Metroid Dread - Development History - Nintendo Switch | E3 2021

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Check out this development history video with Metroid Dread Producer, Yoshio Sakamoto, as he shares some details around the recently announced game.

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Jun 15, 2021




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Comments 2 669
Portal Rifter
Portal Rifter 3 days ago
Metroid fans: Did you die? Metroid dread: Sadly, yes…BUT I LIVED!!!
layton alan
layton alan 3 days ago
this is i’ll be my first metroid game and i am so hyped. wish i could have played fusion though, and unfortunately nintendo won’t let us. i’m so happy too that i haven’t been waiting 20 years😂
Dylan Finnie
Dylan Finnie 5 days ago
Dave Richardson
Dave Richardson 5 days ago
I’m gonna crack into a new Switch AND a new Metroid game on the same day?! Not even my wife will see me on October 8th.
brian engram
brian engram 2 days ago
rasol alvarez
rasol alvarez 7 days ago
Does anyone else hear the amazing music that starts playing at 0:27? I hope it's included in the game. Easier to hear if you turn up the volume a lot btw.
OctoHangee 11 days ago
Why is nobody talking about that "Exelion: star comporation"? I think they are the creators of the E.M.M.I and sell them to the federation... are they using chozo tecnology for the E.M.M.I? We see one E.M.M.I using some kind of speedbooster...
Jess Ohanlon
Jess Ohanlon 12 days ago
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Tolt_Emilio 14 days ago
Translate to English -Brazil, please Nintendo, Metroid is my favorite game franchise of all. It would be a lot of emotion and honor to have my heart franchise in Portuguese.
Tolt_Emilio 14 days ago
Traduz para o português - Brasil, por favor Nintendo
Tolt_Emilio 14 days ago
Ultra Haype
FOG2006 15 days ago
4:50 RINKAS!!!
John Lavvas
John Lavvas 16 days ago
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原尚弘 16 days ago
もう少し、聞きやすい人に語ってほしい😣 ゲームの音と混じって何言ってるかわからない🥺
Copious Kobolds
Copious Kobolds 16 days ago
"Metroids are the cause of much trouble" Yeah, sure. And Covid 19 was a minor inconvenience.
Anne Drieck
Anne Drieck 18 days ago
Metroid ran like a girl😆😆😆
theonlykisboi 19 days ago
So E.M.M.I is like a robot SA-X essentially which is pretty dope.
Col. Choros
Col. Choros 19 days ago
The only thing I don't want in this game is the checkpoint system from the Return of Samus
Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment
Olympics 2024 A.D. ????'?? ??????? i Been When Welcome Trained..7% Cast in Movies
Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment
Olympics 2024 A.D. ????'?? ??????? i Been When Welcome Trained..7% Cast in Movies
Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment
Olympics 2024 A.D. ????'?? ??????? i Been When Welcome Trained..7% Cast in Movies
Quinn's Harmony's Beheld Service Entertainment
Olympics 2024 A.D. ????'?? ??????? i Been When Welcome Trained..7% Cast in Movies
haldarkbad genford
haldarkbad genford 20 days ago
playing super metroid when i was 6 or 7..dread was the word to describe it. sick to my stomach. but i still pressed on in this game. it really shaped my love of horror/spooky games. what a masterpiece. cant wait for dread
castilhots 21 day ago
Arturo S
Arturo S 21 day ago
God bless Sakamoto 🥺
Enterst8 22 days ago
Soooo... now they will start remaking all the Metroid games.....🦧
Brent Hornig
Brent Hornig 22 days ago
That’s cool gene Simmons makes Metroid games now
Steward 24 days ago
The Game looks amazing for a 2D Metroid Game
Dillon M
Dillon M 24 days ago
The more I see Samus in her new powersuit, the more I love it! While I’ve always been a fan of the classic Varia suit aesthetic, this newer concept (I’m guessing to be an updated Fusion suit) looks more sleek and feminine, but in a strong and dignified way. I also notice that this suit bears similar traits to one in Samus Returns in terms of design, specifically the torso armor and helmet (likely due to Mercury Steam having co-developed Metroid: SR). Max Factory or First 4 better make a statue/figure of this!
War of the Worlds meet Metroid. At 3:28
PMcCul4486 26 days ago
He produced Super Metroid. My money is yours, my lord.
Nick Schoenfeld
Nick Schoenfeld 26 days ago
One of the reasons Super was so awesome, is that it allowed for multiple, more risky paths through the game after a first play through. For instance, the game allows for getting the wave beam, speed boost or power bombs early. But, you wouldn’t know this on your first play through until after you got those items the normal way. That game respected the player. I’m hoping that’s the case with Dread.
Reign Christian
Reign Christian 26 days ago
I want his shirt!!!!
Dragon 26 days ago
I’m afraid if I buy this, it’ll end like every other metroidvania game I’ve played. Buy it, get so far into it, get completely lost with no hope of finding the next area, give up and never go back to it. Hollow Knight is $15. This one’s $60 I’d have to throw down the drain if it happens again.
BigHailFan 12 days ago
demon days
demon days 24 days ago
metroid is fairly linear, unlike hollow knight, so that's not much of an issue.
Michael Rivers
Michael Rivers 26 days ago
Sorry, but I don’t see this going well. I hope I’m wrong.
BigHailFan 12 days ago
said no one.
BigHailFan 12 days ago
@Michael Rivers ..... what?
Michael Rivers
Michael Rivers 26 days ago
@Dragon Also, based on some of the things Sakamoto stated had me getting Other M vibes…and that’s not good.
Dragon 26 days ago
Yeah, I don’t know how I feel about getting caught and instant death.
Saada Naim
Saada Naim 27 days ago
ce jeux n'a aucune liaison avec les premiers jeux metroid légendaire Nintendo ,Game Boy, super Nintendo et Game boy advance, je ne sait pas pour quoi ils ont met 5 , comme quoi une suite des autre épisode qui sont lié l'une a l'autre, et développé par Nintendo R&D , ce nouveau est développer par MercurySteam qui en met plein de truque castelvania dans le jeux, ça se ressent pas metroid, j'attent Metroid Prime 4 pour que je peut jouer.
Saada Naim
Saada Naim 23 days ago
@Clément Renaud même si le dirigeant et Sakamoto se n'est pas l'équipe de Nintendo qui a développer les premier titre je veux dire R&D ,sa veux dire que ce n'est pas la main de Nintendo qui a fait ce travail regarde comment elle bouge c'est comme une autre personnage s'habille en samus. je suis un créateur de personnage Nintendo et j'ai jouer de puis 1984 je peut te mentrer des lettres de Nintendo France et Kyoto mais j'ai pas garder les dessin ils son au Japon chez Nintendo a Kyoto.
Saada Naim
Saada Naim 23 days ago
@Clément Renaud c'est pas ma langue j'écris autrement. je suis désolé.
Clément Renaud
Clément Renaud 24 days ago
Primo : on ne sait encore pratiquement rien du jeu, secondo : on voit clairement des éléments de la fusion suit sur cette nouvelle armure en plus d'avoir dans l'intro un récapitulatif sur les évènements de la saga et tertio : tu penses bien que Mercury est dirigé par Sakamoto et ses équipes, surtout qu'ils ont repris de Fusion le fait de pouvoir s'accrocher à certains murs et plafonds. Et bordel mais apprends à écrire !
rGG 27 days ago
So future metroid games won't be called metroid then? It doesn't seem to fit a future title if the metroid arc already ended. But kudos to Nintendo for dare to move forward with the franchise.
OctoHangee 11 days ago
The series is gonna still called Metroid, Samus IS the Metroid
Edward Flores
Edward Flores 27 days ago
Now I just need this to be re-made in pixelated format and my life will be complete.
Gabe Churray
Gabe Churray 27 days ago
I have high hopes for the soundtrack.....
francis bélanger
francis bélanger 27 days ago
Can't wait to see speedrunners crush this game!
ClassicLes 27 days ago
Did you guys notice how Samus does not have the Morph Ball in these clips? (On the Power suit screen it was not shown) 5:40 Is that why they added the slide function and spider-magnets?
ClassicLes 17 days ago
@Jesse Markham Thanks, took another look on that trailer and found it!
Jesse Markham
Jesse Markham 17 days ago
The Morph Ball is in the reveal trailer
SwiftBlade4 28 days ago
Anyone notice that the EMMI does the sister location thing, where they have an innocent-looking face that then opens up to show a horrific interior?
G2ThaUNiT 29 days ago
One thing I don't understand is, if the technology of the DS wasn't cutting it, why didn't they change development to become a home console title rather than a handheld title? Either way, I'm just glad we're finally getting Dread!
privé de liberté
privé de liberté 29 days ago
Et un amibo à 25 balle bande de rat bientot faudra payer pour save
Clément Renaud
Clément Renaud 24 days ago
Deux amiibos. Et c'est quoi ces histoires de save ?
Vio Lent89
Vio Lent89 Month ago
Metroid Dread : release when it ready!! Cyberpunk 2077 : release when it ready!! *release unfinished game*
Mettaton Neo
Mettaton Neo Month ago
The prologue for this game is practically begging for Fusion to be remade.
Rodriguez5450 Month ago
Every switch owner needs to have this game in their library. The Metroid series is criminally underrated and absolutely deserves to have the spotlight like Mario and Zelda. Please everyone buy this game and show your support ❤️
GuyOnAChair ​​
Bit of an exxageration but this is like Half-Life 3 being released after years of delays, starts and stops.
HPSmash77 Month ago
people attained nirvana just by looking at the word dread, ironic lol
Ryan Sotelo
Ryan Sotelo Month ago
So basically Samus infiltrates Boston Dynamics
LokidBR500 Month ago
I must be dead! Metroid dread is actually real
Omega7321 Month ago
I love this format of dev log, would love more of these in the future for other series! ☺️
Flik Month ago
I've never played metroid bc i dont like the 3d aesthetic and haven't ventured back all the way to 2d times. I am getting this day 1
Mercury steam, after finishing metroid 2: ok can we now start on the fusion remake. Sakamoto: No.. Mercury steam: oh Sakamoto: you get to start the sequel to fusion.
Jacciswacc Month ago
"Experiment status report update. Metroid project dread is nearing the final stages of completion."
Receptie Letoile
This guy talks so calm and he's so relaxed... Like a One Piece Admiral.
Matt Hyou
Matt Hyou 14 days ago
Yeah he sounds like Kizaru
Success Month ago
I hope this game sells really well so we can get the next entry ASAP it’s been far too long!
Gizmotainment Month ago
Nintendo: Metroid Dread! Brain: Metroid Dredd! - The Crossover I never knew I wanted! HOW DO YOU PLEAD? :D
soccerzz5 Month ago
You Month ago
Spider magnet is the blue moss from Ori ATWOTW lol
Travis Newsome
Travis Newsome Month ago
hah you're right.. ori wotw has waaaaaayy too many gimmick abilities in my opinion. the game kinda stops being fun because of it
Jared Ekelman
Jared Ekelman Month ago
The E.M.M.I. Look and Move Similar to General Grevious in Star Wars!
ShyartiN Month ago
i just wish big n would invest all of it's budget into a metroid live action series which is designed of metroid x metroid prime x other m x dead space where she has to explore a planet(s) to gain new abilites, face tough and different opponents, give it horror aspects, demolished suit and treason of the galactic force - and last but not least zero suit samus' appearance. then i could die in peace. oh and a remake of all the prime titles (and maybe 2d ones) thx.
Anuman Month ago
I'm awing in 2D Metroid. This will be AWESOME!
Henrique Melo
Henrique Melo Month ago
*I really like how they embraced the horror elements of Metroid, especially after Metroid Fusion, which also has elements of horror, with that creepy Samus clone appearing out of nowhere to hunt us down.*
Count Lazuli
Count Lazuli Day ago
Glad to see them fully realize the SA-X experience and provide more player agency. Also, have you noticed just how gloomy and bleak these environments are?
25meip 12 days ago
I think they realized people could handle it more, as it's always had horror roots. It references the 'Alien' franchise quite a lot, hence Samus' nemesis being named Ridley.
Me Guy
Me Guy Month ago
In development forever and yet it looks like a port of the ds version…
BigHailFan 12 days ago
weak bait.
Diego Ewell
Diego Ewell Month ago
Idk what you are smoking? Compare them side by side you must need glasses.
Binshumesh Sachan
is it a mobile game? it looks bad.
BigHailFan 11 days ago
@Binshumesh Sachan your comment made no sense. how is this game "bait?" and no, it does not look like a mobile game. that also doesnt make sense.
Binshumesh Sachan
Binshumesh Sachan 12 days ago
@BigHailFan what comeback. I wrote my honest first opinion for this game. That's why I asked you, what clickbait you were talking about. Well, I will say again. It looks like a mobile game.
BigHailFan 12 days ago
@Binshumesh Sachan Your comment. And you really need to work on your comebacks, kid.
Binshumesh Sachan
Binshumesh Sachan 12 days ago
@BigHailFan what is bait? My comment or this game.
BigHailFan 12 days ago
weak bait. try harder.
Mudkip Month ago
Something in my gut says that people will hate the EMMI
Axis4s Month ago
Godbless MercurySteam, they are pretty much the new RareWare when they used to work with Nintendo
Desh 282
Desh 282 Month ago
I wish this happened for rayman 4
Lieutenant Surge
This will be a lot of people’s first Metroid game.
Hamza Abdullahi
Hamza Abdullahi Month ago
Well dread will be my first legally owned metroid game cannot wait
Lan.mp4 Month ago
Fusion was my favorite installment and this looks fantastic. I'm excited!
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique Month ago
square enix, watch this video to see how to deliver what fans want
Also Known As
Also Known As Month ago
I just came.
verydump • 27 years ago • edited
The suit wich Metroid is wearing looks dope!
BigHailFan 12 days ago
this is a joke right?
Ben Ruppel
Ben Ruppel Month ago
The thing I hate about 2d metroid, is the lonely space explorer atmosphere…. 🙄
Ben Ruppel
Ben Ruppel Month ago
@TheLoneCabin I forgot to add the /s for sarcasm. I’m a Super Metroid purist and I’m too good for Fusion, and my hands are too big to play Samus Returns and certainly am turning my nose up at a Metroid where you’re being chased as the gimmick.
TheLoneCabin Month ago
I'm confused by this comment. if you don't like the lonely space explorer atmoshpere... don't play metroid.
RobPsy Month ago
the end of the metroid story arc. i hope this means we get more 2d metroid games in the future
Travis Newsome
Travis Newsome Month ago
of course we will. SM was supposedly the end of the metroid story arc. then came fusion, which was supposedly the end of the story arc. nothing is written in stone when it comes to game storylines
Papsi San
Papsi San Month ago
This game looks really good, I hope this is why they sent a cease and desist letter to the devs of Mother 4…
Papsi San
Papsi San 10 days ago
@BigHailFan nintendo sent a cease and desist letter to a fan game of matroid a while back, and now Metroid dread is out. With that logic, I wonder if Nintendo plans to revive or at least do a remake of the Mother games
BigHailFan 12 days ago
ZeromusUra Month ago
See the rumors we're truth way back 15 years ago. Nintendo's denial at the time. I'mm glad they decide to finally continue the series foward.
BigHailFan 12 days ago
they never denied that game. they confirmed it existed.
Hee Ho
Hee Ho Month ago
I've stayed away from Metroid as a series because the fanbase has always been so toxic towards other nintendo fanbases, but I have to play this game and support these developers who are trying to appease as many people as possible
BigHailFan 10 days ago
@Matt Hyou i never said he had to like it, but my point is he is a 2d purist to the point he made up the most false and asinine crap. and i havent seen any prime fans trashing the mainline titles. but it is the 2d fanboys that will through a bitchfit if the games arent spritework (samus returns being a perfect example.)
Matt Hyou
Matt Hyou 10 days ago
​@BigHailFan Your friend merely expressed his opinion about the Prime series, he doesn't have to like it if it doesn't appeal his tastes. I'm talking about the fanbase and how it behaves. You're saying that the 2D fanbase is toxic. And yet all I see across the internet is Prime fans trashing the mainline titles, I see them everywhere, especially on 4chan, but even on forums, youtube and in this very comment section. As for the Prime series, on the other hand, all I read about is nothing but praise. Most of them doesn't even care about 2D metroids. So no, I don't agree, but it's fine, I wont't change my opinion and I don't care to change yours. Trying to change someone's opinion on the internet is futile anyway.
BigHailFan 10 days ago
@Matt Hyou no, trust me. one of them is an ex-friend of mine that literally believes the prime games killed the series. and hates them because they "introduce magic and religion and ripped of halo. and he worships the 2d games.
Matt Hyou
Matt Hyou 10 days ago
@BigHailFan I stumbled across those people. In some cases yes, they're probably 2d purists. But lately, I've began to suspect that some of them aren't even 2d fans and only pretend to be to trash the new main titles. There are also plenty of Prime fans that criticise any other metroid that isn't Prime. This happened when Samus Returns launched. And also is happening now, with Dread's announcement. Fortunately, they are now a small minority, thanks to upcoming new fans in the franchise that are, instad, very supportive. Seeing how Dread is selling, makes me hope that the worst is over.
BigHailFan 10 days ago
@Matt Hyou actually yes. the 2d purists are the worst, even being so full of themselves they cant even be happy with 2.5d.
this game is gonna be scary af with the emmi
karp151 Month ago
I’m glad this game took so long to make and finally is having its time to come out, its taken long to make a reality and now we’ll finally experience it, I remember hearing dread when I was getting into Metroid and thinking that sounds dope a scary version of Metroid but that was it, skip to when they announce it and something at the back of my head was saying yo this is big but I couldn’t remember why and then now you can imagine how stoked I am for this game, it’s gonna be amazing I know it will and I can’t wait
NovaBeast92 Month ago
At least Adam isn't the lead character. I will NEVER forget that interview. I hope Sakamoto seriously learned from his mistakes from other m.
carson albert
carson albert Month ago
this looks scary i thought nintendo couldn't make a scary game
Shadow Kazuma
Shadow Kazuma Month ago
Play entrnal darkness
Mudkip Month ago
Thou haven't seen majoras mask
Zebimicio Month ago
They actually made a wide variety of game genres back then, and this includes horror XD The first metroid game an be considered horror itself
the smiling man
the smiling man Month ago
I thought this was a hoax and the trailer was a joke but it seems real
Matthew Steiner
Matthew Steiner Month ago
So is it going to be an end to the arc because Samus is going to lose the Metroid DNA she got in Fusion? That would really make the metroids extinct. Would the next arc just be called "Samus"?
daredevil fan
daredevil fan Month ago
Metroid, Doom, Halo = holy 3
Dak City
Dak City Month ago
literally the half-life 3 of metroid games, finally out
Eustace Sagge
Eustace Sagge Month ago
Music at the beginning reminds me of Friday the 13th
BigHailFan 12 days ago
lol, it does a little.
Fox You
Fox You Month ago
I think the metroid other M is the best metroid game.
Leon Month ago
This is the Definition of "A delayed game is eventually good, a rushed one is bad forever" ~Miyamoto
Vio Lent89
Vio Lent89 Month ago
Still waiting for pikmin 4.. damn miyamoto, its okay to rush a bit
Rodrigo Marcondes
dude. i can't wait.
Jackson beard
Jackson beard Month ago
MrGojira95 Month ago
Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an EMMI RIDLEY in this game.
King Starscream
King Starscream 23 days ago
@rGG Well he has pretty much appeared in nearly all of them? Why stop now?
Juan Carrasco
Juan Carrasco 24 days ago
@Dillon M but the BSL Station was destroyed with SR-388. It's a possibility that the Federation still have Ridley DNA from Super Metroid, but it's impossible have a sample from Ridley X, Samus absorbed what was left of him because it was infected with the X.
Dillon M
Dillon M 24 days ago
It’s possible, since the Federation had kept Ridley’s corpse from Other M in cold storage aboard the BSL station. There’s likely a chance they would want to create a bio weapon not unlike The Nightmare. At the same time, they may go for a new repeating antagonist, like the Chozo seen in the trailer.
Lapis 25 days ago
@Daniel Duarte don't really remember posting that, but I think I meant like there will be a mass amount of clones, but idk
Daniel Duarte
Daniel Duarte 25 days ago
@Lapis they cloned him in metroid : other m
Kiyopawn Kaibusu
I like the concept of an invincible enemy in a game where action still exists, that mixes action and "dread" which is important to horror. Metroid dread might in itself be an action horror game.
David Lucifer Bradley
Toxyn Corvin
Toxyn Corvin Month ago
Not going to lie, I would not dislike a Super Metroid Remake. It's perfect as it is, but the Super Nintendo game came out when I was six years old. Many new fans have probably never played it.
BigHailFan 12 days ago
its on switch online
Travis Newsome
Travis Newsome Month ago
it doesn't need a remake. any real fan of the series has already played it, or can easily purchase it / play it for free on an emulator at any time. there's no need to change the graphics since it looks beautiful and timeless already, and making any changes to the game engine would completely ruin the game for all speedrunners since the controls/bugs/glitches would never be exactly the same. believe it or not, not everything needs to be "remade" every 5 years. there's something to be said for art having a timeless quality
Nyx Ulric
Nyx Ulric Month ago
Nice game 👍
Forget the SA-X. The E.M.M.I. is far way tougher!
Beard'n'Beer Month ago
I hope "mark an end to the story arc" doesn't mean we can't expect remakes of Metroid 3 & Metroid 4. Super Metroid is flawless, I know, but remaking the game doesn't mean that it'd replace that game.
Diego Ewell
Diego Ewell Month ago
He actually said in an interview after the show case that the series will continue after this.
Beard'n'Beer Month ago
@Travis Newsome You misunderstand my point intentionally. So first off, I love the original Metroid and Metroid II. the black background in both games add to the atmosphere, the environment is claustrophobic, and Metroid II in particular has some great worldbuilding. As you crawl deeper into the depths of SR-388, you come across less enemies. In some areas, all major enemies are either not hostile or robots. Until you reach the Omega Metroid lair where no life blossoms, only simple organisms manage to survive. This was taken from SR, and instead, the last areas are full of all sorts of enemies. Is SR a bad game? Absolutely not. If I want to experience dread, I'll go play Metroid II. If I want to experience a challenging and action packed game that's easier to navigate, I'll revisit SR. And that's how I feel about ZM, too. You might be right, remaster isn't the right word. Maybe reimagination. And I want to see a reimagined Fusion without skipping a reimagined Super. Fusion is packed with horror elements. Both Dread and Fusion show that you can be the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy and still feel uneasy in many situations. I knew that asking for a reimagined, remastered, whatever, Metroid III would sound offensive. It shows. But still, I would like to see how another Metroid III would look like, and especially Fusion. Besides, I am very happy with the Dread reveal. So much so that I've applied for vacation in oktober. But a man can dream of more.
Travis Newsome
Travis Newsome Month ago
@Beard'n'Beer ZM is not a remake of metroid 1. lol. i almost understand the logic of remaking metroid 2 since it was b&w garbage to begin with, a considerably lower quality than any other game in the series. sounds like you don't understand what "work" is, but that's ok. you still made no attempt to explain why super metroid or fusion need to be remade (they don't) other than "hurrr muhhh modern graphics" which i don't think is a valid reason since both games look beautiful and timeless. instead we're getting a new game, why is that so hard to process?
Beard'n'Beer Month ago
@Travis Newsome Thought so. What I ask for is giving it a modern look and add content like ZM and SR did. I see nothing wrong with remaking a game. We're halfway through the rework of main series titles. I want the work to be finished.
Travis Newsome
Travis Newsome Month ago
"the game is flawless, but remake it anyway because reasons!" yeah i really don't understand that argument.
BigHailFan 12 days ago
weak bait
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