней назад
mike Tyson,the king of boxing .no one like you.
jimihendrix731 11 дней назад
Tyson is WOKE.
Logan James
Logan James 11 дней назад
How to speak like a real man
CosmosHFA88 Savant
CosmosHFA88 Savant 11 дней назад
love this Mike
Nick 11 дней назад
2:09 My favorite part. He changed since his boxing days for the better
Tehshtevan 11 дней назад
I swear to god Joe is going full retard with hes statements with some of the guests last few years , like intentionally being a retard.
Yih Dzelonh
Yih Dzelonh 11 дней назад
It's sad to see that 'all of a sudden'......'Iron Mike' is looking 'quite old' -like he 'instantaneously' aged 10 years...
Hectic Amezquita
Hectic Amezquita 11 дней назад
Don't wake the sleeping giant. He doesn't want to be awaken.
Michael Eyer
Michael Eyer 11 дней назад
Mike is a pleasure to listen to :-)
Dom Mirra
Dom Mirra 11 дней назад
I respect you and like you very much Mike Tyson and wish you the best in whatever you do in life
01kfunk 12 дней назад
Mike Tyson is a great man, who has accomplished great things end of.
William Ashanti Hobbs
William Ashanti Hobbs 12 дней назад
Mike gets props for always keeping it real.
cubicq1 12 дней назад
Joe talks to Mike like Mike is 5 yrs old. Fucking Joe sounds like he is making fun of Mike.
Jay Montana22
Jay Montana22 12 дней назад
I can watch mike Tyson interviews all day.. imma new subscriber now...
tatny PLUM
tatny PLUM 12 дней назад
“working out reactivate my ego” i like that.
Sonny Lummes
Sonny Lummes 12 дней назад
It's strange how he was like alis pupil, and now he's ended his career on such a different mind set, being egotistical and being proud of your accomplishments are different
Daniel Fernald
Daniel Fernald 12 дней назад
Does Mike know that Joe is a closeted-three-dollar-bill?
DONALD WILLIAMS 12 дней назад
Nice butt-kissing session! It's much safer that way.
Lennit Els
Lennit Els 12 дней назад
Never froget the past of your journey. It is what has got you to this stage in your journey. If you forget it, you cannot learn from it.
xX 1N53RT C01N Xx
xX 1N53RT C01N Xx 12 дней назад
There's a sadness in Mike's eyes, a bitter sweet tortured soul. Gave us some amazing memories, love ya Mike.
Kenos Entity
Kenos Entity 12 дней назад
Nothing wrong with ego when it's deserved but he's a completely changed man and i'm baffled.
Diamond Fisher
Diamond Fisher 12 дней назад
RPGdream 12 дней назад
i havn't finished this vid yet but uuum, haha none of this is gona help with him trying to keep the ego down XD
Be Judicious
Be Judicious 12 дней назад
"It reactivates my ego. I'm gonna get ripped off if that's reactivated." Throughout Mike's career people manipulated him with pride... "You're the greatest Mike, and let me handle that legal defense... and take care of that 900m USD while you're in jail.... You're the greatest Mike :-)"
Key Atm
Key Atm 12 дней назад
The tone that the are talking in is kind of freaky. LOL!!!!
Dock Gee
Dock Gee 12 дней назад
It's obvious that part of his life was a painful place, like being in prison! I get Mike, some people see him and all they think of is his pass life in boxing! Well he hates it, so there take that! Not so fun to interview any more! You people I swear
john kelly
john kelly 12 дней назад
Joe Rogan, lay off the weed. Asking Tyson if he still works out when the man lost his daughter to a freak accident on a treadmill.
Dock Gee
Dock Gee 12 дней назад
No, he's number two, number one is Professor Black Truth!!! B 1
Jack L
Jack L 12 дней назад
That’s my new excuse to not work out
Jeff somersby
Jeff somersby 4 дня назад
Me too .... I was probably the most aggressive killer in the world but now I like pizza.
Sergio - If he dies, he dies - Ramos
White boy, faggot, you can’t touch me, you’re not man enough, I eat your ass all alive, you bitch, can’t anybody in here fuck with this, this is the ultimate. Fuck you, you hoe! Come say it to my face, you bitch. Come on you bitch, you’re a scared coward, you’re not man enough to fuck with me, you can’t last two minutes in my world bitch. Look you scared now, you hoe. Scared like a little cracker bitch. Scared of the real man! I’ll fuck you till you love me.
Tim Wheel
Tim Wheel 12 дней назад
working out releases testosterone couch potatoes now go dump the Viagra. thanks mike.
Thapelo Gumede
Thapelo Gumede 12 дней назад
Tyson is so misunderstood. So much depth in this man.
smokeyvelvet42 12 дней назад
Why can't people like this commentator see that Mike isn't interested in boxing anymore ! it was fun while it lasted but it is also time to move on he said this repeatedly but these clowns just continue to ask him if he would like to get into the ring again to appease their warped fantasy or sense of humor of getting his head caved in for their rudimentary satisfaction !! to hell with them if they so adamant about getting in the ring, then get in there themselves. End of story.
Simply Timm
Simply Timm 12 дней назад
Mike did a great job of letting it go. I believe if he hadn't he would be dead by now.
Brutal Tech-Death
Brutal Tech-Death 12 дней назад
Iron mike = the G.O.A.T
Easy Dick
Easy Dick 12 дней назад
It must hve been really bad to not wanna associated with your past self. Most of us wanna go bck to that past when we did good then.
Bruce Lee jade blind swordsman Eazy e
You carnt forget why mike s all over the planet like Bruce Lee is once a warrior there s no turning back memory s are with everyone no matter what
Polish Pride
Polish Pride 12 дней назад
Iron Mike Tyson-Legend
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