Metallica: The Call of Ktulu (Copenhagen, Denmark - February 9, 2017)

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Filmed at Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 9, 2017.
© 2017 Blackened Recordings
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Mar 13, 2017




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Comments 100
Yan Agusta
Yan Agusta 6 hours ago
Obey your master..
jim c
jim c 7 hours ago
real talk: this is the best call of ktulu version than jason:
Gonzalo Jimenez Rivero
fuck this song its so spiritually to me
energybengt 2 days ago
This performance is delicious ... they all kept to a tempo that was a heavy dark creeping ... I love this song. It’s like a painting ... a dark twisted inevitable uprising ... of a Thing That Should Not Be ...
Kaya 6 days ago
They call Denmark the happiest place on earth. Now I know why
Rajesh Wilson
Rajesh Wilson 17 days ago
Thanks to Dave Mustain. Incredible riffs.
RI LOM 18 days ago
pure poetry in music!
Leon Negro
Leon Negro 19 days ago
Like it or not Trujillo became 'TALLICAs to life again.....he deserves all the likes in the universe
Yuriy L
Yuriy L 19 days ago
ЭТо дададададдадд!
Albertokiller 20 days ago
[ Sad Dave Noise ].
claus pedersen
claus pedersen 21 day ago
i love this shit i hobe cliff see this
Tom McGlone
Tom McGlone 23 days ago
The second bass Rob plays was originally the bass which belonged to the late Jaco Pastorius.
Alexandre Goulart
Alexandre Goulart 26 days ago
Should we compare this to a sort of Beethoven performance !? MasterPiece.
Baybora Simsek
Baybora Simsek 28 days ago
I was at this concert 🤟
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet 29 days ago
Ah back when lars wore the beanie.
Tyler Ferdon
Tyler Ferdon Month ago
Ik im going to sound stupid but where are their pedals? I see the wahs but what about the distortion or compression pedals.
Juan Pablo Palomo García
I don't know man, they also use no cable if you see. It's like they have bluetooth receivers and they send the signal to somewhere. It is just really weird
Kenny Vawter
Kenny Vawter Month ago
My 1998 draft selection had a court order... Kenny Vawter
Rayhan Parvez Shumon
Metallica. Honestly I would like to say thanks. Thanks all of you and yours all Believeness.. Yeah! Please kindly let me wait the way for processing will must respectfully recalls for Psychey Brom set up just plz. just wait until I will sending 'TELEPETTHIC MESSAGE. Thanks. Carry on. Have a sound sleep. Have nice day. Thanks.
sahar malaeb
sahar malaeb Month ago
The drums here in the end amazing
chris james
chris james Month ago
trujillo saved this band
Attempt 58
Attempt 58 Month ago
it looks like rob is crying at the start
Ei kahvia oo
Ei kahvia oo Month ago
Love the lead bass
Street Skater 66
Rob done really well with the intro.
Street Skater 66
This is a masterpiece.
Street Skater 66
Alex Frat
Alex Frat Month ago
The only part of this performance that isn't good is lars. I don't know get why his mix is so shitty. The guitars sound so alone. Drums are supposed to have a drive.
Volt 101
Volt 101 Month ago
Let's be honest that wasn't even close to Cliff's real solo... Iev seen 13yr olds play it better 😒
Robo8000 Day ago
What 13yr I'd really like to see actually. And Rob doesn't have to play it like Cliff, He isn't cliff so he shouldn't have to play it like Cliff.
bogart pogi
bogart pogi Month ago
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern Month ago
Daa day dan de dan de dan de dan de deddle day dan de dan de dan deddle day deddle day
Tobias Siagian
Tobias Siagian Month ago
I love how you can hear all the instruments and the bassline is NGAAAAAAAONGGGHAAAAAAA
Lordofcinder069 Month ago
Holy hell this makes Cliff's version look even better!
baseline_hitch Shalhoub
I have always felt this track woks well as a soundtrack for a Science Fiction or an Action Movie.It's spectacular.
Rudy Tijerina
Rudy Tijerina Month ago
That was a wicked entrance
Shannon Boggs
Shannon Boggs Month ago
Nicely done but got it all wrong
jonathan gonzalez
Shitty camera quality and shitty camera angles. Metallica is a joke
Stephanie Summer
can we all appreciate how smooth James guitar sounds
Rafael Month ago
Metallica has covered a lot of Iron Maiden songs, I think they should cover a Metallica song too, live or on studio whatever. I'd love to hear they playing Call of Ktulu or Orion
Sheep Dog perrou
If you couldn’t tell Lars plays 10 times better because he’s in his home country and exited to meet his friends at the pub after the gig
Revelation Month ago
11:51 That's the same same face Kirk makes when he's asked if he wants to use a wah pedal
Nicholas Fanzo
Nicholas Fanzo 2 months ago
Rip Cliff.
Stephen Bagnall
Stephen Bagnall 2 months ago
If this wasn't so slow to itd be pretty cool. Feels more like a jam though. I know its not SLOW slow, but it feels slow. Especially the start. Tbf I did just listen to the 84 version
ecfearfactory86 2 months ago
This song sounds like God opening up the heavens to do battle against the dark spirit
Aleksei Shekhin
Aleksei Shekhin 2 months ago
Ктулху призван!
Rico Ssuave
Rico Ssuave 2 months ago
Cliff is watching and he is like"awesome"
grizzlywhisker 2 months ago
If only Lars could maintain the tempo. I love Metallica but I always found him to be so sloppy.
Can Kulahcioglu
Can Kulahcioglu 2 months ago
great song but what's that pink/purple bass guitar?
NeoZwo 2 months ago
i realy like robert but he allways stands on stage as if he is pooping in his pants
Justin Heat
Justin Heat 2 months ago
rob is pretty fucking awful
J B 2 months ago
God bless kirk. He's a good kid. He is...
dash bag
dash bag 2 months ago
has lars ever understood the concept of timing and tempo ,,,?????? clearly not !!!!
Leigh Allen
Leigh Allen 2 months ago
Oh man they still got it!!! My favorite band can still rock!!!
Cataclysmic Inferno
Cataclysmic Inferno 2 months ago
Rob is cringe af!
Michael Montano
Michael Montano 2 months ago
This is amazing but you need to watch Cliffs the creator of it
Сергей Т.
Сергей Т. 2 months ago
Нормально. Одобряю)
Stefano Berselli
Stefano Berselli 2 months ago
It's a best song of METALLICA ! I've got the shivers when ask it !
bikesfightback 2 months ago
cliff would be doing this while also head banging nonstop
Matthew Clarke
Matthew Clarke 2 months ago
I unliked this just so I could like it all over again \m/
bryan stewart
bryan stewart 2 months ago
I think this is the best version of this. it beats even the album version. because the bass way way to damn low on ride. god bless you rob cliff would be proud to have you in his place.
Anca 2 months ago
God help us all when they'll stop playing 😢. Through all the pain and misery God gave us, He also gave us Metallica, a balm for our wounds. It's beautiful and painful listening to you❤️
Anca 2 months ago
Love you Rob❤️
izombix 2 months ago
Stolen from Dave
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 2 months ago
The best song you guys have ever made.....period
Mark Talbot
Mark Talbot 2 months ago
Ktulu vs Orion ?
rohit pandita
rohit pandita 2 months ago
That ending was sooo good.
Karla Carrion
Karla Carrion 2 months ago
everything you want .....but metallica was cliff.....RIP
Karla Carrion
Karla Carrion 2 months ago
i know robert is doing his part, but .....james is just one james....
Karla Carrion
Karla Carrion 2 months ago
james is still crying as i am, 34 years have passed and nothing.........
40watt 2 months ago
Its annoying that the camera isnt on Rob alot during the solo parts
Patrick Waihaho
Patrick Waihaho 2 months ago
Just look at James's facial expression at the Intro..he sure remembers Cliff while playing.
FaceKidNoise 1
FaceKidNoise 1 2 months ago
This should've been played only by the master rob u suck
Vabrejuro 2 months ago
Righteous demonstration of dedication to excellence in sound .
Bearmageddon D
Bearmageddon D 2 months ago
Is it just me or is this a long bass solo with backing guitars?
abiogenes 2 months ago
Manolo BJJ
Manolo BJJ 3 months ago
que sufoco.... :(
Sergej Shapoval
Sergej Shapoval 3 months ago
Keine Kabel gesehen
Abir Mukherjee
Abir Mukherjee 3 months ago
This song is so dark ☠️
Dariusz Tomaszewski
Dariusz Tomaszewski 3 months ago
Polska...pięknie.....jakby mocno nie było :-)
Neimonen nessi
Neimonen nessi 3 months ago
The basslines here are better than orion imo
Sam Murphy
Sam Murphy 3 months ago
Ktulu always MESMERISING.... This Modern masterpiece and Orion are Awe inspiring.... Would love to see them doing tthese in a really old Dracula style castle with the old Beethovan, Bach and the like Watching on......
Mike Stacker Stack
Mike Stacker Stack 3 months ago
Bass sounds horrible
Daniela Peneva
Daniela Peneva 3 months ago
Richard Cenzer
Richard Cenzer 3 months ago
Their crunch tone keeps losing girth. This tone is just too weak for me. Where's the chunk?!
Armin Krauss
Armin Krauss 3 months ago
Halt!!! Margerithe!!! Soviel Zeit muss sein 🇩🇰🙋🙋‍♀️
Armin Krauss
Armin Krauss 3 months ago
A warm greeting at Lars Ulrich 🙋🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️Dänemark 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰 Grüße von der Königin 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️🙆Margherita 🎯
Armin Krauss
Armin Krauss 3 months ago
My left Ear blocked, Robert opens it 🤣😅😂
Andrej Gregus
Andrej Gregus 3 months ago
pure art
Jeremy Grissett
Jeremy Grissett 3 months ago
But you have those that think Jason was better...yeah ok!
Artem Chervonniy
Artem Chervonniy 3 months ago
WHY!!! why didn't you play it in Russia!!! For Saint-Petersburg with LOVE!!!
Mark Duval
Mark Duval 3 months ago
I could play literally anything on a bass with a wah pedal and it would sound better. I grew up listening to these guys. Let Rob play a decent version of sanitarium without a time limit, I assure you he can get you even more money.
Mark Duval
Mark Duval 3 months ago
Too fucking fast. Cliff was fast for his time, but Rob's butchering it.
Bob Clarke
Bob Clarke 3 months ago
why is he constipated ???? probaly listening to himself for too long.
That bass sounds like it's having a good fart that hasn't had a good long fart in years!
Paul Michael
Paul Michael 3 months ago
Way too much credit given to this band...should have quit sucking each other's "guitars" in 1990.
Paul Michael
Paul Michael 3 months ago
No actual melody or harmony...that isnt a bass solo...thats a dude just playing a bunch of random bullshit with some old cliff riffs...absolutley garbage
Paul Michael
Paul Michael 2 months ago
@Marshal Tito if so irrelevant why qualify it so freely? Douche
Marshal Tito
Marshal Tito 2 months ago
@Paul Michael Then why complain about it?
Paul Michael
Paul Michael 2 months ago
@Marshal Tito of course not. Neither does my initial comment...who among us matters, if we all matter?
Marshal Tito
Marshal Tito 2 months ago
@Paul Michael Does it matter tho?
Paul Michael
Paul Michael 3 months ago
@Joe Banister so critically speaking, means nothing to you, clearly. Anyone with very little talent but slight ambidextrousness, one could play a few arpeggios, which is all this solo is comprised of...fine sir.
SUPER GUY 3 months ago
Lars ruined it... in my opinion don’t attack me
Alvaro Mendoza
Alvaro Mendoza 3 months ago
Cliff solo había uno
AthmanGuitar 3 months ago
Welcome to our fortress tall....
Ricardo Meneses
Ricardo Meneses 3 months ago
Metallica é muito superior a todas bandas de heavy metal, com todo respeito a todas demais. Estão vários degraus a mais, por isso tem tantos fãs de todas faixas etárias.
Iván Astigarraga
Iván Astigarraga 3 months ago
such a mysterious and dark song perfectly represents the horrors of lovecraft's work
Mustafa Khalil Mohd Yusof
Rob trujillo is a monster
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