Metallica - The Day That Never Comes (Live) [Quebec Magnetic]

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From the DVD/Blu-Ray release Quebec Magnetic
Buy it now in the Met Store at Metallica.com - bit.ly/MetStore
The Day That Never Comes (Live)
Recorded live on November 1, 2009 at Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City, Quebec
© 2009 Metallica


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Dec 3, 2012




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Comments 100
H Mat
H Mat 3 hours ago
And they say Death Magnetic wasn't a good album. F*cking fake elitists don't know music.
Lioni 20 hours ago
Chanah N
Chanah N 3 days ago
Audience looks subdued...
Wille 4 days ago
One of the most underrated MetallicA songs in my opinion
Kleber Stati
Kleber Stati 5 days ago
Metallica 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Rey Shrd
Rey Shrd 7 days ago
🐐 🤷🏻‍♂️
Kuba Sekuła
Kuba Sekuła 7 days ago
fuck me this song's good
Jacques Gamache
Jacques Gamache 8 days ago
I'm agree, that song is just AMAZING
Josh the Almighty
Lars always has so much life in him
OrestesChZ 9 days ago
Le tengo un respecto increíble a Metallica. Esos conchesumare llevan años en esto y la rompen csm !
Ahmad Subhan
Ahmad Subhan 9 days ago
เสก โซโล
Андрей Романив
Схренали рускоязвчных нет... А мы же самые тру..
Robert Binder
Robert Binder 14 days ago
we have to admit that it's an outstanding performance of lars!!! fuckin king
HerrRoy 15 days ago
Probably the best live performance of this song. The band are on fire.
Aliya Ashirova
Aliya Ashirova 18 days ago
metallica knows how to fire up all people
Dan O'Hara
Dan O'Hara 20 days ago
First good album rhey put out since 1988 was a good album
Susana del Rocío maza dominguez
Cada vez que los escucho soy feliz... No pienso en nada sólo sé que estoy bien 🤘
Mattt 29 days ago
When this album first came out this song hit me immediately as one of their best songs ever, up there with Master of Puppets, Blackened, One etc. To this day it still keeps on giving!
Paly Koben
Paly Koben 29 days ago
best frontman best band best of the best metallica always a heavy metal no1 band in the worldwide
Руслан Белоусов
Best of the best of the best!!!
Master Hetfield
Master Hetfield Month ago
Some foolish said that this is most Metallica underrated song? What did you listen to often? Slam? Leave this video if you'll be the one say the same
HerrRoy Month ago
Oh my god, look at James eyes, he means every word he sings.. goosebumps all over my skin.
Erik Wolkenberg
Erik Wolkenberg Month ago
Thanks and espect from Germany, nobody compares to you, UniquE!
Павел Ельчанин
!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!
srin reddy
srin reddy Month ago
\m/ (• •) \m/
srin reddy
srin reddy Month ago
6:29 ✊🏻
srin reddy
srin reddy Month ago
Rampage starts from 4:50 onwards. Man this is sick 🤘🏻
4_kheang_7 Month ago
When the main riff comes up I feel like i’m watching Avenger end game.
sasafication Month ago
best live song ever.....the Voice...... METALLICA for EVER....
Erfan Fakhimnia
Erfan Fakhimnia Month ago
5:23 no one can hate Metallica even V
srin reddy
srin reddy Month ago
The intro . Man that’s so smooth to begin a masterpiece
K KIOKI Month ago
Finally found the riff stuck in my head
Metallica Day
Metallica Day Month ago
Such an underrated Metallica song!! This song is definately one of my favorites!!🤘
Maciej Jirowec
Maciej Jirowec Month ago
5:05min. Quentin Tarantino. lol
Baggins Oddie
Baggins Oddie Month ago
Respect from Australia CeEp It ReAl
Sir Ho3eiN
Sir Ho3eiN Month ago
better than studio version \m/
Angela Jackson
Angela Jackson Month ago
🤘🤘🤘 ⚡⚡⚡
Way Word
Way Word Month ago
Sabbath would be proud. These guys know their stuff.
Стефан Мельник
Дерьмовую композицию на этом концерте хорошо сыграли 👍
James Jose Francis Capuno
Now thats the ultimate V & E combo, if you know what i mean.
Ari Harfini
Ari Harfini Month ago
2008 in memories
Carlos A. Buelvas Urango
Richie Witkowski
Richie Witkowski 2 months ago
1:25 man people taking pictures from phones like that??
Alex アレックス
It was 2009
Edzio Pedzio
Edzio Pedzio 2 months ago
3:03 89' Hetfield
Folks Wass
Folks Wass 2 months ago
Ethan Fink
Ethan Fink 2 months ago
I think this is hands down the best live version of this song! Metallica kicked ass that night!
Flumbo 2 months ago
perfect mix
LuQas_17 2 months ago
The video to that song is awesome too 🤘🏼!!!!!
Wolfgang Hood
Wolfgang Hood 2 months ago
One has to appreciate how much Metallica has grown since the Whiplash LP and Kill’em All. All Albums have their own unique sounds, it would be boring if each one sounded the same.
Wolfgang Hood
Wolfgang Hood 2 months ago
Mad Respect to the band who got me through the darkest childhood in the early 80’s
Jim From Cleveland
Jim From Cleveland 2 months ago
Not crazy about this gig. But this particular performance is note worthy and quite frankly much better than the record. May this band live forfukinever
Camilo Bermudez
Camilo Bermudez 2 months ago
A lot of Metallica haters. I wonder how many of them go to these sold out concerts.
YMC Dahl
YMC Dahl 2 months ago
This song rocks 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer 2 months ago
they put everything they had in this one
Ryan Willie
Ryan Willie 2 months ago
Laura Ballestas
Laura Ballestas 2 months ago
metallica is not a phase mom
Yehuda Tyto
Yehuda Tyto 2 months ago
I'm from Indonesian, and i so hopefull can come to Metallica conser... My best metal grup band yeahhh...
Bryan Akbar Sukoyo
Bryan Akbar Sukoyo 2 months ago
Marii_ fid
Marii_ fid 2 months ago
rantingsw3de 2 months ago
Damn they NAILED that song. Amazing performance.
Jacob Dixon
Jacob Dixon 2 months ago
This is what you get when you mix one with fade to black- ain’t no complaints!
Anderson Lameda
Anderson Lameda 2 months ago
Jacy Laranjeira
Jacy Laranjeira 2 months ago
gatewayj TV
gatewayj TV 2 months ago
Best band ever
Руслан Белоусов
Eduardo Castillo
Eduardo Castillo 2 months ago
At 5:45 you can see how Jame's finger is while playing this song o.o
GGWP 2 months ago
yaşadığım gençliği sikeyim ya ziynet salli dinliyolar amk ülkesinde
Elías Leonardo
Elías Leonardo 2 months ago
Brother, La letra no es literal debes entender el contexto del mundo Yanki(EEUU) ... Se trata del lavado de cerebro que le hacen a todos los jóvenes una vez entregada su vida a la milicia (ejército) , las permanentes promesas, la guerra y enemistad con los demás que solo están en sus cabezas,...al final se supone que estos jóvenes deben despertar de su decepcionantes lavadores de cebros... y vivir sus vidas de verdad y plenas!... ... El grupo no pude hacerlo literal, es un tema delicado para ellos son estadounidenses... En esa época hubieron suicidios (soldados) que no salieron en la prensa...accidentes e incidentes Y muertes de jóvenes que creyendo que lo tenían todo,... Y solo volvieron sus cuerpos a sus hogares... luego de haber invadido y reprimido a un país que jamás estuvo en guerra con ellos... .... Ademas que si el grupo (Metallica) fueran literal,... se hecharian el repudio de las fuerzas armadas...porqué muchos ya quedaron rayados!...(viejos que ya no pueden, ni dormir y aun esperando que su '' Estado'' les devuelva la gloria y recocimiento... Algunos veteranos están en plena miseria estadounidense) ... Es para quiénes se dan cuenta lo mal que está jugar con la vida de las jóvenes promesas! (ellos en su juventud, eligieron la música, la cual disfrutas de verdad, junto a otros espíritus jovenes del mundo) ...CON UN POCO DE HISTORIA, COMPRENDERÁS LA LETRA!... 👍
gamli bam
gamli bam 3 months ago
Timing of drummer...hats off
The Megalodon
The Megalodon 3 months ago
I love how hype and energetic James is at 2:04 and 3:30. It just goes to show how much he loves what he does 🤘
doom boom
doom boom 3 months ago
Love u Metallica.. ❤❤❤❤
Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis 3 months ago
People claim to be fans but shit all over anything not among "the first four albums" meanwhile Bleeding Me and The Day That Never Comes are among the best work the band has ever done.
JaQuicker 3 months ago
What if we took Fade to Black, Master of Puppets, and One, and made them the same song? Would that be too much?
Hamzah Oraza
Hamzah Oraza 3 months ago
best return of metallica early sound
Nestor Carazas
Nestor Carazas 3 months ago
5:53 Excellent Roberto's bass
Georgios Kechaidis
Georgios Kechaidis 3 months ago
If i ever make a film,no matter what it concerns about this is gonna be the soundtrack.
CHE 3 months ago
Absolutely F'n Love this
Simon Nadeau
Simon Nadeau 3 months ago
The best god damn rock city in the fucking world🤘
Nii Damin
Nii Damin 3 months ago
4:52 The Party begins.
gordofrak 2000.
gordofrak 2000. 3 months ago
Is it me or this is better than the studio version ?
Frode-A. Fausa
Frode-A. Fausa 3 months ago
Cliff Burton would have aknowledged this song..
Nindy Ashari
Nindy Ashari 3 months ago
The best of the best forever ever and ever
Nothing else misba
Nothing else misba 3 months ago
James is the best heavy metal singer
Augusto Douglas
Augusto Douglas 3 months ago
celokoooo esse solo sempre sera o maior de todos... simplesmente fantasticooooo
Михаил Косенков
Просто супер!
Pritish Barbara
Pritish Barbara 3 months ago
Very nice
Goldberg 3 months ago
They played it like they made it yesterday! What a great show
Alexis Xander
Alexis Xander 3 months ago
I am learning that clean riff by James. Man, being a seasoned guitarist, I know its an intermediate riff - not too tough, not too easy. BUT, singing and playing that riff simultaneously - HOW ON EARTH DOES HE DO THAT? Thats some pro level shit!
l8er 3 months ago
Sucks how you can’t mosh in that venue!
JUAN 3 months ago
*6:21** pros of playing open string*
MCS 1980
MCS 1980 3 months ago
If you aint seen metallica live i hope you do once. That crowd roar an energy is next level 🔥
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 4 months ago
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 4 months ago
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 4 months ago
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 4 months ago
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 4 months ago
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 4 months ago
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 4 months ago
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 4 months ago
Let ess As
Darian Ivan
Darian Ivan 4 months ago
ExzzxsVXCwww , w X wd
Harry McEn
Harry McEn 4 months ago
Looking back at this song, didn’t like it when it came out (as a 14 year old metallica fan) & pretty much wrote off this album and never listened again. now listening back at the age of 25 it’s a fucking ripper of a tune!! This album pisses all over St anger. Actually fucking awesome 😂 I’m so glad I decided to give it a listen 11 years later with a more mature music mind. I mean this sounds much more like an Older Metallica song with the tempo switch ups to the double time, the fast guitar harmonies. How on earth did I think this was lame when I was younger lol. Oh and can we appreciate that lars actually does well here 😂 Going to listen to every album I hated back in the day I feel like they all need a second chance 😂
Paino Rlangsanam
Paino Rlangsanam 4 months ago
Srikant Thapa
Srikant Thapa 4 months ago
I always ask myself."Why da fuck do i listen to metal"... And I get my answer in Metallica..
Jeremias Martinez
Jeremias Martinez 4 months ago
The crowd is so booooring!
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