Microblading My Scalp For Balding

The Try Guys
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Zach gets a tattoo on his scalp to help make his hair look fuller and the transformation is insane! Tune in for Part 2 of Zach's Hair Journey this Saturday, 7/13 @ 8am PT where Zach will undergo FULL hair restoration surgery.

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Jul 10, 2019




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Comments 80
Dimitris K
Dimitris K 17 hours ago
Cannot imagine how this will look if your hair turn white lol
Grandma M
Grandma M 17 hours ago
I fell bad for you Yep
Sophie Tice
Sophie Tice 2 days ago
Did this work?
Lots of Lexie
Lots of Lexie 3 days ago
5:41 I thought there was a fly in my room
wilson wakpi
wilson wakpi 3 days ago
So what was the total cost of all these. Because I need to do the same thing 😅
S Sanchez
S Sanchez 5 days ago
Respect to the realness 💯💯💯
LaylaCupcake Fox
LaylaCupcake Fox 5 days ago
All your hair is migrating to your chest
I dont know what to put here
whats the total cost for this?
Kyle Andrew Baguio
Zach might soon to become Dwight but reworked
Kevin Elgayar
Kevin Elgayar 6 days ago
I mean he can always get a man weave
iman 6 days ago
I think it’s safe to say Zach is one of if not my favorite try guy
Zedeye 7 days ago
My dads bald and I’m 13 rn and legit I’ve just accepted that I’m gonna go bald for the worst case scenario and if I keep my hair then nothing to worry about
Ruby Playz Pro
Ruby Playz Pro 7 days ago
And I've had laughing gas it doesn't make you laugh it calms you down I've had for my ugly teeth
Ruby Playz Pro
Ruby Playz Pro 7 days ago
I'm very insucure ;-;
Ruby Playz Pro
Ruby Playz Pro 7 days ago
That's me and my hight, I hate it :/
glo grann
glo grann 7 days ago
It does not matter. You will never be attractive.
Alyssa Snyder
Alyssa Snyder 3 days ago
F you
Vignesh Light
Vignesh Light 5 days ago
Nic Halabicky
Nic Halabicky 7 days ago
Anyone else checking their hair in the mirror?
Jessica Marga Leon
The Try Guys should stay at a haunted house for a day:)
amanda really?
amanda really? 8 days ago
the try guys should have a sleep over!❤️
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia 8 days ago
Am I the only one who after watching this video feels their hair is already fading away?
Aden Yared
Aden Yared 9 days ago
tf happens when he goes fully bald?? are If he chooses to shave? will there be just black dots on his head?
Kim Ritchie
Kim Ritchie 7 days ago
They said it would face over time, so I assume there wouldn't be dots on his head lol
Sophia Tolley
Sophia Tolley 9 days ago
Go Zach!!!😁🥳
Me me Big boi
Me me Big boi 11 days ago
Zach: Today I’m changing the thing I hate most about my self Me: How is he going to be taller?
Nebula Wolfie
Me me Big boi This is one of the rare insults where you don’t know if you should laugh or be annoyed.
Robert Dilley
Robert Dilley 12 days ago
Liked for the nitrous!
Vp Football
Vp Football 12 days ago
I think of it this way . Me balding is me being part of evolution. Humans will evolve of not having hair on their bodys. This is because we wear clothes to keep warm so there will be no need.
Jacyka J
Jacyka J 12 days ago
Love you Zach, if it's making you feel better then do it! We got ypur back and love you unconditionally!! ❤❤
Daniel Kirkland
Daniel Kirkland 12 days ago
Wow all this and still looks like crap
Random Ritzi!
Random Ritzi! 13 days ago
I literally thought the tittle said “balding my scalp for microblades”
Scott Caldwell
Scott Caldwell 13 days ago
You need a Black Try Guy!! ME... Hit me up
J Soren
J Soren 15 days ago
You lost, bro.... just shave it
Purplebutterfly 16 days ago
I could not watch anymore of this. I was feeling the pain..lol
Neil 17 days ago
Im not worried his hair--just jealous of his perfect teeth !!
Trisha's Pets
Trisha's Pets 18 days ago
I'm on the autism spectrum so the phrase so stressed I could pull my hair out became literal for me. Mine takes a while to grow back ... I wonder if it will stop if I pull it out repeatedly tho. It's a hard OCD to break because it's texture based.
Trisha's Pets
Trisha's Pets 18 days ago
Just accept the baldness. It's a huge waste of money to do all this. So much privilege ... how much good could you have done with that money?
Dave Kirby
Dave Kirby 19 days ago
If you want your hair to look like your not. balding and greying Dave Kirby
JohnnY 19 days ago
Go for permanent wig
Carvelous Park
Carvelous Park 20 days ago
Damn just lift and grow a beard wimp
iiunix. ii. ii
iiunix. ii. ii 10 days ago
James W
James W 20 days ago
Density treatments are literally the worst thing you can do if you're balding. Finasteride isn't a permanent solution. It temporarily halts hair loss. For some people that can last for 15, 20 years and others 5. But it's never permanent, at some point the hair will start falling out again. Then you're left with dark patches so you have to get smp to correct it which will more than likely be too dark for you because they fill in patches darker than they otherwise would and you're left looking more ridiculous than you did before. If you're considering density treatment, just shave it off and get smp
Ryan L.
Ryan L. 20 days ago
Where’s Baldcafe?
Asif Aghayev
Asif Aghayev 21 day ago
There will be a pandemic and the world is going to go under quarantine.
rodraenlanube 21 day ago
If u loose your hair at an older age u will have lots of black dots forever? LOL embrace the baldness that's the way to go
HorizonEvan 19 days ago
rodraenlanube this is temporary ink
swedish girl
swedish girl 22 days ago
I heard calcium deposits build up in your head, plugging up hair follicles, keeping hair from growing. A chiropractor and friend of the family is in his 70s. He has a full head of super, soft gray hair. He said the aforementioned and that he rubs his scalp with magnesium oil every day.
Stephen Inoc
Stephen Inoc 22 days ago
Does castor oil helps?
Shiva T Santosh
Shiva T Santosh 23 days ago
This dude is actually very good looking, he should just get a better hairstyle 😎
Max G
Max G 23 days ago
Imagine what your scalp looks like once you’ve gone fully bald.
Hector Heath
Hector Heath 23 days ago
I can't wait until this guy goes bald and all his left with is tattooed dots on his scalp.
Shelby 23
Shelby 23 24 days ago
If he goes bald there is going to be a bunch of dots on his head😂
nagging vermin
nagging vermin 25 days ago
Does zack govon finasteride
Luna Estrella
Luna Estrella 27 days ago
Where's the update?
You dontneedtoknowmyname
i always thought he was the most attractive try guy-
Cassandra Yong
Cassandra Yong 28 days ago
As a woman whos losing more and more hair each day, i feel this so much ..
Graeme Davin
Graeme Davin 29 days ago
Zack Hair transplant didn't work. These guys sold him a dream and wasted all his donner hair. Poor guy.
Carl Larsen
Carl Larsen Month ago
go bald with dignity man.
Bea Delos Santos
"I'm gonna take this HEAD on" That's very PUNny
Will Stuart
Will Stuart Month ago
Judging by the views here for this video , in comparison to ur Subs ...looks like every single sub watched this video.😏
Joel Mathew
Joel Mathew Month ago
Im here for the follow up
Cristina Bolado
Cristina Bolado Month ago
Yo should yo like full bald I think it will Be nice and if you Don't think so just look at Buce Willys, Jason Statham...
ሜሮን Month ago
Shave your Damm head Zack 😂😂😂😂
Nathan Levis
Nathan Levis Month ago
The main message I got from this is even if you think something doesn't matter, it might matter to someone else.
angeviray Month ago
I get cray cray when I see a lot of hair fall when I comb my hair and when I take a shower. 🙃 Marking this for future reference.
Henning Bakken
Henning Bakken Month ago
Im just wondering is zach a unorthodox?
Lol Rodney u wild
Sean Delinger
Sean Delinger Month ago
He should contact Curtis from My Hair Experience
Michael L
Michael L Month ago
This guy didn't really get a hair transplant in the back of a barber shop, did he? No wonder the results were poor.
Michael L
Michael L Month ago
@Danny Matten But the treatment is done. The grafts were placed where they needed to be placed and enough time has passed to where full growth should be complete and the results are poor. I actually like the guy and really feel for him. I too have bad hair loss. But I won't stop making it known that a hair transplant is pretty serious business and extensive research should be done before one goes forward with a doctor. Watch Joe Tillman's latest video about Zach's progress to get a full understanding.
Danny Matten
Danny Matten Month ago
No dude it’s a hair restoration centre dressed up as a barbershop to inject a little more fun into it. And the results only look poor because a) the treatment isn’t done and b) he really did leave it too long to do something about it. He’s happier now leave the guy alone. You need to pay more attention if you’re gonna criticise :)
Felice Christophorus
Wheres the second one??
Yamila Carrasquilla
Would you guys ever try onion treatment ? Its a little tough to do because of the smell, but I heard it helps
Cat Dad Sims
Cat Dad Sims Month ago
can we get a followup?
EL EVO Month ago
I would not be doing two different Procedures. I would rather take it off and get some Scalp Micropigmentation. Eventually more hair is going to fall out and micro blading will show through even more. So why not just go for the 5 O'clock Shadow look of SMP till hair cloning is out. Take it off, feel free and get some SMP. That's what I did and could not be happier 🤗 If hair cloning should be out then, I will go for hair cloning transplant, but I am not scaring my head and wait to loose more hair and then I can't do SMP With that big scar, wether FUE Or FUT scaring will occur.
Priscilla L
Priscilla L Month ago
There was an AD that hade to do what the video has to be about it
Connor Phillips
Connor Phillips Month ago
He's a soy boy for doing this. Fucking simp.
Connor Phillips
Connor Phillips Month ago
I've been thinning since I was 16. Don't fight nature just makes you look weak. Accept the hair loss and focus on improving the rest of yourself. If I hadn't started to lose my hair, I would have missed out on so much self improvement.
Ken Gonzales
Ken Gonzales Month ago
I think the tattoos were a bad idea. When Zach eventually loses the hair on his crown just like his father, those dots will be visible and faded. They will look more like circles than stubble.
Cat Dad Sims
Cat Dad Sims Month ago
this sort of tattoo fades overtime
Braveman Month ago
Why am I watching this when I'm already bald lol
Naprix Month ago
Looks like zach is high
strike lee
strike lee Month ago
Where the part 2 to this? I wanted to see the whole procedure.
Lando San
Lando San Month ago
Oof.. When you finally get over it and go bald you’ll have random tattoo shit on your dome
Wizard King
Wizard King Month ago
Fucking hair loss i hate it fuck my hair
Humphry Shan
Humphry Shan Month ago
Zach never mentioned if he’s ever tried Finasteride before, why not try Finasteride + Minoxidil?
Matchek Broski
Matchek Broski Month ago
all this cuz of gurls
UnkindPotato Month ago
Hah once all your hair is gone you're gonna look awful
DanteDevonshire Month ago
How will this look, when Zach is 80? :O
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