Mike Tyson Doesn't Work Out Anymore: Here's Why - Joe Rogan

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1227 w/Mike Tyson: ruvid.net/video/video-7MNv4_rTkfU.html

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Jan 18, 2019




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Comments 8 535
asforemita 38 minutes ago
"in order to move to the next chapter in life you need to fogget the chapter that came before"
steve smith
steve smith 2 hours ago
Mike Is a great honest guy
Tutu Tutu
Tutu Tutu 22 hours ago
Fuck Joe let it go man! Fuck!!!!
Simply Sam
Simply Sam 23 hours ago
spin class wtf? u must ask well have asked him if he started crossfit
The Master K
The Master K 23 hours ago
Its not about letting the past go, its about continously striving to be the best version of yourself, however I respect mike's decision and he does have a reason for it so I'll rest my case
Ronit Nayak
Ronit Nayak Day ago
Absolute legend, huge props to the man himself
David Canelas
Dont awaken his ego Joe..
Zabe nyc
Zabe nyc 2 days ago
Wow Mike is impressive.
FeanorBR 2 days ago
Finally found a good excuse for not working out.
kuldip dhuna
kuldip dhuna 2 days ago
Lennox Lewis I slapped the shit out ohh him Tyson Yes u did
Ludde Mabaso
Ludde Mabaso 2 days ago
Joe was a dick this entire episode lmao
A. C
A. C 2 days ago
I got to meet him here in Arizona, we were at the same court house, he stopped and shook a lot of peoples hands, very humble and intimidating, but what an interesting human!
i affray lIIllII
i affray lIIllII 2 days ago
I hope mike beats the shit outta joe
Robert Trevino
Robert Trevino 2 days ago
Lol 2:25 Joe uses Mikes accent then stops before he notices 😂😂😂
Michael Chuba
Robert Trevino lmaoooo
Abg Cute
Abg Cute 2 days ago
This fucker trying to instigate Mike's ego and hoping for a reaction and Mike wasn't having it
Supergredior G
Supergredior G 2 days ago
Tyson is proof that success less about grasping what is real but letting go of the fantasy that people can grasp on forever...Sex, fame, riches, all of it is a head game. We are the fools that get caught up in the competitive self-seeking lie that we need to 1 up each other better than caring for ourselves and our relationships with each other! What Tyson shares here is not only eye-opening but sobering...Think about it? That next piece of ass, that next swig of whiskey or puff of weed...what are we really grasping nothing but a moment of nothing that lasts!
Mooseman 2 days ago
Mike tyson is the closest we will ever come to a real life HULK. He got a dual personality, a animal within and a guy trying to be calm.
Vaggelis Pera
Vaggelis Pera 3 days ago
Mike: I don't waant to re-activate my ego joe: you are the champion, you are the best , you are mike tyson, the beast .... . ..
TJ S 3 days ago
Still to this day I feel like Mike doesn't realize how much he's changed, I idolized Mike for his power in the ring, now I idolize Mike for the humble compassionate dude he has become and maintained now for years.
Ezio77 Himura
Ezio77 Himura 3 days ago
Dammit joe stop fueling hes ego🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ remember john wick, somebody stupid reactivated him you know what happened nxt right..dont re-activate Iron Mike for fucks sake..
Johannes Dolch
Johannes Dolch 3 days ago
"To get to the next Chapter in Life you have to forget about the previous Chapters" If that comes from a guy whose "previous Chapters" were that successful, we should all think about if we can't let go of the negative Experiences that hold us back.
Oneman Oneman
Oneman Oneman 3 days ago
He was convicted a rapist, fair enough he served is time but it always seems to be forgotten by many fans.
onemore512 3 days ago
We shouldn’t forget, but we should forgive. He was a reckless man in his youth. Now he has left his demon behind and go on to live a new life and stay out of trouble.
Oneman Oneman
Oneman Oneman 3 days ago
I do understand your point but committing sex crimes or being a paedophile should we ever really forget.
onemore512 3 days ago
Dude served his time. Years have gone by, he held himself accountable for all the mistakes he committed in the past. He’s now an older man who try his best to lock away his inner monster and stay away from trouble. What’s wrong with that?
Niko Mitrović
Niko Mitrović 4 days ago
Joe interviewing these fighters like they are pornstars lol
Matt Ware
Matt Ware 4 days ago
Dangerous .. Poor old mike he’s always getting pissed off with interviews .. He’s old and wise and wants to move on and has so many positives and doesn’t constantly need reminding of his bad days ..
Wasay M
Wasay M 4 days ago
Talk about his present man, stop feeding his ego... he is done with it.. doesn't his present matter you... it's just like talking to a dead body about its past, or talking to his grave. What an idiot Joe is...
gerboog 5 days ago
Dork McDouchebag interviewing Mike Tyson.
Kieran 5 days ago
Rogan looks so scared. He can't say anything other than "You're great.."
Kieran 5 days ago
1:47 Will you shut up Rogan. He wants to forget about it because he was not a good person during this time.
Kidraver 5 days ago
Joe dude is a wanker, Mike should have brushed him off of his leg.
Lawrence Marshalian
"I look at that guy and that's somebody that's given me a platform to help me forget about that guy" DAMN. That's fucking deep.
Rockdaground 5 days ago
Wow he doesn’t work out? Just treadmill? He looks like he lifts weights every day.
Tomcat Tomcat
Tomcat Tomcat 5 days ago
Joes stone again Wow 😮
Andrew Emmanuel
Andrew Emmanuel 5 days ago
A friend of mine!
Shane Gannon
Shane Gannon 6 days ago
Tell'm Mike!
Kartier White
Kartier White 6 days ago
Mike you say it so well,,,that chapter is closed,,new chapter has arrived!!! Greatest human being on the Planet!
Caeser2001 4 days ago
I needed to hear that. Thanks Iron Mike!
B GT 6 days ago
Glad to see mike gaining inner peace with himself. Wish Cus were here, it be different but I’m sure he’d be proud
Soffwan Nair
Soffwan Nair 6 days ago
Mike tyson is the rocky of our real life.
jaa Aa
jaa Aa 6 days ago
Jihad el Nefs. This is what we call it in Islam. It means the struggle with yourself. Respect to the personality's of Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson.
אהרון אברמוב
Look how joe is talking, activating Mike's ego. Nice manipulation and convincing technique
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 7 days ago
Zombie swagger
David Hartley
David Hartley 7 days ago
Mike Tyson is deep......
nazirdjon 7 days ago
Joe pussy shut the fuck up and let the man talk. Otherwise you won't survive any of those hooks
Custom Video Solution
Mike needs to pay David Goggins a visit.
Matthew Howell
Matthew Howell 8 days ago
Mike is so right you have to prepare yourself for the blessings and accomplishments that are coming. If the evolution of you as a person
nazirdjon 7 days ago
He seems to be talking of the aftermath the Muslims believe in. The eternal life after death.
Mal Dawe
Mal Dawe 8 days ago
Keep tickling the tiger Joe........don't be surprised when he bites
Nels L
Nels L 8 days ago
Love Tyson
Jay Ali
Jay Ali 8 days ago
Inner peace is priceless!!! Salute tyson.
PARCHY64 8 days ago
Mike is fighting back killing Joe it's in his DNA and Joe your a cunt
Gouki Senju
Gouki Senju 8 days ago
Joe is always condescending lol
ajwasp 8 days ago
I wish that Kevin had stayed in his camp. They were good friends and it worked well back then. It was Mr ‘Big Hair’ (forgot his name) that came in and ruined it all.
guest101ism 8 days ago
Joe ...let the dude be
Peter Conlon
Peter Conlon 8 days ago
Mike Tyson is the truth definition of what constitutes a "good man". He's a man who is absolutely dangerous and completely more than capable and competent enough to be a complete and utter monster and kill you on the spot, but he doesn't. He wilfully chooses to behave and conduct himself in a civilised manner, but he struggles. He struggles to balance the good and the bad, but he does balance them, and his struggle is what makes him strong.
otoot kol
otoot kol 8 days ago
living legend
Ilija Bozinov
Ilija Bozinov 9 days ago
P buckets
P buckets 9 days ago
Joe Rogan is a piece of shit.This dudes life isn't a fucking joke.
gurufuttlappele 10 days ago
Everybody brings up his past... He kinda hates who he is been - drugfueled, crazy as a mf...
DAVID T 10 days ago
Joe Rogan, your best frenemy
Amer Aljabr
Amer Aljabr 11 days ago
That's why I don't work out
Moses Messiah
Moses Messiah 11 days ago
My man is tired shit
Prosper Kelley
Prosper Kelley 12 days ago
Mike was a MONSTER !!! not animal or beast sending men head flying shit he even ate a man's ear I'm glad hes so humble and pacifist now peace my brother
yes me
yes me 12 days ago
Salam brother mike, yes we all have some ugly moments in our past. But as the saying goes “ do good in whats left, what you left will be forgiven” salam alaikom akhy
NOOOKevin 12 days ago
im so glad mike is still around hes had a rough life.
Big Trips Is Back
Big Trips Is Back 12 days ago
Tyson is just lazy
Timm Brockmann
Timm Brockmann 13 days ago
I think to a certain degree, also the drugs opened him up to another person inside himself... it confronts you with yourself and your ego in a much more rough and deeper way.
Tim Allbritton
Tim Allbritton 13 days ago
Actually pretty impressive how Mike answered those questions and how he's dealing with his life and issues. New respect for Mike Tyson.
Justin Matthews
Justin Matthews 14 days ago
Joe talking to people in recovery (tyson, steve-o...) is cringeworthy. It’s one topic he really misses the bar on.
Robert Vazquez
Robert Vazquez 15 days ago
He is in a better place now in life then when he was on top of the world. . . BEAUTIFUL
Ryan Adam
Ryan Adam 15 days ago
West day at work ever for a porter at the nuthouse when Tyson flips out. Fuuuck that. Bet he made people quit
Ants vtrova
Ants vtrova 15 days ago
THIS IS PROBABLY WHY I DONT WORK OUT ! ! ! The animal in me is too much for this world to handle, theres not enough cameras and lights to contain me.
GplusGains 16 days ago
He doesn't look well, both physically and mentally.
a hack's progress
a hack's progress 16 days ago
He took inspiration from Ali to calm down and relax in life.
danny vickery
danny vickery 16 days ago
Tyson is acctually calm, he must be a maniac on drugs
vCobalt 16 days ago
2:12 you think so? yes mike you always hit home
RICHARD ROHAC 17 days ago
I don't believe he doesn't workout. He is still in a good shape.
RICHARD ROHAC 17 days ago
+Jack Kenny A wolf will never be a sheep.
Jack Kenny
Jack Kenny 17 days ago
+RICHARD ROHAC up to him isnt it
RICHARD ROHAC 17 days ago
+Jack Kenny He shouldn't let himself go.
Jack Kenny
Jack Kenny 17 days ago
Obviously genetics. The dude was ripped when he was 14
Nirvana One
Nirvana One 17 days ago
Good Luck iron Mike 👍 Most of the time our worst enemy is ourselves Speaking from experience that evolution and genetics aren’t always on our side in terms of being civil. But also intelligence-reasoning is the good part of evolution. It’s our safeguard against human stupidity lol
Sathya Forever
Sathya Forever 17 days ago
There you have Joe Rogan's true filthy fucking face for you, if you did not get it, read the comment and unsubscribe from that motherfucker's channel.
Saiphedias0815 18 days ago
I'd love to meet this mike tyson !
Vaas 19 days ago
I wish I had that excuse not to workout lol
Larry Shelast
Larry Shelast 19 days ago
Leave the fellow alown already
bAbYkEkONA 19 days ago
Mike Tyson is still fkn scary lmfao...
blue huckelberry
blue huckelberry 19 days ago
mike can I call u mike it was a long way to get too the man you are great job sir
3m Tonsyl
3m Tonsyl 20 days ago
zombie swag
Brazza Dazza
Brazza Dazza 20 days ago
He’s like kratos
Siuea Langi
Siuea Langi 20 days ago
Much love and respect to you Mike.
alan sullivan
alan sullivan 21 day ago
Mike tyson doesnt have to workout unless he wanted to get back in the ring-he would still knock out any young in fit person that bothers him-why would any body ij their right mind want to piss him off? that is suicide
Slim Shady
Slim Shady 22 days ago
Mike Tysons Is cool as hell with his head on right .. joe is a douche in this interview
Jaylen Dickerson
Jaylen Dickerson 22 days ago
Ali would be so proud
Karaoke Kid
Karaoke Kid 22 days ago
I love the Mike Tyson of yesterday. That dude was one bad ass man!
Almighty 22 days ago
Joe is that friend that pushes you into drinking just one more...over and over...''it's the last one Joe!"..."yea yea...the last one..." lmao
salah ali
salah ali 23 days ago
Wtf is he talking about ego Maybe he has a devil in him
Bigbencher 2001
Bigbencher 2001 24 days ago
David Banner is keeping The Hulk at bay...😉Lol
red devil's
red devil's 24 days ago
I lost respect for Joe Rogan after this interview with Mike.. he pushing him into memorys he dont wan to tink about
Hairy Watermelon
Hairy Watermelon 14 hours ago
red devil's lmao shut up. Mike was having a good time. Plus they were all questions we were asking ourselves. Whether you like joe Rogan or not he asked the questions we all had. Who are you to say how mike felt???
Nationof300 Day ago
If it was 10 years ago he wouldn’t even dare ask those questions lol
Mason Whiteley
Mason Whiteley 5 days ago
nazirdjon woosh
nazirdjon 7 days ago
Joe is a piece of shit scumbag with huge ego in disguise
Stevan Rubalcava
Stevan Rubalcava 24 days ago
God Bless Mike Tyson, you can see hes fought hard to change his bad habits and temper. Hes humbled alot.
Brick Walls
Brick Walls 24 days ago
Mike is the man.
Levelonesucks 24 days ago
you right joe that thing he said hit home.
Dan Wegg
Dan Wegg 24 days ago
Mike Tyson is so scary. The man can demolish any one with one punch. He's a beast, who has been calmed and docile. But I feel there is a fragile glass barrier keeping him from becoming that beast that could snap at any time. This man is having a battle with himself. He is far greater now in my mind, then he ever was as a boxee
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar 25 days ago
He looks like he’s on some sort of tranquilliser nowadays
Richard Mercado
Richard Mercado 24 days ago
Bro he owns his own Marijuana farm, he's stoned 24/7, 365 days a week. Luv Iron Mike and watching his growth its very humbling.
Malachi Cronshey
Malachi Cronshey 25 days ago
Mr. Tyson is a wealth of experience that most could not have carried for so many years. The fact that there are elders like him is of understated importance to the future.
Henry-Bart 25 days ago
What's up with his voice? Is that related to an injury?
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