Method Man Tells Crack Stories, Talks Playing A Pimp, Wu-Tang & More

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Oct 6, 2017




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Comments 2 623
Don Rome
Don Rome 16 days ago
16:01 that definitely was a lesson
mylifeasme 24 days ago
Miguel M
Miguel M 27 days ago
I would feel fucking honored to audition for a character meth is auditioning for
The Only Dee
The Only Dee 28 days ago
Oh snap!!! #TeamPisces!!!
The Only Dee
The Only Dee 28 days ago
I like how he said to let the new age rappers do what they are doing and give them a chance
The Only Dee
The Only Dee 28 days ago
See that smashing the fiends thing is one of the many reasons why I can't do dope boys
a brown
a brown Month ago
One of my favorite human beings❣ The epitome of a Man❣
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore Month ago
Dude always appears to be lit every time you see him in a photo or interview. Lots of love.
Gology Gaming
Gology Gaming Month ago
33:14 "You shouldn't give them that much energy... You should never hate anybody. It comes back to you too." Real wise words from Method Man
Imhotep Nubian
Imhotep Nubian Month ago
🙌🏾 Wu-Tang Forever
R8C STVR Month ago
Him & Yee got some strange history. You could tell.
Lala 2pac's Apprentice
Was he high 😂❤ he got me weak already 0:15
onmypurpose 90
onmypurpose 90 2 months ago
Craig Shultz
Craig Shultz 2 months ago
Method man is real , its nice to see especially in our world now
Alo Warbay
Alo Warbay 3 months ago
Him and Black Thought are the 2 most underrated MCs EVA. EVA.
Over Charging For The Cold Crush!
Envy messy
Jet Drumwayne
Jet Drumwayne 5 months ago
Jet Drumwayne
Jet Drumwayne 5 months ago
Listen World im a musican plus lyrical voice as ima product of american dream education spoke about since i have recorded my first album since i know music and seen method man in detroit at northland mall it was seven people with method man i stated the i do music but as a kid i was taught to be christ like but i like music rap in 85 of birth now 21 year 2021 j cole has the torch of signed artist to sad then to see pandemic of a God war with the hearts and souls of men tried by the soul or to get rich fast yeah im 313 in differnt area codes im DrumWanyeProduction long live the jet maGAZINE
Bad Tae
Bad Tae 5 months ago
TaeTae780 please donate to Venmo or Cashapp thank you
Nathaniel Trevino
Nathaniel Trevino 5 months ago
That’s a lie, we had a 8 second dump-button , back in 2001 , when I was an on-air personality. I used it during interviews. DJ Envy is Cappin!!!
JAH Family Property Solutions LLC.
Damn y'all couldn't get my boy mef some water? You didn't see him licking his lips he was ready to go like 10 mins ago, he asked for some and no one gave it to him. You had a genius in the room and asked him shit about hollywood 😔 Wu tang forever
JAH Family Property Solutions LLC.
Been following the Wu since 06, mad love bro Method man and the GZA and ODB were my favorite and still are 🤷🏼‍♂️
Ben Haynie
Ben Haynie 5 months ago
So a few years back my wife and I were at the music festival in Salt Lake City, and we met a pretty big rapper there who was finishing an awesome spray painting of an elephant. After our interaction with him my wife said "wow, that was so cool to meet method man!" I said "Babe, that was Chali 2na from jurassic 5."
Tami Sambiri
Tami Sambiri 6 months ago
I enjoyed watching this interview. Method Man is so impressive. So many interesting things Ive learned about him, and his philosophy.
Britney Brynslady
Britney Brynslady 6 months ago
Meth: "On the other side of the spectrum women like to play hard to get and nonapproachable at times" ***glances over at Angie
Kyla Waiters
Kyla Waiters 6 months ago
this was a great interview! i can’t sit through all of them but this one i could
tacarra holden
tacarra holden 6 months ago
I wanna watch the first interview
London T. Pulliam
London T. Pulliam 6 months ago
Cardi b said if that nigga had a twin I would let em run a train 🚂😍😍 he fine n his mindset him n red man can get it
Tanisha Wilcox
Tanisha Wilcox 6 months ago
“Eviscerating...that’s a word right?”😂😂😂
S R 7 months ago
Who else thinks Beyoncé and Method Man look like brother and sister? Lol. But he is a bit darker than her. But to me they look kind of similar as they both super good looking.
Michael Belt
Michael Belt 7 months ago
Big up to mr. Method man keep up greatness!!! Word
Juan DerFell
Juan DerFell 7 months ago
Just another racist Hollywood actor
Kalell 7 months ago
When I see Meth acting on TV all I see is Method Man and not the character.... and that’s a GooD Thing!
Oj Mosby
Oj Mosby 7 months ago
That show the deuce is good af
Silas 66
Silas 66 8 months ago
Do any black people even watch this? Even the guests who are black seem uncomfortable af.
Bird Doe
Bird Doe 8 months ago
Meth need a hiphop station-podcast, he got a radio voice
Mara Chiq
Mara Chiq 8 months ago
Who's watching in 2021? 🙋🏾‍♀️
oil 8 months ago
Selling that album to shrekli was a crime against humanity
Dodjah Cov
Dodjah Cov 8 months ago
Meth catches no Ls anywhere anytime
Cal Sums
Cal Sums 8 months ago
Mr.Method Man you are truly a treasure stay you.
DeJuan Gillespie
DeJuan Gillespie 8 months ago
Love Meth but...common denominator...proudly mention selling crack, net respect
Kisha Bre
Kisha Bre 8 months ago
He lookin like a home cooked meal
Temple Bravo
Temple Bravo 8 months ago
My little kuz was just like this guy D Nice. He rap but never that serious. I think he was the only Wu member next to ODB that didnt focus on music too much. They had other plans. #BrickCity
david parkes
david parkes 8 months ago
I started hip hop in 88n seen a lot of legends come.n go but mef ranks as the best from 94-britain-93 in states!!!!-n he still shines n rhymes hard...Big up mef n the whole wu-squad....
Jamaal Gillespie
Jamaal Gillespie 8 months ago
Tical is a low key excellent actor 💯
Harry May
Harry May 8 months ago
It's so funny how they quickly turn the interview into an interrogation. Halfway in, Meth like, its time to bounce... 😆
ItsRoshaeBallyall 9 months ago
Beautiful Black men.
Ms S
Ms S 9 months ago
This man is like the sexiest man alive to me. Still look soo fine and that voice is everything. Also how adaptable, smart, well spoken, he is so real and grounded, and as always humble. Yet still hood. Only woman im jealous of in the world is his wife. Swear if I could have a week of her life lmao. And the way he seems to worship and cherish her so much, i mean she is the luckiest woman i the fkn world.
Matthew Gabbard
Matthew Gabbard 9 months ago
When he said it's cool to hate on the biggest rappers Charlemagne knew he was blown, because that's his whole shtick. Watch his eyes sink.
Hyojoo Song
Hyojoo Song 9 months ago
The wire?
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis 9 months ago
So refreshing to hear a rapper speak fluent English for once
Joseph Butler
Joseph Butler 9 months ago
stop at 2.00, neon joint
KeysTheProblem FanPage
This My cousin
country strong
country strong 10 months ago
Methodman come get me from my mamas at 1202 w patterson wichita ks 67217 asap pleaseeee. I promise i can go. I promise i wont be sad. Please.
country strong
country strong 10 months ago
Please 10 tell em please
country strong
country strong 10 months ago
Pleaseeee. Im sick of being here with my life wating away doing nothing. Being here like a unwanted dogg
holywaterandgreentea 10 months ago
I'm doing crossword puzzles
Alex Bent
Alex Bent 11 months ago
Funny how he mention Tyreke from power
Beverly Jones
Beverly Jones 11 months ago
I Love Method Man so damn fine💜
chyna raymond
chyna raymond 11 months ago
I can't take my eyes off of his juicy lips.
rene narvaiz
rene narvaiz 11 months ago
Dang didn’t get him water then to a swig in front of him
Ravon Graydon
Ravon Graydon 11 months ago
He said jay murda’s what it dididd doo😂😂
Venus Carmen
Venus Carmen 11 months ago
2020 what’s up!!!???? 👀👀👀
Wangus Dangus
Wangus Dangus Year ago
Talk into the mic 🎤 Meth
Kat West
Kat West Year ago
Big fan of Meth. Not of breakfast club no offense*
MrPS2210 Year ago
Best interview I've ever watched 🙌 👏 Meth is cool ,calm and collective. No hate from him, just open minded. 🙌 🙌
Donny Knepper
Donny Knepper Year ago
If you were around in 1994-1995, there was a time when Tical was among your favorite albums.
Michael Kline
Michael Kline Year ago
TICAL is one of the best ever along with the tang
Bigg Red
Bigg Red Year ago
I love red and meth forever I wanted to be like them when I was a teenager and ima female 😂😂😂😂 couldn’t tell me I wasn’t thug and not a wu tang member 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂
devin ej8
devin ej8 Year ago
Only watched this bc method man was in it
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff Year ago
It’s sad when he started talking about the new era rappers and how they actually stick to a subject and make songs I could only think of let’s just say I could think of more rappers that don’t do it then ones that do
Bonkerz Beats
Bonkerz Beats Year ago
"Straight Die Lyon" 😹🐐
blessed & highly favored
He is so sexy
Griffin Smith
Griffin Smith Year ago
my dawg boba bloodclot lol
S. Year ago
Charlemagne shady ass at 34:12 😂😂😂 after Method said he need some water because he’s thirsty, Charlemagne gonna take a sip of his😭😭😭
Ardith B
Ardith B Year ago
He can still get it!!
Jarai Jalloh2
Jarai Jalloh2 Year ago
been my celebrity crush foreverrr 😭
LIL 'SHAWTY Year ago
If you look at nick cannon son Golden and Method Man. They look alike. I don't know if yall see it
Shay Taylormade
Lawd I didn’t even here word he said I’m just looking at him like 😍😍😍 still fine how meth looks better the older he get
Lydia Rodriguez
ODB was always at a higher lvl........
pontiacGXPfan Year ago
I was just watching How High
8:16 😂😂😂😂😂
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz Year ago
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz Year ago
Maybeaybe not, right.
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz Year ago
Government, s ything?? At all??
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz Year ago
Okay Meth.
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz Year ago
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz Year ago
So whatever then, apparently I tried to contact you.
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz Year ago
Such a sad situation for us, u cry or sumthing
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz Year ago
U want me to go away
Vicky Cruz
Vicky Cruz Year ago
What exactly did said
Yasmine Kiser
Yasmine Kiser Year ago
He know he fine asf😂
DirtyRedd Vibes
Still as handsome as ever he’s aged very well 😍😍🥰
Yo.boi_ Hood619
Team Pisces 😝 mar.19th 😌 shot out to the legend.
Maximillion Belafonte
Jose Capetillo
Yo Silas
Dutchess Dioji
MM has been taking care of himself... omg, he's lookin' good!
Dutchess Dioji
I love him from wayyyyyy back!
bh617 Year ago
wearing a >$1k hoodie there
micro hackers
micro hackers Year ago
Am so glad for the hack I received on my PayPal account from MaskOffWeb,Com company it amazing
Method & Red Show ep1
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