Microsoft word tutorial |How to insert images into word document table

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Learn Microsoft word:learning how to easily insert an image into the table in the document Microsoft word 2007. Note: To reduce file size, save : PDF file. Visit:www.azqnet.com
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All In One MKG
All In One MKG 5 days ago
Thank you very much - so simple that I understood it.
Dr Abdul Islam
Dr Abdul Islam 14 days ago
nice one
Diogo Branco
Diogo Branco 16 days ago
No idea how i end up here..
Tixon 25 days ago
On 12.05.2020 are 28.940.209 views. Let's check how many views will be tomorrow!
Vusal Huseynov
Vusal Huseynov 26 days ago
Manyyy Manyyy thanks
Wahyu Djuddah
Wahyu Djuddah 29 days ago
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this is simple and useful tips.
Zieo Month ago
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Moreen Stella
Moreen Stella Month ago
thank you so much.. it works. God bless you.
Fernando Giraldo
Thanks for the video. It was very helpful.
1 Min PowerPoint Challenge!
excellent presentation. ruvid.net/video/video-RgFCCb_VDI0.html
Special Needs
Special Needs Month ago
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uttam boss
uttam boss Month ago
Really is a awesome and its worked. Thanks for sharing this type of video keep uploading and we are waiting for your next video.
Melbi Morales
Melbi Morales Month ago
when I try to go in google classroom it takes me to my google setting and makes me inter another google account in whcih my is already in dont understand why this is doing this. please help me.
USA Roadtrip364
USA Roadtrip364 Month ago
Thanks for sharing your idea in the video..was able to learn...
Faye Ralph
Faye Ralph Month ago
Thank you this helped with my problem
Basic Programming, MS Office by nhorliemac
i can make it in other way... great job this is more efficient
Inceptions661 Month ago
The Elon Musk
The Elon Musk Month ago
King !
Reshu Agarwal
Reshu Agarwal Month ago
yes, it was helpful
Anne Pres
Anne Pres Month ago
tapos napo ako ng bakas sa bahay mo paki balik naman yung bakas mo sa bahay ko mag hihintay ako salamat at congrats...
ebbryant Month ago
Thank Yooouuu!! You helped me figure out how to do this on Google Word! Format>Paragraph & Styles.to shading, etc! LOVE U!
Omar Tech
Omar Tech 2 months ago
Player Gamez
Player Gamez 2 months ago
microsoft word is actually an app ? Next video how to use the keyboard and mouse xD
smith gold
smith gold 2 months ago
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Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh 2 months ago
Aleksander Razny
Aleksander Razny 2 months ago
Rantendo 2 months ago
Iki by my I.T. teacher (Iki means I know it)
Mandarin Mania
Mandarin Mania 2 months ago
I cannot select multiple files. It would have been helpful if you showed how.
jannik drachsler
jannik drachsler 2 months ago
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AJ C 2 months ago
omg thanks for this.
Lee Olson
Lee Olson 2 months ago
Awesome!!! Thank you!!
John Farhang
John Farhang 2 months ago
it worked!
Wolfy's Fine
Wolfy's Fine 2 months ago
m i c r o & s o f t
Tutor Francis
Tutor Francis 2 months ago
p s
p s 2 months ago
OMG, this was the biggest disaster of my life...i not only accidentally created a line, but in trying to eliminate - scores of them! And that too in my PhD dissertation. It was a nightmare to get it out...three weeks of fretting and then looking up to find this tutorial. Thanks a lot. I am so relieved.
Peter M. Beaumont
Peter M. Beaumont 2 months ago
Brilliant, I have been trying to figure this out for ever!
AK Records
AK Records 2 months ago
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Rafi Noori
Rafi Noori 2 months ago
I asked how to bring or find the Tools menu to customize but the answer was not satisfying
VDPL DPI 2 months ago
Aidan Jane McIntosh
Aidan Jane McIntosh 3 months ago
There is someone in this world who needs this tutorial I'm sure... I mean even my nan figured it out on her own...
Food Dreams
Food Dreams 3 months ago
good video see u soon
стасик 3 months ago
чо это
Maxim Chavro
Maxim Chavro 3 months ago
28 mill wtf....
TechTricksGh 3 months ago
Man you are doing great!
jktrain 3 months ago
My problem is suddenly in my file all columns are missing to the right of my data. There is no triangle to click or unclick. Each worksheet is missing and I don't know why. I can add columns in but I want to fix the problem and view the spreadsheets as normal. Any idea?
Janice B
Janice B 3 months ago
thanks for taking us to your lessons. hope you'll post more and you'll love mine too. thanks
Erdene-Ochir Mijid
Erdene-Ochir Mijid 3 months ago
It's not changed file size?
Rusty Is GOAT
Rusty Is GOAT 3 months ago
This really helps a lot
simply Rose
simply Rose 3 months ago
i dont really know a lot of stuff about computers so this is big help for me! thank u!
algoestube1 3 months ago
Thank you!!
Kashif khan
Kashif khan 3 months ago
Teach and Trained
Teach and Trained 3 months ago
IsItFalling 3 months ago
clear button isn't there on newer versions of word
Skkgh Jjkjs
Skkgh Jjkjs 3 months ago
Tony Hendricks
Tony Hendricks 3 months ago
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HAZEL ALENDAO 3 months ago
how can i insert a video into a powerpoint 2010
Al CidezzZ
Al CidezzZ 3 months ago
When I download it its showing as internet explorer
Feep In
Feep In 3 months ago
Wait that's not a Fortnite tutorial..
GEORGE BROWN 3 months ago
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Jill Price
Jill Price 3 months ago
I was have a heck of a time resetting back to paint which I don't know how it even got changed. This was so helpful it took seconds. Thank you.
Md Firoz
Md Firoz 3 months ago
kabaddi 950
kabaddi 950 3 months ago
Good Work ruvid.net/video/video-qTZQc3-tThI.html
kabaddi 950
kabaddi 950 3 months ago
Nusrath Ummer
Nusrath Ummer 3 months ago
how to resize the pictures if the original images are of different sizes...I already used the "\*mergeformat \d" formula but it doesnt work. please advise
Toomas Pai
Toomas Pai 3 months ago
Thanks for the recommendation, really useful
zhen 3 months ago
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Suzanne Yoder
Suzanne Yoder 3 months ago
Thank you!!!! helpful!
mo.hussain ghori
mo.hussain ghori 4 months ago
AD58 4 months ago
Is it not possible to set the size of the photos inserted as a default, it would make it a lot quicker to insert multiple photos into a report without having to re-size every seperate photo?
Kenichi Mori
Kenichi Mori 4 months ago
Thank you word of respect.
Kenichi Mori
Kenichi Mori 4 months ago
vendetta gaming
vendetta gaming 4 months ago
:( do u have another sulution its not working
Denis Paris
Denis Paris 4 months ago
restlesstraveler2 4 months ago
Did not work for me! Changed it, but nothing happened!
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