Microsoft Access 2016 Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to Access - Part 1 of 2

Sali Kaceli
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This is part 1 of 2 of the Microsoft Access 2016 tutorial. The tutorial starts with the very basics and continues to the more advanced features on properly understanding how design and use an Access database. For more info. visit learn.kaceli.com.
THE DATA FILES FOR THE TUTORIAL ARE HERE: kaceli.com/a/access2016files/. You will need to download and unzip them.
The following are covered in this tutorial along with the timeline:
00:00 Getting Started with Access Concepts
00:50 General Concepts Related to Databases
02:55 Components of a Database: Tables, Queries, Forms and Reports
04:13 Database components in an actual database: A brief overview
09:08 Opening and working with an existing Access database template and identifying components
11:22 Entering data in a database from a template
13:47 Creating a new database and saving a database
14:00 The Access user interface components
15:35 The Tell me feature in Access 2016
16:19 Creating your first table in Microsoft Access and table components
17:59 Understanding data types in an Access Database and tables
18:19 Defining the table fields and data types
20:22 Entering data directly into a table
22:35 Primary Key concepts
23:57 Using the Design View to design a Table
28:51 Modifying the Design of an existing table using Design View and adding a new field
29:41 Yes/No fields in a table and assigning the Primary Key in a table
31:44 Creating forms from a table to enter and update data using the Form Wizard
36:31 Modifying a form in Access
38:53 Creating a simple query from a table and using the Query Wizard
41:30 Creating reports and using the Report Wizard
43:47 Modifying a report
45:00 Using the Data Files for the tutorial
48:00 Creating Tables from an Excel data file
49:43 Importing the data structure and the data from an external file
53:58 Creating tables and importing the data from a .csv file
55:16 Creating a Table from a .csv file
57:12 Understanding the Primary and Foreign Keys in a database
1:00:30 Linking tables in Access 2016 and Defining the Relationships
1:02:02 Identifying the primary and foreign keys
1:02:53 Selecting the tables and linking the tables
1:03:30 Defining the relationships

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Comments 80
Icy Hybben
Icy Hybben Day ago
What are two ways to add more fields in a table?
Mohsen Hashemi
Mohsen Hashemi 3 days ago
Thanks Sali, you just helped me to put aside my fear of Access and saved me from VLookUp in Excell
Ylldije Sulka
Ylldije Sulka 5 days ago
E great explanation
SmplyAzn 6 days ago
When making a form how do you permanently have contact info on the bottom for every form?
Access is literally the hardest fucking basic computer class there is. I did way better a excel
The Bank of Aim
The Bank of Aim 16 days ago
max yu
max yu Month ago
very helpful
Bella Carina
Bella Carina Month ago
i can't get to the work file. When i click on the link down a web page appears telling me to log in. Pls help
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli Month ago
You could try it from this direct link: kaceli.com/a/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/access-2016-working-files.zip. I cannot attach it here obviously.
Lori Gladden
Lori Gladden Month ago
Easy to understand and slow enough to follow along. Thanks! You've made learning Access much easier than I thought it could be.
Abdur Rahim
Abdur Rahim 2 months ago
Good morning. How do you do. I hope you are ok with your family. I like your tutorial video for Microsoft Access. I highly requested you make tutorial video for stock control. Example stock table, Customer table and Suppliers table from this three table how control minimum stock level when issue material for Customer automatic reduce from stock and when receive material from Suppliers automatic add stock. Please make tutorial video for this.
Elizabeth Otero-Rodriguez
Your tutorial was extremely helpful and I have reviewed several instructional videos prior to yours. I do have a question that I can't seem to find an answer for.....I have a spreadsheet that I'm importing into access that requires two additional columns added. The columns will be used to add a formula. Question: how do you add the column so that it does not disappear when running saved imports? I need these columns to appear in the final report that will be exported. Every time I run the saved imports it overrides the table. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli 2 months ago
Have you considered using Append instead of Replace when importing the table?
Leslie Wyatt
Leslie Wyatt 2 months ago
Thank you Mr. Kaceli for your thorough yet simple to follow tutorial. You are an awesome teacher. Thank you for sharing. Never used Access and find myself having to get a quick handle on it as I go back out in to the work place. You have given me the confidence I needed, by making what I thought was going to be a mind boggling experience into a easy to understand one. Thank you so very much. Shalom
Sans 2 months ago
Who's watching this because they have an ICT test
TJ 2 months ago
Brilliant lecture. You totally demystify Access. Thank you.
Soviet George
Soviet George 3 months ago
I have tried importing the text file and it couldn't be done. I did everything you did but I always get an error message and a notice that the table couldn't be transferred. What could be wrong?
Dan Evans
Dan Evans 3 months ago
Great video! Really helpful.
Michal Hájek
Michal Hájek 4 months ago
Klikou kl
kelodinga 4 months ago
Great tutorial Sir. This was very helpful . Than you so much.
luis gerardo Aponte Bernal
thanks a lot!
DiNOo Gaming
DiNOo Gaming 4 months ago
thank you so much sir
David Wade
David Wade 4 months ago
How do i call on a database and deploy ALL the information stored? Say when i pull up a name, it also gonna automatically deploy all the info that was stored, e.g: name, address and cell number?
Goodie 5 months ago
N D.
N D. 5 months ago
When it comes to Primary key, can I have 2 of them? My situation requires field#1 to be able to repeat if it has different value in field#2 (IE: ModeA Version 1, ModelA Version 2)
Svitlana Richardson
Svitlana Richardson 5 months ago
Hi. Can you please explain PeopleSoft idea and give quick examples? Thank you.
Sahil Pabale
Sahil Pabale 5 months ago
1:03 :30 Defining the relationships
Pets And Family
Pets And Family 5 months ago
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Mr. Kaceli, easy and understandable.
j1ng T
j1ng T 6 months ago
super useful!!!thank you so much!!
Profishency 6 months ago
letter R: Am I a joke to you? Haha.. thanks for the video.
henri eugène Bitoulefock
ok great
frank zhang
frank zhang 6 months ago
this video isnt helping tommy huang wiht his IA. u guys need to get good not do this kind of tutorial and teach us how to do our ia
frank zhang
frank zhang 6 months ago
great comment
Abdisamad Hassan
Abdisamad Hassan 6 months ago
*I really like to use msaccess but, at the same time i don't after i watched your clip i really appreciate for helping me to understand how to use it. Thank you bro*
Its Just Riri
Its Just Riri 7 months ago
can somebody help me set this up. I have 200 students who have a book allowance of $500 each year to use over the next 4 years. Each year they don't use the full $500 - the balance carries over into the next year, until the end of the 4 years. As they use funds, i have to deduct it. I currently use Excel but would like to use Access for more detailed tracking, comments, etc.,. .
VICEROY 7 months ago
where is part 2?
Sheri Williamson
Sheri Williamson 7 months ago
You're a lifesaver! You made intro to Access so incredibly easy!
Jason Wang
Jason Wang 8 months ago
Really a good starting point for newcomers. Thanks a lot for your video!
Azmak Mirawdaly
Azmak Mirawdaly 8 months ago
thank uuu so much,best course taken
anuj gupta
anuj gupta 8 months ago
teri maa ki chut
Geoffrey Coghy
Geoffrey Coghy 8 months ago
my parents and my uncle were millionaires in the 70' and 80'. Did they need Access to get there...NO... they used basic accounting principles + to do business... I can see how MS AC can be useful...yet, unless u have the brains for business and to get a head, it's no good. MS keeps u worried about learning it rather than really getting ahead. abstraction. Learn accounting, finance, and statistics from the basics up. then all this will have much more relevance. U cant learn how to do business from learning how to make an EX table.
Nenad Dabic
Nenad Dabic 9 months ago
Set speed on 1.5 it is way better
Peter B. Godfrey
Peter B. Godfrey 9 months ago
So essential, thanks a lot.
pixel heart
pixel heart 9 months ago
sir thank you.. you are a great teacher!!
Akalanka Kaluarachchi
Wonderful video. Learnt lot
luthfi balaka
luthfi balaka 9 months ago
thank you very much Mr. Kaceli, you really helped me. After watching this video, I finally get the idea of how to use Access!
Lainesso 9 months ago
finally not an indian giving tutorials XD
POP TURD 10 months ago
Anyone got 5 questions with the answers to it about access
Filuo 10 months ago
Hi, thank you a lot for the videos. They are truly great. I'm a student and it's really helping. I have found a problem - most probably - on my end. Everything so far was going super until I arrived at the import of the "invoicelist". For some reason, it has a problem with how the date is written. The date in the file is written "Month-day-year" and for my access seems to function "day-month-year" and so some data is lost when I import the document. I don't know if there is a way to fix it but just wanted to give a heads up. Oh... I'm working with Access 2007. Don't know if that the cause of the problem.
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli 10 months ago
Most likely this has to do with the date format in control panel.
Toko Tadh
Toko Tadh 10 months ago
@ 59:17 there are two customer whose ID is 11005 Doesn't the customer ID need to be unique? Hoping for a reply
Toko Tadh
Toko Tadh 10 months ago
@Sali Kaceli oh okay got it Thanks for keeping the comment section alive. Hoping to learn something new
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli 10 months ago
If the field is the primary key, then yes the id needs to be unique.
3vol lady
3vol lady 10 months ago
I like your accent
Nathan B
Nathan B 10 months ago
Thank you so much
Aaron Hutt
Aaron Hutt 10 months ago
video starts at 9:19
Aaron Hutt
Aaron Hutt 10 months ago
AmAZiNg viDEo MaTe. ReALly EnjOYed iT
Muir Laurie
Muir Laurie 10 months ago
really good video explained well.... try to sound more interested in what your saying
Robert deane
Robert deane 10 months ago
this guy just taught people who to use this software in 2 hours what took my college took a year doing
Mark Davidson
Mark Davidson 10 months ago
Thank you, I was able to complete my project from this tutorial, you're a great teacher!
vuth putin
vuth putin 11 months ago
oh so good
Kent L
Kent L 11 months ago
The Quad Spot with Jessica Kennedy
MS ACCESS 2019 Error Message : The table is already in use exclusively by another user or it is already open thru the user interface & can't be manipulated programmatically. That doesn't make sense. I am a single user and not attached to a network and get this message often.
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli 11 months ago
Most likely the table itself is opens while you're using access. I suggest that you close all windows within Access and then try again.
Abdourahman Bah
Abdourahman Bah 11 months ago
part 2 please
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli 11 months ago
Here is the link to the full Access 2016 tutorial: ruvid.net/video/video-xRYSP-yFgb0.html.
M. Raed Al Lulu
M. Raed Al Lulu 11 months ago
It's obvious that you've made a hard work while preparing this useful and informative video, to present it to us on youtube for free.. Thank you so much.
Tony Widdows
Tony Widdows 11 months ago
excellent and very easy to follow.
Shah Chowdhury
Shah Chowdhury 11 months ago
Excellent work. I have not to use Access for the last 3 years. It refreshes my skills and learning. Thank you.
Lonnie NYC
Lonnie NYC Year ago
Absolutely excellent tutorial. Thank you!
M A Year ago
Great tutorial, main concepts explained quite well. On to part 2 now
Jessica Fry
Jessica Fry Year ago
I'm only 8 minutes in and I already understand Access a little better and am not feeling so intimidated. The online MS Office course I'm taking is all text based, but sometimes you just need a video. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing this with the world!
omran kh
omran kh Year ago
Thank you very much from Syria.
Joshua Audie Depositario
Thanks my good sir. This is indeed very helpful. More power to you!
Holly D
Holly D Year ago
Excellent tutorial! Thanks
Anthony Tessman
This is a great tutorial! Very clear and concise! Thank you for this sir!
JN Year ago
Great tutorial. Thank you.
Anas Rafi
Anas Rafi Year ago
Very useful thanks dear sir
sujith fernando
I'm going to face my exam tomorrow and this tutorial was very useful, thank you, sir.
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli Year ago
How did the test go? Hope this tutorial helped.
Insight of sragvi
sujith fernando me too
Drinking game: take a shot Everytime he says "database"
maisxoo Year ago
thank you!
The Nation
The Nation Year ago
Great video
charef alla
charef alla Year ago
You're an absolute legend mate.
Yassin Said
Yassin Said Year ago
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli Year ago
Part 2 of Access is here: ruvid.net/video/video-bqQ-eKMxk6Q.html.
Ricardo de Oliveira
Hey, Sali Kaceli, I'm very thankful for your time and effort putted in this tutorial, I have learned and reminded many things. Do you intend to make the second part? Thank you and cheers from Brazil
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli Year ago
Yes, part 2 is available from here: ruvid.net/video/video-bqQ-eKMxk6Q.html
Santhosh Narayan
Very useful! Thank you very much :)
M Rukhshan Ali
Hats off a very easy way to clear the concept
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