Michelin Guide Street Food Tour!! $0.64 THAI CURRY NOODLES in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Mark Wiens
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Chiang Mai, Thailand - We decided to go on a Thai street food Michelin Guide tour of Chiang Mai! All three of these amazing food stalls / restaurants, were featured in the 2020 Michelin Guide in Thailand, and all three were outstanding. If you have a chance to visit Chiang Mai, don’t miss them, highly recommended! #ThaiFood #MichelinGuide #streetfood
Guay Tiew Pet Tun Saraphi (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเป็ดตุ๋นสารภี) - goo.gl/maps/ntFqdd1KcoocpiC36 - Located a little outside of Chiang Mai city, this braised duck restaurant is well worth making the effort to get to. Their braised duck, has an amazing herbal flavor, and is a step above many others I’ve had. We ordered Rice and duck (ข้าวหน้าเป็ด) and Duck noodles (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเป็ด). Both were amazing, but the noodles were the highlight for me. Price - 50 THB ($1.60) per bowl
Khanom Jeen Sanpakoi (ขนมจีนสันป่าข่อย (ไฮโซล้านนา) - g.page/sanpakoi?share - Next up on this Thai street food tour of Chiang Mai, we headed to the market for an amazing stall that’s hugely popular for their Northern Thai style curry. You can either choose rice of khanom jeen rice noodles - which are most popular. Then you can choose from a variety of their different Thai curries. I got, Khanom jeen nam ngiaw (ขนมจีนน้ำเงี้ยว), Green curry (ขนมจีนเขียวหวาน), and Beef curry (แกงเผ็ดเนื้อ). Another amazing thing about this place is that the plate of curry I had was just 20 ($0.64) per plate!
Khao Tom Yong (ข้าวต้มย้ง) - goo.gl/maps/WgMJrbrDt8f2gC4U6 - Finally to finish off these amazing Thai street food Michelin Guide tour of Chiang Mai, we went to Khao Tom Yong (ข้าวต้มย้ง) for some Thai Chinese dishes. We ordered, Clams, chili jam (หอยลายผัดพริกเผา), Eggplant (ผัดมะเขือยาว), Tom yum fish (ต้มยำปลากะพง), Chayote leaves (ผัดยอดมะระ), Snakeskin gourami salad (ยำปลาสลิด), White chives (ผัดกุยช่ายขาว). Food was delicious, and a great way to wrap up this entire day of delicious street food. Total price - 420 THB ($13.44)
Joel’s channel: ruvid.net/show-UCrtRLTcGy-CPac-JwMuuHgQ
If you’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand, all three of these restaurants were fantastic, highly recommended! Thank you for watching and hope you’re having an amazing day.
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Kay Fall
Kay Fall 18 hours ago
Hi Mark oh boy Nice program. But really where does the food go...the amount you eat is so so so much...and you are still skinny...I am laughing here. Thanks for taking us in so many parts of the world.
Jefferson Aparecido
Mark Wiens comeu a melhor comida de sua vida quando visitou o Brasil 😋🇧🇷🍲🌯🥙🍔
Khuam Siab
Khuam Siab 2 days ago
Khuam Siab
Khuam Siab 2 days ago
Ott Daeng Family
Ott Daeng Family 3 days ago
Mark, try adding a little sugar. Will be more delicious than eating Add orange juice and chili.
Joel Fernandez
Joel Fernandez 4 days ago
Oh wow... delicious! I love curry a lot.
Maria Teresa Fayyad
That's awesome 👍👍👍
Chansai Commerce17
Chansai Commerce17
COOL !!!!
GuanYu Mala
GuanYu Mala 5 days ago
you r amazing.
Amazora Taiapisi
Amazora Taiapisi 5 days ago
Wow Thailand is cheap 🥰! Love watching Marks vids !!!!
Andrei Birsan
Andrei Birsan 9 days ago
I miss thai food so much :((
tokeoul 9 days ago
Leatithia Duvenage
Leatithia Duvenage 10 days ago
joel please take your hat off when eating...no respect for your food
TheOerdin 10 days ago
You can tell mark is half who’re, not just because of his nose, which is obvious, but because of the color of his beard and mustache in this video.
Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar 10 days ago
Best part is you don't waste food.. 👍👍😊.
PST 10 days ago
Next time please try "ข้าวซอยลำดวน" (CNX)
Eli P
Eli P 11 days ago
If i were Mark I would had have a stomach ulcer already with all that spice..
Chiewata 11 days ago
The last stall is selling Teo Chew porridge as Malaysian and Singaporean call it, and for me the real test is to taste their “stew pickle vegetables” but I am not sure if the Thai Teochew do that too 😋😋
Winbou Zhou
Winbou Zhou 12 days ago
U need to shave
Xee Moua
Xee Moua 12 days ago
Would love to see Micah eat a full meal :)
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy 12 days ago
Marj must have an iron pir stomach and an immune system the kills on the spot. Street food looks good but has parasites that can kill or make a person very, very ill. Like they say, "don't drink rhe water in Mexico." Can't believe bis digestive system.intake.
apollard1968 13 days ago
I like the beard!
Justin D
Justin D 13 days ago
I think its time for a Hot Ones... i think it would be a good interview.
Annie Low
Annie Low 13 days ago
You know what you made me doI bought some bird eye chilli to eat with my dinner. Bit on one and am alost dyingm surrounded by leon juice, water, ice water, iced tea oh boy
Life in Asia
Life in Asia 14 days ago
What a great video.You make the foods really delicious when you eat it. I like to try it too someday.Keep it up.♥️👏
พูนทรัพย์ บุญส่ง
fc Mark Wiens,travel for food.
Briohny Barrett
Briohny Barrett 14 days ago
Hey Mark, I really love your videos...Its so inspiring, your passion for food and the culture of everywhere you travel. The only one thing I can give constructive criticism on, is that at the end of each video you give a shout out to people who you have met etc...bit you haven't given a huge shout out to Ying. I can see she is extremely patient and sometimes I can see she is being very patient. I'm not at all being negative. I just noticed that's all. Huge love to your videos though, they're absolutely stunning!
Kevin Pierce
Kevin Pierce 14 days ago
Weindy95 Weindy95
Weindy95 Weindy95 14 days ago
Mark u great guy..good luck to u man I support u..
Sellingtowin Selling
Is the first near train station?
Sir. Tony Blair. jr
Hey Mark, how does your stomach feel after all of those chilies omg.. but the duck wings looks soooo good.. I need some them.. Thanks for sharing with us your adventure.i need one of those mask you use. How can I get one..
Steve Tan
Steve Tan 15 days ago
Hey mark. U really looks awful with hairs on your face
yayo4nasal 15 days ago
Lolz @ when he saids num meow
SpongeBot 16 days ago
His face each time he takes a bite is great!he could convince the fussiest children that food is delicious.
Elven Rivendell
Elven Rivendell 16 days ago
Love the duck noodles!! They are amazing!!
Adler Augen
Adler Augen 16 days ago
Joel is a man of few words. If the food is tasty he just nods furiously.😂😂😂
Bergang Murgang
Bergang Murgang 17 days ago
Hey bro Mark...i do love watching ur blogs..,..can u share some of ur face mask..looking forward for it..thank u
west-island kev
west-island kev 17 days ago
Jason 17 days ago
Looks amazing :D
Saeed Soleimani
Saeed Soleimani 17 days ago
For your first stop can we go there for breakfast and have same food as you have?
Marylynn 18 days ago
Eating my instant ramen while watching this, hoping it would taste like the noodles Mark is eating 😫😭
Stephen Yo
Stephen Yo 18 days ago
It's always great to see you and Joel dining together, you are great dining buddies. NONE of my Canadian friends can eat spicy foods like you guys, so I usually end up dining alone, which is sad because it is difficult to order lots of dishes.
แสงดี รอยจันทึก
Monique Sinha
Monique Sinha 19 days ago
Ugh miss a good Thai food 🙌 everything is always so fresh there
John Avena
John Avena 19 days ago
Oh mark you got beards now
Mai Kotani
Mai Kotani 19 days ago
That duck noodle looks sooooo good
Unborn 19 days ago
I thought that's Inga lam in the thumbnail
Bernard Orpelata
Bernard Orpelata 20 days ago
mark after you eat all those chillies... you can cook eggs in your mouth 😂😂😂😂💖💖 stay safe guys...
Khwannara meaw meaw
Yak kinnnnnn
Mattee Deonarine
Mattee Deonarine 20 days ago
See u an Joel hanging out now....how nice ual make a great team.....love the food looks heavenly delicious....enjoy guys hope there would be many many more to look at an enjoy. ❤❤🙏🙏
Marcus Soares
Marcus Soares 20 days ago
Ooo wallllll gogo brazil man sao paulo provar a feijoada com caipirinha gogogogogogoggigiig
William Panye
William Panye 20 days ago
Resschannel 21 day ago
Oh my God, it is so mouth watering, all the dishes are always my fave xoxo
Resschannel 21 day ago
Absolutely love watching your videos, everything is so interesting and flavorful....
ppkeaton 21 day ago
So satisfying watching mark eat, makes me feel like im having the meal myself. Im currently watching this while on a 48 hr fast and it genuinely brings me satisfaction watching him eat
Diane Tackett
Diane Tackett 21 day ago
Love seeing more Thailand dishes
Char Char
Char Char 21 day ago
Love your mask with a chili pepper on it...lol
Trent 21 day ago
Mark, did you make that mask? do you sell them?
Umair Khalid
Umair Khalid 21 day ago
Amazing! :)
Regional SkyGirl
Regional SkyGirl 21 day ago
August 2020 #RUvidQuarantineTravels What is that under Mark's nose and on his chin??? 😳
Ken Sheckleford
Ken Sheckleford 21 day ago
whoever likes this will be a millionaire one day
Da G FOUR 21 day ago
Anatomy 21 day ago
Anny _lin
Anny _lin 21 day ago
Anny _lin
Anny _lin 21 day ago
😋 😋😋😋😋😋
Isabelle B.
Isabelle B. 22 days ago
Oky... So Mark Weins discovered in 2020 that the Michelin guide is reliable, or have I missed something ?
Fungsaz Mini World
Fungsaz Mini World 23 days ago
Wow lovely ❤️❤️❤️ #Fungsazminiworld👈️ 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
Gabriel Adi Prasetya Kurniawan
When i watch this video, my stomach always feel hungry, so delicious 🤪🤪 hahahaaha
leonal franze
leonal franze 24 days ago
The last restaurant, my family visited Chaing Mai for 7 days, she just keep nagging me to this place everyday. Even we already ate at this place 3 days in a row.
Din Felipe
Din Felipe 24 days ago
I’ve been watching for a while now and Thailand is on top of my list to travel soon because of this.
Sheila McDaniel
Sheila McDaniel 24 days ago
Thank you for vlogging.
Po-mez Santa
Po-mez Santa 24 days ago
You can eat chilli more than me. I’m Thai😂
Omer Askin
Omer Askin 24 days ago
Dude I don't know about the duck blood
Bonus Fry
Bonus Fry 24 days ago
Interesting & こんにちは... I was maybe sayin. Who else is hungry while watching this video! 🤣😎
nerifernandez1 25 days ago
This is torture at 4:13am 🤤
Top Gunter
Top Gunter 25 days ago
Great videos mark. It’s a must watch, Everyday! Small request tho, get your pap beside you to have a proper shave. His whiskers look’s yucky! Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Romy Hamid
Romy Hamid 25 days ago
Whats that on your Face Mark?
Jordy david Vanegas mejia
Pedazo de cerote
Oliver Jackson
Oliver Jackson 25 days ago
Thank you watching from jamaica
Paul Douglas
Paul Douglas 26 days ago
3:15 looked as if he went cock-eyed with that good flavour.
The beauty Of the life
Pete's Train & Truck world
Another super video everytime we go to Thailand we try to eat in the same places as Mark.
Iskandar Sulong
Iskandar Sulong 26 days ago
I don't like how u abuse the chillies
Everyday Growth Advisors
Mike "oh wooooooaaaaawwwww" Wiens
Mariejoy Lotolio
Mariejoy Lotolio 27 days ago
Iloveyou mark ying and myca😍
Varaporn Boonklang
Varaporn Boonklang 28 days ago
I saw you mark wow wow wow I’m hungry 😃😃😃👍
Qian Fan
Qian Fan 28 days ago
16:50 孩子都长这么大了!! How time flies!
Ron Raymundo
Ron Raymundo 28 days ago
i'm guilty of eating my food and watching your videos at the same time every meal. hahahahah!
Hexor Cruz
Hexor Cruz 28 days ago
im hungry
Bob van Ingen
Bob van Ingen 28 days ago
Oh man.. I can't keep watching this without drooling and wanting to eat. Looks so good!!
thorgran3 28 days ago
Can I just thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for not including the sound of people chewing in your videos?!?! You ROCK!!!!!
Liu Devi
Liu Devi 28 days ago
bagus saya suka👍👍👍👍
Rashmi Poojari
Rashmi Poojari 28 days ago
So many plastic bags in usage 😒😒😒😒
short stuff
short stuff 28 days ago
Question about the last restaurant...was the rice cold or hot?... Mark I've been watching you and Ying since before Micah was born...way back when you were breaking your first million subs...I'm still fascinated watching all your videos...I'll never be able to visit, taste, enjoy (because I just cant eat spice...lol)...it just all looks so good!!! Thank you for your travel and food reviews.. you are always so respectful and kind!!!.great to see Joel too .. and Micahs just getting so big...!!!...Hello from north of Toronto Canada!!!😊🙂🇨🇦
Miles Prowler
Miles Prowler 29 days ago
oh wow
Pat Kana
Pat Kana 29 days ago
Can someone please pay for my flight to Thailand?
matthewrenshaw 29 days ago
Mark, do they have an English menu?
Ksenia Yaroslavtseva
This friend of Mark looks really nice and friendly,but eating in a restaurant with a hat on, it is so bad manners.
Instagram Fucc
Instagram Fucc 29 days ago
Mark literally eats a car tire “oh wow, oh yeah the flavor is amazing, so fresh”
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