Mickey Rourke - The Dark Side of Fame with Piers Morgan (2008) The Wrestler

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Interview with Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler / Angel Heart / 9½ Weeks / Rumble Fish)
Episode date: 8th September 2008
Presented by: Piers Morgan


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Aug 1, 2020




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Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis 4 hours ago
Mickey Rourke is a better actor than DiCaprio... ANY Day of the Week.
paintflw 9 hours ago
Just saw this for the first time, always liked him/his films and appreciated when he went to box again, win or lose, ...most who haven't been in a ring can't talk on it. What Rourke said about dying hit really hard and is true, and profound, it's usually lonely, terrifying, harsh and horrible. This year of quarantine of elderly , especially-from family/friends, in nursing homes and hospitals , has made it even more cruel
Jonathan Dunne
Jonathan Dunne 18 hours ago
Mickey rouke legend. Mate
Hek Lik
Hek Lik Day ago
His the Dennis rodman of acting
revokdaryl1 Day ago
This is one of the best interviews I've ever seen. Mickey is a hell of an actor and always will be. I liked how they wrapped up the interview with the fruit bit from 9 1/2 weeks, and Mickey replied with "A lot of the women I see now are too young to have even seen that movie." Priceless. Another one of my favourite films with him is White Sands.
Virgle DeBord
Mickey sounds like an older version of myself... and I'm particularly alarmed about that, as an actor and all...
ingi örn hafsteinsson
My favorite film with mickey is Homeboy
mottthehoople684 2 days ago
I live with bipolar everyday and I can feel his demons that you can suppress but always come back stronger
Pluto-90 2 days ago
39:25 Since when the character of Marv is that of a serial killer?
littleaub 2 days ago
Females do the same think, they go in and get big tits and buts, all for to say look at me, you can't miss me now, lol. sad stuff, sad people.
JACKIE G 2 days ago
Wow pairs Morgan is a pushy rude interviewer, mean& so crude.....mick id still fkn sexy & the very best actor of my generation.. fkn phenomenal 👏 😍. I'd luv to have a drink with him in a seedy 🍸 bar!!
R E 3 days ago
28:24 then 35:50 - Have got this weird 'shock' compulsion about Mickey's nails. Their size, shape, thickness and colour tells me they indicate something (not good) about alcohol? / heavy drug use? but I'm not sure exactly. Ditto the size of his hands & thickness of skin on them. I think he's been a MAJOR caner in his life. But his humanity really comes across. And u glimpse why he's such a formidable actor. God bless him.
Scott Sanders
Scott Sanders 3 days ago
Roberts was right when he said he looks more like his old self....
neil burrows
neil burrows 3 days ago
Rumble Fish, Angel Heart, White Sands, Diner, Bar Fly, Buffalo 66, Once upon a time in Mexico, Animal Factory... all on my favourite movies list. A real powerhouse of an actor. Always like he's letting you in on a secret that only he knows. Was great to see him again on form again in The Wrestler!
007 T-5
007 T-5 3 days ago
I always liked him. One of my favorite movies he did was Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man! Maybe people didn't think it was a good movie but i like it! It's like Die Hard & Jaws to me. Everytime its on i have to watch it. If he wasn't battling demons he could of been reall big. But Hollywood is full of creeps so...? Happy he's doing good though...👍
Cool City Cactus
Cool City Cactus 3 days ago
I thought Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson had great chemistry in Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man, and the film was a lot of fun. Awesome soundtrack too! There's a Behind The Scenes on my channel if you want to check it out. ruvid.net/video/video-0wpFJbtCC2c.html
Jo Marz
Jo Marz 3 days ago
Well I'm not gonna talk about my age .... me: Google what's Mickey Rourke's age ....
Cool City Cactus
Cool City Cactus 3 days ago
Liam Y
Liam Y 4 days ago
Piers is an insufferable twat. Mickey is a captivating legend.
Lorraine Shulman
Lorraine Shulman 4 days ago
It’s all lies sweetheart. Mickey is refreshingly honest.
Philip Andre Rourke Jr. September 16, 1952 (age 68) Schenectady, New York, U.S.
The1trashman 4 days ago
Mickey loves dogs which makes him a good guy
Sofie Douglas
Sofie Douglas 4 days ago
tell me who is the couple hundred d not like.. ? I was at the opening of that bar.. he fancied me.. I had my first marti ever and was not nice,, so making up now!!!!
Yelena Herrin
Yelena Herrin 4 days ago
I want to see him in Hollywood drama. His acting sensitivities can blow viewer’s mind. If only he gets to have another great ROLE.
MMAIH 4 days ago
WTF is up with this video? did I just watch 8 ads within the first half of this? Interesting subject matter, BUT NO THANK YOU! I'm out!
Cool City Cactus
Cool City Cactus 4 days ago
@MMAIH No worries, enjoy the video!
MMAIH 4 days ago
@Cool City Cactus thanks for your response. was blaming you! jk! figured out a work around. thanks for the share!
Cool City Cactus
Cool City Cactus 4 days ago
Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I don’t have any control over how many adverts youtube put on the interview as I don’t own the copyright, I’m just a fan who wanted to share the video . . . the Ad revenue is paid to copyright owner.
Kevin Brand
Kevin Brand 4 days ago
It’s a friggen interview, he doesn’t wanna talk about a lot, come on now!!👎👎🤔🤔😬😬🤭🤭😤😤
Teddy James
Teddy James 5 days ago
Angel Heart was great though that was filmed from January 1986-May 1986, so there will never be a come back.
Nakia Caruth
Nakia Caruth 5 days ago
i you mick dont care how you look....
RAFFA ELLE 6 days ago
arrogance is his main problem when he was younger,,,,his only calm now cause his old
Bard Wheelo
Bard Wheelo 6 days ago
I met this guy around this time. 1983 I think. Jon Douglas Realty in West Hollywood. Ugh. I was the receptionist and preyed upon there. Hey, Howard. Howareya?
Cory Pedigo
Cory Pedigo 6 days ago
"Reinvention of 1950s Americana Iconography" via the 1980s. So true. Well done. Very perceptive.
Robin Lages
Robin Lages 6 days ago
You have to feel something for this guy that was so traumatized by his childhood that he was always on hyper self destruction. Most people do not survive what he went through but he sounds like he can make it back and then some. Im behind you Mickey 100%!
Meserbee Chek
Meserbee Chek 6 days ago
It is obvious to me that emotions and a soft heart are not exactly a way to shove off or out. I am sure he feels exposed and the ones who love what he does are not able to point for him. He is a grown man, obviously he can defend himself, and he is not exactly living off the government. I would warn him if and when the earth decides to sit on his head?
mm. k
mm. k 6 days ago
he is such a likeable man.....
Martin Croker
Martin Croker 6 days ago
He's a great actor, I hope he returns to big production films.
Mariek Nietje
Mariek Nietje 6 days ago
A beautiful soul, always thought this of him, still do.
Jelles 7 days ago
This interview is titled 'the dark side of fame' which seems to serve the crowd that is so eager to watch the downfall of someone once at "the top". People tend to feed on this like a herd of starving scavengers. You can feel this desire all over the interviewer who spreads the energy of a perverted 15-year old dressed up in so called decent manners, lacking any real felt empathy. Rourke handles this guys unconsciousness with pure grace and saves human dignity for both of them and all of us. I have never witnessed a more grown-up, enlightened and honest person in an arena like this then Mickey Rourke in this interview. Here's a broken man with no more self to lose but his bare souls integrity.
777jones 5 days ago
I think people like the idea that Rourke had problems, but he battled with them and lived a meaningful life anyway. That’s a positive message and message that a lot of people need.
Vera Marques Alves
What an enlightened comment! Bravo.
Reba Johnson
Reba Johnson 7 days ago
I love how "present" he is for the conversation. He seems honest in a world full of phonies.
jason blewitt
jason blewitt 7 days ago
my hero and my friend any day god bless big fan and need me just email here j
Bryon Hayes
Bryon Hayes 7 days ago
Nothing but RESPECT for this man. Specks from the heart.
Maureen Doran
Maureen Doran 7 days ago
It's so hard to be true to yourself in this World of ass kissers!! Your a really awesome individual and I totally understand why!!! Keep being you Mickey!!
Derek Habbeshaw
Derek Habbeshaw 7 days ago
I know Mickey is great and will remain great. He is on his way up again and good to see that. We all deserve a second or 3rd chance as we are all humans that fall and continue to get up and push on. Mickey we are all behind you.
Cat McCabe
Cat McCabe 7 days ago
Great interview 💫 Love Mickey
Cat McCabe
Cat McCabe 7 days ago
He’s still amazing 💙 I would welcome him back any day ❤️
Carlos Nells
Carlos Nells 7 days ago
Barfly is my favorite...
Bernice Brown
Bernice Brown 7 days ago
I still love him. Hope he finds happiness in life.
Jennifer Wilcox
Jennifer Wilcox 7 days ago
There must be something wrong with me (that's rhetorical) because I never understand what the big deal about 91/2 Weeks was. Kim Basinger's character was the most pathetic example of what a woman could possibly be.
mike korzek
mike korzek 7 days ago
listen to this guy he spent some dough at the psychiatrist.....
mike korzek
mike korzek 7 days ago
you didnt get get screwed over as bad as me....
mike korzek
mike korzek 7 days ago
our parents all drank too much....
Khaos969 7 days ago
He's one of my favourite actors and one of the best off all time no question .. He could rise to the top once again EASY!
hank aul
hank aul 7 days ago
Weed Addict
Weed Addict 7 days ago
A hardened veteran
Jon Cooney
Jon Cooney 7 days ago
Wow that bit about him never getting over his ex wife was very brave. He's a legend.
Teddy James
Teddy James 5 days ago
Who would've thought she was a heroin addict.
Dwight Currie
Dwight Currie 8 days ago
Whatever you may think about his actions or personality, Mickey Is Just Mickey, and he'll Never be Anybody Else. That's why I like him. Knowing who you are & not giving a single Fuck about what others think is never a bad thing
christopher yasus
Gotta be refreshing
Robert Grajeda
Robert Grajeda 8 days ago
If your god or your GAURDIAN ANGLE, you would believe in? I am not super absorbant. Believe what you were never taught...
Robert Grajeda
Robert Grajeda 8 days ago
Talent is what you make of it. Your always bound of and why you are. Only you have that control of your life...
jahn filthe
jahn filthe 8 days ago
How does Piers Morgan get to interview people?
Arbie Hill
Arbie Hill 8 days ago
Beauty fades, but to have lived and learned, become humble and found some answers and enlightenment, is to have lived a hard but honest life. What a complicated and talented person. Can't imagine what he has been through, but listening to him is as close as it gets. Great brave talent. And jeez he loves his dogs. Sweet.
Jack Flash Productions
The 37:50 mark, wow!
Mark Don
Mark Don 8 days ago
Rourke was a genius the pinnacle being Angel Heart. Pure magick...
Blonde McGuinn
Blonde McGuinn 8 days ago
I can’t stand Morgan but I love Rourke.
TheBreakingMuse 8 days ago
muse, portishead, bjork, metric.... great tunes in the background throughout
Frank Fisher
Frank Fisher 8 days ago
No filters, no shame, all balls, classy guy if you get it, I just love him!
roflmows 8 days ago
best Rourke movie: Barfly. though if you read the title wrong, it looks like BARF-ly. which is kinda accurate too ;)
Rknrlgrl 8 days ago
My heart goes out to him. I sincerely hope that Mickey has found happiness.
blondecat666 9 days ago
To call White Castle a restaurant is a bit far fetched.
Saroya Fanniel
Saroya Fanniel 9 days ago
It is soooo easy to judge - it's the Brit *and* American way. We are taught within the 'compulsory education' (K-12) indoctrination model that heroes are the 'rugged individualists'; renegades, barreling through with retaliation and revenge: those are the histories we are given. It is also an intrinsic part of the popular cultures in all Western colonial nations - the US especially with our Jerry Springer, 'bully culture'. Yet sensitivity, intuition and sincerity are considered "weak"; girly stuff. Yet that is why our culture is so dysfunctional: no balance of masculine and feminine energies. Mr. Rourke is present within heirogamy. He has the Yin and Yang goin' on and that's what makes him da bomb. Keep doing your thang, bro. Don't *even* give a Fk about those fools you run into constantly in Hollywood, sports or other entertainment business BS -- ever. ____________________________________________________________
Lenard Melvin
Lenard Melvin 9 days ago
Barfly was a great movie and role for Mickey
Robin Tolliver
Robin Tolliver 9 days ago
tuknchuk 9 days ago
What a beautiful human being. All the best to you Mickey Rourke !!! Thanks for all the great movies, always being yourself and never giving up. So good to see you smiling and enjoying life.
Christine Hansen
Christine Hansen 9 days ago
His voice tho
Cohen G
Cohen G 9 days ago
the tongues
Eric Todd
Eric Todd 9 days ago
Great interview and i can relate to the upbringing i feel ya bro.
Formerly Bernard
Formerly Bernard 10 days ago
Mickey has eyes of an innocent.
kite chile
kite chile 10 days ago
best movie was the Pope of Greenwich Village.Also the best for Eric Roberts...Great movie!
Stella A
Stella A 10 days ago
16 de septiembre de 1952.... You're welcome
James Cohen
James Cohen 10 days ago
Any reasonably intelligent puny, wimpy twerp-ish clown, such as Piers Morgan will do fine interviewing M. Rourke so long as they don’t get arrogant or condescend-which intuitively these gutless wimps know not to do. Because Ruarke is who he is and that is a very rare honest person the interview Hass to shine
Ralph Horris
Ralph Horris 10 days ago
Mickey R. My favourite actor... a REAL HUMAN BEING... the best 😎
Rick 11 days ago
What a bad ass! I loved Sin City & The Wrestler...
4homemail 11 days ago
He is just another guy who made it big and didn't know how to keep it. It is admiring that he is not blaming anyone.
Syrus Phase
Syrus Phase 11 days ago
Thank you for sharing. This has helped me.
Cool City Cactus
Cool City Cactus 11 days ago
Glad it helped, thanks for watching.
Simon Fisher
Simon Fisher 11 days ago
I saw Mickey at a Aerosmith/Lenny Kravitz concert here in Toronto around 06/07. Then we went for dinner at Harbour Sixty afterwards and he came and sat at the table next to us but behind me. I wanted to say hi and tell him I'd been a fan since the eighties. But I was afraid to bother him. I never even turned to look at him. I regret not asking for a pic or something now.
Ron M
Ron M 11 days ago
I always like Mickey. There is something very special about him and I wish him well.
Mik C
Mik C 11 days ago
Looks more like my Aunt ah, the later years
Maddy Gates
Maddy Gates 11 days ago
He looks great in this interview.
K C 11 days ago
Pope of Greenwich Village. What a cast...
K C 10 days ago
@Cool City Cactus Cop shit his pants! Cop shit his pants!
Cool City Cactus
Cool City Cactus 11 days ago
Great film, one of his best "Charlie! they took my thumb!"
VideoLad 11 days ago
Imagine how much happier Rourke would have been, and how many more great performances we would have got from him, if he had just accepted his homosexuality from the start, instead of overcompensating for decades by hanging out with bikers and tough guys like Chuck Zito, trying to be a professional boxer, being an aggressive out-of-control uninsurable drug addict on set etc. A very troubled man.
Dave Lee
Dave Lee 11 days ago
Norman Munns
Norman Munns 11 days ago
you cant help but love this guy He has such a wonderful Charisma What a fantastic smile
Jens Illum
Jens Illum 11 days ago
Much more, so much more to that man than the washed-out victim of messy plastic surgery.
jj oo
jj oo 11 days ago
Give the man props for candor. We are born into a war zone. There are thousands like Mickey Rourke. The difference is his life unfolded in public.
Jacoman S
Jacoman S 11 days ago
The Wrestler was so believable... he was great, it was a dark movie, and he does that well. Glad to see him purge those demons, the guy can act, every role he plays, you think he IS that character, what better compliment then to say to an actor I thought what I was watching was real, you convinced me..break a leg.
Jersey Stotler
Jersey Stotler 11 days ago
I just love this guy He's got such a cool way about him He has always been a movie star to me.
Meg hamer
Meg hamer 12 days ago
It’s a shame that he ended up like this because was gorgeous and he’s not now
Misty West
Misty West 11 days ago
So many like you and comment right on top. I lived an absolute hell where Im from and in the current place I live. Attractiveness is different to ppl. You use big pretty words but the shit he has been through and how he handled it. Doesnt seem to use it to focus on but how he has grown, things learned. Entire communities spread the good looking thing ignoring things beyond appearance. All that said, my experience as a whole is based on pity and the fact that I look different. You can't go back but inability to see the best and not just how things look. If the same women of the past talk to him today, they would probably find him more attractive. We base too much on appearance and not heart. If you want attention like my group, you can come over to my channel and post the things you like, yet again more of the same group hell. I hope you have a good day!
GFrank 12 days ago
The Wrestler was one of the all-time great movies - top 100 - and Mickey was amazing in it. Knowing what the guy has been through, it was great to see him get a shot at redemption and he knocked it out of the park
GFrank 11 days ago
@VideoLad - I am not a celebrity follower - how did he blow it again?
VideoLad 11 days ago
And then blew it again.
The Voice Of Reason
As a person who doesn't really get "star struck", I have to say he's one of few stars that consistently stands by their convictions, holds their ground and doesn't share details about his encounters with others. I have to respect that he didn't cave to Hollywood's ways and became successful from hard work on his own terms. He's a rarity that made his mark without playing Hollywood politics and kissing ass. Like him or not, that's what makes him stand out from the Hollywood herd.
Michael Wildt
Michael Wildt 10 days ago
The pope of Greenwich village was amazing
Sabata Koboekae
Sabata Koboekae 10 days ago
so true.extreme ownership and creed
Vince Moreschi
Vince Moreschi 12 days ago
That was a great interview. The bible states "Humble thyself or Ye will be Humbled". Guess it really does happen to people besides me. Life can screw u up but it can also redeem you unless you get in the way. To The Pope Of Greenwich Village!
Vince Moreschi
Vince Moreschi 10 days ago
@Andrew Marshall Sounds like you have urs coming. Hang on
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall 10 days ago
The bible is bollox.
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith 12 days ago
Yes humility and compassion are the two qualities u need to be a good person
Cuba Debesai
Cuba Debesai 12 days ago
Respect this guy. Humble and real. There's great goodness in him. If he makes peace with himself he can rule his world. A lot of anger and resentment is eating him. Glad he is changing. I have hope in him. He is strong and a survivor. God bless him. He didn't do any mistakes in his life. He just followed his heart. That's called courage.
Liz Storer
Liz Storer 10 days ago
Excellent Post and on the Mark!!!!
Doy Rayburn
Doy Rayburn 12 days ago
23:41 explains a lot that people should pay attention to.
Estella Coggins
Estella Coggins 12 days ago
Great interview! Mickey is and has always been the coolest guy in Hollywood.
Charles Fyler
Charles Fyler 13 days ago
This guy is forgotten I think. I was born in the 80s and I don't know this person.
blessed7fold 13 days ago
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