Micro Tesla Turbine Mk2 | Part 1 | The Rotor

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This is part 1 out of three of the MK2 micro Tesla building series. After watching this ruvid.net/video/video-Swi3qO-1e1M.html I decided to give it a shot and see if I can improve the performance of the previous micro Tesla turbine. Big thanks to Tesla Tech ruvid.net/show-UCNEPe3-_0XinRSXnl1ppqDg, as without his valuable input, I wouldn't have thought this design, which seems efficient and capable of achieving high output numbers considering its size.
Some interesting data:
Rotor diameter: 20mm 25mm
Number of discs: 12 18
Clearance between the discs: 0.18mm 0.12mm

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Mar 29, 2016

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Comments 542
whats his name again?
Lovely job, precise engineering, one question, what is it??
Marcus Russell
Great music
BGD-Canman 2 days ago
Great job man, but you are not Nikola Tesla, lol.
Roedy Green
Roedy Green 4 days ago
What are the spacers for? What not use one solid block?
Sam Downer
Sam Downer 9 days ago
Or you could have used ready made stainless steel washers.
Ajit Tipnis
Ajit Tipnis 13 days ago
At time 3:30, a hex had bolt is used to fasten discs to the lathe and later a socket had bolt is removed to remove discs.
Віталій Мартиненко
херня всё это
Віталій Мартиненко
даже до конца не надо смотреть
Alex Harper
Alex Harper 14 days ago
Interesting, but that constant guitar riff playing in the background is wicked annoying.
Mehmet Mentesh
Mehmet Mentesh 17 days ago
You could apply heat to loosen stuck discs
Francisco Rafael
Francisco Rafael 20 days ago
Cuidado con los dedos ,,,, Ya no crecen. buen video
T Mst
T Mst 20 days ago
Wow. Over 10% disliked this? What's up with that?
Tommy Hill
Tommy Hill 22 days ago
Pepsi! You heathen! This was a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for the video.
Fabrizio Dutto
Fabrizio Dutto 22 days ago
A very firm hand, indeed! And what a patience!
david paeth
david paeth 24 days ago
cool you made homemade washers
Brian Hind
Brian Hind 24 days ago
Excluding the annoying music would enhance your excellent video
Wayne Warmack
Wayne Warmack 26 days ago
Interesting stuff! But is that awful noise in the background really necessary?
Brian Godfrey
Brian Godfrey 26 days ago
I have a question: you use superglue to hold them in place on the mandrel, but when you are done they seem to just pop right off. How does this work? If the glue is actually holding them, shouldn't they be harder to remove?
Angelo Tedde
Angelo Tedde 26 days ago
Amit Sonwane
Amit Sonwane Month ago
What is the use of this?
Jay Dub
Jay Dub Month ago
I noticed the bandaid after removing those fine circular blades! :)
Sam Stewart
Sam Stewart Month ago
If you made this twice the dia. would you make the spacers twice as thick?
oliwer chłopak ze wśi
lol nasa technology
Ryan Venegas
Ryan Venegas Month ago
No idea what i just watched or how I got here, but I watched all of it, and now i'm watching part 2
Braxton Curry
Braxton Curry Month ago
Great machining and nice backing track. Sounds like something I would do.
Kayed Sinnukrot
Kayed Sinnukrot Month ago
What turning machine (lathe) would you recomend ? I am planning in buying one
MrAubery 2 months ago
It's flat
TheMage00000 2 months ago
Nice job, but not exactly what Tesla intended. Look up patent 1061206. The tubes you use obstruct the free flow over the disks.
Robert Bush
Robert Bush 2 months ago
Any reason why you didn't just purchase the correct size flat washers ? Cutting all of this by hand isn't very accurate and those disk need to be very accurate and balanced to work properly !!
Aren't I Adorable
Aren't I Adorable 2 months ago
wooof, grrrrrlll wuff. Taught him everything he knows...Pups R2 Smart.
Haura Imoetz
Haura Imoetz 2 months ago
I think those 4 tubes should be removed. It is not a Tesla turbin. CMIIW
LuPa Team
LuPa Team 2 months ago
Mechanical engineer is always fascinated how easy task for few minutes can be realized in incredibly complicated way...
vagv6 2 months ago
чел просто любит токарный станок, че тут непонятного...
Matteo Naletto
Matteo Naletto 2 months ago
JonnyQ90. MIIK Platinum Medal.
James Witherspoon
James Witherspoon 2 months ago
Nice work . i look forward to seeing more of your projects. johny6463
Quent 2 months ago
Die Musik ist echt NERVIG! Scheinbar Mode... Einer macht eine gute Dokumentation und muss den Eindruck dann zerstören mit Mucke, die nur auf Stress macht...
Gary Biggs
Gary Biggs 2 months ago
why is it that most everyone has to have this cheesy stripper music in their videos?
inge görhan
inge görhan 2 months ago
Moost af this "free energy" is BS, those how invetd thhis is dead,,,ok soo this thing is BS,,hha he is alive,,,,:-)
ilirjan Chicago
ilirjan Chicago 2 months ago
it was not necessary to create Tesla without the permission of Yogoslavija Croatia
Gang Of Four
Gang Of Four 3 months ago
The music, which in itself was ok was not on line with this video. Narration would of been more fitting.
Scorp 3 months ago
pure genius !
Joseph Basurto
Joseph Basurto 3 months ago
6:32 why didn't you use your left hand ? Lol
Fado Portugues
Fado Portugues 3 months ago
Jerry Welsh
Jerry Welsh 3 months ago
So primitive, this could all be done in a fraction of the time with a drill press and punch press.
Emmett Dixson
Emmett Dixson 3 months ago
I was curious, so I watched, how anyone could have so many dislikes on such an interesting topic..yawn
Rain Sender
Rain Sender 3 months ago
This turbine will work without disks too
Andrew D
Andrew D 3 months ago
What the fuck is a Pepsi Twist
Gary Rose
Gary Rose 3 months ago
Ivoney Cardoso
Ivoney Cardoso 3 months ago
Ivoney Cardoso
Ivoney Cardoso 3 months ago
Será q sou o único brasileiro q estou em mais um vídeo mintiroso
luiz alberto
luiz alberto 2 months ago
Tem mais kkkkk
Eric Houston
Eric Houston 3 months ago
The Tesla Turbine & How it works ruvid.net/video/video-mrnul6ixX90.html
Shahjahan Bhatti
Shahjahan Bhatti 3 months ago
Salutes to human achievements in science and technology.
David Noreña
David Noreña 3 months ago
Look ma' no finger ! PS: Amazing !
Lynn Phipps
Lynn Phipps 3 months ago
Impossible to balance after soldering. Must be about "Form over Function."
twig Hahn
twig Hahn 3 months ago
what kind of metal in disks? shalom
rockets push off air
You obviously got an 'A' in shop class!
olaf dossier
olaf dossier 3 months ago
near the beginning I thought "this is nonsense" but I really like your process
V T 3 months ago
White script on a white movie is DUH !!
Marcelino Garcia
Marcelino Garcia 3 months ago
You couldn’t have just got super thin washers
Mariusz Fidzinski
Mariusz Fidzinski 3 months ago
let's just take the beginning - spacing between discs (oh, God, it's Super Scientific!) then - 0:38 - 0.23 mm metal sheet.. what metal??? etc etc and so on and you can suck my cheese covered dick in the morning
Herr Petersen
Herr Petersen 3 months ago
Das sind ja Steinzeit methoden
chadjensenster 3 months ago
awesome build and I doubt you'll read this as it's almost 3 years old, but why didn't you use a hole saw to cut out the disks? It would have saved you so much time.
Black Opal
Black Opal 3 months ago
JohnnyQ, Nikola Tesla 2, lol.... No, That was cool. I had no idea machining could be so fast, clean and painless. I know it's sped up, but still, it looks like you're working clay. I guess I'm in a mood cz I came up with about 10 one liners while watching, lol. I didn't know which one to use so ima do a few haha..... * Dude, my old man is a television repair guy, he has got like, the ultimate set of tools, I can fix it. * Ok MacGuyver slow down. We have at least an hour before the kidnappers come back. * Considering the star of show and title, that itty bitty gem I opened with morphed a bit.... JohnnyQ NT2 * Mr. Laforge, are the dilithium chamber repairs complete? * Please, PLEASE, don't let him be a psycho making weapons, please god, please 👏🏽 Thank you, thank you✋ 🙏🏽 Thank you, very much....Ohhh, how lovely, no please, please, sit down, sit down, your all too kind, thank you. harhar ........ Peace ✌ I also wondered if ol' Niko used pepsi cans, you think?..... I think he just might have. And dude, for the spacers you do all that work drill all those holes, cut all the tiny squares, trim all the tiny pieces to circles. That's how I'd do it!..... I'm getting tired just writing it, lol. Since you're using .05 cans why not cut slightly bigger squares, stack em up in your gorgeous press, drill one hole, then throw the oversize squares on the lathe.. It would be like .42 milliseconds longer to become circles like your rough cuts do. Just offering an observation, may be useless, but if it helps great. peace man
Kevin Kiss
Kevin Kiss 3 months ago
Excellent video and craftsmanship. Great job!
Kevin Kiss
Kevin Kiss 3 months ago
At 6:12, no bandage on finger, then at 6:14, you have a bandage. The discs must have been sharp.
Mr.E.Shoppa 3 months ago
cutting those disks by hand? cool but I'm outta here.
peter roberts
peter roberts 3 months ago
So you have access to a lathe and drill holes with a grinding stone?
Yuri Cherio
Yuri Cherio 3 months ago
Looking at bare hands and metal splinters bothered me through watching this video
BrotherDevious 3 months ago
Music credit?
John Michael Coon
John Michael Coon 3 months ago
the item is excelent but you put it WAY out of the reach of the average hopyist by using what apear to be expensive and uncommon manufacturing equipment. no naration of exactly what your doing or why makes the project quite unobtainable.
John Michael Coon
John Michael Coon 3 months ago
looks good, but it seems you waste a lot of time and effort by cutting the the sheet metal when you could just start with some premade fender washers.
Adam Lane
Adam Lane 3 months ago
Got Desolve?
Rod DeShong
Rod DeShong 3 months ago
Someone got a boo boo on his finger...LOL
Randal R
Randal R 3 months ago
Mind if I ask, what is the audio track used in this video? And other info on the audio/music track. Makes a nice BG ambient.
Dragonsbr3ath99 3 months ago
hey man have you ever though of #D printing of the material instead of doing all that work ? save a lot of money
Anton Nym
Anton Nym 3 months ago
Wouldn't it have saved time to use some pre-made stainless steel washers?
Thomas Garrison
Thomas Garrison 3 months ago
Great video.
1st Hand Minecrafters!
Cortadora de botella
Gitti Gold
Gitti Gold 3 months ago
Mike Atencio
Mike Atencio 3 months ago
Instead of hand cutting, why not use a holesaw?
Mr nope
Mr nope 3 months ago
The music I expected on a punk-no-future video
Bill Kellogg
Bill Kellogg 3 months ago
How did you index the holes before drilling in the lathe?
Dave Brownburg
Dave Brownburg 3 months ago
Wouldn't sheet metal punch be a lot less work?
Matthew Parsons
Matthew Parsons 3 months ago
Matthew Parsons
Matthew Parsons 3 months ago
Seems like much work in the first 5 mins to make washers
Yourname Here
Yourname Here 3 months ago
there were also teardrop indentions on the faces of the rotor. I'm thought about the building process and wonders if they could be etched in using a process similar to the ferric chloride circuit board etching process vs. machining.
Yourname Here
Yourname Here 3 months ago
Matthew Parson---I mean use something like washers but then chemically engrave the teardrop indentations into the washer face for the extra "traction" that was in the Tesla rotary. I'm having a hard time finding the illustration on Google but I have a poster with the patent blow up and a part of the majic was the tear drop pattern of indentations on the rotor faces that made the motor so efficient. I have no idea how he would have machined such a thing and kept it balanced during that period of time when he was alive but the schematic that I have showed that the teardrop indentations were a part of the majic that caused turbulence of the gas or liquid between the rotors and made it so efficient. Chemically etching them like a circuit board was my thought.
Matthew Parsons
Matthew Parsons 3 months ago
ditto, or buy a box of washers..
skeptic936 3 months ago
cool music
Glenn Hiner
Glenn Hiner 3 months ago
You are amazing!!!!
D Williams
D Williams 4 months ago
There is an impression that aluminum is being soldered. Not so?
cgmaxed 4 months ago
Let's Collude Naked
Let's Collude Naked 4 months ago
6:05 umm, those look exactly like flywheel shims on a VW 1600 engine. The 4 holes and everything.
Guido Kuhn
Guido Kuhn 4 months ago
These sites are great, is a virtual feast for myself!!! Feed it to me ~~~
Tom Roberts
Tom Roberts 4 months ago
No Wonder Tesla costs so much all that HAND WORK COULD BE DONE WITH PRESSES AND STAMPS
jon allie
jon allie 4 months ago
What good is this if it can't power anything such as a car?
Aidan Štokas
Aidan Štokas 4 months ago
No one noticed that using grinding/polishing bits in a rotary tool to "enlarge" the center holes would result in a smaller hole every time due to the tool wearing away gradually...?
Matthew Parsons
Matthew Parsons 3 months ago
i did ;)
Jarbas Alves Brito
Jarbas Alves Brito 4 months ago
what music this is
carpe diem
carpe diem 4 months ago
Very nice, excellent work..and music is awesome
above all odds
above all odds 4 months ago
Love it!
Wolfgang Böttcher
Wolfgang Böttcher 4 months ago
2scheiben weiß mit 0,5mm
Wolfgang Böttcher
Wolfgang Böttcher 4 months ago
Alles Made in NRW
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