Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Official Video)

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The short film for Michael Jackson's ""Smooth Criminal"" was the centerpiece of the feature film Moonwalker, and featured the debut of Michael's iconic ""anti-gravity lean."" Inspired in part by Fred Astaire's ""Girl Hunt Ballet"" dance number in the film The Band Wagon, ""Smooth Criminal"" was named Best Video at the BRIT Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association and the People's Choice Awards.
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Written and Composed by Michael Jackson
Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions
Co-Produced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc.
From the album Bad, released August 31, 1987
Released as a single October 21, 1988
Director: Colin Chilvers
Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California
Michael Jackson's short film for ""Smooth Criminal"" was the sixth of nine short films produced for recordings from Bad, one of the best selling albums of all time. The ""Smooth Criminal"" single hit No. 1 in Spain and The Netherlands and reached the Top 10 in the UnitedStates, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland and Switzerland. In the United States, ""Smooth Criminal"" reached the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100-the sixth single from Bad to do so-as well as Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles charts.
In addition to being a standalone short film, ""Smooth Criminal"" became the centerpiece of Michael's most ambitious film project at the time, Moonwalker, a feature-length film that was released theatrically in various countries outside of the United States. In the ""Smooth Criminal"" portion of the film, Michael and his friends face off against the notorious drug lord Mr. Big (Joe Pesci) and attempt to foil his plot to get the children of the world hooked on drugs-but of course, in the end, Michael defeats the villain.
The musical portion of ""Smooth Criminal"" takes place in the magical ""Club '30s,"" where Michael instructed his friends to meet him. While Katie (Kellie Parker), Zeke (Brandon Adams) and Sean (Sean Lennon) find the club to belong abandoned, Club '30s springs to life when Michael shows up, wearing a blue and white pinstripe suit and fedora.
As the kids watch through the window, Michael flips a coin into the jukebox and leads the club patrons through a dazzling performance to ""Smooth Criminal."" Here, Michael shows off updated versions of his signature dance moves. He also debuts one of his most iconic dance moves: the ""anti-gravity lean,"" a seemingly impossible move.
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Nov 19, 2010




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T1MB4_YT 3 hours ago
T1MB4_YT 3 hours ago
Why Did Michael Jackson die
Brandon Hicks
Brandon Hicks 3 hours ago
if u listen to thiis now u have a awsome taste in music
Roberto Kuhn
Roberto Kuhn 3 hours ago
Eu sou fã dele dês dos2 aninhos
Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity Gauntlet 3 hours ago
This nigga Michael wasn’t just tryna make music videos he was making whole ass movies😂
SaurabhSharma76 3 hours ago
Gmayzes 3 hours ago
Even though it is 10 years old, the song is still an eye catcher R.I.P. Michael Jackson😢
ToaLisa Ino
ToaLisa Ino 3 hours ago
Imagine that kid that tried to danced like MJ was Bruno
Vlad Polozov
Vlad Polozov 4 hours ago
Жалко что не единого русского нету
Juliano apolo Cezar correa
(""e eternamente parabéns"")
Kennedy Oliveira
Kennedy Oliveira 3 hours ago
kasadaga kasadaga
kasadaga kasadaga 4 hours ago
Аню ели волки, Аню волки ели...
Ricardo Paolo Rivera
Michael Jackson vs Freddy Mercury va ayuwoki hehe va eo
Freddie's Adopted
Freddie's Adopted 5 hours ago
Michael Jackson could have stopped racism if he lived longer...I mean, what white person doesn't love Michael Jackson???
Leo Lindfors
Leo Lindfors 5 hours ago
I love this musice
Кукла Чаки
легенда умерла - скорбим и помним!!!!
Violeta Llano
Violeta Llano 5 hours ago
Jackson family is a leyend
MelaninGod504 5 hours ago
I remember when this first came out on vhs,I was 7 years old and I was blown away when I first saw this . I also remember going to penny land arcade in New Orleans and playing the actual game to this. (when he leaned forward like that) just Chills. Rip to all the people that was in my circle around this time,Lawd have mercy
Pablo Barros
Pablo Barros 5 hours ago
Lesley Metthews
Lesley Metthews 5 hours ago
Top of his game
Lisa Maria
Lisa Maria 6 hours ago
everyone how’s here in september 2020 is a legend !!!
Clevers 6 hours ago
I'm pretty sure he's talking about Annie from Attack On Titan since she turned herself into ice
Ксюша Ярославцева
Гений.Я люблю тебя!!!
Nadson Barbosa
Nadson Barbosa 6 hours ago
Film Box
Film Box 6 hours ago
Arama yerine "Eni Veci Vokkey" yazdim bu sarki geldi. I wrote "Eni Veci Vokkey "on search bar And I found this song
Popcorn 122
Popcorn 122 6 hours ago
Popcorn 122
Popcorn 122 6 hours ago
All rounder-247
All rounder-247 6 hours ago
if you're in 2020 you're a LEGEND🙌 .
sidali nennouche
sidali nennouche 6 hours ago
Salut salut liker si vous comprenet
TheBackrooms YT
TheBackrooms YT 6 hours ago
Who else came from the aywoki dance
Aisha lut
Aisha lut 6 hours ago
Still here, master.
Awesome Random
Awesome Random 6 hours ago
is this hotline miami but instead of jacket killing russian mafia's it's backwards?
Lucifer Fallenangel
My girlfriend's name is Annie and this is the gem I use to cheer her up while she's "under the weather" _Annie are you okay?_ *Are you okay Annie?*
xXApEXx 7 hours ago
Erik içi bok ye 2020 tr Michael seviliyorsun
Ian Morse
Ian Morse 7 hours ago
Radsport Fan
Radsport Fan 7 hours ago
Die Achse des bösen muss bekämpft werden METAL
Maria Ben Madjid
Maria Ben Madjid 7 hours ago
Mini Super
Mini Super 7 hours ago
fatih birsin
fatih birsin 7 hours ago
the boss
Gautham Prasad
Gautham Prasad 7 hours ago
What if u wanted to go to heaven But God said: Anny are u ok?
Львиный Коготь
Sanya are you okay?
J Anderson
J Anderson 8 hours ago
Imagine if Josephine Baker had lived to see this!
Leandra Ana
Leandra Ana 8 hours ago
O cara cantava e dançava demais 👏👏👏
sen nası bi kralsın michael
Emery Sii
Emery Sii 8 hours ago
Anyone still listening? 2020👋
Pain Nightcore
Pain Nightcore 8 hours ago
you've been here before ain't you
star play
star play 8 hours ago
Steve Austin
Steve Austin 8 hours ago
If you see this in 2020 your a fucking legend
alex jansen
alex jansen 8 hours ago
Annie are you woke, are you woke Annie?! Black lives matter and #mettoo.. Lbgq, blgq, lezbian, transgender, gay, religion freaks oooohooo Annie are you woke yet??!!
pro / 94
pro / 94 8 hours ago
Una legenda de verda
alex jansen
alex jansen 8 hours ago
The best part when the lights 'n music turn off, and they are "real people, dancers" and scream n tap (u know " ooooow, aaaaah, yeah, uuuh,, chicka chick, "stamp/tap" they all go "crazy') like a "behind the scenes" just suddenly in the middle of the clip... F#kin gr8
иван иванов
Саня ты в порядке?
Pepsidoc 8 hours ago
8:23 when you get the double bottle flip
Devil Perks
Devil Perks 8 hours ago
Muzan passing by Tanjiro's Family: "Demon blood art: Moon walk Seventh form grouped slaughter"
Rayane Karinne
Rayane Karinne 8 hours ago
Mine Stone
Mine Stone 8 hours ago
Top 3 unsolved mysterious: 1: the great pyramids . 2:Bermuda triangle . 3: Annie's conditions .
shin kun
shin kun 9 hours ago
Meachel Jackson made the dab??? 8:23
Jrs channel JRR992
Jrs channel JRR992 9 hours ago
We still miss him
Zoe Maliñana
Zoe Maliñana 9 hours ago
yeah but the Tanjirou's fam isn't okay...
JibrilD Salami
JibrilD Salami 9 hours ago
JibrilD Salami
JibrilD Salami 9 hours ago
Infinity 9 hours ago
2:52 Maikuru jakkusun when he killed tanjirou's entire family and turned nezuko into a demon just because he felt like it
LiLy [Art] Official
Hacooona Mataaataa
Hacooona Mataaataa 9 hours ago
Kibutsuji Muzannnnnnn!!!!
Oliver Peters
Oliver Peters 9 hours ago
Anthony Gabriel
Anthony Gabriel 9 hours ago
Mega 9 hours ago
world no.1
than swe
than swe 10 hours ago
TaeCuteBoy 10 hours ago
This is how criminal do when they living at bar Right?
Артур Галустян
Майкл жив
mina koo
mina koo 10 hours ago
Kibutsuji Muzan.
Ricardo Cueliche
Ricardo Cueliche 10 hours ago
Me encanta y amo sus canciones mary de buenos aires
Younes Akaba
Younes Akaba 10 hours ago
Michel Jackson and legend keep pop
john Raymond Siega
john Raymond Siega 10 hours ago
MJ is a true legend
muhammad ferry
muhammad ferry 10 hours ago
Freedy mercury and Michael Jackson hes Legends
Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos 11 hours ago
This song will never get old
Rustymoon 11 hours ago
8:23 they predicted the dab (kinda)
7B-23 Theresia Wijaya
2020 here
Soup is good
Soup is good 8 hours ago
SvenplayerTV 11 hours ago
Hes good at moves
VARSHIKA WORLD 12 hours ago
Who is the hell annie
Ronen mazus
Ronen mazus 12 hours ago
I know right? Like yo this guy might have a freestyle DANCE but he has even more
Marie Cathy Ellenga
Marie Cathy Ellenga 12 hours ago
Trop cool
pitoun-infonie02 12 hours ago
Navneet Panwar
Navneet Panwar 12 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-KTBvV0ateo8.html Michael Jackson top dance moves
קלרה יצחק
קלרה יצחק 13 hours ago
6.28 I love that part
OmaeWa MoShinDeiru
OmaeWa MoShinDeiru 13 hours ago
LEGEND. That’s all
Animal Cloud628
Animal Cloud628 13 hours ago
True legend
thebatman 202020
thebatman 202020 13 hours ago
People can make as many covers as they want like aaf but this is the best version
thebatman 202020
thebatman 202020 13 hours ago
Hows also here in 2020
Kristen Dsouza
Kristen Dsouza 13 hours ago
5 questions we will never know the answer to 1. Who let the dogs out 2. What does the fox say 3. What is love 4. Annie are you ok 5. Why didn't Elton called Savil for his Birthday party
kilor bisc
kilor bisc 13 hours ago
this is the ultimate vibe zone
Aariff Mohd
Aariff Mohd 13 hours ago
The kid's got no chill😂😂
Mihashi Yaeko
Mihashi Yaeko 14 hours ago
I'm in love with Michael Jackson waaah❤❤❤❤😍
Yanchumbe Yanthan
Yanchumbe Yanthan 14 hours ago
when you lie to your teachers about your homework and they believe you.
Sanjay Thind
Sanjay Thind 14 hours ago
🔥 Legend 🔥
Andre Iñiguez
Andre Iñiguez 14 hours ago
When you find a dead body in among us "ANNIE ARE YOU OK?"
Boku no hero academia Fan
Remember that one time when Michael Jackson became a demon
Wetpacles Gaming
Wetpacles Gaming 15 hours ago
This video is also the reason why there's a good Ayuwoki game😁
Vaibhav k
Vaibhav k 15 hours ago
This Video Just shows Why He was the King and STill is !! Simply Genius!!
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