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jzhd bshsh
jzhd bshsh Day ago
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Rastagar Hoshmand
Thanks so much for your efforts, these two tutorials would be extremely beneficial for me, I have a new job that I would start soon. I was assuming that they would be using excel as their database, but I heard that it would actually access itself, I have few days to learn these important lessons. BEST REGARDS FROM BIRMINGHAM UK
Eyob Yetmgeta
Eyob Yetmgeta 10 days ago
i am satisfied
VPAS GAMING YT 11 days ago
Attah K
Attah K 16 days ago
PRESENTATION not just Great but its FANTASTIC! very Very Informative. Many thanks
Art Sun
Art Sun 17 days ago
So nice video , have a wonderful day friend !
Mohan C
Mohan C 17 days ago
Access is great software , very much underrated .
Mike Mahase
Mike Mahase 19 days ago
It was fairly simple , thanks
tia menzel
tia menzel 20 days ago
I have learned so much from your videos! Thank you ! I have a question. I have a form that calls a second form and passes a variable to the second form. Is there any way to retain that passed variable on refresh? Scenario: Tracking documents processed. 1st form is high level - name, date, id# (unique key) and daily total docs processed and total time spent. 2nd form captures the detail start & stop times through out the day - so can be multiples to add up to total time spent. I pass the variable of id# to the second form but must close the form to enter the 2nd round of information in order to have the variable pass to the second set of start and stop times. Is there a way to refresh selectively? and leave the passed variable in the new entry? or a way to RE SetTempVar?
James j
James j 20 days ago
I got a job thanks man
WhatsApp video
WhatsApp video 20 days ago
After using your trick i am able to download pokemon go spoofer in my android device thanks for sharing
Learn English Vocabulary
Good day, Sali Kaceli. it is a exceptionally captivating video. thanks. :)
Vicki Gunther
Vicki Gunther 25 days ago
01:07:40 16:33 22:58
Phinka Pastellia
Phinka Pastellia 28 days ago
U saved my life! thanks
Jorge Triana
Jorge Triana 29 days ago
Hola, muchas gracias por compartir esta información, muy clara la explicación . Éxitos.
Asesela Wainiqolo
I didn't know that it was that easy. Thank you so so much. I would like to watch Part 2 lesson. Looking forward to it. Once again, thank you Mr Kaceli.
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli Month ago
Part 2 is available from here: ruvid.net/video/video-bqQ-eKMxk6Q.html
jeri goodson
jeri goodson Month ago
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Kondiman100 Month ago
Wow its Matchless
domimots56 Month ago
surely Systematic
yasmineOlives Month ago
surely Systematic
Anderson Catherine
so Spellbinding
TOLONG Subscribe balik .. amanah
Mithul K Kuriakose
that you for this information
Mithul K Kuriakose
cruzerbager cruzerbager
Thanks for the Video! I am a programming major with zero Access experience. I recently got a position at a company and Access is a must! You really helped me understand the fundamentals! Thanks!
margaret gross
margaret gross Month ago
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AA lab
AA lab Month ago
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Greg Owen
Greg Owen Month ago
Great video.
Mewan Fernando
Mewan Fernando Month ago
Sound and clear
HLUBNTSA 2 months ago
Great video
Efo Dzimado
Efo Dzimado 2 months ago
Powerful teaching, thanks, Sir
чомумитакірізні томущо
Dear Sali, my entries in form don't display in my table. What's your suggestion regarding it ?
чомумитакірізні томущо
@Sali Kaceli Thank you for your quick reply. I did what you said, I figured out a following thing: when I create a copy of my table and then change the source, I mean link a form to this copy it works, when it stays linked to the original table it does not
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli 2 months ago
If the form is not complex, I suggest you recreate it.If it is complex, then look at the data source in the form properties as it may be pointing to the incorrect table.
Zip IT
Zip IT 2 months ago
wao nice ... make more videos :-)
Gideon Koroka
Gideon Koroka 2 months ago
Sir, I was told to create a lab data base with query and stuff which I was stuck but after seeing your video I got some insights so far. Thanks for your explicit explanation.
Don Kabyle
Don Kabyle 2 months ago
The process involves migrating access tables to SharePoint. So I migrated a table in Access to SharePoint AND THEN I linked the table, then I got a live connection to SharePoint. This is a bi-direction synnc of that table. So any change in Access (any update to that linked table) will see changes sent to the same table (list) in SharePoint. But I can work against these linked tables in off-line mode. This means that I can continue to update the tables even without network connection. When I do finally get wi-fi or some internet connection, then I can synchronize my changes to SharePoint manually by clicking on sychronise message after opening Access. My problem is I need the data to auto-sync (both ways) and tables will update missing or changed data to SharePoint automatically. Are there any ways to do this? Thanks!
Treander's World
Treander's World 2 months ago
Amazing conten... I have same conten.. You can visit my channel and subscrib...
Upimac Uganda
Upimac Uganda 2 months ago
Where is part 2?
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli 2 months ago
Part 2 is available from here: ruvid.net/video/video-bqQ-eKMxk6Q.html.
Mitha purnama
Mitha purnama 3 months ago
how to download this app?
Icy Hybben
Icy Hybben 3 months ago
What are two ways to add more fields in a table?
Mohsen Hashemi
Mohsen Hashemi 3 months ago
Thanks Sali, you just helped me to put aside my fear of Access and saved me from VLookUp in Excell
Ylldije Sulka
Ylldije Sulka 3 months ago
E great explanation
SmplyAzn 3 months ago
When making a form how do you permanently have contact info on the bottom for every form?
TheHostWithTheMost 3 months ago
Access is literally the hardest fucking basic computer class there is. I did way better a excel
Tax Training by Elsa M. Cañete
Thank you. Very informative.
The Bank of Aim
The Bank of Aim 3 months ago
max yu
max yu 4 months ago
very helpful
Bella Carina
Bella Carina 4 months ago
i can't get to the work file. When i click on the link down a web page appears telling me to log in. Pls help
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli 4 months ago
You could try it from this direct link: kaceli.com/a/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/access-2016-working-files.zip. I cannot attach it here obviously.
Lori Gladden
Lori Gladden 5 months ago
Easy to understand and slow enough to follow along. Thanks! You've made learning Access much easier than I thought it could be.
Abdur Rahim
Abdur Rahim 5 months ago
Good morning. How do you do. I hope you are ok with your family. I like your tutorial video for Microsoft Access. I highly requested you make tutorial video for stock control. Example stock table, Customer table and Suppliers table from this three table how control minimum stock level when issue material for Customer automatic reduce from stock and when receive material from Suppliers automatic add stock. Please make tutorial video for this.
Elizabeth Otero-Rodriguez
Your tutorial was extremely helpful and I have reviewed several instructional videos prior to yours. I do have a question that I can't seem to find an answer for.....I have a spreadsheet that I'm importing into access that requires two additional columns added. The columns will be used to add a formula. Question: how do you add the column so that it does not disappear when running saved imports? I need these columns to appear in the final report that will be exported. Every time I run the saved imports it overrides the table. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli 5 months ago
Have you considered using Append instead of Replace when importing the table?
Leslie Wyatt
Leslie Wyatt 5 months ago
Thank you Mr. Kaceli for your thorough yet simple to follow tutorial. You are an awesome teacher. Thank you for sharing. Never used Access and find myself having to get a quick handle on it as I go back out in to the work place. You have given me the confidence I needed, by making what I thought was going to be a mind boggling experience into a easy to understand one. Thank you so very much. Shalom
Raptorex Corcovatus
Raptorex Corcovatus 5 months ago
Who's watching this because they have an ICT test
TJ 6 months ago
Brilliant lecture. You totally demystify Access. Thank you.
Soviet George
Soviet George 7 months ago
I have tried importing the text file and it couldn't be done. I did everything you did but I always get an error message and a notice that the table couldn't be transferred. What could be wrong?
Dan Evans
Dan Evans 7 months ago
Great video! Really helpful.
Michal Hájek
Michal Hájek 7 months ago
Klikou kl
kelodinga 7 months ago
Great tutorial Sir. This was very helpful . Than you so much.
luis gerardo Aponte Bernal
thanks a lot!
DiNOo Gaming
DiNOo Gaming 7 months ago
thank you so much sir
David Wade
David Wade 7 months ago
How do i call on a database and deploy ALL the information stored? Say when i pull up a name, it also gonna automatically deploy all the info that was stored, e.g: name, address and cell number?
Goodie 8 months ago
N D.
N D. 8 months ago
When it comes to Primary key, can I have 2 of them? My situation requires field#1 to be able to repeat if it has different value in field#2 (IE: ModeA Version 1, ModelA Version 2)
Svitlana Richardson
Svitlana Richardson 8 months ago
Hi. Can you please explain PeopleSoft idea and give quick examples? Thank you.
Sahil Pabale
Sahil Pabale 8 months ago
1:03:30 Defining the relationships
Pets And Family
Pets And Family 9 months ago
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge Mr. Kaceli, easy and understandable.
j1ng T
j1ng T 9 months ago
super useful!!!thank you so much!!
Profishency 9 months ago
letter R: Am I a joke to you? Haha.. thanks for the video.
Henri Eugène Bitoulefock
ok great
frank zhang
frank zhang 9 months ago
this video isnt helping tommy huang wiht his IA. u guys need to get good not do this kind of tutorial and teach us how to do our ia
frank zhang
frank zhang 9 months ago
great comment
Abdisamad Hassan
Abdisamad Hassan 10 months ago
*I really like to use msaccess but, at the same time i don't after i watched your clip i really appreciate for helping me to understand how to use it. Thank you bro*
Its Just Riri
Its Just Riri 10 months ago
can somebody help me set this up. I have 200 students who have a book allowance of $500 each year to use over the next 4 years. Each year they don't use the full $500 - the balance carries over into the next year, until the end of the 4 years. As they use funds, i have to deduct it. I currently use Excel but would like to use Access for more detailed tracking, comments, etc.,. .
VICEROY 10 months ago
where is part 2?
Sheri Williamson
Sheri Williamson 10 months ago
You're a lifesaver! You made intro to Access so incredibly easy!
Jason Wang
Jason Wang 11 months ago
Really a good starting point for newcomers. Thanks a lot for your video!
Geoffrey Coghy
my parents and my uncle were millionaires in the 70' and 80'. Did they need Access to get there...NO... they used basic accounting principles + to do business... I can see how MS AC can be useful...yet, unless u have the brains for business and to get a head, it's no good. MS keeps u worried about learning it rather than really getting ahead. abstraction. Learn accounting, finance, and statistics from the basics up. then all this will have much more relevance. U cant learn how to do business from learning how to make an EX table.
Nenad Dabic
Nenad Dabic Year ago
Set speed on 1.5 it is way better
Peter B. Godfrey
So essential, thanks a lot.
pixel heart
pixel heart Year ago
sir thank you.. you are a great teacher!!
Akalanka Kaluarachchi
Wonderful video. Learnt lot
Luthfi Balaka
Luthfi Balaka Year ago
thank you very much Mr. Kaceli, you really helped me. After watching this video, I finally get the idea of how to use Access!
Lainesso Year ago
finally not an indian giving tutorials XD
POP TURD Year ago
Anyone got 5 questions with the answers to it about access
Filuo Year ago
Hi, thank you a lot for the videos. They are truly great. I'm a student and it's really helping. I have found a problem - most probably - on my end. Everything so far was going super until I arrived at the import of the "invoicelist". For some reason, it has a problem with how the date is written. The date in the file is written "Month-day-year" and for my access seems to function "day-month-year" and so some data is lost when I import the document. I don't know if there is a way to fix it but just wanted to give a heads up. Oh... I'm working with Access 2007. Don't know if that the cause of the problem.
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli Year ago
Most likely this has to do with the date format in control panel.
Toko Tadh
Toko Tadh Year ago
@59:17 there are two customer whose ID is 11005 Doesn't the customer ID need to be unique? Hoping for a reply
Toko Tadh
Toko Tadh Year ago
@Sali Kaceli oh okay got it Thanks for keeping the comment section alive. Hoping to learn something new
Sali Kaceli
Sali Kaceli Year ago
If the field is the primary key, then yes the id needs to be unique.
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