Micro Hydro Electric Power System in Colorado Part 13 TESTING

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Next step - Pressure Testing our Micro Hydro pipeline and completing assembly of penstock parts.
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23 янв 2015

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Downtown Bakery
Downtown Bakery 14 дней назад
I watch a lot of videos on RUvid. A lot! I just wanted you to know that your videos (series) is the most interesting, informative, awesome, fun videos I have come across in a long time. I hope you continue to make more. Thank you for sharing.
MrHydrohead 13 дней назад
ANDREW Hey thanks so much for the kind comment and thanks for watching.
mo fo
mo fo 2 дня назад
First time looking into these turbines,i can tell you will do well as your pressure looks good.
Kannan K
Kannan K 10 дней назад
Blueshawll 24 дня назад
Wow, just wow, guys. I love it. I want to learn it. I love your video, too. Colorado is so beautiful. One thing I was wishing though is that I could concentrate on the instruction detail better, the music was very distracting for me, and I was wishing I could mute it, but then I couldn't hear you, and I very much wanted to do that. But still you guys... so cool. Thanks for posting!!!
Dick Fitzwell
Dick Fitzwell 25 дней назад
why would all the time and money spent on this be better then just using solar panels
Dick Fitzwell
Dick Fitzwell 25 дней назад
+MrHydrohead i can tell that you have put in many hard hours on your project and im glad its paying off for you. all you need now its some hydro powered heaters for your pipe line
MrHydrohead 25 дней назад
Imagine a football field size set of panels which is what you would need to supply a comparable feed of power, attached to a large array of batteries requiring maintenance. Then imagine 6-8 inches of snow which would need to be cleared after each snowstorm. At 8600ft. in the winter it would be like having a job instead of a reliable power source. Hydro excels because it is consistent 24/7/365 power that requires little maintenance once installed. thx for watching. If you haven't seen it check out parts 20-1,2,3 which are a synopsis of it all.
Tundra14 Месяц назад
Is it something we can install in our sewers?
D.j. B
D.j. B Месяц назад
I do like that Dodge truck at 10:28! Subtle body line's hide it's aggressiveness! As a child, One of my neighbor's had the same make & model! His was in prestige condition! It was brown with stickers stating "POWER WAGON" & like I mentioned, In meticulous condition until one day, He had to much to drink & as a 14 yr old, I asked him to assist in helping out with a jumpstart & looking back on the situation, Had I of realized that he had been drinking, I would not have asked him! He only moved his truck 20 yards & destroyed it, hitting a pole & destroyed the trucks value & looks! Requiring severe body work, it would have been easier to replace entire body panels back when that truck was more common & many more of that model were in local junk yards & in relatively good shape! Imagine one with a Hellcat or Demon drivetrain & possibly a 4wheel drive set up, That would be a sweet ride!
MrHydrohead Месяц назад
We call her “The Big White Tuna”. Reliable yet horrible on mpg. Thx for watching
Tom Ausman
Tom Ausman Месяц назад
That's Awesome but fire your welder.. lol
P. Brooks McGinnis
P. Brooks McGinnis Месяц назад
No More War
Andy C
Andy C Месяц назад
I'd look at getting a better welding company, that's shocking quality for a professional outfit. Ok for a prototype build I guess.. Nice Hydro idea though!
MrHydrohead Месяц назад
Andy C 🙏
Andy C
Andy C Месяц назад
Ha, not surprising I guess. Autoshop, that figures, i'll let you off then 😜
MrHydrohead Месяц назад
You’re not the first to make the comment on the welds. All the welding was achieved for $250 at an auto shop. The focus was to keep the cost down and the pipes only need to hold 100 psi. They may not be pretty or up to your standard but they work fine
Austin Schmidt
Austin Schmidt Месяц назад
Have you ever thought of a pop filter for commentaries
MrHydrohead Месяц назад
Of course. But watch the other videos. They get better over time. This one was posted 3 yrs ago
Eddyles Jacinthe
Eddyles Jacinthe Месяц назад
This wonderful. I like it. You must be a genius with a great creative mind. Don't stop.... You have been doing great!!!
MrHydrohead Месяц назад
Thx for watching
T. Roy J. Akens
T. Roy J. Akens Месяц назад
images.homedepot-static.com/productImages/12b40096-b94f-4b55-9a80-c0fa32a8fbe2/svn/couplings-adaptors-p1002-64sr-64_1000.jpg cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0881/7528/products/IMG-SB-Style_461-1_1400x.jpg?v=1538416947
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas Месяц назад
May I suggest that in many of these videos that you have your lips too close to your microphone which causes a "popping" sound when your breath hits the mic's diaphragm. To solve this problem, you might want to consider investing in an inexpensive "pop filter". Generally, these are round devices with a mesh filter or fabric suspended within the ring. It mounts between your mouth and the microphone. Terry Thomas Director of Photography Atlanta, Georgia USA
MrHydrohead Месяц назад
Thx Terry. As a retired Hollywood DP myself, i get it. That particular video was uploaded 3 yrs ago. I have endeavored in subsequent videos to not make similar errors. Given that the series was for the most part shot on my iphone with the headset as a mic, i made a decision that the information was more important than form. Professional quality? no, but a budget-less attempt to share my knowledge gained over decades and fill an informational gap on the internet. Sorry if it bothered you and I appreciate your constructive critique, but once uploaded I’ve left things alone. 4.5m+ views on the series which I originally intended as an explanation to any future buyer of the property of how it was created has been a great reward to me. I get all sorts of complaints and suggestions of how to change what is already finished. I do appreciate your comment unlike many which can be cruel and harsh criticism based on aesthetic or practical decisions i took long ago. Such is the internet... Thx for watching just the same😉
gray park
gray park Месяц назад
extremely impressed by your work well done !!!? really enjoyed your video
MrHydrohead Месяц назад
Thx for watching and the kind comment
Francisco Francisco
Francisco Francisco Месяц назад
Great accomplishment when the dream goes to reality
MrHydrohead Месяц назад
Living with plenty of power is a real pleasure. Thx for watching
Silver Fox
Silver Fox Месяц назад
This was the weirdest episode of how it’s made I’ve ever seen!
MrHydrohead Месяц назад
That’s music to my ears. Thx for watching!
Scott McComas
Scott McComas Месяц назад
What actions are you going to perform so that your pipe doesnt corrode underground?
MrHydrohead Месяц назад
The metal segments of pipe were primer coated and painted with marine 2part epoxy grade paint from the turbine manufacturer. Should last at least my lifetime. And there is only about 6-8 ft of it buried at the powerhouse. Everything else is PVC. Thx for watching
sherrill davis
sherrill davis Месяц назад
this would be a lot more interesting if you would get rid of that silly music.
Fuzzy Was
Fuzzy Was 3 месяца назад
Very impressive! It's a lot of work but worth it to be off the grid.
MrHydrohead 3 месяца назад
It WAS a ton of work and the rewards have been well worth it. Thx for watching
Reuben Leveridge
Reuben Leveridge 4 месяца назад
slightly more advanced than what i do to say the leaset nice job for something similar check out #ecogypsy on you tube or #ecogypsy.guru cheers all
EpicATrain 4 месяца назад
If you haven't already, can I recommend that you get a pop filter for your microphone? It'll stop the pops on your mic when you do your voice overs.
7106Billy 4 месяца назад
Where you have the Leaks the flex tape supposedly you can put it anywhere even under water and it'll hold I don't know if you have access to Internet right this second but if you do look it up
MrHydrohead 4 месяца назад
Thx I’ll check it out
7106Billy 4 месяца назад
Flexseal tape
MrHydrohead 4 месяца назад
Interesting product. Never heard of it. Where do you think I should put it to use?
Michael Holt
Michael Holt 4 месяца назад
Biggest Colorado Pipe i've seen thus far!
MrHydrohead 4 месяца назад
Jedi 4 месяца назад
Your pipes will freeze and crack in the winter.
MrHydrohead 4 месяца назад
Your thought is appreciated, but 3 winters running thus far. No cracks. The majority of pipe is buried except for the bridgeportion. Snow tends to provide some insulation from the deep winter night temperatures.
Jeremy Mettler
Jeremy Mettler 4 месяца назад
Dam never paid welder much I hope
MrHydrohead 4 месяца назад
At ~100 psi pressure the choice was low cost. An auto shop did all the welds for $250 vs. bids of $1200-1500 at local welding shops.
J K 4 месяца назад
Can I ask where this is in Colorado? I don't mean your address but general area. It's so damn beautiful. I could honestly see myself living there.
MrHydrohead 4 месяца назад
East of Ridgway and North of the Uncompahgre wilderness area. It is indeed beautiful. Thx for watching
Day Brown
Day Brown 4 месяца назад
Ice in the feed pipe melted enuf to slide down and demolish the turbine
MrHydrohead 4 месяца назад
Haven’t ever had this sort of problem. Turbine is fine no problems
Anonymous bub
Anonymous bub 4 месяца назад
Oh how pretty the Aspens are!! I went to Jackson Hole and to Yellowstone this summer and the Aspens were beautiful but I really wanted to see them turn yellow!!
MrHydrohead 4 месяца назад
Weare in the first week of turning just now. Hope to capture the spectacle with the drone. Thx for watching
Jodian Gaming
Jodian Gaming 5 месяцев назад
Shame that you didn't bother grinding your welds down flush. Little bit of time makes it look a lot more professional. Also, might want to turn down your background music for the next video.
Marco celo Apilado
Marco celo Apilado 5 месяцев назад
wow that was amazing working
hegmonster 5 месяцев назад
Love the intro, I subscribed just for that. But be careful that your BG music isn't louder than your speaking voice!
MrHydrohead 5 месяцев назад
Yes there are a couple of audio portions recorded not as narration,but via the mic of an iPhone. The mix isn't great, but with this many views (1M+) I'm reluctant to make any changes and repost it.
Lachlan Fontanini
Lachlan Fontanini 5 месяцев назад
MrHydrohead 5 месяцев назад
Prjndigo 5 месяцев назад
A couple ratchet straps that size aren't sufficient for the 3200lbs impact force the pipe can provide. Don't redneck things people.
MrHydrohead 5 месяцев назад
3” radius squared times pi times 96psi = ~2714 lbs. Perhaps it was cutting it close, but your rough calc doesn’t factor in the compression friction of the compression union. Also your use of the term “impact” seems to indicate that all that force would be applied at a single moment. I appreciate you’re cautioning others of the physics of the situation, but it worked just fine for the short test and I’m far from what anyone who knows me would term a redneck. Thx for the comment just the same and thx for watching 🙈🙉🙊
hawkdaddy64 5 месяцев назад
How much did they pay you for those weld jobs?
MrHydrohead 5 месяцев назад
Thx. Agree education system is lacking in so many respects. Never learned to weld myself although do have many other skills. Thx for watching
hawkdaddy64 5 месяцев назад
Outside the welds you work is great, I wish they would teach these skills at colleges so our youth could understand the earth can and does give us all the opportunities we need to create clean energy. Great job.
MrHydrohead 5 месяцев назад
I know , you think its a crappy job. I paid $200 for all the welding at a auto shop vs. a bid if 850-1000 at a weld shop. At 100 psi I figured i got a deal on 12 welds of 6” & 4” components. Social media is flooded with oversensitivity, unjust aggression, name-calling, bullying, finger-pointing, etc. i do get tired of those that believe they know better than those making decisions at site and reflect that thru snide comments. Troll
Marylou Blackwell
Marylou Blackwell 5 месяцев назад
I've never seen plastic welded to steal
MrHydrohead 5 месяцев назад
It wasn't. A slot was cut in plastic tank for steel pipe.
booger king
booger king 5 месяцев назад
How much power this produce?
Aquatic 2435
Aquatic 2435 3 месяца назад
booger king 50hp
booger king
booger king 5 месяцев назад
Wow. Impressive
MrHydrohead 5 месяцев назад
in Winter ~8Kw = 8 x 24hrs. = ~192Kwh per day, in other seasons system flow is intentionally reduced to ~3.5-4Kw because we don't need the excess power
M. 5 месяцев назад
I've seen better welds...I've made better welds.
ahmedshinwari 6 месяцев назад
What was power outcome?
Чак Норис
Чак Норис 6 месяцев назад
perpetuum mobile...
tom spencer
tom spencer 7 месяцев назад
Cool vid, but your local welder needs a few lessons.
The Stupid will Inherit the Earth
The Stupid will Inherit the Earth 7 месяцев назад
Seems like you've invested too heavily in the structures and materials. Especially in energy costs to produce them, seems with this level of resource waste you'll be waiting a long time for a return on investment. Same thing can be done with a 12V alternator and some PVC pipe.
MrHydrohead 7 месяцев назад
There are always people who know better without all the facts and nuances to the decisions taken. It's clear you have not seen the entire series. Your judgement that we could heat a house in winter at 8600 ft, have ample power to charge a car in the future, heat all domestic water and an outdoor hot tub year round, run all lights tools appliances and Internet with the output from "a 12v alternator and some PVC pipe" is nonsense. Why would we replace high end AC equipment that has been performing since 1996 to harness power with a far inferior DC system with far less efficiency? If you had really been curious about our project you would have realized it was never based on ROI but was initially an alternative solution to a 1996 quoted price of $140k to bring grid power to the property. An investment in the value of the property.
Jordan Sutche
Jordan Sutche 7 месяцев назад
So, how long did that PVC 1" hose barb fitting last? Haha, I cringed out loud when I saw that! Great work fellas!
MrHydrohead 7 месяцев назад
Still there, no problem
Elizabeth D
Elizabeth D 7 месяцев назад
Kill the music...
Cody McCall
Cody McCall Месяц назад
Or turn way down
Alex Lamy
Alex Lamy 7 месяцев назад
Looks erosive
Chadrach William
Chadrach William 7 месяцев назад
Excellent Hydro engineering, may you have many years of power. How long until late it pays for itself?
MrHydrohead 7 месяцев назад
It paid for itself day 1. In 1995 I got an estimate of $20k per mile x 7 miles or $140k to bring grid power in. First system ran $25k and update to creek was $55k. Also to run power to the property today would be $250-300k. So rather than looking at it as a cost analysis based on rates and power produced, it's better to think of it as a long term investment in the value of the property where all future power is virtually free. Thx for watching
Quinton P. Young III
Quinton P. Young III 8 месяцев назад
I just wonder what your local authorities think about what you have done. Good Luck, Micro Hydro is the future. decentralization is the key to our future. But only if we keep our environment in the forefront. To live With the land not constantly seeking to control or change it.
Nonewhere Listens
Nonewhere Listens Месяц назад
+Cody McCall There is no ability for aquatic life to migrate up or down stream, causing a serious decrease in genetic diversity. Silt also builds up behind structures that impede flow, resulting in 'dead zones' where aquatic life needs cobble and flowing water. Silt clogs the gills of fish and other amphibians.
Cody McCall
Cody McCall Месяц назад
+Nonewhere Listens how would this ruin the stream?
Nonewhere Listens
Nonewhere Listens Месяц назад
+JHO Jr. So you see how a stream could get ruined, right?
Nonewhere Listens
Nonewhere Listens Месяц назад
+aaron hendron I am surprised he got permits to dam the stream and build a poured foundation of concrete for the building right next to the bank. Imagine 50, 100, or 500 other landowners doing this along the same stream. You have effectively ruined the stream. I think that is why Quinton is posing a very legitimate question.
aaron hendron
aaron hendron Месяц назад
Quinton P. Young III he has permits for this
geonerd 8 месяцев назад
That''s some shaggy looking weld! ;)
James Thornton
James Thornton 8 месяцев назад
Heya can we chat sometime? I'm in Boulder right on Left Hand creek!!!
MrHydrohead 8 месяцев назад
Sur, for privacy send me your contact info to MrHydrohead@gmail.com and I'll send you my info and we can arrange a time
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