Mike Perry - The Ocean (ft. Shy Martin) [Lyrics CC]

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✘ Picture taken by Christian Joudrey: unsplash.com/@cjoudrey

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Comments 80
Tropical House Records
Don't forget to subscribe to THR 👉 bit.ly/SubscribeTropicalHouseRecords *LYRICS:* You can be my guiding light Keep me Company in the night That's all I need All I want Is for you to stay a little longer now With arms around me Like a border Like the air I breathe I let you in Keep me warm underneath my skin 'Cause I'm Giving in to your touch I can never get enough Dive in deep into the ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean You can be my safety zone Somewhere I can go and feel unknown That's all I need All I want Is to stay a little longer now Arms around me like a border Like an endless stream You take me in To a place that I've never been Now I'm Giving in to your touch I will never get enough Dive in deep into the ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean
김김푸드KFood 5 months ago
Good music
DNCR 11 5 months ago
Flip Flipovec
Flip Flipovec 5 months ago
very beautiful melody and lyrics as well!!!! I ❤ it so much
Flip Flipovec
Flip Flipovec 5 months ago
it's too beautiful too adorable and too amazing song!!!!!! I love it so much ❗♥ It Hurts ✨♥❗
PTG nakrok
PTG nakrok 6 months ago
Agneska Růže
Agneska Růže Month ago
Super písnička♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍
AlphaGamer 109
AlphaGamer 109 Month ago
{^. ^} {
José Silva
José Silva Month ago
Cadê os brasileiro 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Gaby iludida por Bangtan Boys
how perfect I am in love with this song I love but😍😍😍😍😍😍❤🖤
schwarz_auf_weiß lena
Best song the way
Andi Ardian
Andi Ardian Month ago
I like
Kevin Dourado
Kevin Dourado Month ago
SaraIonitaMusic Month ago
I love this song❤❤😍 When I was 9 I was obsessed with it🥺🥺🥺❤😍😍💗🦋
Christian Cb
Christian Cb Month ago
🌎 🕊️🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪
It’s me Ari :3
Who is here bc of their teacher?! 👁👅👁
IndayChenChen Month ago
Subscribed just because i luv this song so much, too bad it’s not copyrighted for vlog use 😢
別計較,sport sexy dance.
_Sam_ Month ago
Some in 2020? 😅
Nguyen Nguyen
Nguyen Nguyen Month ago
I love this song soo much
Saharit Poomjan
Saharit Poomjan Month ago
Fanny DRM
Fanny DRM Month ago
RIP my dog i love you💗✨🐶 20/10/19
두둥탁 Month ago
What’s 2020?
Lucy Spratt
Lucy Spratt Month ago
Patricia Rubio
Patricia Rubio Month ago
Larisa Cherecheș
2020 ❤️ February 💪❤️
Ioan Pisten
Ioan Pisten Month ago
Wow !😘❤
林聖然 World
林聖然 World Month ago
Ocean City....play City Park...
Neal Shah
Neal Shah Month ago
like for them who came back here from Amazon prime 14 series launch
NoProbLlama -_-
NoProbLlama -_- Month ago
this is my bfs favourite song and i didn't even know it and when I listened to it I was like "oh my god that's such a cute song" LMAOOO
Аружан Жансаева
Wat's 2019
Sergio Blanco
Sergio Blanco Month ago
Zed Month ago
Huong Thanh
Huong Thanh Month ago
Việt Nam đã ghé
Tân Nguyễn
Tân Nguyễn Month ago
Quá hay 👍
Larry Joyce
Larry Joyce Month ago
playing this song in my future when i travel to hawaii❤️😩
Khang Ngô
Khang Ngô Month ago
Music very good
easy Katja Kochen & Backen
Who's still Listen in 2020 ?
Barosu Ciocan
Barosu Ciocan Month ago
Foarte fain melodia
Seka Channel
Seka Channel Month ago
epic ❤️
An Khanh
An Khanh 2 months ago
2020 ?
Tai Nguyen
Tai Nguyen 2 months ago
Thank you made this song it made me happy and not sad thank you so much💖 by Alexis Nguyen
Hank Born
Hank Born 2 months ago
Hank Born
Hank Born 2 months ago
markus sandoval
markus sandoval 2 months ago
2020 😍
Tiffany Sordjo
Tiffany Sordjo 2 months ago
Calvin Lee
Calvin Lee 2 months ago
A path to Paradise...
Ezekiel Moreno
Ezekiel Moreno 2 months ago
2020 people here?🤔
Stefano Raimondo
Stefano Raimondo 2 months ago
Akmal Azahar
Akmal Azahar 2 months ago
From Corona
Delia Dascalescu
Delia Dascalescu 2 months ago
kim성현 2 months ago
이 좋은 노래를 지금 알다니......
YARAZAC 2 months ago
I Love this song
Jhay Xand
Jhay Xand 2 months ago
My favorite relaxing song since 2016😍
Leonardo Ventura
Leonardo Ventura 2 months ago
SuperEvilmonkey88 3 months ago
Just no. Thank you youtube this AIN'T Led Zeppelin
That Australian YouTuber
2020 anyone lol 😂
Destiny Lover
Destiny Lover 3 months ago
The voice of the singer is really very lovely and adorable!.. Loved the remix
장준수 3 months ago
This is song Korea very famous song!!!
Chhre Fgdhh
Chhre Fgdhh 3 months ago
Frontal Gaming??
this song was my best song~!
Hartmut Schomann
Hartmut Schomann 3 months ago
The best song
martinuseques 3 months ago
The anthem of the new tropical-house style in electronic music. :-)
The Ring
The Ring 3 months ago
Who know the Kazakhstan?
Thorn Plays
Thorn Plays 3 months ago
Goosebumps in beats
SmileeS vR
SmileeS vR 3 months ago
So Relax
2016 was the last year of good pop music
interqalactiiq 3 months ago
Anyone in 2794 😍😍😍😍
Yahya Khoeruddin
Yahya Khoeruddin 3 months ago
Bekasi digoyang
Jimmayyy 3 months ago
Wait a minute, this ain't Led Zeppelin
Audio Songs
Audio Songs 3 months ago
ItsMe X
ItsMe X 3 months ago
when i listen to this song i get spring and summer vibesss
Arssya Ardiansyah
Arssya Ardiansyah 3 months ago
Tropical music😍😍
123 456
123 456 3 months ago
I scrolled down the comment and all i saw was "2019 or 2020" anyone?
We are oceans apart but my tears arent enough to wash away all sadness. Youre still my heart. I miss you so much TT
rabii rabii
rabii rabii 3 months ago
She sounds like a southern Zara Larsson
BlogVomMax 3 months ago
goonzquad gang checking in
LeviathaN [GD]
LeviathaN [GD] 3 months ago
I remember this song, It's really beatiful!
Raditya Dhani
Raditya Dhani 3 months ago
The best song 2019
Isaac Landa
Isaac Landa 3 months ago
i have chills ..
Josè Iginio Vera Rosales
el video mas feo jamas visto
Rafael Diaz garcia
Rafael Diaz garcia 3 months ago
algien que able español like si la escuchas en el 2019 ya en el 2020
INRAIN Music 3 months ago
Very good music i love♡♡♡♡
Nuriah Nuriah
Nuriah Nuriah 3 months ago
Good song
Ry Agora
Ry Agora 3 months ago
Algum Br ouvindo em 2k19 ? 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Rony Alonzo
Rony Alonzo 3 months ago
Eu cara. Kkk de que parte de Brasil vc é?
Foxy47 Handy Acc
Foxy47 Handy Acc 3 months ago
Next videos
If I reach 1 million...
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