Metrocon 2018: Scott McNeil Interview

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It's time once again to sit down with the source of all madness, Scott McNeil. This time we're going over his time on Woody Woodpecker, the legacy of Beast Wars, and how the voice acting industry has changed. Apologies for the rough footage, no idea how that happened, the follies of using a new camcorder.
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Comments 31
I only know who he is because my boyfriend. Bad mistake, cause now I'm crushing big time. lol He's too funny.
Allison Lopez
Allison Lopez Year ago
I enjoy Scott Mcneil and his impressions of dinobot, rattrap, silverbolt and waspinator on Beast Wars. 💖💖💖
Хижина Хагрида
his look like young Shawn Mikeles aka HBK aka sexy boy
horaciosi Year ago
Oh look, TJOmega interviewing Scott McNeil! Oh look, a floor!
Guardian Code actually reminds me a lot of this show called Zixx, which similarly was half live-action and half CGI, and was about fighting these evil computer programs called Magdathars.
fishpop Year ago
Scott McNeil was the first voice actor i ever recognised in another work. I was watching Mask Of Light for the first time and when Tahu first spoke i was like; "That's Silverbolt!"
I had pleasure of meeting Scott during my current time here in Disney College Program & got to find out his favorite Disney world memory is simply going to parks with family & friends & his favorite Disney character is King Louie from Jungle Book. Personally gave him Disney Honorary Custodial sticker since he told me he always wanted to be a Disney custodian so I made his day magical same way he made my day magic for sure:)
Xion Nightroad
scott mcneil sounds like hes a great guy
Jcc2224 Year ago
I gotta ask... what was Scott's reaction to you cutting your hair?
TJOmega Year ago
Besides the scream of terror before the yearly autograph signing? Curiosity mostly, he liked the short look but wanted to know why I cut it after so long.
Dank Starscream
1:00 RUDE much, Scott? Lmao
Implicitly Pretentious
Another Year and another Scott McNeil interview, awesome
wolkaiser drake
we need to see head pop waspie again
SoundBlaster 1987
Also the Dinobot II clone counts as an independent character and he was Cicadacon on the Tripredacus Council so he effectively did seven characters...
SoundBlaster 1987
RialVestro Tarantulas, Rattrap, Dinobot, Silverbolt, Cicadacon, Dinobot II and, let's not forget, Wazzzpinator.
RialVestro Year ago
SoundBlaster 1987 TM2 Dinobot is actually just the original Dinobot brought back to life upgraded and brain washed. After Ramage dies his original personality and memories return. How could he remember anything if he isn't the same Dinobot? Also how did you get 7 characters? Even counting the clone Dinobot as a new character that's still only 6.
SoundBlaster 1987
Hey TJ, don't forget Scott also covered the voice of Tarantulas for one episode when Alex Hill couldn't.
Krimson Klaww
Krimson Klaww Year ago
Would the Cyberverse series be any good for Plastic Addict?
dunkanbulk14 Year ago
Krimson Klaww he talked about it on twitter
Krimson Klaww
Krimson Klaww Year ago
@wolkaiser drake yeah but this is one wave so far. That and can you say that it isn't as bad if not worse so far? (Besides the ultimate class)
wolkaiser drake
can he even review an entire line bar a few like that? yes he did power core, but, that was power core
Jonathon Green
Tj you two play off of each other so well you two need to voice act on something with no script.
This would have been great if he would just be normal not all amped up like Jim Carey
Dank Starscream
Wtf...since when was 'being normal' so freaking great anyways?! Normal is BORING, THIS man in the video is entertaining as hell and I don't want him to change lol
RialVestro Year ago
blueberrywine69 This is great, being normal sucks, and it's Jim Carrey.
ForeverRanger 91
I was going to say that Scott has finally lost his mind but that ship sailed 30 years ago.
notirishman Year ago
Man, Scott is so funny. And TJ works so well with him!
RialVestro Year ago
Technically he's actually 5 characters in Beast Wars if you count Cicadacon.
Sk Mazeratii
Sk Mazeratii Year ago
The Jesse
The Jesse Year ago
Scott McNeil is so incredibly great and entertaining, I've been a fan for years(literally starting in my teens) I was really hoping an interview was going to happen. Thank you so much, TJ! And I admit I'm a bit jealous, lol!
Phoenix Prime
Phoenix Prime Year ago
I'm so, SO happy I got to meet both you and Mr. McNeil! It was such a treat! You're both so funny! (Ahem, I was dressed as Wonder Woman and I showed up at that Q&A panel on Saturday. Also, pardon me if I was being too enthusiastic; I was secretly having a nervous breakdown and was giving it my all to keep it together!)
Omegaus 817
Omegaus 817 Year ago
Scott Mcneil the voice as Jetfire awesome thank you for the video.
Ryuji Sirron
Ryuji Sirron Year ago
you two can have a sitcom and i would watch just by the crazy of scott and the way tj is able to keep up makes this videos funny and awesome
ShokyReviews Year ago
The thing I wait for every year. It is now complete. So next year he'll be signing MP Dinobot for you huh?
Scott is without a doubt one of my favorite actors of all time. He's just to much fun to watch in live action and in animation.
Nicolas Miranda Scislow
Tj Is the Mom?....well this got interesting 😈
Mommy TJ. That's a new one X'D
Ohma Connor
Ohma Connor Year ago
journey through the decade
Vucky abx
Vucky abx Year ago
Another year another Scott McNeil interview
Ruuben soto
Ruuben soto Year ago
you guys are fuuny man XD
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