MIC'D UP || High school Football Edition

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Hey Guys, we are changing up this game days and making them a little more spicy for you guys. WEBS IS MIC'D UP!! Be sure to leave a like and subscribe:)
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Aug 21, 2019




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Comments 375
Beyond Reality
Beyond Reality 29 days ago
Full Game Highlights HERE ↙️↙️↙️↙️ ruvid.net/video/video-A9LTj14gW7A.html
Uptown.branden 19 days ago
Beyond Reality yo is that western ?
travis hunter
travis hunter 29 days ago
Beyond Reality mic me up ‼️
Flashyoutube 7 days ago
Game starts at 6:10
King TuuT
King TuuT 9 days ago
9:07 when he said “damn..” I felt that
Kevin Evans
Kevin Evans 9 days ago
This kid is ass he isn’t athletic he jogs when he’s on the field if u played real high school ball you know not to walk on field
ramen_for_dessert 10 days ago
2ENI0R season this nigga class of ‘22
Elijah TheScam
Elijah TheScam 10 days ago
Webs is mad ashy
Elijah TheScam
Elijah TheScam 10 days ago
Imagine being mic d up
Cys. Sammie
Cys. Sammie 10 days ago
Bruh I swear I get like a safety vibe from u I feel like u could play safety
Hailey Rae
Hailey Rae 11 days ago
Honestly, I am curious. Do fb players always grunt like that? I am genuinely curious
Solocify 11 days ago
Yeah. Kinda
Bear 14 days ago
29 look like he blend in w his uniform 😂
Kwayvon M
Kwayvon M 14 days ago
I hated how teammates wore their pads like that. Shit is ineffective and dangerous lol
Xeations 14 days ago
8:20 good shit my nigga keep workin💪🐐🏈
Camren Fambrough
Camren Fambrough 14 days ago
“Western wildcats zero.... fuck” 😂
MJ 14 days ago
he said call me 12 cs i lock shit up 😂😂.
Sean Hayden
Sean Hayden 14 days ago
Beyond Reality aye bro wat kinda mic u using?
Lamelo Ball
Lamelo Ball 14 days ago
I thought this was gonna be a varsity game
Ronan and Oliver
Ronan and Oliver 15 days ago
If u say lets go one more time umma die
Kaheim Sewell
Kaheim Sewell 15 days ago
Who he think he is
Joe Say
Joe Say 15 days ago
23-0😭 why post it
Its Bxngz
Its Bxngz 15 days ago
Can we get a let’s go count next video lmao
69 420
69 420 15 days ago
I wish lovelady had those pads
Jaylen morgan
Jaylen morgan 15 days ago
It's my first year of highschoolfootball and football in general and I feel like I'm lacking despite all the stuff I'm doing to get better any tips?
Jacory Beauvais
Jacory Beauvais 13 days ago
Keep working ❗️❗️🥶
Jaylen morgan
Jaylen morgan 13 days ago
@Jacory Beauvais wide receiver on offense and defensive I play defensive back
Jacory Beauvais
Jacory Beauvais 13 days ago
vanny gaming just keep working man ull get there wat position u play
jacob zz
jacob zz 16 days ago
This shit is trash asf
Jonah Anservitz
Jonah Anservitz 16 days ago
He said call me 12 cause i lock shit up😂
Affluenza 16 days ago
That fact that those jerseys are so clean, after the football game is a big reason that the team put no points on the board.
Jamie Wawrzonek
Jamie Wawrzonek 16 days ago
And they got shut out!!! I thought the way he talked he was good. But keep grinding kid
Brandon Delcid
Brandon Delcid 16 days ago
That game was so dead
Tenthirtyfirst 16 days ago
I’m thinkin they was winnin
Owen McGovern
Owen McGovern 16 days ago
First 5 minutes of this was fucking pointless
SkrtOutdoorTv 16 days ago
Are you varsity or jv
M.S.C ISLAND 16 days ago
Them uniforms go hard.🔥🔥🔥💯
Scxry II
Scxry II 17 days ago
"Call me 12 for now on cus I lock shit up" who else thought that line was hard
Goblin Squad
Goblin Squad 14 days ago
Scxry II 😂😂💯
TGS MASKED 17 days ago
Call yu 12 bc yu a opp
Dizzy Future
Dizzy Future 17 days ago
trash ass team
john doe
john doe 18 days ago
He's gonna be 1st round draft to Minnesota Vikings
TerrenceTheHooper 18 days ago
Where was the mic ? 😂
Marcos Godinez
Marcos Godinez 18 days ago
bro cali ball wayy better there is no crowd watching y’all like wthhh
Logan Cardwell
Logan Cardwell 15 days ago
These fools kappin 🤣🤣nigga it ain’t the state dawg it’s yo town straight up 💀I know 3a skools who pull more in the stands then some 5-6a skools it’s jus depending on how many people actually wanna watch u play. Especially if ur team actually good then people even not from yo skool go out to watch yo team play
Official Ruiz
Official Ruiz 15 days ago
Texas homie, a different breed of athletes!
Kelly Simmons
Kelly Simmons 16 days ago
Marcos Godinez *texas, that’s where it’s at
Lil Guam
Lil Guam 18 days ago
we lost our first game 44-14
Mr Touchdown
Mr Touchdown 18 days ago
did they win?
Manny Lacayo
Manny Lacayo 19 days ago
What mic did you use and how did you set it up??
Wunwun 19 days ago
🤣 damn got baked
380 Mari
380 Mari 20 days ago
Webs done came a long way no cap
Krypton Reacts
Krypton Reacts 20 days ago
Just subscribed and your gonna blow up you just popped up in my recommended
B-Rice 20 days ago
Don’t let Syracuse hear you cussing it’s not a good look bro
ray miller
ray miller 21 day ago
Let’s go let’s go
Its Julian
Its Julian 21 day ago
This is so lit to see hs players mic'd up
Get Contested
Get Contested 21 day ago
Thomas Tippy
Thomas Tippy 22 days ago
We want all the smoke
KhalilTheGreatest _
That’s smove 😭”call me 12 cuz I lock shit up”
Nainoa Hennessy
Nainoa Hennessy 22 days ago
This fire 🤘🏾
Jay Harris
Jay Harris 23 days ago
When Webb’s aka 12 run it sound like a mic implanted in his throat
Lifeof CG
Lifeof CG 23 days ago
What grade are you guys in?
Pleb B
Pleb B 24 days ago
Someone gotta invest in a Stereo of some sort while y’all waiting in the weightroom y’all could be getting hypeed even more
Blake Painter
Blake Painter 24 days ago
How many times did this man say let's go like damn that's all I here
Jacob Echeverry
Jacob Echeverry 25 days ago
these unis too tuff
King Jailin Gaming
King Jailin Gaming 25 days ago
time to mic up the qb beyond reality
mike brown
mike brown 25 days ago
You guys play mad games down there I’m still yet to start games for another 2 weeks
GOAT 25 days ago
7:01 when that girl gave the ref water👏🏼
Ttv Simplefortnit
Ttv Simplefortnit 25 days ago
Nigga said "Calm me 12 from now on cuz I lock shit up" damn 🚨👮‍♂️🥶
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