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Lady Mary is Downton. She is the one we've laughed and cried with, watched grapple and grow, stumble and succeed. Michelle Dockery opens her heart to tell us how she manages playing such a complex character as Mary Crawley.
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Jul 8, 2019




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Comments 80
Veronica P. Stevenson
Michelle as Mary is the only reason I watch this series, she truly is my favorite character.
Alex Shuysky
Alex Shuysky 7 days ago
I still cried on how Matthew's Death still haunts Mary, it's just so heartbreaking that Dan Stevens decide to leave the show.
Chiroptera 7 days ago
She is a bit like the taming of the shrew but so lovely :)
Book Blogger
Book Blogger 8 days ago
Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary stole the show for me. 'At least I'm not fishing with no bait'...EPIC! ❤❤❤
Mar Co
Mar Co 17 days ago
Asad Hussain
Asad Hussain 19 days ago
I feel sad that I just finished watching the whole 6 seasons..
LJ H 20 days ago
Michelle’s real voice is so low and manly, it’s strange to hear her normal sound.
Sarah Gomes
Sarah Gomes 21 day ago
Mary was the only one to marry a family member
Rebeka Bernetic
Rebeka Bernetic 25 days ago
7:48 Burn it down.
J. R.
J. R. 28 days ago
The death of Mathew was tragic..... Me and my husband were shocked when we watched that episode. All of the build up to the proposal and then in just a few episodes he dies.
Damien Johnson
Damien Johnson Month ago
3:25 is legit a whole mood
Rekesha Rekesha
Rekesha Rekesha Month ago
Michelle Dockery has a very soothing voice. I could listen to her speak all day.
moriley9 Month ago
Michelle Dockery is the best crier ever, especially that silent cry. Every single time she cries in this series, I cry, too, because it’s so real. Wow.
Wolfgang Scorpio
I'm reading the comments, and Lady Mary is often described as mean, a "bitch" (I quote Edith), but I think she is neither mean nor unlikeable. I just love her polishedness -- aesthetically, mannerism-wise and character-wise. She is my favorite character, a strong, intelligent, forward-looking woman.
gwirith14 Month ago
People forget Edith is a bitch too. Even bigger then Mary sometimes, but then, Edith always played the victim and that apparently works.
elamplough1 Month ago
Michelle Dockery seems like a nice person but god I hate Mary Crawley. Mary is cold and snobbish for all six seasons. She toys with the emotions of several men (sometimes because it was just plain fun) but her most egregious, gnawing character flaw is the way she treats her sister Edith - constantly spewing spite at her and chipping away at Edith’s self-esteem without showing an ounce of remorse.
Karen O
Karen O Month ago
Matures? She does an incredibly full butch attack on her sister after her 'maturity'
Snuffy Smif
Snuffy Smif Month ago
It's neat hearing how well she pulls off her Yorkshire character accent as compared to her real-life Essex accent.
Shannon1623 Month ago
Never liked Mary. A few likable moments thats it
Zelly Month ago
Mary was the typical popular mean girl of the family. Her family never called her out except Edith. The fact that she did what she did to Edith was really despicable and none of her parents called her out for it and she manages to turn it all about her. She was everybody in that family’s favorite. The world revolves around her, a true narcissist. Everybody else went thru hell and back and they didn’t get so much fuss over it, but Mary, Mary, Mary. Downtown Abbys Marcia Brady. That really made me despise her character.
Guy Will
Guy Will Month ago
She is breathtakingly beautiful
Paola Barrientos
Since the beginning I've never like Mary for so many reasons but mainly because she is so evil. I tried to like her but I just can't.
Edward Kinsey
Edward Kinsey 2 months ago
Best period drama ever
Ant Dnestr
Ant Dnestr 2 months ago
Леди Мэри, Вы великолепны!
Katherine Hong
Katherine Hong 2 months ago
I don't know why so many people dislike Lady Mary. She has a sharp tongue yes, but the world has been so unfair to her. Her strong will and sharpness is key to managing the Downton estate. People like Edith envy her, but Edith can never manage Downton like Mary or Violet Crawley
Виктория К
Виктория К 2 months ago
*Michelle is so fantastic. Fell in love with her❤️*
Roberto Rillo Biscaro
I love Lady Mary
g nolan
g nolan 2 months ago
I was always enthralled by Lady Mary. Having grown up with four sisters I was used to cat fights. Her complicated sibling relationships seemed normal to me, apart from the unpleasantness with the Turkish ambassador of course. Lady Edith emerged as the most compelling in my imaginary world. Like all of us they were prisoners of time and place. We are riders on the storm.
R M 2 months ago
I am pleasantly surprised at the depth and understanding Ms. Dockery has of Mary’s character. It proves what a great actress and professional she is! Kudos to her!🌹✨🌹✨🌹✨🌹✨
JoachimderZweite 2 months ago
Get a grip everybody. We are talking about fiction here or pretending. The Chinese word for film describes it best - electric shadow 电影 That said I was entranced and drawn in despite myself hating and loving Lady Mary who never existed.
g nolan
g nolan 2 months ago
Good story tellers are able to induce the ages old suspension of disbelief. That's why the same actor can be believable in completely different roles.
JoachimderZweite 2 months ago
One can put a lot of things into a character and as complex as Lady Mary is with both good and bad qualities when you drill down you find a nasty selfish cruel cunt.
Red panda Lover
Red panda Lover 2 months ago
She and Laura are my Favorite 2
Barbara T
Barbara T 3 months ago
Mary should have married Charles Blake.
92OnTV 3 months ago
Her voice :3
ashshenanigans 12
ashshenanigans 12 3 months ago
Mary and Edith were what Kim and Kourtney are today! Lol
Brittany Harrison
Brittany Harrison 3 months ago
Booooyyyyy, Mary was trash! But she was my absolute favorite character of the series!
Alejandra 3 months ago
Mary is my favorite character :)
K J 3 months ago
Mary was never particularly pretty to me nor was she very interesting a character.
Oscar Malibu
Oscar Malibu 3 months ago
Chris Viggiano
Chris Viggiano 3 months ago
Wtf it's pisses me off she should never gotten remarried She should have mourned for matthew for ever Making her love for him even stronger
Timmy Begley
Timmy Begley 3 months ago
I Must Say She's My Favourite Character.
carolyn thompson
carolyn thompson 3 months ago
I wish there would be a seventh season of Downton Abbey. Maybe they have closed that book and maybe all the story lines had run their course. It's too bad because the series was so popular and it is now missed.
Malin Hessedahl
Malin Hessedahl 3 months ago
Love this videos💖❤💖❤💖
Blue Mercy
Blue Mercy 4 months ago
U nailed it sister. Your an itch🤣🤣loved that scene.
Jakeline Chavez
Jakeline Chavez 4 months ago
Seeing Lady Grantham advising her after watching the movie broke me 🥺
cell pat
cell pat 4 months ago
Mary is the next dowager countess and traces of grandma Violet have already begun showing in her. It is fantastic to watch. You can imagine Violet in her youth just by watching Mary.
cell pat
cell pat 4 months ago
Mary was strong and she needed that attitude to carry her thru life. She was like a "catdog" or more like a "boygirl" She was delicate yet assertive and strong, all at the same time.
cell pat
cell pat 4 months ago
Opposites attract in more ways than one, and Branson becomes the brother none of them ever had. Mary had Pamuk's ghost mortify her every step of the way. And he wasn't even alive.
Ed Exley
Ed Exley 5 months ago
The entire series was about how Mary and Edith learned to be more like Sybill and find happiness. Sybill was happy and gave of herself, heart, soul and then, sadly her life during childbirth. When Mary and Edith gave more they became happier people.
Helen Bennett
Helen Bennett 5 months ago
I come back to this again and again so useful to understand human emotions and the development and maturation of a person. ............. I am on the aspergers/autism spectrum and emotions, feelings and life can be hard to understand and we are often advised to watch 'soap operas' to learn about them ............. I chose Downton which is I guess a very slow 'soap opera' invaluable. I binge watched the series over a few weeks..........!!! Thank you Julian you are a master at understanding and explaining so beautifully what it is to be human (and yes I know it's unlikely he'll see this!). Hx
Kell Harris
Kell Harris 5 months ago
I think it was interesting the relationship she had with sible. Mary really cared for sible.
Joanne Denney
Joanne Denney 5 months ago
Love Michelle Dockery. Great acting and casting. Mary reminds me a lot of Thomas Barrow as a character in the DA universe. Initially very unlikeable, catty, calculated, bitchy etc but over time you see more elements of their personality and how they are quite complex people, with good and bad faults.
Archeantyl Gaming
Archeantyl Gaming 5 months ago
As an American, it is interesting how different her regular accent as herself is versus the ones she uses as Lady Mary. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a West Ham fan lol. I guess what still puzzles me and hoping some English fans can answer is the fact that none of the Crawley immediate family has a Yorkshire accent or anything reminiscent of it. I understand the nobility and social rank, but if you’re born and raised in a certain area, surely you’ll have some kind of accent of that region. They sound much more London-ish than being from the midlands. Loved the series, but that was the one detail that didn’t make sense to me
Olivia Willis
Olivia Willis 2 months ago
Hi! So, effectively the "posh" English accent (which we call 'received pronunciation or RP)' is not based in any region- and you'd expect is from ALL posh people regardless of where they are from. I've even met posh Scots who have them! You might think of it as a London accent because there are similar accents around there (RP is most similar to Oxfordshire), and lots of posh people live in London- but it doesnt sound like a proper London accent. I have an RP accent, with a bit of "london"- where I've lived all my life. But another londoner will sound less similar than someone who lives up the other end of the country. It's one of the reasons why the class system is still such a big problem for us. In any situation people will assume that I'm well educated- others get the opposite.
Jesse Wright
Jesse Wright 5 months ago
I love Michelle Dockery's voice.
devildog1982z 5 months ago
I'd like to work her out...
Jolanta Januszewska
Jolanta Januszewska 6 months ago
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Jolanta Januszewska 6 months ago
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Jolanta Januszewska 6 months ago
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gmshadowtraders 6 months ago
AAron Thom
AAron Thom 6 months ago
I’m surprised this actress’ accent in real life is so common. She’s an amazing actress!
AAron Thom
AAron Thom 6 months ago
To watch Mary grow up and blossom throughout the whole series is what makes Downton so great
ALISON BARLOW 6 months ago
I don't hate Mary. But she's not my favorite character either. But I'm glad in the movie she got over being so snobby.
bruno lovadina
bruno lovadina 6 months ago
lo 7 months ago
Such a complex and great character. But I don't know, I can't see Mary truly in love with anyone but Matthew. But he'd want her to be happy, I know that.
Hridya Ann George
Hridya Ann George 7 months ago
I love the way she talks I could listen to her all day
kathy wong
kathy wong 7 months ago
No one noticed she is wearing a golden snitch necklace
Leif Johnson
Leif Johnson 8 months ago
Lady Mary spent a long time looking for a mate. I have found the perfect mate for her - a mate that a woman of her personality deserves ---- Sheldon Cooper.
LOWE sonia
LOWE sonia 8 months ago
As millions of others who followed the lives of the Crawley's. Michelle's role as Mary was passionate to follow . I especially appreciated her speech, that was such an important part of her character. When I heard her Sussex accent , it didn't make sense that an actress with her beauty would not get rid of the dropped T's and the uneducated twang on 'say' , 'over' and more. I compared her acting ,physical allure, to Vivian Leigh who spoke beautifully . England's young people of today Prefer to keep their own personalities intact . I am too old for todays habits.
Marissa Sullivan
Marissa Sullivan 8 months ago
I love that line when she says ‘maybe it was only in his imagination’ It’s interesting how cold Mary is and how much kindness Mathew inspires in her. Makes her so interesting
finao o
finao o 8 months ago
I love the poetic justice of the fact that in the end Edith married a marquess, and so outranked even her father, and Mary married a used car salesman.
Laura Lee Originally
Matthew should not have freggin died
Tracy S
Tracy S 8 months ago
I like her character because she's not a naturally "likable" character if that makes sense. It's so nice to see a protagonist be portrayed with both negative and positive traits. Yes, she's a flawed character, but she has distinct individuality.
Charlotte Camp
Charlotte Camp 8 months ago
I do not nor have I ever liked Mary.
fatima huq
fatima huq 9 months ago
I aspire to be a woman like Michelle/Mary. An absolute powerhouse.
Mistressbackhand 9 months ago
There is no comparison to Matthew
RaiRai kun
RaiRai kun 9 months ago
it's weird for me to hear there original voices for the first time. Iam from Germany and in the German version they sound much younger :) specially Edith has a high voice
Gerd Aust
Gerd Aust 7 months ago
I only ever watched the trailer for the film in german, so I cannot say anything about Edith. But Mary's voice in what I saw of it has the right range. Not that this surprised me, given who is doing her german voice.
Janair Wilkerson
Janair Wilkerson 9 months ago
I like Mary... however.... I do hate what she did to Edith in series 6. They were both at each other’s throats in the first series and I didn’t care for that. Edith writing to the ambassador annoyed me. But when Tom yelled at her and Edith called her a bitch... I just thought she deserved that.... but I liked her relationship with Anna and how she tried to fix things with Bertie and Edith...
Raephaele Masirnille
I don't understand why pretty much every man that meets Mary Crawly falls for her. She is not attractive, at all, and her personality leaves a lot to be desired. She is so pale she probably glows in the dark. But I do find Michelle Dockery pretty in other roles...its weird. And Michelle is great in the role. Sybil was the beauty in that family.
Julz XD
Julz XD 9 months ago
"You are my stick"... Matthew to Mary. It melts my heart ❤️❤️❤️
Julz XD
Julz XD 9 months ago
Mary is played so perfectly by Michelle that you have such love for her strong will and dry wit yet she's also been incredibly unlikable at times. I did adore her and Mathew. She was very popular with men and this was hard for Edith. Sybil was my favourite though.
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