Micro Tesla Turbine Mk2 | Part 1 | The Rotor

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This is part 1 out of three of the MK2 micro Tesla building series. After watching this ruvid.net/video/video-Swi3qO-1e1M.html I decided to give it a shot and see if I can improve the performance of the previous micro Tesla turbine. Big thanks to Tesla Tech ruvid.net/show-UCNEPe3-_0XinRSXnl1ppqDg, as without his valuable input, I wouldn't have thought this design, which seems efficient and capable of achieving high output numbers considering its size.
Some interesting data:
Rotor diameter: 20mm 25mm
Number of discs: 12 18
Clearance between the discs: 0.18mm 0.12mm

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Mar 29, 2016




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Comments 575
Montana Bulldog
Montana Bulldog 23 days ago
Should have used a simple "Hole Cutter", while making the disks, rather that CUTTING THEM !. Would have made the "Machining Process" EASIER.
RandomRoulette 25 days ago
6:11 no band-aid ... 6:14 band-aid
Gary Klafta
Gary Klafta 26 days ago
i bet that guy was listening that music while making that device .
Gary Klafta
Gary Klafta 26 days ago
you need to filter out the machine noises.
Ivan vidovic
Ivan vidovic 28 days ago
creasy musik
Alexi Valentin
Alexi Valentin Month ago
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Dan Est
Dan Est Month ago
Thumbs down👎 For making me pay for second part on patreon 👎👎👎👎👎
Valdemir Oliveira
Para uma pessoa que não conhece a peça é mesmo que não ver
YES , come on and get more suppressed TESLA technology out there, we need it ...
Willem Sterk
Willem Sterk Month ago
Compliment for the background music, can you tell me what band that is?
Ali Safdar
Ali Safdar Month ago
can you make such thing on order
Michael Fasolino
Ben Rosen
Ben Rosen Month ago
I did this but I might be insane
Rascal77s 2 months ago
What is the background music?
willard fillmore
willard fillmore 2 months ago
You know, you have taken the name of a fabulous scientist. Who in which was showing and telling us that we could have free electricity. The sad thing is that the Feds went into his apartment after he had passed mind you and took all of his notes, plans, ect ect. There were boxes full of all his wonderful ideas and creations. I believe that he had the C.N.C. in mind.
Simon Othen
Simon Othen 2 months ago
just buy washers !
G A Rivera
G A Rivera 2 months ago
Had to employ 'mute' as the background noise is too neanderthal for this technology. Also since I wasn't sure from the beginning what your ultimate goal was I got lost interest into the 3rd commercial break thanks to RUvid so you lost be about 9 mins into your presentation.
Angael Tartar Rose
Angael Tartar Rose 2 months ago
Looks like a spinning top.
colonbiano ala orden
pinche video lo recomiendo para esas noches que no tienes sueño no mames me iso dormir como bebé
James Burke
James Burke 2 months ago
Great job.I like that your video did not have super cheesy music in the back ground.I approve of the heavy Pink Floyd style jam.Sounds good.
Jeffrey314159 2 months ago
An awful lot of construction so so simple a device
Bessie Staton
Bessie Staton 2 months ago
Tesla is finally bing introduced to the public by the internet a lot of people will see him even if they do not understand most of the things he invented the neon lamps are very popular to day they flash everywhere day and night I have enjoyed looking at the beautiful lighted signs it is good to know the original inventor thanks
Michael Feyrnand
Michael Feyrnand 2 months ago
I can't believe how much I frikkin' enjoy yer vids Johnny. Really brings out my inner engineer. And now you are honoring the legacy of a true scientific hero. Thanks!!
Alden Lovegrove
Alden Lovegrove 2 months ago
For a long time, I've been obsessed with the idea of creating a tesla turbine with a tesla valve integrated into the discs of the turbine itself. Imagine a series of the valvular conduits, embedded inside a disco, radiating outward from the central hub, to aid in compression of gasses/liquids at the outer edge. Basically, just a tesla turbine that spins valves instead of just the discs normally used. What do you think? Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?
TheRazors edge
TheRazors edge 3 months ago
4:27 - never do that if you want to keep your fingers whilst doing any engineering work
Bob Fox
Bob Fox 3 months ago
Samwisegamgee The Brave
Joseph Stokes
Joseph Stokes 3 months ago
Dude! Someone has hijacked your video and turned it into a noisy piece of shit that does not have educational narration! Bummer man!
WARPHEAD 3 months ago
My God, that music sucks.
Joseph W
Joseph W 3 months ago
Use a CnC laser or water saw to cut the circles. Doing by hand is tedious and prone to irregularities in product.
Jeffrey314159 2 months ago
Yeah, and spacers like those above can be bought at your local hardware shop
whats his name again?
Lovely job, precise engineering, one question, what is it??
Marcus Russell
Marcus Russell 3 months ago
Great music
BGD-Canman 3 months ago
Great job man, but you are not Nikola Tesla, lol.
Roedy Green
Roedy Green 3 months ago
What are the spacers for? What not use one solid block?
Sam Downer
Sam Downer 4 months ago
Or you could have used ready made stainless steel washers.
Ajit Tipnis
Ajit Tipnis 4 months ago
At time 3:30, a hex had bolt is used to fasten discs to the lathe and later a socket had bolt is removed to remove discs.
Віталій Мартиненко
херня всё это
Віталій Мартиненко
даже до конца не надо смотреть
Alex Harper
Alex Harper 4 months ago
Interesting, but that constant guitar riff playing in the background is wicked annoying.
Mehmet Mentesh
Mehmet Mentesh 4 months ago
You could apply heat to loosen stuck discs
Francisco Rafael
Francisco Rafael 4 months ago
Cuidado con los dedos ,,,, Ya no crecen. buen video
T Mst
T Mst 4 months ago
Wow. Over 10% disliked this? What's up with that?
Tommy Hill
Tommy Hill 4 months ago
Pepsi! You heathen! This was a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for the video.
Fabrizio Dutto
Fabrizio Dutto 4 months ago
A very firm hand, indeed! And what a patience!
david paeth
david paeth 4 months ago
cool you made homemade washers
Brian Hind
Brian Hind 4 months ago
Excluding the annoying music would enhance your excellent video
Wayne Warmack
Wayne Warmack 4 months ago
Interesting stuff! But is that awful noise in the background really necessary?
Brian Godfrey
Brian Godfrey 4 months ago
I have a question: you use superglue to hold them in place on the mandrel, but when you are done they seem to just pop right off. How does this work? If the glue is actually holding them, shouldn't they be harder to remove?
Angelo Tedde
Angelo Tedde 4 months ago
Amit Sonwane
Amit Sonwane 4 months ago
What is the use of this?
Jay Dub
Jay Dub 5 months ago
I noticed the bandaid after removing those fine circular blades! :)
Sam Stewart
Sam Stewart 5 months ago
If you made this twice the dia. would you make the spacers twice as thick?
oliwer chłopak ze wśi
lol nasa technology
Ryan Venegas
Ryan Venegas 5 months ago
No idea what i just watched or how I got here, but I watched all of it, and now i'm watching part 2
Braxton Curry
Braxton Curry 5 months ago
Great machining and nice backing track. Sounds like something I would do.
Kayed Sinnukrot
Kayed Sinnukrot 5 months ago
What turning machine (lathe) would you recomend ? I am planning in buying one
MrAubery 6 months ago
It's flat
TheMage00000 6 months ago
Nice job, but not exactly what Tesla intended. Look up patent 1061206. The tubes you use obstruct the free flow over the disks.
Robert Bush
Robert Bush 6 months ago
Any reason why you didn't just purchase the correct size flat washers ? Cutting all of this by hand isn't very accurate and those disk need to be very accurate and balanced to work properly !!
Aren't I Adorable
Aren't I Adorable 6 months ago
wooof, grrrrrlll wuff. Taught him everything he knows...Pups R2 Smart.
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