Midland - Burn Out

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Comments 80
donil punch
donil punch 4 hours ago
Ouhhh its so sexy n ngesang
Austin Trachuk
Austin Trachuk 8 hours ago
2:13 when Cameron nudges Mark about the developing situation
Diana Arriola
Who else loves the way he sweats?
Marwin Steiner
Man, Midland is just another kind of cool!
Onion Day ago
Now I’m 100% strait but I’d dance with that man
BootsNHat Day ago
Awesome Continuous Shot! Excellent Camera Work!!
Calvin Butts
Calvin Butts 3 days ago
Who 2020? I been drinking watermelon😂 Will someone sub to me please? Look at my 🍉 dancing ruvid.net/video/video-K63ozNx8ONE.html
LK EDITS 3 days ago
Who’s that girl what’s her name
Lee Murguia
Lee Murguia 4 days ago
OMG 😍😱♥️ love it
Estella Durham
Estella Durham 4 days ago
Madhav 5 days ago
Watchin' cigarettes burn out 'Til all the neon gets turned out I was so on fire for you it hurts, how Fast as a cigarette can burn out Just watchin' rivers run Down the side of my bottle Almost like it's cryin' my tears Had the world on a string And then I lost everything And that's how I wound up here Watchin' cigarettes burn out 'Til all the neon gets turned out There's nothing left but empty glasses now It's all flashes now The smokin' memory that ain't nothin' but ashes In the low lights These done me wrong songs hit me so right I'm so on fire for you it hurts, how Fast as one cigarette can burn out If you put your hands on the flame You've got no right to complain 'Cause you know it's gonna leave a mark When the glow comes to an end Like scattered embers in the wind Leaves you lookin' for a brand new spark Watchin' cigarettes burn out Now with every hit I'm gonna quit But who am I kiddin'? I just can't put you down So I keep hangin' around Watchin' cigarettes burn out 'Til all the neon gets turned out There's nothing left but empty glasses now It's all flashes now It's a smokin' memory that ain't nothin' but ashes In the low lights These done me wrong songs hit me so right I'm so on fire for you it hurts how Fast as a a cigarette can burn out I was so on fire for you it hurts how Fast as a cigarette can burn out
Nawlege Musky Hunter
anyone notice the waitress dropping a beer at the beginning
aceshighest 5 days ago
Cowboy hats look fucking stupid.
Bryan J Ozornia
Bryan J Ozornia 6 days ago
Dancing like the guy with the blue Jean shirt & white hat and black Jean's w/ the girl square shirt
Joseph Satterwhite
"Are you stupid or something" damn that's tough
Stoopidass videos
good song
HookinHogz 7 days ago
ive never seen billy bobs that empty lol
Jordan c
Jordan c 7 days ago
Billy bobs!!
Jennifer Zuercher
I hung out in Austin when i was 18 years old and they sound so amazing makes me want to go dancing like I did years ago .
Stickit Pickit
Stickit Pickit 8 days ago
Uh I don’t ever say this but his sweat be looking sexy from here😝 real cowboy
James Brandon
James Brandon 8 days ago
One of the best country bands today. They make real country music not like these other bands that play these tear jerking music.
Cubefarmer Hkc
Cubefarmer Hkc 8 days ago
Like this video, but I get the feeling that the A/C broke the day before.
Jasmine Yancy
Jasmine Yancy 8 days ago
I listened just once now on repeat. I have hearts in my eyes.
Gome 8 days ago
This video definitely has that "Urban Cowboy" movie look to it starring John Travolta
Norman Martin
Norman Martin 9 days ago
good days
josh brown
josh brown 9 days ago
Badass song
Leander Platero
Leander Platero 9 days ago
Vegas bar with homie bee🖕
Michael Parsons
Michael Parsons 9 days ago
This song makes me want to binge watch late 70's shows.
Joshua Gerrald
Joshua Gerrald 9 days ago
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez 9 days ago
Does anyone know where to find a tank top like the one he’s wearing? 😅🙏
Claudia Hurtado
Claudia Hurtado 11 days ago
The man is fine, ughhhhh!!
william clarke
william clarke 12 days ago
i only know Midland i barrel play anything else
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Who is listening this in 2020 This video fabulous 0:55 🧡🖤 👇👇👇🔥
MrTwinkleButtoms 13 days ago
who is that lovely lady
CARTER HILL 14 days ago
The bass player is the Flea of country music
Jessica Laffin
Jessica Laffin 15 days ago
The singer's mustache is like the hottest thing I've seen in a long time.
Joseph Satterwhite
Women find a slab of hair on our faces hot? Why are women si fuckin weird man
Jordan c
Jordan c 7 days ago
He was a former underwear model lmao
Dan Rigney
Dan Rigney 8 days ago
You should try mine
Claudia Hurtado
Claudia Hurtado 11 days ago
for real
GreenBottlesOnly 16 days ago
Dam,6k Thumbs down
Christopher Peninger
That's only 5%. I figure if you're under 10% you're on fire so Midland is Lava.
Kerry Moore School of Dance
Came here to listen to these sweet sounds as we go through the Covid-19 crisis. Thank you for this beautiful music ❤️🇨🇦
mike fierro
mike fierro 17 days ago
What a great video guys, loved it.
Louis Schiavone
Louis Schiavone 18 days ago
This is the "1917" of country music videos.
.....when she said "and no one EVER will be !!!" I felt that shyt ....cuz she meant it
BRO SKI 16 days ago
John Thomason
John Thomason 16 days ago
Nathan Leather
Nathan Leather 20 days ago
I'm glad Midland is following the footsteps of Montgomery gentry and brooks and Dunn
Love this song they sound like Brooks and Dunn
sc Hydro
sc Hydro 22 days ago
those arms tho
kim Frazier
kim Frazier 22 days ago
Im so in love with mark and his mustache 😘
🔥🔥 Is this listentnig in march 2020 This performance is fascinating 0:42 💝💓 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💚
Francielle Franco
Francielle Franco 24 days ago
Cadê os brasileiros com bom gosto?? Amo Midland ❤❤
Casey Lynn Brown
Casey Lynn Brown 24 days ago
She dropped a beer!!! At the beginning! No criticism I just love to catch stuff like that!! Amazing song and video!
Beto_ Lsx
Beto_ Lsx 12 days ago
Typical female pointing out the stupidest shit .. Like ok who cares enjoy the song
andres gaming
andres gaming 25 days ago
These fools playing stupide
Larson Abilla
Larson Abilla 27 days ago
They all look like Matthew Mcconaughey from "Dazed and Confused," and I'm digging it.
stylz1 27 days ago
Thought this was Dallas Buyers Club for a minute.
Kelly Holloran
Kelly Holloran 28 days ago
Twin e twiny
Kelly Holloran
Kelly Holloran 28 days ago
Where they at👀
Ryan Tiger
Ryan Tiger 28 days ago
i want a country bar like that.
Charles Carr
Charles Carr 28 days ago
I quit smoking 3yrs ago. My wife has left me and I wanna smoke one now. The Struggle is Real!! I refuse to let her Win!!
Christopher Peninger
Listen to Wheeler Walker Jr. Fuck You Bitch. You'll feel better.
JFreak88 28 days ago
Am I the only one wishing to be Mark Wystrach's sweat?
Savannah 29 days ago
I wanna go to Yeehaw Texas so bad and videos like this don't help
Parker Calvert
Parker Calvert 29 days ago
please continue to make COUNTRY music
Howard 29 days ago
nice cosplay
Life with Emma & Ayvah
Can’t wait to see you guys at @ Houston Rodeo 20’
Jazmin Estrada
Jazmin Estrada Month ago
i hope you guys are coming to their rodeo concert today i hope you guys will have fun.
Tim McCorkle
Tim McCorkle Month ago
Alcohol abuse, she drops one of those longnecks at the beginning of the video. Grew up in Austin in the 70’s love this group.
Shabdik Acharyya
Midland and Billy Currington are the real country guys
G M Month ago
My favorite band, so refreshing to listen to good Real solid Country music again. I Love this guys soo much, love their sound. They are a cross between George Strait and Alan Jackson. I am buying everything they put out.
RuesHD Month ago
0:14 the beer fell
kishan elam
kishan elam Month ago
Gotta love midland!!
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Month ago
These guys have that retro swag
jessica cassell
jessica cassell Month ago
Who's that girl that he danced with at the end
Diane Hawkins
Diane Hawkins Month ago
I get to go see em tonight at Billy Bob’s Texas in the Pit! Kick some country music ass! 😄
holly mullins
holly mullins Month ago
Midland really my favorite country music group love it 😍
Dana H
Dana H Month ago
This is modern Urban Cowboy..... excellent!!
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown Month ago
Who's the lady that owns the bar in the video she looks familiar like I've seen her in something else
Ninja Squirrel
Ninja Squirrel Month ago
see that bottle fall
James Crawley
James Crawley Month ago
Midland and Jon Pardi are country music's only hope.
Zeke Month ago
Dale Richardson
Dale Richardson Month ago
I absolutely love the old feel of the video. I remember those days well and miss them. This is what real country is all about.
SamjrMusic Month ago
I finally get it, all these bands making videos, semi mini dramas. With all the talking in the background during the video oh, it is made it easy for people to talk while musicians are live performing on stage like myself LOL, people are just used to talking now while musicians play in the background lol
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia Month ago
Reminds me of urban cowboy?!? What a great movie lol.
George Jetson
George Jetson Month ago
That girl is beautiful😍😘😘
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