Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full Game Highlights | November 8, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season

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Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers - Full Game Highlights | November 8, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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Nov 9, 2019




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Comments 2 165
Seth G
Seth G 25 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-L5Fa8jWr5T8.html Go fw this 🔥 i promise i wont dissapoint
Domonique Robinson
Domonique Robinson 27 days ago
Jimmy Butler is just collecting checks and doing whatever...he doesn't have the same fire competitiveness that he had early in his career.
TIM BONE 28 days ago
(4:46)......its not offense foul ur just soft as shit, good NO call, ref
Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo 28 days ago
@8:34 5$teps lol
P Jones
P Jones 29 days ago
D Wade, I know you are nOt ok wiTh watChing the hEaT get beat. Knowing you cAn make a Difference.... weLcome Back; FLash....
Lorenzo Monreal
Lorenzo Monreal 29 days ago
Miami can get ready for an L Streak without Tyler Herro.
Miller Time
Miller Time 29 days ago
Caruso 2020 slam dunk champ
chino Mndza
chino Mndza 29 days ago
that zone D miami played screwed us up, cant win them all but the heat will try
周浩东 29 days ago
David Morgan
David Morgan 29 days ago
Chamberlain Achilihu
He is a good leader too like Jimmy. Two them will be great playing together this season
packers12to80 29 days ago
Announcer: that's a travel wasn't it??? Pffftttt....dude Obviously doesn't watch the nba
Chamberlain Achilihu
Dion waiters is about to be back in town, the most powerful NBA guard of all time. If he was in Los Angeles against Lakers, they won't had lost that game
Electric Knipex
Electric Knipex 29 days ago
Lakers rule!!!!
lack76 29 days ago
What am i missing here? there is no defensive hustle at all for both sides.
kingIkeable 29 days ago
Lebron is a blessed talented player. I 🙌 pray for this team to be healthy for post season
ted mickel
ted mickel 29 days ago
Love your work though
Tillman Harrison
Tillman Harrison 29 days ago
I'm amazed on how much they let AD just setuo at the same two spots and let him do whatever he wanted.
ted mickel
ted mickel 29 days ago
Before the clip ends you should show the stat line js
Max Alvarezツ
Max Alvarezツ 29 days ago
caruso is actually the best
Odonald Sowley
Odonald Sowley 29 days ago
Yawl sleep on Caruso if you want, you'll wake up in a cold sweat!!
Creed Stewart
Creed Stewart Month ago
Since the next free agency summer isn’t as stacked, what do you guys think about getting Jrue Holiday at some point assuming the pelicans want to? It would be pretty much an Avery Bradley upgrade not sure how it would all work. Lmk
Curry Hands
Curry Hands Month ago
who else seen dwight howard and kyle kuzma holding hands whats really going on
Kentuckyfan7 Month ago
If lebron dont win this year. He need to quit! This is by far one of the deepest teams i ever seen Javele mcgee Dwight Howard Lebron james Kyle kuzma Rojon rondo Kcp Anthony Davis DeMarcus cousin Danny green Avery Bradley Quinn cook Kostas antetokounmpo In it been rumors that other players can join the lakers to I mean damn how can you lose with all them ppl on your team
Emmanuel Jean-Philippe
Leonard threw the game.
Nyel Khan
Nyel Khan Month ago
When your mom spies on you and your friends: 8:55
Zmo 1n'Done
Zmo 1n'Done Month ago
Looks like the Lakers r running a 2 1 2 offense. 2 on the wings one around the free throw n 2 near Left n Right Box
Veronica Lopez
Veronica Lopez Month ago
Blog: fuck my life fuck everybody in my life fuck the lakers fuck the nba and go watch some booty jumping on wnba
Zmo 1n'Done
Zmo 1n'Done Month ago
Lebron can come to an franchise in the league damn near n within 3 years it will be one of the best. That's how impactful is unselfish style of play is IMO He has proved it 3 different times for sure and looks to be well on his way again the 3 times I mean is the 3 different teams hes been on before the Lakers and had all 3 in Finals apperances. With Heat and Cavs the 2nd time he was in Multiple Finals
Zmo 1n'Done
Zmo 1n'Done Month ago
Caruso is solid
AD’d handles and quickness are insane. Hard to think a big man can move like that.
Zmo 1n'Done
Zmo 1n'Done Month ago
Lebron G&G at 2:22 was beautiful
Zmo 1n'Done
Zmo 1n'Done Month ago
That Lebron pumpfake give n go to Carusso n back to Lebron was beautiful
indolfo Quintero
this is pretty much the same make up team that Kobe had from 2007-2010, Lebron is deff gonna win 2-3 chips with this team. If Lebron would have been given the chance to play with a team like this through his career he would have 10 rings by now, every intangible is taken care of with this team.
Joseph Vernon
Joseph Vernon Month ago
22 in the thumbnail looks like Jamie Foxx
anthony cheesman
Jimmy butler is the most overrated below average player
brody027 Month ago
The black team against the black team.
danieltaom Month ago
Lebron getting to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes: abusing Kelly Olynyk.
R3ll5 Month ago
New music on my page • check me out • drop a comment
Wise Wolf Tony
Wise Wolf Tony Month ago
2:49 Lebron getting away with taking 3 steps like the refs have always allowed him to do his entire career for some reason. He's already good enough with letting him get away with traveling.
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