Migos - Need It (Visualizer) ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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Music video by Migos performing Need It (Visualizer). © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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May 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Chris Howerton
Chris Howerton 9 hours ago
New Migos album SpongeBob:I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it. I NEED IT!
Tim L
Tim L 12 hours ago
Shit hard asf 💚💯
Don Dada
Don Dada 13 hours ago
Quavo and takeoff went harder lol my favorite part was Quavo’s 😂😂 no cap
MRE Bmx 18 hours ago
You guys jump x a while back
M M 19 hours ago
Malo Petignat brought me here
Karena Lima
Karena Lima 20 hours ago
Só me vem na cabeça o 50 cent "Hanrraaanmmmm, yeah" rsr
Chronic Donut
Chronic Donut 20 hours ago
This beat slaps harder than my dads belt
Truly Mello
Truly Mello 22 hours ago
Listen to this shit high af 😂😂
Chris Pimentel
Chris Pimentel 22 hours ago
real niggaz know this song was inspired by 50 cent
Ottomeyn 23 hours ago
Congratulations migos Brothers this beats hits like a ( Back to the Future) 💯💯🎹💣💣💣 Upgrade line🌈
Piotr D
Piotr D 23 hours ago
Chłopaki tylko to co zawsze tylko sobą
Cee Hamilton
Cee Hamilton Day ago
If you were bumping 50 cent "Bitch get in my car" first you can like this.
Arieal Morris
It’s the beat for me...
nolann Touirat
Lourd lourd
Isaiah T
Isaiah T Day ago
Isn’t this 50 cent beat from massacre?
DáVic Mann
DáVic Mann Day ago
Stole xanman flow
Kenisha Washington
Men that beat go so hard
Bryan Chris Joseph
"B**** get in my car" ... #NoDrunkDrivers
Aaron Garza
Aaron Garza Day ago
This Is a 50 Cents Beat
zilraty Day ago
This draco undefeated this bullets he receive it
Speedy Cerviche
50 cent’s Get in my car is the beat there using
T Greg
T Greg Day ago
Comeback😂😂😂were they go???? Last year they just all dropped solo albums now they bouta drop the group album
Brolin Raydon
Brolin Raydon 21 hour ago
Facts I don’t really get it when people say they fell off
keiosha boston
Best song migo song of 2020
keiosha boston
This song has so much energy love it
Lè Maverick
Lè Maverick Day ago
Just seen em working on the music video👌🏾👌🏾
jon Day ago
This beat is on another level
Leonard Mitchell
U0 uo
Tyesha Tihi
Tyesha Tihi Day ago
Man this vid gonna be lit when it comes out 🔥🔥
Monique Parr
Monique Parr Day ago
They did good on 50 cent beat
Fofe Clivert
Fofe Clivert Day ago
If you a Yb fan thumbs up 🐐
Tyree McGee
Tyree McGee Day ago
Who came before tik tok took over
BrodieLux 2 days ago
Did anyone realize the beat is similar to 50 cent - Get In My Car??
joe fon
joe fon 2 days ago
Video coming soon let’s gooooooo
Robert Philp
Robert Philp 2 days ago
I'm Just Now Founding Out Bout Dis Song🤦
BigFred1984 2 days ago
Love the remix
Sean Wilkins
Sean Wilkins 2 days ago
The beats in the background kinda reminds me of spongebob
Dopeboy Fizzz
Dopeboy Fizzz 2 days ago
We need more of YoungBoy & the Migos drop the video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
TREYCO 2 days ago
This beat is “50 Cent - Get In My Car”
Metro Supreme
Metro Supreme 2 days ago
I thought this shit will never happen
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 2 days ago
50 cent'S beat bro !!! Wtf ???
the gamer
the gamer 2 days ago
Best song by YB nocap
Tynisha Jennings
Tynisha Jennings 2 days ago
Shuvanna White
Shuvanna White 2 days ago
YRF poncho
YRF poncho 2 days ago
What’s the sample for this beat?
JGELITE 2 days ago
The beat is sooooooo Harrrd
خالد العبسي
Migos 🌃🔥💪
missnikki Hill
missnikki Hill 2 days ago
Sounds a little like "Crucial Conflict" lovin the vibes!!!!!!!
kahlilh1 Day ago
You gotta be from da crib talkin bout crucial conflict
LJ Madden
LJ Madden Day ago
My mom went to sleep with them lmao I listen to alot of they music lmao
PurpleHaze 2 days ago
they shoulda put GUCCI on dis mane....
Tessa Piccillo
Tessa Piccillo 2 days ago
"I don't play but I'm a player to the mother fucking end"
Skinny Hardaway
Skinny Hardaway 2 days ago
Dog .I played this song everyday since it dropped
John Tyler
John Tyler 2 days ago
Moneybag yo should’ve been on here uh uh uh 💯💯💯💯🛫
John Tyler
John Tyler 2 days ago
Man you hear the fuckin difference in the Migos 🛫 (TAKE OFF) YOU HEAR EM CAME N THIS BIHHH WITTA M WORTH OF CASH LIKE BANDICAL WE BOUTA CRASH WHAT EVER THAT GAME IS .... take off hot as shit NBA made the song thooo
Jay Magic
Jay Magic 2 days ago
50cent better get a cut for this shit #g-unit
jonathan bell
jonathan bell 2 days ago
This beat goes hard
it’s the best in tech tommie
why are you making music 🎵
the dude that does videos
Is youngboy a migo now?
Dashawn Dinero
Dashawn Dinero 2 days ago
Dis song go hard asf 🔥💯
Joshua Washington
Please make an video. This is 🔥 🔥 🔥
Manga La Anime
Manga La Anime 3 days ago
They was rapping circles around yung boi
Jovanr18 3 days ago
I heard this beat before is it 50 cent ?
Young boi never broke again CAUSE HE STEEL 50 MAN
A.Valenz 3 days ago
Get in my car 50 cent ?? That sample 🔥🔥😤
screamin 4kt
screamin 4kt 3 days ago
Ofentse Motau
Ofentse Motau 3 days ago
When is Culture 3 dropping?
Trent Edwards
Trent Edwards 3 days ago
Needs ah video🤷‍♂️
DEAFWISH DREW 3 days ago
Mike M
Mike M 3 days ago
I was waiting for one of them to say “I got no pick up lines I stay on my grind I tell them hoes all the time bitch get in my car!!” Lol they really sampled 50.
Anthony Bogay
Anthony Bogay 3 days ago
This shit go to hard set and young boi got the fuck off ....quavo and take off they got off to but set and yb kill this fr ....50 should be proud how they did his beat
Rika Joyce
Rika Joyce 3 days ago
This my shit when im drinking he pick the right rapper's
keemszn 3 days ago
n.e.e.d i.t.
Thechannel Yt
Thechannel Yt 3 days ago
The beat is dope aye 😁😁😁😎😎😎😎
Kenny Oneal
Kenny Oneal 3 days ago
If u don't want a fire started at ur house then don't play this song
Janaina Reiner
Janaina Reiner 3 days ago
Brianda Mason
Brianda Mason 3 days ago
This song like spongebob music
ogkvcks 3 days ago
This better be on 2k21🔥🔥
Joker Shakur
Joker Shakur 3 days ago
Abel Kamuloni
Abel Kamuloni 3 days ago
mxm this joint is doin me woooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!
Frank Garcia
Frank Garcia 3 days ago
They forgot to tell youngboy to wear shades
Valentinø Mitchell
Yooo the video for this bout to be that sizzle son’🔥🔥🔥
Michael Downing
Michael Downing 3 days ago
For yall younger boys this back and forth style is all Bone Thugs style first, but this hits too I'm 29 so I enjoy them too
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